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Dion Jordan back at practice (limited)


Dolphins rookie Dion Jordan, out since Aug. 9 with a shoulder issue, is back at practice today for the first time in weeks -- albeit on a limited basis it seems from what was visible in the part of practice open to the media.

[Update 1: Coach Joe Philbin declined to say to what extent Jordan practiced. A source tells me he was limited as he's being brought along slowly.]

Jordan is still not expected to play in Thursday's preseason finale against New Orleans. And his status for the season-opener at Cleveland Sept. 8 is still up in the air.

I don't expect Jordan will participate in hitting. Today, for example, he was doing pull-ups as fellow defensive linemen were engaged in drills versus offensive linemen.

[Update 2: "Anytime I get a chance to go out there and just compete and mix it up, I get a chance to make myself better, it's a big day," Jordan said after practice. "Physically, I felt good. Mainly it's just little things, brushing up on fundamentals."]

This is good news for the Dolphins because it signals that Jordan's surgically repaired right shoulder, which he reinjured at Jacksonville, has been strengthened enough and is pain free (enough) that he is back on the road to playing eventually.

By the way, cornerback Will Davis, nursing what is believed to be an ankle injury, missed his second day of practice.

[Update 3: Head coach Joe Philbin declined to discuss Davis.]

And the Dolphins had a full complement of players at practice today. No one has been cut although multiple players will have to be cut by 4 p.m. today.

[Update 4: Philbin declined to say how long or whether starters would play in the preseason finale.]


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I didn't say Moore is going anywhere. I said either/or Moore/Devlin.

hopkins wasnt a need, but eifert and b albert sure were

On update 4...

I hope not to long....

Sporano greatly endanged one potential HOFers career by playinh hard @ss....

If they ain't ready now...then they ain't ready....this game is for bubble players...

dusty, how many times am I going to say this? You don't draft need, you draft Pro-Bowl Players. Your needs then will even out.

Hear that Dusty? Stick to ice!!!

really oscar, so it says if they will be a pro bowler before u draft them/ hmm

Oscar schooling Dusty on football....


free agency is for needs, tell him Oscar....

..Mark in Toronto.. I'm not sure I will be able to participate on Sunday. My dad past away last night, I have to go to be with family this weekend. If you can find a replacement for my spot I would be fine with that. I don't want to ruin the league. If there is no way to find a replacement is there a way rank players so the computer does the work?

lol yeah kris hes a genius. i forgot they told u before draft who was a pro bowler and who wasnbt. anyone in here who says they would rather have jordan now over eifert and albert is one dumb fan

Daryl D....

Sorry to hear that man...

my condolences....for what its worth.

We KNOW he will be a pro-Bowler before he plays in the NFL. Me, odin and YG know. Luke Kuechly.

haaa i bet u do u silly sobs

DD, sorry for your loss man. kow that pain all too well. If you want out, I understand and a replacement can be found no problem. If you want to stay in, you won't be ruining the pool either way man, don't be silly.

You can autorank if you feel so inclined or DC can stand in .. your call

You see, you draft a pro-Bowler you don't need to worry about that position for years. Draft Pro-Bowlers.

pro bowlers like matt cassel and richie incognito or pro bowlers like manning and brady do tell

..Thanks fellas..Amazing how a day that starts like any other day can turn your life upside down...DC would be a fine replacement. At this point I think that is the right thing to do.

The Dolphins pass on a QB coming off shoulder surgery, NO grab him, yes I'm talking about Drew, some of you fools would have said that was the smart move, the fact is its always a risk. Our first pick was a risk, my bet we will be glad we have him. Bill

love how william ends every post with "bill"


Very sorry to hear about your loss. Best wishes to you and your family.

Mark, I just realized I have tickets to see Depeche Mode in Toronto Sunday night. I'd like to stay and have the computer pick based on my rankings if that's OK. This is my way to give everyone a chance...LOL.

It seems that cuts are under way. Julius Pruitt is gone.

good riddens pruit

DD, I hear you man. My life has never been the same since that day for me. It's a sonofabitch for real. Wish I had some comforting words for you but I've yet to find them for myself and that was 10 years ago. The best I have are the ones given to me by a friend who went through the same. You just will remember the good times and the pain won't lessen but you learn to live or cope with it..

Craig, autodraft is fine .. you beatnicks going to summer concerts!!! BTW, caught Black Sabbath while you were away, Ozzy was having a good day. I had nosebleeds but it was great just to be in the company of Rock n Roll history.

Julius is a good ST Player but apparently we have an overload of those.

Some guy named Michael Clay also gone. Never heard of him.

Black Sabbath.....very nice!!

Noticed they were playing in Glasgow, I think in October. Also noticed that Simple Minds and Peter Gabriel were playing different dates too, a couple of acts I wouldn't mind seeing.

Jorvorsky Lane gone. Sorry you guys that liked him last year.

Love going to concerts Craig... not much fun having rubbish seats though ...

