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Live blog of Dolphins vs. Cowboys here

CANTON, OHIO -- Welcome to the 2013 season. Well, welcome to the preseason.

The Dolphins take on the Dallas Cowboys tonight and everyone is on the edge of their seat waiting to see if Ryan Tannehill and his new toys -- receivers Mike Wallace and Brandon Gibson, tight end Dustin Keller, and running back Lamar Miller -- are on the same page.

Well, Wallace will not play. Neither will Brian Hartline, as you know. And Tannehill is only expected to go a quarter at most and most likely much less than that.

[Update: Philbin told the NFL Network, Tannehill would play 10-15 plays.]

Some things to watch tonight:

Josh Samuda: He's starting at right guard tonight. If he plays well, suddenly the concern about the John Jerry injury and the mixing and matching that has been going on for a week is addressed. Suddenly it won't be so urgent for Jerry to get healthy quickly and be in shape. If he doesn't play well? The search for a RG alternative continues.

The back end receivers: Yes, the Dolphins have a solid plan for their No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3 wide receivers. There are jobs open at No. 4 and No. 5. Marvin McNutt is obviously everyone's choice at the moment. I like Chad Bumphis and Jeff Fuller. We'll see if Kenny Stafford, Brian Tyms and Julius Pruitt will also get a chance.

The first round pick -- Dion Jordan: Is he going to get off to a fast start? Is he going to take some time to warm up before we see something exciting? The bottom line, folks, is Jordan needs a lot of work and he's expected to get plenty of that tonight.

The other CB competition: Veterans Dimitri Patterson and Richard Marshall are the presumed candidates fighting for the starting job. We'll see. Personally, the future of the position is either Jamar Taylor or Will Davis, or both. And so I'm watching them. And I know they're going to get a lot of snaps.

By the way, as always, we are live on this blog during a Dolphins event. Except that starting tonight, the way we do it will be different. The Herald is employing a cover-it-live application going forward. I don't know if you'll like it more or less. We'll cross that bridge later. But that's how it will be.

So join me in the live blog by posting on the application.


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rattlersteve ... I'm not on the "write off Tanne" bandwagon. I actually think he's got talent. I don't think there's a starting back in the league that could win with this team ... RG3 would rock, but we'd get him injured half way through the year. We need A LOT more help than QB ... in my opinion.

Heat > Marlins > Dolphins

Dolphins are far worse than the Marlins.

Tannehill will be good.He was throwing to 4th, 5th & 6th stringers tonight (except for i completion to gibson).The playcalling was vanilla to say the least and notice that all his throws were quick slants.they don't want him to get hurt

Jay, I know. The Marlins beat the Indians 10-0 the other night. Wow! The Dolphins scored 3 more points tonight.

Heat > Marlins > Dolphins

Hey, hey, hey .. Heat3peat ... the Phins scored 10 more points!

Gonna be a long season for phins fans

The Dolphins have brough shame upon the HOF by putting Moore back in and still losing.

zaphod, my bad. I didn't catch the final minutes of this game and just recently checked the score. It was 24-20 but feels much worse than that.

Time to start with our mock drafts.


Heat3peat ... LOL ... yes, TRUST those feelings!!!!

Our first stringers only played about 20 snaps tonight not to mention they were missing 3 starters on offense and 5 on defense

I hear you Homer, but at least wait until the real season starts. They have only been practicing for two weeks. You don't have to be optimistic, but wait for more evidence than a handful of plays for first team. There were 30 + players on the field tonite who will be gone by the opener.

I don't recall hearing Clay's name called. Keller either.

At least the Marlins have the brighter future. Good young pitching staff.... I was not impressed by Tannehill as he still seems to be inaccurate with his passes.

The Good

Dion Jordan looks the part and like his hussle on the field tonight

Carpenter Nailing his FGs

Egnew actually made some plays tonight in the passing game

The Bad

The offensive line..OMFG...very bad tonight

Rush defense disgraceful..171 and the staring unit did not play well

Red zone offense poor

The Ugly

Matt Moores INT...terrible throw for pick six

CoyoteGuy: I hear what you're saying, but the other team has only practiced two weeks as well. I think there may be a dearth of talent here.

Will the Marlins go to the World Series before the Dolphins go to the Super Bowl? My bet is on the Marlins right now.


I expected tannehill to be rusty....I only will be truly worried if he looks that bad with Wallace and hartline on the field next week....

I can already predict the Dolphins are not going to finish any better than 7-9. This is a travesty for a team that used to be known for greatness. Ryan Tannehill is not the future QB of this team, and if he is, then that is a shame.

I think I'll tune to the Marlins trying to achieve baseball Imperfection ;)

Orlando Dolphan, I'm willing to wager the Marlins will make the playoffs before the Dolphins go to the playoffs. Yes the Marlins do have a brighter future and they are more exciting to watch than this team. That is sad.


We will find out what happens in Cleveland but his passes were behind the receivers today. That was one of his downfalls last year. It does not matter who is in there, he has to show better accuracy.

I know many Miami fans are just holding off until Heat season. Maybe this year they can show some appreciation by staying until the ending buzzer.

Get a FKN GRIP Earl.Its preseason game #1. Man Up or go find some other team to root for plz!

Everybody that is rushing judgement and shitting on RT right now,will be the first to praise him in the future cuz he is gonna be a good QB.


Hey I am only calling it as I see it. And what I see on the field is once again, a crap product. The Dallas reserves could pounce on Ryan Tannehill pretty well.

Could be zaphod, but even great players have bad days. Since the Fins have few players you could consider great at this point, giving them at least the five preseason games to prove they are better than they showed tonite is not too much to ask.

