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Live blog of Dolphins vs. Cowboys here

CANTON, OHIO -- Welcome to the 2013 season. Well, welcome to the preseason.

The Dolphins take on the Dallas Cowboys tonight and everyone is on the edge of their seat waiting to see if Ryan Tannehill and his new toys -- receivers Mike Wallace and Brandon Gibson, tight end Dustin Keller, and running back Lamar Miller -- are on the same page.

Well, Wallace will not play. Neither will Brian Hartline, as you know. And Tannehill is only expected to go a quarter at most and most likely much less than that.

[Update: Philbin told the NFL Network, Tannehill would play 10-15 plays.]

Some things to watch tonight:

Josh Samuda: He's starting at right guard tonight. If he plays well, suddenly the concern about the John Jerry injury and the mixing and matching that has been going on for a week is addressed. Suddenly it won't be so urgent for Jerry to get healthy quickly and be in shape. If he doesn't play well? The search for a RG alternative continues.

The back end receivers: Yes, the Dolphins have a solid plan for their No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3 wide receivers. There are jobs open at No. 4 and No. 5. Marvin McNutt is obviously everyone's choice at the moment. I like Chad Bumphis and Jeff Fuller. We'll see if Kenny Stafford, Brian Tyms and Julius Pruitt will also get a chance.

The first round pick -- Dion Jordan: Is he going to get off to a fast start? Is he going to take some time to warm up before we see something exciting? The bottom line, folks, is Jordan needs a lot of work and he's expected to get plenty of that tonight.

The other CB competition: Veterans Dimitri Patterson and Richard Marshall are the presumed candidates fighting for the starting job. We'll see. Personally, the future of the position is either Jamar Taylor or Will Davis, or both. And so I'm watching them. And I know they're going to get a lot of snaps.

By the way, as always, we are live on this blog during a Dolphins event. Except that starting tonight, the way we do it will be different. The Herald is employing a cover-it-live application going forward. I don't know if you'll like it more or less. We'll cross that bridge later. But that's how it will be.

So join me in the live blog by posting on the application.


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what a bad game to watch! Fins look terrible,

Tommy, you are so right. How can people blame Jeff Ireland when it is all the fault of Bill Parcells?

Man, we get 3 or 4 more DJs we'll be set for 20 years.

Irescum without Parcells puppet strings = FLOP

Coaching is suspect tonight right? Ask Philbin why these guys look horrible and unprepared?

None of the guys that parcells drafted are still left on the team..that should tell you something.

Jacksonville game will be a better gage....

Can we fire Ireland now?

Of course, you don't find many DJs hanging from trees.

It looks like the Dolphins are in rebuilding mode. Thank goodness Jeff Ireland is at the helm. Let's be a little patient and give a few more years for him to implement his concept. Stay the course with a proven personnel expert.

Jacksonville game will be a better gage....

Posted by: Frank | August 04, 2013 at 09:50 PM

Not if Jax actually got better.

Plenty of DJ's on South Beach.

Is Jnes-Gray relatd to JonesDrew?

Dallas Thomas another brilliant Ireland acquisition

Dallas Thomas ran over like a mack truck on the bull rush.

Time to reopen trade talks for Albert with KC. Jeff Ireland, the pris just went wayyyyyyyy upppppppp...

Man, do we have a lot of work to do!

None of the guys that parcells drafted are still left on the team..that should tell you something.
Posted by: tommy | August 04, 2013 at 09:50 PM

Parcells didnt draft anybody. DUUUUUHHHH!

it's the 1st preseason game.. but I also think they looked u prepared. fumble 1st play, guys running on and off the field not sure if they're in it not. things like that annoy me..

Wasn't it Dashe who said Dallas Thomas would be elite?

Miller fumbles, Devlin sucks, Dashe is wrong again and again

The good news: We will not be invited back to HOF for long time.

Our bums cant even fall on the fumble. Absolutely horrible.....

The third preseason game is more indicative of what they will look like during the reg season.

Philbin and Ireland are horrible.


When is Irescum going in to the HOF?

Looks like this team needs 16 preseason games just to look presentable in 16 regular season games.