Just wish there were more acts worth watching. Music definitely is not what it was 20 to 30 years ago.

Great, now I sound like one of those middle aged guys that used to p*ss all over the music I listened to as a teenager ...

No true fullback? Guess the Qb sneak will be part of the offense this year on those short distances. Good, I was asking for that. Tannehill is plenty big and athletic enough for those.

Best at that was Fiedler - wasn't good at much else but was always money for those.


You like Maiden? I will be seeing them a week from today!!

I really liked I lot of the stuff I was hearing when in Britain, Mark. Not a big fan of some of the stuff I'm hearing over here these days. I saw the Barnaked Ladies a couple of months ago (first time) but not getting to too many these days. I've seen a ton in my life but only about 3-4 a year now it seems.


2 Weeks ago Mando said there were no deep throws to Wallace, next day they threw a couple deep ones while Mando was watching.

Mando has been complaining about Jordan not practicing and boom when Mando is watching they put him out there for a few minutes.

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | August 27, 2013 at 12:02 PM

Word around Dolphins headquarters is that this is absolutely true. Jeff Ireland pays great attention to the feedback provided here. A great many important Dolphins personnel decisions are made as a result of postings to this blog. That is why it is important that we not post joking or sarcastic matters, as it could be misunderstood by Jeff Ireland and lead to bad personnel moves.

Matt Moore traded! (nahh, I'm kidding)

My condolences for your loss.

Alot of back-n-forth about whether D.Jordan is being labeled a BUST or "IF" injury to shoulder is CHRONIC (Not a great sign when a player 6 1/2 months removed from a surgery with a 4 month recovery rate re-injures himself without obvious dis-contortion of shoulder socket but not totally uncommon either) The issue lies in whether this pick was the best one regarding impact Vs. need!! I for one didn't see anything on gameday tape which blew my socks off other than obvious physical gifts (not all great athlete's translate to great football players, google NFL workout warriors!)

In this type of trade up were we moved a top-10 2nd-RD selection moving up to top-5 overall we should have seen an obvious day-1 starter making team selection more of a ??? Truth is this pick was a jaw dropper!! That said in 97 when JJ picked JT it seems to escape everybody the time Taylor took to develop as an every down starter at DE, if this is indeed were they plan to play him?? My peeve from day-1 is taking a situational anything on any RD-1.

I feel he maybe better served as a 3/4 OLB rushing off the edge on the weakside but given evolution of game with pass D a premium I really feel it doesn't make a difference if in 3/4 or 4/3 but at WOLB!! Or variation of it (HYBRID) while maybe lining up at all 3 LB spots and some DE. His athletics make it a tempting proposition but can he handle it (does he have the smarts and instincts or true passion for the game) None of us know for sure and maybe the kid becomes an evolutionary player, time will tell!! One things for sure though alot of questions for a high profile move in draft!!

rdubs, didn't knwo they were touring. Wasn't a huge fan but liked them enough. Close to original lineup? Dickinson???

Craig, 3 or 4 is a good year for me now too.

All original members, their tour is only 7 dates. This will be their first time playing in Raleigh,NC!! Should be fun

DarrylDunphy | August 27, 2013 at 02:48 PM

My condolences to your family Darryl, God Bless!

The Dolphins Brass don't read this blog because of Mando, man. They read it because of YG, odin And Me. We KNOW.

By the way, if anyone is looking for the whereablout of Mike Sims-Walker these days, he just signed with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers of the CFL.

By the way, there are a load of former Miami Dolphins former camp bodies playing in the league. ireland has a number of players in the NFL, also has a bunch up here. Chris Williams, Kory sheets off the top of my head.

nice rdubs, try to keep your head away from lobstertube mobile long enough to enjoy the show...

That's nothing new going without a traditional FB for the Dolphins this year. In a presser, Philbin was ready to explain their FB strategy for this Year when his attention was called from somewhere off camera to his right. Then he said chuckling, I guess they don't want me to go into detail into this. Did you notice it?

How can anyone say DJ is a bust and the guy hasn't played a down yet!!!

I'm so tired of the HALF GLASS EMPTY GANG!!!


Sorry for your loss. My condolences to you and your family.

People like to label Dion Jordan as a bust because he isn't a day one starter and has a lingering injury. I, on the other hand, love the strategy of drafting to build on an already existing strength of the team. Our defensive line (and defense in general) is a strength of the team, and drafting more quality players at those positions will only add to depth, and add wins. This kid will be healthy at some point, and then we will find out what he can do. In the meantime, there's no reason to panic because we have the depth to make his absence seem like a non issue.

Jordan looks a little fruity. I hope Ireland FINALLY got one right for a change.

If Tannehill throws the ball all season like he did in the TB game and gets OL play comparable to that game (they werent stellar, but good enough) we should easily win 9 games. I am buying into the Phins Defense

Posted by: Rdubs | August 27, 2013 at 12:14 PM


Yep, lets hope all the teams --this season-- sit their stars the entire game.

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