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Live blog of Dolphins JV vs. Saints JV

It's wholesale night at Sun Life Stadium because, well, the Dolphins are making wholesale lineup changes.

The starting offense isn't playing -- with the one exception of John Jerry. The starting defense isn't playing.

Everybody that will start next week at Cleveland -- with the exception of Jerry -- is sitting tonight.

As it should be.


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Wow...egg is firmly on my face....Presley...well done


superPhin, no way NO would go for the tie, but stranger things have happened, I guess. If situation was reversed, Sparano our coach........
When do the finals cuts have to be determined?

Thank you.

Miller(TE) probably make it until better solutions are found on waivers

Posted by: Jake in PA | August 29, 2013 at 10:09 PM

I think the guy saved by the Keller injury is Egnew from what I've seen can't see Miller sticking over him with Sims and Clay rounding out Pos.

Meant to say


All in all...NO ONE really captured my imagination at all from our team...only player who stood out all night for me was N.O. running backs...1stly INGRAM the definitely ROBINSON.....all the rest are really "maybe" and that's fine...McCray is OK...and Sims did well....that's a wrap....thanks guys..

I would suggest counseling FIRE ROSS for all your anger. Its frustrating being a dolphin fan but you don't need to vent it on other fans. If you hate em, then move on

Are you the owner of 'Big Al's' in Blacksburg?

FIRE ROSS is obviously an uneducated idiot. It must suck to be so stupid

OK I'll say it! Devlin should be starting week 1 over Tannehill. He proved it tonight.

True, fin4life...They will keep the best 53 and go from there. Sims makes me feel better about the position. Does Miller have PS eligibility?


Don't know about Clevland but if you are going, how about a half hour in my Camaro at the airport?

William P. suddenly takes the lead as the biggest idiot!!! Well done Billy


You almost brought me back in but I'll resist.

Philbin gave up on the Game putting Corp in. Lucky thing he got hurt and Devlin came in and won it. Unforgivable. We won't forget it.

The Phins win. What a pathetic showing by the trolls tonight. Same old non sense we've all heard from them a million times. The boring repetitious cry baby whining is just that boring. Really does it ever do them any good? That's fun to come on day after day spewing negative BS?

My stomach was grinding all day at work. Had to struggle to hold back the farts.

Got home and took a dump the size of New Jersey. Went to wipe, and all was clean.

A perfectly pefect poop.

I feel good.

Does Miller have PS eligibility?

Posted by: Jake in PA | August 29, 2013 at 10:55 PM

Not sure only players with less than 2 Yrs. of Pro exp. are eligible.

Darius.... I hear that happens after years of your sphincter being stretched to the limit. I guess you have to take that as an advantage of being gay. Good for you.

Well its over and after watching the game on TV from the perspective of a fan I would definitely keep Gillislee.I am sure with the loss of Bush to the Lions the Fins need to keep more RBs which could include a FB and maybe they can find a gem in the fifth round.
Gillislee plays the game like he has NFL experience gets positive yards and dosent try to do too much,catches the ball out of the backfield and yes I think he plays special teams.

No such thing.

It is proper diet and exercise.

When you eat healthy always, your body functions are superb. Do animals need tolet paper? Never. Humans on junk food and processed food and crap beverages take sloppy messy dumps.

What have we learned?

I'd say are biggest issue is we have very little depth anywhere. The starters will compete with anyone. However we can't affod to lose any of them.


IMO, it would not shock me in the least if Sims may have won the starting TE spot tonight. Clay's been far to inconsistent his entire career plus this preseason to be counted upon as a starter.

I don't think its too farfetched to believe Sims won his coaches over tonight. Only 2 passes he didn't catch was one over the middle high and slightly behind, and the endzone throw which was low and slightly behinds.

Even the greatest nfl te's make those two catches maybe 1 in 25 chances.

If we're lucky we are 9-7, without Keller.

Darius left out the part where he mentions that he ate his turds.

Darius = Scatlover

Darius of Hootie fame ate some of Dan Marino's turds.

Then blamed the foul taste on no running game.

That was a great throw, but even better catch.

I like Sims, he's got great potential but that throw in the endzone was HIS fault. He needs to stop when eh hits that open spot and catch that TD pass. Instead he kept running towards the sideline and ends up slipping and not catching anything. Devlin threw it right where it had to be, but Sims messed up there.

