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Live blog of Dolphins JV vs. Saints JV

It's wholesale night at Sun Life Stadium because, well, the Dolphins are making wholesale lineup changes.

The starting offense isn't playing -- with the one exception of John Jerry. The starting defense isn't playing.

Everybody that will start next week at Cleveland -- with the exception of Jerry -- is sitting tonight.

As it should be.


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figured as much...

Philbin is No SPorano....you know...."the hottest coaching prospect on the market"


Kris is on his way. He asked me to tell you not to pull his ears quite that hard. And it's time he feels he deserves a little something in return.

It ain't 2 different posters. It's the blog hit troll agreeing with you t get more hits fool..... LOL...
Posted by: LOVE FAKING 17-0-IN-YUR-ASS! | | August 29, 2013 at 06:19 PM

Matt Moore is on the Chopping Block.

Egnew's starting at TE. Must means he's definite 3rd team depth chart. Woldn't want to risk freak injury to starter and Sims. Though Sims may see some "very mild" action.

Why GEE...

from the last blog...

I have NO IDEA why others won't confront you..perhaps it has to due with basic human nature...and the FACT that most humans will avoid al confronation @ all cost if it involves them)....

you see...i'm a bit different....

I have a military backgrond...20 year worth....

and like the Marines commercial....we RUN TO....when others run from....

so if I can face bullets comming fro he front....

surely youmustunderstand that a few arsh and insuting words on a computerscreen will NOT ake me shy away....

want me to back off....

TALK FOOTBALL...and cange your name....then STICK with that change..

I love how Philbin has maximized his 5 preseason games.

Jason Garrett didn't do as good a job using the extra game to his advantage.

It is the little things that count.

"As it should be."

Darn straight.

I would love to see Sims surpass Clay as starter by midseason. Would also like to see Egnew pass up Clay as 2nd team depth by year's end.

If Egnew cant pass up Clay by year's end, actually neither are worth keeping in 2014. Im about done with the highly inconsistent Charles Clay. It's poop or get off of the stool for him in 2013.



Please go get help. I mean that with love bro'....

lol @ 6:28...

i'll take that as a NO then....

fine by me....

I think Moore will pass Tannehill as the starter at the bye week at the latest.

KRis, is that you?

Philbin is 8-16 as HC. YIKES!


YG is a Coward. He doesn't understand what it takes to be brave.

Add to the fact that he hates this country. And won't ever understand what it is to be a Patriot. Or to love where you from or where you at.

YG lacks the Testicular Fortitude to stand up for himself in real life. So he acts all big and bad in front of his computer.

Sort of like how wife beaters only hit women but they will never throw a punch at another man when confronted. Cowards.

YG comes from a long line of Cowards and Sissies. He looks like a 4th generation coward to me.

This will be worse than watching a high school game. Got offered free tickets and a parking pass but turned it down lol


Thanks for your great and destitutionally worthy input. Greatly, greatly appreciated. The entire blog applauds the continuation of your very best always being your very worst. You're the best at being a f-ckup the blog has ever seen.

Now, if we could only get Charles Clay and D Thomas to demonstrate such consistency.


It does seem like Why GEE is from a long line of cowards...

and he only further disgraces himself with the denials...and then the "other name" attacks...

dude coudn't operate in society if we paid him....

definetly learned behavior..... I guess cowards rais cowards...

Kris=YG arguing w himself

Posted by: Progolf667 | August 29, 2013 at 06:26 PM

The T.E. I was referring to wasn't Poole it was Pope as in Leonard. Also isn't K.Boss unemployed?

I wonder how much guts and courage it takes to call one a coward or sissie sitting behind a keyboard?

Can we just award Dashi his purple heart now, or do we wait until he actually earns one? Dammit, that would mean he'll always be a, you know, that word he used in his post.....

Dashi | August 29, 2013 at 06:33 PM

The tendency is to project in others those traits you most clearly see in yourself. Sorry to see you think so poorly of yourself.


When are we going to meet up so I can break your Fingers.

I promise that is the only thing I will Do.


Was that you sweating profusely at the bus stop today? I would have offered you a ride but I had just been cleaned.

p.s. Do you get your clothes from the Salvation Army?


cause all these NEW NAMES agree with WHY GEE....why woudn't they?

shoes you how far gone this guy is....


Do you think your Dashe is a brave character? Really I mean, REALLY?

Dashe = Dog poop


That holds true for people you like, respect, or care for.

Since, none of those words describe how I feel about YG. I could care less about what you think.

I'm just glad I'm not his father or that he is related to me in any way. Heck, I am even glad he isn't of my same race.

Matter of Fact, I'm glad he isn't from the same part of Miami that I am from.

List of Kris's best friends:


I'm just glad I'm not his father or that he is related to me in any way. Heck, I am even glad he isn't of my same race.

Matter of Fact, I'm glad he isn't from the same part of Miami that I am from.

Posted by: Dashi | August 29, 2013 at 06:49 PM

Are you glad to be an adult with no car and no education in the land of opportunity?

No doubt...Dashi is braver than you WHY GEE....

and i have no doubt he would break those 70 year plus fingers if you guys met....

shoes you how far gone this guy is....

Posted by: Kris | August 29, 2013 at 06:46 PM

First of all a guy posting how far another poster has gone shouldnt be saying;

"SHOES" you how far gone......

It may suggest how far gone that poster himself is....

Just saying..................

