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Live blog of Dolphins JV vs. Saints JV

It's wholesale night at Sun Life Stadium because, well, the Dolphins are making wholesale lineup changes.

The starting offense isn't playing -- with the one exception of John Jerry. The starting defense isn't playing.

Everybody that will start next week at Cleveland -- with the exception of Jerry -- is sitting tonight.

As it should be.


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and with that hes thrown a pick and has a 71 qb rating

Jeff Adams might be outta here.

The stadium is empty.

another pick...another poor decision by devlin....who knew!!!!




You are nothing. You have no experience whatsover. Your judgement is based on nothing but media fodder by those who know nothing either.

These coaches see more tape in a week than you do in your entire life. They work with the players up front and personal. The fact you think your opinion is worth more than monkey poop is really entertaining. You are a fool.

Let me know when an NFL team would pay a penny for your thoughts.

Bad decision and throw by Devlin. Overall problem seems to be consistency of decision making and accuracy. Neither's where it really needs to be.

Posted by: JJ | August 29, 2013 at 09:29 PM

would you want to pay to watch scrubs play???

Jenkins, #43, looks like a keeper.

They are starting Devlin as a final shot. He is making it his kiss of death. 51 QBR against scrubs is terrible for a QB with 3 years experience,.

this game just cant get over fast enough...lol!!!


Please don't argue with Dashi. Every vet poster here already knows he's blog clown. No one here with half a brain values his opinion.

There more I listen to Griese the more respect I lose for him. What an idiot! He says he'd keep a Vet over a rookie or 2nd Yr. guy cause the Vets are tougher to cut given they've been in your program longer, really??!!

If up to me Trusnik gets the boot! I keep Kaddu and ST Ace Spitler as my primary back ups at LB to me the toss up is for the 6th and final LB spot.

Make room for McCray because he never lasts on your PS even if it means cutting J.Wilson, I know he plays CB/S/ST's but isn't overly exceptional at any of the 3.

Throw Sims on the field day one!

Dashi is a dumbsh*t. Explain what Matt Moore is good at ? Did you watch the guy play in 2011 ? How about last year in his one game ? Btw, he was team MVP in 2011, and he's won awards for offensive player of the week...and month...dunce.

at least egnews blocking has improved dramatically!!!

Things have changed drastically in the last five years. Many rookie QB's are doing very well very fast as starters.

If you are a 3rd stringer still struggling against 3rd stringers after 3 years...no way will you ever be starter material.

Why have this clown on TV

Listen, this guy Gillislee knows how to run.

Matter of fact, Jeff Ireland needs email Dashi asking or list of players he should keep, then cut everyone Dashi picks.

We may even lose some starters, but will be far..... better off in the long run.

gillislee to this point has been disapointing.....not seeing anything in him worth getting excited about!!!

Who is #48? He is contributing to his exit.

at least egnews blocking has improved dramatically!!!

Posted by: superPHIN | August 29, 2013 at 09:36 PM

Had to do something and fast!! The 2 times he was targeted looked pathetic!! At this point (playing 2nd tier talent) Sims looks like the more polished route runner, Egnew's draft status is the only reason he's on this team!

devlin has never been good. surprised hes still on team

Egnew lacks football smarts. He is unware, not able to adjust his route on the fly.

Dump him.

Sturgis was a good pick. May win a game or two for us that Carp never did.

Posey gone.


Say what you will about Gillislee, but looks he's winnng the #3 rb spot tonight.

Gillislee 14 carries 47yds

Gray 4 carries 3yds

Gray's a powerback, He keeps trying to bounce things outside. He isn't fast enough. He isn't learning that about his own abilities.

Griese says "duh" a lot.

That's the 3rd BOO BOO on Mr. Posey (#38) he's GONE! Kaddu makes plays and flashes real speed, please cut Trusnik already and let Kaddu and his superior upside take the spot!


he would have had a TD had devlin not overthrew him in the endzone early on...at least he got some seperation on the play!!!

egnew should be cut

Its the run blocking that's been truly disappointing. Gray's just having delusions of grandeur that he's a speedy outside back.

Posey is gone. Gray is practice squad.

Robinson for NO is very very good.....I am VERY IMPRESSED

Kaddu finally always around the ball but no impact play yet.

It will be interesting to see what the do with the linebackers....Trusnik has value in special teams but blows in base defense.

Gillislee trumps Grey on draft status alone! The 2 have been neck-n-neck for weeks with one a draft pick and the other an UFA. Good luck to Grey seems a good kid and he is trying to hard to get around the tackle instead of lowering head been doing it since the HOF game were he stopped and tried to juke a defender at around the 7 yardline with space to get to about the 2 or 3 if he lowers his head and was dropped were he stood.

i would trade both gillislee and grey for robinson at this point....but NO will keep him...i do like his burst tho

Mr. Posey.

This is clearly Devlins last chance. They are not playing Moore because the know what they got in him. They also see starters going down around the league. They don't want to risk one of the better backup QB's to injury.

Devlin has not been able to crack #3, and it looks like he never will.

Can we somehow get ROBINSON from New Orleans....he can play....

Sparano would injure himself fist pumping Sturgis all year

Well, I'm slowly getting to 53.

even the breaks dont go their way...lol

I say Pat White stays and Grossman gets traded.
Grossman is standing right next to Shanahan because he knows something's up.

irefiend can paint the picture of hard decisions all he wants...but honestly, theres going to be some quick easy cuts come saturday

fin4life....I'm not able to see the game so...

In an early post you said we have to trade for a TE. Later you posted that we should 'throw Sims onto the field day one'. What's his upside and downside?

Agree Superphin....Robinson can play....great mobility...great swivel and accelerates through the hole....way better than anything we have....Pressley is brain dead

bye bye presley...u just missed ur chance...trying to be a hero and run it back 100 yrds turned out being the goat and costing the team points!!!

pat white is horrible guy was so bad tonight had to turn it off


he would have had a TD had devlin not overthrew him in the endzone early on...at least he got some seperation on the play!!!

Posted by: superPHIN | August 29, 2013 at 09:49 PM

He's a 2nd Yr. player being out played by his rookie competition. He at least managed separation?? Common! Sims has been running inside slants shielding the defender (something these idiot announcers stuck on Griese failed to mention on 2 of his receptions)On the earlier 18 yard reception he ran a nice route and seems to find the holes in pass D (idiot announcers called it holes in the zone when there was man accross the field). Been a while since we saw it at T.E.!! Egnew is fighting for his Pro life and is still getting housed by a guy he should be ahead of and not just today but in every game in this LOOOOOOONG Pre-Season!

Progolf....Sims made some good catches through the seam...he is big and fast and can catch....upside....Egnew is a mule

Presley gone.

Ty to everyone for the quick reminder as to why I don't read the comment section. Talk about a fishbowl

how bout throw the fkn ball away!!!

Devlin is like a warm milk drink...its ok...but it wont get you excited....no upside there....looks undynamic

I think Devlin is a nice guy and a serious, dedicated player. I also think he just ain't good enough to start in the NFL for even the worst team.

devlin flat out sucks. most of us have known this forever

lets see what corp can do....what else do you have to lose with giving him another shot...

Lots of very average players on this team....in their defence...it takes time....but I dont see passion, aggro,or real intent...no one really making a statement....

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