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Live blog of Dolphins JV vs. Saints JV

It's wholesale night at Sun Life Stadium because, well, the Dolphins are making wholesale lineup changes.

The starting offense isn't playing -- with the one exception of John Jerry. The starting defense isn't playing.

Everybody that will start next week at Cleveland -- with the exception of Jerry -- is sitting tonight.

As it should be.


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Griffen= miles above Devlin!!!!

We just can't seem to win a Game.

Tyree Robinson....

Devlin should model his game after Griffen...a QB that does know how to score in the redzone!!!!

Devlin is very TIMID....Griffen has a bit of moxie

Even when ahead, we manage to let them come back and beat us.

Phins are absolute garbage. This team starts 1-4 in the reg season too.
The only fans the team has left are the 4-5 no lifers that come to this blog.


Losers, just like their team.

Thanks for the info on Sims.

Dolphins won't beat the Browns.

Dashi fades away as Devlin fades away lol. I don't see how they keep a roster spot for him.

The 53 is looking easier to predict. Linebackers toughest decision. Yeatman and Miller(TE) probably make it until better solutions are found on waivers

Presley....not up to it....getting smashed all night

O-Line can't block...again.

The saints are playing like the game means nothing and taking chances down the field...miami, their just playing like it does mean something and being as careful as possible!!!

Chris Barker gone.

does anybody in the stands wanna play QB for devlin????

Oh boy....its getting messy now...the line isnt blocking now...Devlin under siege....

1-4 start is kind...which game will the Dolphins win ? This team is 0-5 to start.

There will be two people in here then.

Sims showed life tonight....Big positive

Bob griese= Moron....duh, do u think so, were not going to see devlin and half the scrubs in this game next week...of course ppl will forget!!!

Oh boy...it's getting messy now. Phins start 0-5...pile of crap franchise.

Including pre-season 1-9 start.

It's our time lmao.

New logo, new era.

Bloggers who use the word moron for everything are uneducated fools with no vocabulary. They represent the downfall of America.

Apparently my first post didn't make it so......thanks for the info on Sims!

Regarding Devlin he almost has to be put on the PS. No late pickup would have the opportunity to learn the offense as the 3rd QB. So if we are disparate to need Devlin he would know the offense. We'd be still in big trouble but at least he's know which team huddle to go to.

These announcers say winning or losing this Game doesn't matter. BS. Winning is the ONLY thing.

Sturgis a huge positive

Pat White > Every player on our team

o great...more crappy offense!!!!

Bills will be playing better football by game six...wouldn't it be something if the 0-5 Phins lose to the 0-5 Bills...classic, perfect for this humiliated franchise. Gay uniforms, gay logo, idiotic owner...0-6 team.

oline giving up.....

After tonight it will be very easy to cut down to 53.

only hard thing in cutting dolphin players after tonight would be doing it without a smile on your face!!!


A damn kicker is what the Phins marketing dept. is selling.

Dolphins shills, the incompetent asskisser Cefalo and Keith Sims were selling the Sturgis pick earlier tonight.
It was abundantly clear to anyone with a brain (not most Dolphins fans) that they were told during a meeting to play up "the kicker".

Pathetic that the Dolphins radio people are corporate controlled propagandists.

Works because ppl are stupid.

New logo, new era.

It's out time.


0-5 start

Buy your tickets now...the Dolphins have anew kicker.

See, you lose, you lose confidence especially in a young Team like we have. Even in this Game.

Just got here, but from the sounds of it, they could cut down to 43, let alone 53.

bumphis= preseason wonder!!!

It's probably true that Francis is toast. Too bad, thought he'd played decent enough to make the team but, it seems, the numbers weren't in his favor.

Devlin....boy....very insipid

That's it , my Sons, that's it!

You MUST hold on that lead.

