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Live blog of Dolphins vs. Cowboys here

CANTON, OHIO -- Welcome to the 2013 season. Well, welcome to the preseason.

The Dolphins take on the Dallas Cowboys tonight and everyone is on the edge of their seat waiting to see if Ryan Tannehill and his new toys -- receivers Mike Wallace and Brandon Gibson, tight end Dustin Keller, and running back Lamar Miller -- are on the same page.

Well, Wallace will not play. Neither will Brian Hartline, as you know. And Tannehill is only expected to go a quarter at most and most likely much less than that.

[Update: Philbin told the NFL Network, Tannehill would play 10-15 plays.]

Some things to watch tonight:

Josh Samuda: He's starting at right guard tonight. If he plays well, suddenly the concern about the John Jerry injury and the mixing and matching that has been going on for a week is addressed. Suddenly it won't be so urgent for Jerry to get healthy quickly and be in shape. If he doesn't play well? The search for a RG alternative continues.

The back end receivers: Yes, the Dolphins have a solid plan for their No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3 wide receivers. There are jobs open at No. 4 and No. 5. Marvin McNutt is obviously everyone's choice at the moment. I like Chad Bumphis and Jeff Fuller. We'll see if Kenny Stafford, Brian Tyms and Julius Pruitt will also get a chance.

The first round pick -- Dion Jordan: Is he going to get off to a fast start? Is he going to take some time to warm up before we see something exciting? The bottom line, folks, is Jordan needs a lot of work and he's expected to get plenty of that tonight.

The other CB competition: Veterans Dimitri Patterson and Richard Marshall are the presumed candidates fighting for the starting job. We'll see. Personally, the future of the position is either Jamar Taylor or Will Davis, or both. And so I'm watching them. And I know they're going to get a lot of snaps.

By the way, as always, we are live on this blog during a Dolphins event. Except that starting tonight, the way we do it will be different. The Herald is employing a cover-it-live application going forward. I don't know if you'll like it more or less. We'll cross that bridge later. But that's how it will be.

So join me in the live blog by posting on the application.


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Guys, we suck. Plain and simple.

Vegas has us 7.5 wins for a reason. They are big business, objective. not kool aid drinkers.

We suck. We have a few good players, but otherwise, we suck.

Jack/matty, it's par for the course on this blog. There's more Miami love on a Jets blog. I don't care though. I represent each and every year. It'll make it that much sweeter when we do (hopefully in my lifetime) win a SB.

I thought our defense was our strength

Defense hasn't been taught the proper way to tackle yet

Jordan made that happen.

It's the first preseason game, guys. I'm not a huge believer in this team or Jeffy-Poo.....but it's way too early to be so negative.

Nice job by Jordan there!

C'mon Matt Moore.

I thought our defense was our strength

Posted by: David | August 04, 2013 at 08:59 PM

Looks like we really mis Starks and Odrick!

Hey people wearing the aqua and orange sun glasses. Its the first preseason game for the Cowboys too.

Why do they look so much better?

Please play Pat Devlin so we can score.

Can't even talk to you people right now...your whiney attitude is that bad...

Hope your right Dashi...your the go to Miller Time...I agree with ya tho...

You negative nellys have no concept of getting better at anything...I suppose...

Let's see Bumphis.

Philbin is in trouble.

Tannehill is in trouble.

Ireland is in trouble.

Positives so far:

Miller (except for the fumble), Jordan, Shelby, and the punter.


LT, most of the defense, and Tannehill (he was inaccurate),

All the Dline rookies saved there head.

Yeah YG...the cowgirls look great...LMAO...are you kidding me???
Its sloppy everywhere!!!

AUG 4th Jack!asses

Does anyone knows when the Heat season starts?;)


philbin looks WORRIED!

More of Bumphis. Less McNutt!

I don't know what type of preparation Dolphins had, but Dallas 2nd. and 3rd. strings are more ready to play than Dolphins units

Bumphis will make the tean

You're just trying to pick a fight...I suppose...

4th and 5th receivers: Rishard Mathews and Bumphis.

This is what the preseason is all about. Nuggets like Bumphis.

We are just pedestrian at the OL(including Pouncey). We need stars there.

McNut looked awful. Our OL just blew up.

God are we awful.

Vegas was right.

So much for Bumphis. He just cost the team TD. He had alligator arms on that one.

Pick 6 Matt Moore.

Put Pat Devlin Inl

Maybe not, lol

Jcb, what team is Bumpis going to make? Is he auditioning for the Cowboys?

Less Bumphis, more McNutt!

Fukk, fukk, catch the damn ball!!

Our scrubs suck! Better stay healthy this year.


What a hapless team. Bring back Sparano. This is embarrassing.

We are hurting for 4th and 5th WR's from what I've seen. Lets hope Keenan Davis surprises and Matthews recovers quickly.

I was more appalled by the way Bumphis gave up on the tackle and pursuit than missing the pass.

Warren Sapp does love the Camera.

No Wallace no game planning, nothing but generic plays, seriously too many of you sound like you are ready to jump off a ledge. Calm down its August!!!!!!

Did that help clear up things with you people wearing the aqua and orange sunshades?

We're looking awful and sloppy, not the Cowboys. We look like the CFL vs NFL caliber talent.

Geesh, koolaid drinkers........

Wait till the third stringers get in. Dolphins have the best third string in the NFL, and that includes the New England Patriots!

If Gillislee fumbles I'm turning off the tv set....

We complained when Dave Wandstedt was here. Yet he consistently won 10 games per season. Now we are stuck at 6 and 7 wins. We wanted him out of here but be careful what you wish for.

Ireland's Repub: ...that's HILARIOUS! LMAO!!!!!! Great call!

Gillislee is looking sharp. Matt Moore has a nice tan going.He almost looks Cuban!

Moore better than THILL

Dolphins have the best third string in the NFL, and that includes the New England Patriots!

Posted by: Ireland's Republican Army | August 04, 2013 at 09:15 PM

Our 1st stringers are legit 3rd stringers. Whaddaya mean?

They are worse than last years team. I am saying it again this year sell the team and fire jeff Ireland. ....LONG TIME DOLPHINS FANS Here.

Omg, Egnew made a catch.

That’s a bad team again, Players running on the field late {twice in the first 5 minutes), Tannehill throws two poor passes, Martin can’t pass block against Dallas second unit, WOW Really? disappointing, New linebackers not so great! looking poorly coached and overmatched

That’s a bad team again, Players running on the field late {twice in the first 5 minutes), Tannehill throws two poor passes, Martin can’t pass block against Dallas second unit, WOW Really? disappointing, New linebackers not so great! looking poorly coached and overmatched

We have to play some other Teams.

Move Jonas Gray and Gillislee ove Thomas on depth chart.

Jonas Grey-go baby

I have full confidence that our 1st stringers would be very competitive against the rest of the NFL's 3rd stringers......

We may be getting our ass kicked on the field, but just wait until halftime when they have the Gatorade tasting contest ... our waterboy mixes the finest Gatorade in the league! Cowboys don't stand a chance!

It would be good if we cold sign some of these Cboys afterthey are cut.

The cowboys look ready, we look lost.

17-0 and -2 turnovers?

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