Anything else still makes us losers behind the Patsies. Unless, of course we beat the Bills, Jets and Pats twice, that gives us 6 of 16.....tough season ahead.

John, I think Sims is better than Egnew, that's not saying much but he shows more promise.

I think Gray barely makes the roster out of necessity. Gray is the closest rb we have resembling a powerback. We especially need to keep Gray considering injury proness of D Thomas.

If I were making the cuts both Gillislee and Gray make the squad. Gray certainly doesn't look like a hand it tohim for 4qtrs rb. But, in the 4th qtr when the defense tires he can become a monster.

Philbin says that Devlin has mastery of the System. Now, really?

Tonight, I think Sims graduated from "potential stage".

Potential is an event yet to be established. Sims established a lil' sumpt-sump'in tonite.

Well, some of the cuts will be easy to make...and, some will be hard. That's what I got out of the game...

Oscar Devlin did some nice things but he is ready for the practice squad, we don't need a #3, we are fine with 2!

Gillisllee over Gray!

New Blog Up:

I'm loving the hate, year two and no baby stepping of the offense because of a rookie Qb, throwing to Mike Wallace!? Yeah, the 8th can't get here soon enough.... I bet we havnt seen a quarter of the playbook.

I can honestly say that given the choice of watching a Miami Game with a room full of Jests fans... or some of the so called "Dolphins Fans" on this blog... I'd chose the idiots glad in garish green and white. At least with them you know where you stand and who your dealing with.

I believe Sims climbed another rung on the ladder tonight. Clay will still be the starter, but if he falters much Sims will overtake him. I don't know what to think about Presley... the guy is erratic and goes from flash to flop in one down. That tells me you have a guy with potential... but no consistency. Because Miami cut loose of Marshall (I'm still not so sure about that move)Presley could stick. If not on the 53, he may have earned a PS spot.
Bumphis... Had high hope earlier in the preseason. But looked to be another preseason wunderkind. I have a feeling he'll see The Turk.
McNutt... I think McNutt is a 53 man.
Giving Miami a WR Corp of
Wallace #1 Flank
Hartline #2 Flank
Gibson #3 Slot
Mathews #4a
McNutt #4b
Brian Tyms P/S
Keenan Davis P/S
Davis is 6'3" ...Bumphis is 5'10" There is very little height in Miami's WR Corp. I'd develop Davis.

I think Miami is crazy if they cut FB Evan Rodriguez. UNLESS they choose to continue working on Jonas Gray. I think if Miami try's stashing Gray they'll lose him. He has potential when not running behind the 3rd string OL. Either way... Inside the 5 yard line or 3rd and short Miami will need a bruiser to gain yards.

Devlin... Your guess is as good as mine. However, I think a team is safer with 3 QB's on the roster so I keep him based on that. I'd rather give up a Linebacker who has little future then a QB who is already knee Deep in the system and knows the men on the field.

I don't think anyone HELPED themselves on the O-line tonight. It's a very clear cut deliniation between where the starters, 2nd string and scrubs begin and end. I would like to see Miami take everything South of Nate Garner or Rookie Dallas Thomas and fold those cards. Go dumpster diving and try getting a better hand on the next deal. I cannot see any reason that Miami can't cut 5 scrub O-Line guys South of Thomas and start over doing any worse..... If we have more two or more injuries along the O-line the way things stand... This season is a washout....

The Linebackers are similar to the O-line...
Ellerbe, Wheeler, Misi, Trusnik & Jenkins (Jenkins gets a draft pass and may go to PS this year) are who I see sticking. Lee Robinson may have helped himself. But Spitler, Freeny, Kaddu ... are a toss up. Those last 4 never really showed me anything that separated them from each other. I'm sure the Coaching staff sees much more... But come next year... The scouts need a nice long well thought out list of O-line and LBer talent to draft.

Everything else was already decided before this game ever started, TE, D-Line... whoever didn't play tonight... is either a lock to make the team or packing they're shiznit very soon.... I doubt there is confusion about who is who on the sideline.

Toughest choices will come down to Devlin, Shelby, A.J. Francis, Rodriguez/Gray, and Kyle Miller.

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