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Dion Jordan back at practice (limited)


Dolphins rookie Dion Jordan, out since Aug. 9 with a shoulder issue, is back at practice today for the first time in weeks -- albeit on a limited basis it seems from what was visible in the part of practice open to the media.

[Update 1: Coach Joe Philbin declined to say to what extent Jordan practiced. A source tells me he was limited as he's being brought along slowly.]

Jordan is still not expected to play in Thursday's preseason finale against New Orleans. And his status for the season-opener at Cleveland Sept. 8 is still up in the air.

I don't expect Jordan will participate in hitting. Today, for example, he was doing pull-ups as fellow defensive linemen were engaged in drills versus offensive linemen.

[Update 2: "Anytime I get a chance to go out there and just compete and mix it up, I get a chance to make myself better, it's a big day," Jordan said after practice. "Physically, I felt good. Mainly it's just little things, brushing up on fundamentals."]

This is good news for the Dolphins because it signals that Jordan's surgically repaired right shoulder, which he reinjured at Jacksonville, has been strengthened enough and is pain free (enough) that he is back on the road to playing eventually.

By the way, cornerback Will Davis, nursing what is believed to be an ankle injury, missed his second day of practice.

[Update 3: Head coach Joe Philbin declined to discuss Davis.]

And the Dolphins had a full complement of players at practice today. No one has been cut although multiple players will have to be cut by 4 p.m. today.

[Update 4: Philbin declined to say how long or whether starters would play in the preseason finale.]


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2013 at 7:58 am
NostraHomeUs tells us …

Reggie Bush will surely be missed

Bush will do terrific on Detroit as u already saw a sample of his stellar play

Lame Miller will not be as good a homers wish
Expect 1 or 2 good gains a game by Lame Miller and many, many plays with little or no gain

Detroit now actually has a better team than Miami from QB to RB to defense

Hey ETF,

Kris is here. Care to talk about BACK DOOR whatever? He'd be happy to accomodate you....once again.

Don't worry YG @ 12:13...

all my attention is on you now...


my wittle...wittle man...

him jealous...awwww

lmao 1202

Dashe in UR mouth,

Got room for Kris? He is here waiting...again.

Hey, don't complain about the bloggers...you fools reap what you sow...


Why do you feel the need to go on about what other people comment on here all the time. If you don't like it then just skip over it.

And you're not fooling anyone. Do you think because you postt under '#' that we haven't seen similar posts from you on here before. Come on pal....gig's up!

We are just starting to realize that Philbin is not much of a HC.

my crack about the Library not opening until 12:00 @ the "home"...

os ether



It struck a never...

they took it down...

and YG post under the name "more evidence"...I don't think ANY OF US need more eveidence than that...

YG post with a rofanity in his name...

you hand him his @ss...and it vanishes from the blog..

coincdence...I THINK NOT....

But we already know this...lets talk football...

Why do you feel the need to go on about what other people comment on here all the time.

Posted by: Craig M | August 27, 2013 at 12:20 PM

I see you are a fan of the quality of adolescant crap talk and utter nonsense here. Good for you. Any plans for your 11th birthday?

Don't give Armando credit for influencing the coaches. He just keeps complaining until something happens and then takes credit for it.

I don't think Kickers know much about playbooks.

I do notice that Philbin is waiting till the last moment to cut players though. Doesn't give teams the opportunity to sign players for a day or two and pick their brains.

Detroit now actually has a better team than Miami from QB to RB to defense
Posted by: Home | August 27, 2013 at 12:14 PM

LMFAO at this!

Reggie will be inconsistent, Stafford will throw 50+ passes a game with a ton of picks. The defense will be good, but not good enough to get this team over 8 wins. They need a running game and a head coach.


oscar brings up an interesting point. I'm not ready to start bad-mouthing Philbin yet. It's too early for that. He needs time to allow his coaching staff have these guys gel. But at what point does Philbin start being called into question and looked at? I'm not saying it's time yet but at what point do we start to ask questions about Philbin?

I agree Craig, Rob Ryan? Come on, his defenses in dallas were nothing to fear with one of the ebst ever pass rushers and a million high draft picks and free agent dollars in their secondary. I fully expect to win that game. Then again, I'm not conceeding anything to anyone this year.