If this preseason is any indication of how good the backups are, the Fins will lose this game 40-0.

How do you choose who gets the final roster spots if every candidate is terrible?

didn't Buster BUST your bawls for the same thing Yesterday....

and you CRIED like a little girl...

but here you are....

doing the same thing BUSTER accused you of MANY times...

POT...MEET...KETTLE/...Thy name is WHY GEE.....

As we all can see, Dashi is the Center of your Universe.

At the Top of every list you make.

The reason you wake up in the morning.

Mass transit in South Florida is terrible. Long waits and you are gong to be walking distances in oppressive humid heat because the busses only cover the main drags. Then of course there are frequent sudden down pours.

It is really hard to survive without a car here.

98% of bus riders in SFA are on welfare.

But hey, some of them claim to do life better than others. I guess the human mind can trick itself into believing anything.

You guys need to leave my Dashi alone.

Hey, what does everybody think about Clay not playing?

MikeyB @6:59

I have not heard clay's number called once this preseason so how will it be diferent?


YG can be in his 20s or 30s. I still will break his fingers.

And YG, cause I know how to fight doesn't mean I like to fight. Well I do, but I know that fighting is wrong.

If JAG taught me one thing, is to never be the aggressor or instigator. So far I have been neither towards you. And if we ever meet in person I would let you take a swing for every decade you have been living before I even start.

Heck, After every decade after 20 I will give you 2 Punches instead of one.

I am offering you over 10 hits before I start. Heck, it won't even take me 10 punches to knock you out. It looks like a good deal to me.

If I was in my 60s. And some hoodlum in his Twenties is offering me that Deal. I would take it.

1. You're not that important to us or the Herald

Posted by: LOVE FAKING 17-0-IN-YUR-ASS! | | August 29, 2013 at 06:12 PM

Just curious..........

Who is this **US** you speak of............?

Anywhoo..........Yes Oscar, we were **RIGHT** about Kuechley! I'm falling in Love with Ellerbe very Fast! But Man, I still wonder.........I still wonder.

Maybe more importantly Oscar, are we **RIGHT** about Devlin?

I can't believe he's getting the start. Is this true?

If it is, I believe they are trying to Showcase his talents and maybe pump up his VALUE! I still believe in Devlin and I think that all he needs are chances like this!

Go Devlin!

AwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwRiiiiiiiiiiiiight MIAMI!!!!

I got your back don't worry.

And just so we are clear I'm not waiting for anyone to punch me first, rather I will grab hold of the shirt just below the collar with my left hand and start pounding the face with my right hand.

I don't know, Mikey. I expected Matt Moore to play at least the 1st half but Devlin gets the start. ?

Hi guys....great chance to look at all the up and comers....is EGNEW playing?...I want to watch him....I think he is heading in the wrong direction so far...we need a VERY GOD catching TE....

LOL meant GOOD not GOD....although both are quality

The Dominan Republic is the most mal nourshed country in the Western Hemishphere. Their people are phsycially frail. When have you ever seen a badass person from there?


This dashi is probably very thin with no phsyical conditioning unless he is a manual laborer.

Definitely not an intimidating person. You can see this just by the way he writes like a little boy.

The "US" thing was VERY telling Odin....

who else uses US...only ONE poster I can think of...

make him mad...or excited...and he will type without thinking....

kind of like ALOCO...when he uses perfect english

the noose is getting tighter....

I don't know how big Dashi is.

I do know how big I am: Picture 260 lbs of manhood wearing a #7 Henne Phins aqua jersey size XXL, with hair the color of steel, hlding some punk with my left hand while I pound his face with my right. And the mofo better not bleed on my most precious possession eiter.

This proves that you more than anyone likes to memorize posters personal post.

I have never posted anything personal about me. Yet, I have agreed with your personification of Dashi for my entertainment.

To you, Dashi is a Janitor that takes the bus to work. Oh, and I am also undereducated and a hoodlum from a bad neighborhood. Basically I am a no class Minority.

To Dashi, I could care less about your personal life. I come here to talk football.

Nevermind, that I have probably taken more trips to different Cities this year than you have taken your whole life. And I'm talking for pleasure, not just business.

And while you are proud about driving a Jap Go-Kart. Dashi doesn't like to brag about driving American Luxury. Anyone who has ever driven a Cadillac will never buy a Honda.

To put it in Layman terms. It doesn't bother me filling up my tank for my 8cylinder. While you don't even want to gout during Rush hour because it will hurt the MPG of your little 4 Cylinder.

Wood and Leather doesn't come standard in the S2000.

Ellerbe is beastly, odin. I mean, not anybody can backup Ray Lewis, can they?

260....how tall are you..6'8?

Go out during rush hour


Either they are showcasing Devlin(I doubt it, nobody wanted him) or Moore is out the door, odin.


Dashi is 6' ft 230-240.

And I'm only about 10-15lbs overweight. Have gotten a little fat over the years. Not running 1-2 Miles every other day like when I was in the Army.



2 words....


maybe one word....

google it...

you weigh to much for your height...

I am 6'4...230...235 on a bad week...

Odinseye I really don't know what you see in Devlin but I respect the fact you're standing by him. You remind me of the first mate in one of those disaster movies who refuses to let the captain go down with the ship by himself. Haha He's a Dolphin and I'm pulling for him, but I honestly believe he's reached his ceiling.

Oscar's is 8" long.

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