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Live blog of Dolphins JV vs. Saints JV

It's wholesale night at Sun Life Stadium because, well, the Dolphins are making wholesale lineup changes.

The starting offense isn't playing -- with the one exception of John Jerry. The starting defense isn't playing.

Everybody that will start next week at Cleveland -- with the exception of Jerry -- is sitting tonight.

As it should be.


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Cut them all. Devlin, Moore, Tannehill. Leave Aaron Corps.

Explain how Moore is better than Devlin.

Explain how Moore is better than Devlin.

this is devlins ceiling in the nfl..and its full of cracks!!!

Devlin is signing his own release papers tonight. Maybe he sits on the practice squad,. He will never be starter material.

OMFG....put corp in....

Great pass then he fukkks it ups.

Devlin is fine iin the sports science practice session. On the field against 3d stringers, he is awful.


Moore is significantly better, no doubt the coaches assessments are correct.

Philbin is making the same mistake Sparano made leaving Matt Moore on the bench. It cost Sparano his job and will cost Philbin his job also.

This is why miamis coaching staff looks suspect to me in decision becuase after three yrs with this guy he still just as capable of a guy named Tebow throwing the ball....yeah its that bad at times!!!

I don't know, all these anouncers, Griese, Nathan, are blaming the receivers for Devlin's miscues.

Devlin could have calvin johnson and aj green out there and still FK it up...lol

Let's GO Miami!

Focus on the moment, play to win.

That was on the receiver. He should've fought for position. The DB basically took it out of his hand.

Devlin's 1st INT this preseason.

Funny how Moore Fumbled Twice and got picked off Twice and The Moore sympathizers didn't say a word.

Say goodbye to RJ.

Pat White is playing the whole game.

Has played well.

Moore 4 Turnovers 1 TD this preseason.

Devlin 2 TDs 1 Turnover.

Explain what Moore is good at.

Horrible football by both teams

Matthews is our #4 WR.

That was some kind of dart.

Is Matt Moore more Accurate than Devlin?

Dion Sims looks great.


Explain why you know better than the coaches that have coached HOF quarterbacks?

Two coaching staffs have deemed Moore better. What do you know more than they who have 50+ years accumulative PROFESSIONAL experience?

Devlin is signing his execution tonight.

Listen, it is probably a foregone conclusion now that Matt Moore is gone.

Lacy last week

8 for -5


2 for 2

Pat White just put 27 points on TB in the first half.

Pat White dives for a TD on 3rd and 6.

And wasn't knocked out.

He's playing like his old college days.

Explain how Moore is better.

First off, calling Spo and His Staff a Coaching staff is egregious.

Second, I explained why the Fins are keeping Moore for 1 More Season.

Explain what Moore does better than Devlin.

What makes you think he is a better QB.

Or you don't have your own opinion.

McNutt is gone.


You are witnessing Devlins swan song. He is playing awful against backups.

That's a great kicker that Ireland got us. Perennial pro-Bowler.

Nat moore is a moron....the only way mcnutt catches that is if he dives or catches it one handed...meaning the ball is to far out in front of the wr....unreal!!!!


As a fin against STARTERS in the regular season, Moore has a winning record.

Devlin looks like a backup playing against backups. If he can't do better than this after three years, his upside is NIL.

If it hits your hands you can catch it.

Positives so far:
R. Mathews

and if a WR is wide open...u shouldnt miss him by throwing it at his knees...lessons from both parties tonight

Matt Moore does not have a winning record in the regular season; furthermore he has never beaten a team that finished the season with a winning record.

There's a reason he was never drafted.

awful game least sims looks solid

Listen, if you can't see that Devlin is infinitely more accurate than Moore, then you should go to The Lighthouse for the Blind, SW 8 St and 7th avenue.


Don't yoy have any ears to pull? What about your neighbors dog?

I am still waiting for the first thing Moore does better than Devlin.

Is he better at making adjustments on the line?

Posted by: dusty bottoms | August 29, 2013 at 09:08 PM

I expected an awful game...thats what you get in preseason #4..lol...just sayin

fraud thats why hes our backup


Philbin and Sherman have each coached HOF QB's. They have Moore ahead of Devlin. What makes you think you know better than coaches that have been coaching the game PROFESSIONALLY since before you were born?

Answer that.

agree super

They both stink....

I have a feeling that Devlin is much more accurate than Moore is.

Matt Moore is on the team for 1 more season because he is a good guy and Philbin wants to set him up for the future. Simple.

Don't try and overanalyze the situation. It isn't cause Moore is more Talented.

Kelcie definitely in.

Buddy, you have repeated the same asinine Comment about a dozen time.

Again, your personal opinion on why Moore is better than Devlin.

Did you see Devlin do the checkoffs and calls at the line? Great.


A billionaire is paying Philbin to make these decisions. He wouldn't pay a nickel for your totally incompetent opinion.

You have NO EXPERIENCE WITH ANYTHING. You are a damp jock strap that knows nothing beyond what a few dipshit sports writers post online.

TWO coaching staffs have had Moore ahead of Devlin. Yet you know better based on nothing but reading your stained toilet paper.

You are a fool and will remain one until you can confront how naive you are.


dashi devlin isnt close to being even as good as moore

Robinson probably out.

I have already given you 3 reasons why Devlin is better than Moore.

Yet, you repeat the same asinine comment over and Over And OVER!!

Different Game, Different Name, Same Sh't!!

I've given my opinion. No Sport writers, No coaches.

Make your own Opinion you Coward.


None of those backups DTs of ours are any good.

My personal opinion means nothing. I realize this. I am not a coach. I am not at practices. I don't have decades of NFL coaching experience. I don't pretend to know better than those who do.

Coaches with SUPER BOWL RINGS who have coached SB QB's have Moore ahead. I will acquiece to their judgment and not pretend I can possibly know better from afar.

devlin going against a bunch of guys that will be on the street soon


So take your happy ass home since you don't have an original opinion to share.

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