OK, not watching, I'm in the dark, but would Devlin be ACCEPTABLE if playing with the STARTERS?
That would be the real scenario should something catastrophic happen.

mcnutt may have just earned his spot on team

LOL...do i feel stupid now...Devlin well done to McNutt

Unreal....now he has woken up.....


Anyone who takes the 4th game of the pre-season serious is seriously delusional.

Fact - our starting defense is a top five unit

You can cry all you want about Tannehill and the offensive shortcomings...

Defense wins championships and we have a stout unit that will keep us in EVERY game this season.

McNutt make the team?

If we can just win this last preseason game we will go 5-0 and not suck this year.whoohooo

The Dominan Republic is the most mal nourshed country in the Western Hemishphere. Their people are phsycially frail. When have you ever seen a badass person from there?


This dashi is probably very thin with no phsyical conditioning unless he is a manual laborer.

Definitely not an intimidating person. You can see this just by the way he writes like a little boy.

Posted by: Reality | August 29, 2013 at 07:13 PM

I'm not sure where dashi is from but I do know ur a dumba$#. Albert P. is a bad ass for sure and I can name many more if u like.

Devlin is like a warm milk drink...its ok...but it wont get you excited....no upside there....looks undynamic

Posted by: BigAlfy | August 29, 2013 at 10:03 PM

I have to agree, LOL! I think that Devlin is actually pretty similar to Moore in many respects with ONE exception and that's arm strength. I've watched Devlin as well and seems a smart athletic QB. Tonight his accuracy seems off but have seen him more in sync with the WR's, always plays with a different group in Pre-Season in his defense. The thing I've seen in him during his time is a weak arm that can't make every throw. Sure can throw inside the numbers but outside in the flat ect... pass hangs and would be a liability Vs. starting caliber D's.Those here in his Camp claim it's touch passing but even that TD to McNutt hung for a while and it only traveled about 30 Yds with the WR doing the rest.

Very good catch by McNutt....maybe that will light him up

Sturgis needs to be talked up. Big leg.Look at all the touchbacks. Look at the big picture. Quit being a downer fire ross


Fuukkk Devlin, fukkk Philbin, I want to Win.

Jake in PA,
Please reassure us that your admiration of Sturgis ends with the leg and does not extend to the caboose.

Bumphis and Mcnutt get cut. Not quite good enough. Thigpen stays.

Superphin, Mando and Beasley praying no OT as well. LOL


FIRE ROSS = not a no life loser who has been coming here often for years and FIRE ROSS could care less about being a part of the no life loser club in here.
FIRE ROSS = a guy who used to love the Dolphins but grew up and now loves to hate them.

Fact = People who use possessive terms to describe a football team are delusional, laughable idiots.

"Our defense" lmao.

Fact = No one knows what the Dolphins defense will be this season, you simply have no clue, but the "fact" that you believe that you do makes you delusional yet again.

Educated Opinion = Dolphins will struggle to win even one of their first five games.

Anyone who disagrees with this would...be delusional.

Great, just great.

thank u god!!!!

IMAwriter..prayers answered LoL

fin4life....I'm not able to see the game so...

In an early post you said we have to trade for a TE. Later you posted that we should 'throw Sims onto the field day one'. What's his upside and downside?

Posted by: Progolf667 | August 29, 2013 at 09:58 PM

Maybe you misunderstood me, I wouldn't trade for a T.E. unless it landed us more than a 1 Yr. rental. Sims had a situation in College were he was arrested as part of a ring of Computer thieves from reports group apparently stole a few hundred. Lucky to have saved his College career sliding him down the draft. Upon being selected kids dropped around 15 Pds off his frame reaaly runs some nice routes and been progressing through Pre-Season while HUGE REDZONE target at 6'6" also seems to look to shield defender off running inside supposedly has good leap ability ect...was really brought to my attention by odin as under the radar and he was right, seems a find looking like the part of the big T.E.'s in todays game.

Anyone going to Cleveland?

I'm farting non-stop with JOY

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