Mando I blame you if they rush him back in and he re-injures early :) Push, push , push. He is a rookie he will play when he is healhy, not when public opinion rushes him into the postion.

I suppose you want him back, so you can start nit-picking this selection. That is pointing out every little flaw while he is still learning. This is what you are doing/did to Tannehill and I believe will continue to do if given the opportunity.

HOME, please give lotto numbers since you can predeict the future.



i think we can start looking at Philbin at the end of the season, We all knew the first year, he was implementing a lot of things and getting to know his players and had a weak team. This year he knows most of his players and has his cupboard stocked, with cap room to spare in case of emergency and need to trade and bring in a bigger name.

i think alot of people underestimate how much work it is for a brand new coach, learning the ins and outs, assembling a staff. This year, I dont believe our coaching staff has changed. I think the team looks like they are getting better coaching this year, minus a couple boneheaded plays here and there. Seems to manage clock better than Sporano as well.

But after this season, the gloves are off and he will be evaluated on a different scale than last year


That seems fair to me.

Dude you really fall apart at the end of the meds cycle don't you?

For the record I have not mentioned the ear holding for more than 2 years, shht got out of hand in here one night, there was drinking and hollering, but that was 2 years ago.
Do you admire me that much that you need to keep talking about it?

And Chad Henne put an end to the BACKDOOR football era in Miami when he hit Ginn with a bomb on MNF to beat the Jets as time expired.

Let it go, yo.
And restart the meds cycle, please.

Craig M...

I know your "not ready to dump on Philbin yet...but lets look it...

2nd year HC...

system not even truly put in place (according to reports)

needs 4 years before we can even begin to evaluate (imo)

made some mistakes last year (imo)...but what HC doesn't...especially a rookie....

ive the guy 3 more years Craig M (including this one)...then we can revsit...

3 more years?
Dude in 3 years neither Tanne, Wallace, Hartline, Gibson, Miller, Grimes, Ellerbee, Wake will be on the team.

53 roster

QB: Tannehill + Moore
RB: Miller, Thomas, Gillislee, Thigpen
FB: Rodriguez
WR: Wallace, Hartline, Gibson, Matthews, McNutt, Bumphis
TE: Sims, Clay, Egnew
OL: Martin, Incognito, Pouncey, Jerry, Clabo, Samuda, Yeatman, Garner, Thomas
DL: Wake, Soliai, Odrick, Vernon, Starks, Jordan, Shelby, Randall, Vaughn
LB: Misi, Ellerbe, Wheeler, Trusnik, Spitler, Jenkins, Kaddu
CB: Grimes, Patterson, Taylor, Davis, Carroll
S: Jones, Clemons, Wilson, McCray
K: Denney, Sturgis, Fields

13-3. Fins treat Pats this year same way I treated Bozworth.

Gonna knock them on their aszs.


They've been using chemical weapons on their own people.


Look at the bright side everyone, at least we are not starting an undrafted rookie at QB in the season opener like Buffalo is! New England could sit Brady that whole game and still win by 28. Actually, their offense can just punt every possession and still win as the Buffalo QB will surely give up 14-35 points just on turnovers alone.


Check your math...its horrible...

and if if what you said @ 12:52 were true...I expect Philbin to develop a PLUG and PLAY system like the PATS...STEELERS....GB....and other great teams...ONLY constant is the QB...and in some cases...not even him...

3 years...


I tend to lean more to what redubs was saying. I think at the end of this year we start asking questions about Philbin if the results aren't there. It's the same benchmark for Tannehill. A couple of years in we should be starting to see progress. Not saying these guys should lose their jobs after two years but I think after two years we should be seeing positives. If they're not there I think it's fair to start asking questions and perhaps start to make contingency plans. Hopefully it doesn't come to that.

This is for the guy (forgot the name) who is concerned that the Jets now have our playbook because they signed K Dan Carpenter. A kickers only job is XP's, 20-60 yd FG's and Kickoffs (squibs, onside and driving them through the endzone). I don't think being able to do those things well requires a playbook. I may be wrong but I'm not really sure that a K even gets a playbook.

ETF, lying won't help. It wasn't one time 2 years ago. It was about 100 times over the last year under all your silly names, Cadillac, Pricemaster, SMF, Lincoln, Sparrow...and of course Phuc yu.