I agree Earl. It is sad that Jeffrey Loria tears up the Marlins, has the lowest payroll in baseball, and the Marlins still have a brighter future than the fins. Marlins will be in the Playoffs before the Dolphins.

To think that some people were talking about the Dolphins passing the Patriots this year. LOL


It didn't help his case with how much pressure was in his face in terms of the cowboys pass rush..and on his first pass to mcnutt, that looked like Mcnutt was confused on route...Like I said, give it some time, I promise no QB is going to come out throwing fire the first game

Earl, If the dolphins do finish better than 7-9, will you promise to become a cowboy fan?

I betcha u cant make that promise!!

Orlando, it is pretty sad when the FO goes out and spends all this money and virtually nothing has changed on offense. I know Mike Wallace didn't play and neither did Brian Hartline, but I mean isn't this supposed to be a 'playoff' bound team like they promised? Sorry, it's either put up or shut up this season for the Dolphins. I've had enough of this. Miami fans deserve better.

Of my observations:
Martin is a concern
Shelby has a problem holding the edge
Samuda looks good
Whoever is going to be calling our D needs to be in there; I hope he wasn't
Our second string needs to be strongly evaluated
Guys I liked: L. Robinson,Samuda,Okpalago,D.Jordan, J.Jenkins, Francis,
Guys I didn't like: D. Thomas(both).
A Lot of others were on the bubble.

I hope you are right superPhin. I am tired of losing.

I do think that our defense is going to be awesome this year. The kid Jordan looks like the real deal and once Vernon, Odrick, Starks, and Ellerbe are starting the fins will be a force on D.

Again my concern is Tannehill and you said it the OL. Jake Long at 50 % is way better than Martin and Dallas Thomas was pathetic. Can you imagine if Damarcus Ware would have been in there against Martine, Yikes.

Then again, Jeff Ireland spent the first draft pick on Dion Jordan when he knew this team had to improve on offensive play makers. We no longer have Reggie Bush and giving up DBess was a joke. At least they were play makers on offense. Watching this teams offense is almost as boring as watching a train go by. What a joke.


I agree and that is by far my biggest concern with Martin at LT....and Dallas Thomas looked overmatched tonight against the cowboys backup DE...I wont panic on tannehill yet....one game does not make or break this man..especially preseason game 1..I want to see what he looks like in a couple of weeks with everybody on the field on offense...

Orlando, I agree. Martin and DThomas are crap and guess who drafted those busts...

I don't hate the pickup of Jordan at all EARL...he displayed that freakish ability in coverage and pass rush tonight....I do hate the fact that they were arrogant to think J. Martin was the successor to J.Long!!!!

Relax..it's the HOF game, not a must-win situation. Strip away the mistakes and Miami held Dallas to 3, count em, 3 points on a sustained drive from a punt or kickoff. I'm concerned about the backups on the defensive front 7 with their poor tackling and angles than anything else. Lamar Miller will be better when it comes to ball security. Matt Moore might have saved his job with that last drive. The O-line definitely has to step it up...

Lamar Miller almost looked like the dog tonight with that opening fumble...LUCKILY for him he finished with 2 carries for 21 yrds so if he holds on to the ball, u see he is a very explosive back

The Dolphins picked up Johnathan Martin in the 2012 draft? Correct me if I'm wrong. But why did we waste all these quality draft picks in previous years? Jeff Ireland has to go.

That's a good observation Tom...but the TO battle that Miami keeps losing is very PROBLEMATIC...and it was the starting unit that created another TO that led to another opponent score.....that is not easily dismissed IMO

Tom, I agree about Lamar Miller. He does look good minus that opening snap. Poor tackling is an issue with the defensive front but not the worst of the problems. I would be more concerned with the O-line and JMartin.

Guys wake up. The team stinks. They were not prepared. They were outmatched 1st string, 2nd string, 3rd string.

The team starts slow every year. They will be 3 and 7, make a run, fall short, and then next season you all will say they are on their way now....even though you all say that every season.

Tannehill is missing something. Poise.

We do not have one starting caliber LT.

Ireland will not be sleeping well tonight.

Hank, I totally agree.

And it all starts with Jeff Ireland and the FO.

Maybe we get Pat Riley to be GM of this team too?

Tannehill had a bad game. He sucked.

It wasn't that Dallas Thomas was bad, he was absolutely terrible. I don't remember seeing a lineman get run over so easily. He played LT like a grandma with a fat ass. The guy is useless. Dump him already.

As long as garbage JI drafts players sign F/A this team is F$$Ked ....get ready to see More of Moore, because RT wont last..the OL worst in the NFL

We have no depth at OL, RB, WR, CB, and safety.

How the hell can we get anywhere? One injury knocks us out of competition.

Tannehill needs to watch an RG3 video or a Luck video. He is too jumpy, trying to hard. He needs to relax and let the game come to him. Can he?

So let me get this str8, if this team came out and fired on all cylinders and beat dallas tonight convincingly in a meaningless game, and then started the regular season LOSING to the browns, we'd all be singing the praises of how Miami looked in the HOF game weeks earlier.

seems some of u need more than just a wake up call, u need a reality of what preseason football is all about, SHAKING OFF THE FKN RUST WHICH THIS TEAM HAS!

Can't blame Parcells But he is the the one that F$$Ked this franchise by hiring and putting in JI... We in big trouble again this year folks..

The OL on this team is possibly the worst in the NFL.

Over-reaction, why didn't Dallas have any Rust to shake off?

Excuses are for losers.

I don't even think this team can beat the Browns.

Lets go and trade for Albert so tannehill has a chance.... He'll prob be a little expensive now but were in trouble

I'm afraid the writing is on the wall. We are looking at another new regime change and another 4 years.

While you all sit there marking off the Jets and Bills as wins, that is what they do to us.

We suck until we prove we don't.

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