U better go trade for Branden Albert Jeffie cause u do not have a left tackle!

Parcells controlled Ireland until he left idiot even though ireland was the "GM".

yep, failbin and fireland got the blow fish in foot ball shape lots of money for another 7-9 season!!

Mijo, this is terrible! This Dolfins look like they just got on field first time tunite!

Ireland needs to get us 2 left tackles tomorrow. I wish we had Winston to give us a versatile player

Who from our roster will Andy Reid take for Albert?

Hats off to the dolphins! They really have improved on their sucking technique. By the opening game they should be #1 at sucking for sure! FIRE JEFF IRELAND!!!

Ross was too cheap to sign Jake Long. SHEEESH!

U better go trade for Branden Albert Jeffie cause u do not have a left tackle!

Posted by: PhishPhan 72 | August 04, 2013 at 09:59 PM

Yeah, and now KC will ask Ireland for 3 1strd picks for Albert. Especially if their GM is watching this game.

Also, from the looks of our qb's, Ireland needs to see if KC has a qb available too. That's really bad having to trade for a qb with KC. We look really bad tonite and it isn't just LT.

Who threw a Pick 6? Not Devlin.

Parcells loves big,strong & slow players so what did ireland draft the first few years parcells was charge? big, strong & slowass players

If these scrubs go 6-10 they should throw a parade LOL

Pretty sure this is a "rope-a-dope" game. We're showing poor, sloppy play just to throw everyone offtrack.

1st string sucks, 2nd string sucks and 3rd sting sucks... time to start thinkinag about cancelling the nfl ticket.... feel bad for the folks who bought seasons tickets for these over priced losers!! I don't take preseason seriously and it looks like neither do the blow fish.... not looking for preseaon wins, but at least show up and act like you got a clue!!!

Ireland, not Ross, makes personnel decisions.

Dallas 17 Miami 3

Embarrassed on national t.v....so sad.

Haven't Dolphins fans suffered enough ?

Ross/Ireland will NEVER have a winning season.

Pretty sure this is a "rope-a-dope" game. We're showing poor, sloppy play just to throw everyone offtrack.

Posted by: van | August 04, 2013 at 10:04 PM

Yeah, that's the tactic we've ben employing for over a decade now. Works really well.....

jake long sucked last season..had his worst season of his career

The sorriest and worst parts of this team so far tonight first pre-season game:
1. Ryan Crapenhill- no improvement seen tonight, if anything, looked pretty rusty.
2. The turnover battle- yes we lost that too, big time. Gave up 2 recovered zero.
3. O-line play- horrible! Crapenhill was pressured almost every play.
4. Defense- I know (and hope) this unit will be the team's strength (yep once again) but they sure gave up mega yards both on run and pass plays, with little to no pressure on the QB.
5. Offense as a whole- same ole boring 3 and out we're so used to seeing.
6. Not one rookie or new free agent made an impression tonight.
And this all happened within the first half of the game. Pitiful! Worst of all they
played a team without their starting QB. I'm worried!

Adam Beasley @AdamHBeasley

Imagine if the Cowboys had played their starters.

as faras the "rope-a-dope", playing sloppy would be a step up for these losers!!

Where's Hartline to save the day ?

people love to overreact these days.this game means nothing!lol

Didnt you just know Ireland would bring us another Chad Henne?

Adam Beasley @AdamHBeasley

The Dolphins are doing everything they can to justify NBC's decision not to have them on Sunday Night Football this year.

That's my boy!

Grampa Philby is no genius...

We're winning the penalty battle!

Only preseason game ... Means nothing but boy a few things stand out.
Those uniforms are very feminine.
With no offensive line outside of Pouncey, and Incognasty, none of the Qb s are going to make it through the season.
Steve Ross is a dick

i don't think we've been penalized, that's a plus.

The Fins will be competing with the Marlins as the worst team in Sports this year, he,he,he :)

Thats my dumb boy!

tommy, based on the losing track record of the blow fish for almost 10 years how can you say this is an over reaction??? Its one thing if you are a good team and you have a bad / rusty presason game, but when you suck year and year out its hard to not to jump to conculsion based on their losing records??

This Rodriguez guy coming up with a few good plays

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