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Live blog of Dolphins vs. Cowboys here

CANTON, OHIO -- Welcome to the 2013 season. Well, welcome to the preseason.

The Dolphins take on the Dallas Cowboys tonight and everyone is on the edge of their seat waiting to see if Ryan Tannehill and his new toys -- receivers Mike Wallace and Brandon Gibson, tight end Dustin Keller, and running back Lamar Miller -- are on the same page.

Well, Wallace will not play. Neither will Brian Hartline, as you know. And Tannehill is only expected to go a quarter at most and most likely much less than that.

[Update: Philbin told the NFL Network, Tannehill would play 10-15 plays.]

Some things to watch tonight:

Josh Samuda: He's starting at right guard tonight. If he plays well, suddenly the concern about the John Jerry injury and the mixing and matching that has been going on for a week is addressed. Suddenly it won't be so urgent for Jerry to get healthy quickly and be in shape. If he doesn't play well? The search for a RG alternative continues.

The back end receivers: Yes, the Dolphins have a solid plan for their No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3 wide receivers. There are jobs open at No. 4 and No. 5. Marvin McNutt is obviously everyone's choice at the moment. I like Chad Bumphis and Jeff Fuller. We'll see if Kenny Stafford, Brian Tyms and Julius Pruitt will also get a chance.

The first round pick -- Dion Jordan: Is he going to get off to a fast start? Is he going to take some time to warm up before we see something exciting? The bottom line, folks, is Jordan needs a lot of work and he's expected to get plenty of that tonight.

The other CB competition: Veterans Dimitri Patterson and Richard Marshall are the presumed candidates fighting for the starting job. We'll see. Personally, the future of the position is either Jamar Taylor or Will Davis, or both. And so I'm watching them. And I know they're going to get a lot of snaps.

By the way, as always, we are live on this blog during a Dolphins event. Except that starting tonight, the way we do it will be different. The Herald is employing a cover-it-live application going forward. I don't know if you'll like it more or less. We'll cross that bridge later. But that's how it will be.

So join me in the live blog by posting on the application.


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Woo Hoo. Finally some football. Let's see what this team is about and how these guys play. Everything last year is last year..!

Well Regulars its that time again will it be another season of Gilligans Island or will Ross and his little buddy Ireland but there way out of losing like Thurston Howell the 3rd couldnt do.
Ginger needs to figure out what to do to the headhunters so they will give the Minnows(little fish)a boat ride off the island,

Rooting for Miller n OV

5th go dolphins

Going back a few years to that Thanksgiving Day game in Dallas with snow on the field...........................

That was the best Dolphins-Cowboys game ever.

Let's Go Phins!

7th go dolphins

Wasn't that like 15 years ago?
The Leon Lett game?

WTH is a cover-it-live application? Shall I click there? You have to be careful on Internet, you know.

Looking forward to this. Hoping for a good showing. Go Dolphins !

In the Evening....In the Evening.... baby when the sun goes down..

Remember when the Dolphins were likeable?
Me neither.

FUQ ALL YOU TROLLS! Move all your faggy comments over to a Jets blog. Dolphins football is about to commence!

Go J Martin !!!

Woodshit if you don't have anything to say keep your trap shut. And stop stating the obvious.

Looks to be a twitter deal Oscar...

Well, how soon does the sinking feeling of despair set in this season? Wouldn't it be a hell of ride is this team showed up as a contender?

Elmo, that goes for you and your other names. Shut your c@m dumpster and enjoy some football!

So are my comments going to actually post???

The photos of Ross and Philbin shaking hands with the players are pretty cool. The players seem to like Ross.

You don't know how to call live TV Games. Leave that to Us.

Odin is one of the following:

Woodshit, try flossing both orifices before talking anymore! Stick to your buddy odin.

What are looking for tonight Oscar??? Me??? Oline cohesiveness...Jmart and Samuda particulary...as well as our Young DBs...ans WRs...

The app sucks, nothing but a twitter feed. No video, no full screen, no sound. What a joke.

No crying in here no matter what!

Fraud have you grabbed DC's ears yet? He is waiting......

If you need to go cry then do it in private not in here during game.
This is a game for men not crybabies.

Do you see those bloggers on the twitter feed? Notice their names are ALL different.

They are the VERY SAME trolls you bicker with here all day long!

After the Dolphins dismantle the Cowboys, I plan to patiently explain why this success can be attributed to the personnel decisions of Jeff Ireland. A master at work will be revealed tonight.

You damned right ETF!!! Football night...are you ready for some FOOTBALL?!?

Jack, I'm also interested to see how the Yeatman Experiment is taking form. I have been wondering if he was instrumental in the FA decision making process.

WhoTH are those guys? Never heard of them.

I wanted too make a sarcastic post to all those that said/say that Tannehill can't through deep. Either that or questioning his accuracy when throwing for 20 yards or more.

But I just can't do it. I was just too blown away by what I heard Darren Sharper say earlier on the NFL Network.

According too Sharper, Tannehill has the 8th best QB Rating when throwing deep(20 yards or more).

Huh.....? Are you kidding me? And people have been vutting on him? The Rookie came in with little talent was 8th best when throwing deep. So what does Philbin/Ireland do? They get him Mike Wallace!

Yeah! That's what I'm talking about. I had no idea Tannehill was this good on the deep ball. Of course we can expect him yo be better with experience and a better crew!

Go Phins!!!!

Sense...I think Yeatman makes the team...they have been working on him since the start of last season with his switch...I think they really like his athleticism and Potential at OT...so I'm with ya on seeing what he puts out there...

With the NFL network coverage, you'd think the the Cowboys were the only team playing tonight.
Garrett shows NO respect to the Hall by keeping a healthy Romo out. Not even ONE series?
Bush league.
I'll take OUR HC.

GTW, everyone enjoy the game.
Finally, NFL, and college around thew corner. Why is it the most popular sport has the longest offseason?

Sorry, meant BTW.

Phins are back! Yeah.

Mando,Hows Ohio??????

WTH are you going to write? Whatever we just saw? You have to evaluate the play fairly in a fraction of a second and write it.


TanneHenne throws the pick 6 as well as anyone.

We may have a real find in Davis. He was possibly the quickest DB at the combine. Looks like a jr high kid, but you know what they say about looks.

WTH is this America's talent? Get outta here!


Tanny missed a few important deep shots last year that could of been game changers. Hopefully he hits those this season. go dolphins!!

Well, those synchronized swimmers look pretty good.

Josh Samunda.

I want him to start for the whole Season.

Having R.Clabo, on One Side and M.Pouncey On the Other Helps. But Samunda can hold his own. He is also faster than Jerry and Incognito. And Younger. Ireland found an Acorn.

Devlin Vs Moore.

T-Hill will only play a Little. The Battle is for #2 Tonight.

Do not like the new application

The NFL Network is so bias I can't watch them. Hoping we can shove their big ass foot in their mouth Fred Flintstone style this year and on.

Tanne will be benched by the bye week.

Hey, Armando, for us tech retards how do you get published in that live Feed?

L.Miller and Co.

I expect Miller to also play 1 series.

There is no battle for #2 QB. Moore's contract shows he won.


Why don't you go back to tongue punching your boyfriend's fartbox and leave the blogging to the REAL menfolk.

I'd watch the Dullfins but Shark Week is more excitng.

Oh, I get it , you don't want us there with all our profanity and dirty jokes. Well...

odinseye, I also read an article this morning stating that Tannehill had one of the best completion percentages when under pressure. Sure, there are areas of his game that need to develop, but I am willing to give it a bit of time. Been patient this long...

Moore's contract shows he is #1

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