So Phuc yu queer disturbed liar.

Don't worry you've earned Kris's deep friendship forever.

I've heard others say the same thing but I don't get it. Buffalo would lose that game no matter who thier QB is.

And EJ manuel isn't a bust (yet), he just had a minor scope on his knee and he'll be back in 2 weeks.

Same with the Jets. Geno Smith is the future QB there. He threw 3 picks on Sat but he also threw for 200 yds and a TD and the Jets won the game. Not only that but if Sanchez is out for the year they can layoff his salary on the insurance company.

We'll face Manuel and Smith twice this season, let's hope Tanne does nt embarass us in those games.

Got to run for now. Y'all have fun here in CJ heaven while I'm gone :)

D*MN THIS TEAM!!! I want to hear the roster being chopped. Throw the bums out. Let the cream rise. Does Julani Jenkins make the team by the way?

Later YG. CJ just about sealed his fate as far as hiding himself...

Here's the Jets strategy (pick up Dolphins throwaways and get worse and worse).

Latest pick-up is Dan Carpenter, who was let go from Arizona.

Good luck Dan. Hope you don't mind losing more than you did with us.


I picked up on the CJ comment too. The guy's not too smart.

But of course ne 'never posts under any other names. Just ask Armando'.


that douche is a DUMB @SS

HOME Has Come Back !

HOME Has Come Back !!

HOME Has Come Back !!!

HOME Has Come Back !!!!

And still nobody cares ...

Lets see. Philbin comes in, hires a completely new staff, rebuilds the training facility, gets rid of troublemakers, starts lots of rookies and still manages to win 7 games. And we give him a pass??

This guy is a good coach. This organization has instant respect because of him. That respect is about to turn to fear when we start kicking @ss.

No, never posts under anyone else ...

Either that, or a lowly jets fan one or the other

1-5 with him
1-5 with out him.

Posted by: 2 watt | August 27, 2013 at 11:36 AM
"2 Watt", My compliments for your excellent example of truth in advertising. I assume you WERE referring to brain power?
Well, OK, if I can dish it out, my turn to take it.
I said a good while back, we wouldn't miss Reggie Bush.
Wrong on SO many levels.

Philbin has said that there is no sense in keeping 3 QBs except for "a compelling reason". Not sure what he means by that phrase but either Devlin or Moore is out the door.


Moore's not going anywhere. Why would they do that? He could start for the Bills or Jets and be better than anything they have right now.

2 watt,

The homers cant handle the truth.

The biggest ? on this Team is not Tannehill. The biggest ? is Philbin.

Matt Moore is toast

Carpenter is a jet

I have yet to see even one attempt--let alone a successful one--to rebut my prediction of 13-3 for the season. It's because y'all know I'm the GOAT.

You really think the Dolphins will let Soliei walk next year? I think that would be a mistake. There just isn't enough guys that can handle double teams like he can.

Posted by: The Woodshed Gang | August 27, 2013 at 11:25 AM

This know nothing idiot cant even spell the players name. He's such a big fan. LOL

A trade must be in the works. Otherwise why wait so long??

I just took a 5-hour-energy and I'll tell you right now that I could suit up and have a 200-yard game.


Moore's not going anywhere. Why would they do that? He could start for the Dolphins, Bills or Jets, and be better than anything they have right now.

Why the crying over Reggie Bush? Miller had the highest YPC last year and even in this unspectacular preseason, has a similar YPC to what Bush had last year with the team.

The further away a player is the greater he became I guess.

I will admit that Bush as a receiver is one thing but as a RB? meh...

Looks like we've got a copycat out in full force. Have a good day fellas....just not in the mood to play today.

agree mark. miller is fine at rb. just fix the oline and te

Why the crying over Reggie Bush?

I will admit that Bush as a receiver is one thing but as a RB? meh...

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | August 27, 2013 at 02:31 PM

Maybe because without him they have the worst RB's in the NFL? DUUUUUUHHH! Stick to ice.....

When odin alerted me to Luke Kuechly and I checked him out, I started saying, grab him, grab him, Ireland! Same when I alerted YG about Kenny Vaccaro, he was shouting the same thing to Ireland, grab him, grab him. Just because some People are not Football executives we can have "eyes" for sure pro-Bowl Players. DeAndre Hopkins.

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