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Live blog of Dolphins vs. Cowboys here

CANTON, OHIO -- Welcome to the 2013 season. Well, welcome to the preseason.

The Dolphins take on the Dallas Cowboys tonight and everyone is on the edge of their seat waiting to see if Ryan Tannehill and his new toys -- receivers Mike Wallace and Brandon Gibson, tight end Dustin Keller, and running back Lamar Miller -- are on the same page.

Well, Wallace will not play. Neither will Brian Hartline, as you know. And Tannehill is only expected to go a quarter at most and most likely much less than that.

[Update: Philbin told the NFL Network, Tannehill would play 10-15 plays.]

Some things to watch tonight:

Josh Samuda: He's starting at right guard tonight. If he plays well, suddenly the concern about the John Jerry injury and the mixing and matching that has been going on for a week is addressed. Suddenly it won't be so urgent for Jerry to get healthy quickly and be in shape. If he doesn't play well? The search for a RG alternative continues.

The back end receivers: Yes, the Dolphins have a solid plan for their No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3 wide receivers. There are jobs open at No. 4 and No. 5. Marvin McNutt is obviously everyone's choice at the moment. I like Chad Bumphis and Jeff Fuller. We'll see if Kenny Stafford, Brian Tyms and Julius Pruitt will also get a chance.

The first round pick -- Dion Jordan: Is he going to get off to a fast start? Is he going to take some time to warm up before we see something exciting? The bottom line, folks, is Jordan needs a lot of work and he's expected to get plenty of that tonight.

The other CB competition: Veterans Dimitri Patterson and Richard Marshall are the presumed candidates fighting for the starting job. We'll see. Personally, the future of the position is either Jamar Taylor or Will Davis, or both. And so I'm watching them. And I know they're going to get a lot of snaps.

By the way, as always, we are live on this blog during a Dolphins event. Except that starting tonight, the way we do it will be different. The Herald is employing a cover-it-live application going forward. I don't know if you'll like it more or less. We'll cross that bridge later. But that's how it will be.

So join me in the live blog by posting on the application.


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If there`s a God , he`ll break both of Tannehill`s legs tonight , so we at least have a shot with Moore

Tanne look inaccurate as usual out there. The guy should of fielded the punt

Tannehill is not good at playing football.

It is Matt Moore time. Our best QB is on the field. I bet we score on this next possession.

Wow Ben, maybe that same God will break your mothers back

I think they should leavee his arse in there if he's going to throw behind McNutt like that...throw that shyt again...til ya hit the damn thing!!!

We're looking bad playing another bad team. Gonna be a long season boys....

I thought we practice-what did we practice-fumbling-missing tackles-improper substitutions, and fair catch-I thought we traded that WR.

You people are idiots. Matt Moore couldn't even score a TD in PRACTICE! Morons.

Don't get on that bus yet YG...its earlier than early and that's a shameful walk back off of it...

Lamar Miller looked pretty good out there, except for the fumble.

Really Matty my mothers back , maybe Ill snap your mothers neck, she`s blowing me right now

Here he comes, the Great White H..Dope! Let me stop, he's a fine backup, always will be.

yeah that was to show you how stupid of a comment that was..

Does Cris Collinsworth realize JL sucked last season?

Miss me yet?

Wow Dallas Thomas is worse than Martin. Can the Dolphins scout OL? I bet big Jake has a big smile on his face right now. Stupid move to let Long walk.

Who can we get for LT cause we sure don't have one on this team-thanks Jeff-save money-loose season

Left tackle a big worry

Miami has been a SLOW starting team for many years now. Too many,

Thomas can't read blocking.

Posted by: Jake Long | August 04, 2013 at 08:44 PM

Yeah, until you hurt your v*gina week 2.

Vegas was right. 7.5 wins

Posted by: DC Dolfan | August 04, 2013 at 08:46 PM

Agreed, i missed him the past two second halves of the seasons..

The success or failure of this season is on Ireland
His job or lack of it is on the line

MM looks like garbage.. bring in Pat Devlin

Was that Egnew? He looks scared out there.

Miami spent a heck of a lot of money this off season....

Looks more like they wasted a lot of money.

Just what I thought. The offense will be pathetic.

Tannehill is horrible.

In the 2nd qtr we'll cross mid-field on offense.

Samuda is holding up very nicely out there...I've seen Shelby all over the place too...we could end up with a stable of pass rushers...

All this crying, and it's...0-0. Am I the only one wh loves my team unconditionally?

Looks it will be a terrible offensive year. In 2014 we may also need to draft another punter./

Also hate to be a Cowboy fan. This game will lure them to falsely think they actually have a good team.

Shelby looks good on pass rushes. Not so much on running plays directly at him.

0-0. wtf? Cowboys up 7-0....

Umm no, it's 7-0

2 plays in a row to Egnew is a no no

He may not make the roster

I want to see Jordan and Taylor!

I wish Ireland was as good at finding OL as he is finding pass rushers.

No DC you're not...I'm with ya...

Folks just being extra negative tonight...drinking too much Armando kool-aid the last 3 weeks...

I hate dropped passes!

Get used to it Jack and DC... we could win every game by 14 pts and the cry would be about the way Tannehill under threw a pass in warm ups

I don't want to hear all these hall of famers. I want to know what players are making the plays.

Pretty sure he was talking record...

This is great ... tremendous action on the field ... a monster hit ... and they cut to a guy in a yellow jacket and the announcers.

No little Natty, no Hartline and Wallace is a HUGE difference

C'mon YG, we can't count that fumble TD. It's PreSeason.

Where's the tackling?

A bunch of missed tackles. Our back up LBs are going to suck. Our starters better stay healthy.

Cowboys 3rd string qb is more accurate than Tannehill or Moore.

You know what i havent heard yet.. Where Sean Smith and Vonte Davis... or Karlos Dansby

L.Miller fumbling shows just how much negative energy you have towards him. He won't fumble for the rest of the season.

Funny that the only time L.Miller has ever fumbled is in an Exhibition game. He won't do it in a real game.

OH MY! Is all I can say after watching this mess. I know this is pre-season but, Tannehill looked horrible-inaccurate as hell, looked like he was extremely nervous. Didn't help that the O-line still sucks, specially the left side. Neither Jonathan Martin nor the rookie Dallas Thomas are gonna be any good playing the left. Lamar Miller looked good but had me worried that first play when he fumbled. Receivers can't catch. ANd the defense? What defense? The starters gave up yard after yard after yard both on running and passing plays. Was exited about this game, now not so. The offense still looks like a boring, dink and dunk, short pass, 3 and out, nightmare. Coaches have A LOT of work to do or we'll be seeing the last of Ireland, Philbin, and Tannehill this oh so short dream turned major disappointment.

Tanner is one tough mutha. Our guys need to work on tackling!

Surprising D looks this bad

YG is all kinds of negative tonight...not a good color on ya brotha...

I would trade our starters for the Cowboy scrubs right now....

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