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Live blog of Dolphins vs. Texans here

HOUSTON -- The Dolphins have never beaten the Texans, but I don't care about that tonight.

You know what I care about most?

Lamar Miller.

I want him to win the starting running back job. No, that doesn't mean I am rooting for him over other players at running back. I mean I want him to perform at such a level as to leave no question about which player should be the Dolphins starting running back by the time the night is through.

That hasn't happened yet because, well, I don't think Miller's been given much of a chance. He's only gotten four carries in the preseason.

How is anyone supposed to win a job with four scant opportunities in two games?

As the starters are expected to go at least one quarter, maybe more, perhaps Miller can get 10 carries this game so he can get a feel for the competition and get a good chance to show his stuff. Let's hope.

Rishard Matthews, Lance Louis and Jamar Taylor -- none of whom have played this preseason -- are dressed and expected to play tonight.

And, of course, there is a live blog for your participation on tap:



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Reports are that Dustin Keller's locker has been cleaned out. He will have an MRI but it looks like he is done for the year. Now what at TE?

Tell that to Mandos- I actually think he might be JJ, plastic DEVO hair and all.

Any real Dolphin fan knows the story- we lived it

Orlando, give us a link to these reports. The whole team is in Houston. You are likely FOS.

I'd go for NO's other TE, obviously not Graham. He is VERY good, big fast, and would cost us a 1st and a player, though I doubt Payton would ever OK it.
They don't need Matt Moore. Wish somebody did.
I saw Archie Manning make great plays with an even worse O-Line than ours. The man had talent, the goods, and the guts of a gambler.


While losing keller is tough, losing T-hill, Wallace, or even grimes would've been 10x worse...just sayin!!!

Dolphins lose again....


Omar Kelley reported it on twitter. He also said that his bags are packed.

Moore was awful tonight. If the protection was that bad play after play he should have been getting rid of the ball quickly, not taking stupid sacks. Moore may have sealed his fate as a back up forever now.

Omar is wrong more than the weather man.

Tell me how his bags can be packed, the whole team is in Houston!!!

I'm obviously not Orlando, but agreed , superPhin.
What has me a bit perplexed is a goodly # of Tanny's throws behind his receivers. There were several in the previous 2 games. He has to trust his receivers, and his arm. I believe it means he's aiming, not just letting it fog.
That throw to Keller cost us Keller.
If y'all saw the Texans sideline guy speaking with JJ Watt, Watt explained he was "salivating" for this game. Obviously, to repeat his performance against Tanny. Why else?
Fortunately, Kubiak pulled Watt early.

Omar is an unreliable reporter and basicaly an incompetent loser.

Letting it go, I meant.
Night y'all, have a great rest of the weekend.

Just being sarcastic my bad dude.
I agree though lot to observe by this coaching staff. But count on it no playoffs again unfortunately...texans again beat us but this time with third stringers that's embarrassing
This team lacks depth. Only the elite teams know about having quality depth..and draft impact players not projects.

I would rather have lost Tannehill than Keller.

Dolphins :

1996 8-8
1997 9-7
1998 10-6
1999 9-7 (regression because Dan Marino was terrible)
2000 11-5 (improvement because hissy fit turnover machine refused to run the ball or tackle after an interception Dan was fired)
2001 11-5
2002 9-7 (best Dolphins team since 1984)
2003 10-6
2004 4-12

2004 is when the team went into the crapper. That's when "this" started.

Do your own research before you make a point...better yet, since you're a diehardfan...exercise your memory function...mine works quite well. Dolphins fans are clueless...

Mando called on Miller to lead by example tonight. Response: 5 rush 10 yds TD


I agree that it could have been worse. You can also add Wake, Reshad Jones, Soliai, Ellerbe, Pouncey, and possibly Hartline in terms of what injury could have been worse. However, we are so thin at TE. You can argue that all of the guys behind Keller on the fins would not make half of the teams in the NFL. It is a big drop off from Keller to the next guy. Ireland waited too long to draft a TE. He could have kept Fasano as insurance or drafted a TE in the second round. Moving up to get Jordan really hurt us as we lost that second pick which could have been used on a second TE. Now it appears that Jordan is damaged goods.


The pro game appears too fast for Miller.

killer game, losing keller is basically losing the season. unreal how bad that kills this team

yup orlando, most knew right away that trade up was awful

Solution, throw it to Wallace until his tongue hangs out, then throw it to him some more.
Work on the screen to Miller till you get it right, and run it like the Bills did to it to us with Thurman Thomas. 15 times a game.
Play as dirty as you can on defense, be the Raiders of the South. Make teams NOT want to play us.
Take out multiple QB's for the season like the 85 Bears.

If all that fails, take secret videos of all our opponents practices.
Works for me.

Keller was the only Fin I was considering on my fantasy team.

I had higher hopes for Miller. I thought he WOULD be the starter. But his preseason has not been remotely impressive. That is why Thomas is still a factor for the #1 spot. Unless Miller steps it up a few notches, I don't see how he wins the starting job. 2 yd average and he drops an easy pass. Not inspiring.

Its a loss Orlando no doubt....but I think the O-line in general will be what keeps Miami out of playoff contention this year than having no depth at TE..JMO

Its pretty evident that when Tannehill has time, this team has guys that can make plays watching the game tonight....

And Matt Moore needs to be released.

feel sick , meaningless game and we lose one of our most important players

A few observations tonight:

1) I admit when I'm wrong and Samuda anywhere near the starting OL is a nightmare! He single handedly was the reason for the 1st drive going 3 & out. On the 2nd down play he let #94 right past him and on 3rd down could easily have been called for holding on Watt were it didn't make a difference anyway given the inside rush from Watt caused the breakdown. I watched the game a full 10 minutes behind the live action running replays so please nothing about the leftside! They were SOLID as was RT the problems lie at RG which is also causing breakdowns with Pouncey whose off his game trying to do to much to help out blowing some of his own assignments which apparently nobody seems to catch or post about??

2) I've been reading about how Tannehill stares down the primary option on pass plays and in his defense he did alot of it last Yr. because they couldn't separate or get through their routes quick enough. This Yr. I really wanted to give him a pass early but now am really wondering because we run an uptempo West Coast O were he should be moving through the reads quicker and unloading his passes faster yet what I see is a classic 5 step drop were he's back there ordering a cup of coffee eyeballing his 1st read till the pocket is collapsed on his head at which time he's throwing it high and away or running to late to gain positive yardage something I also felt he'd be more decisive about this Yr. Kids got the goods physically but the light isn't on upstairs!

3) The Keller thing is devastating but it happens and blame this one on the new CBA and their player mandate regarding one daily practice given if anybody is watching everybody in the League played extensive minutes in this the 2nd Pre-Season game. The Broncos and Hawks had both Manning and R.Wilson on the field closing the half in their game along with a host of starters. Seems everybody is looking for the recipe to this new practice schedule while getting starters valuable reps.

4) Again on the Keller play, how many times have you guys seen a player coming across a formation or catching a dump pass in the flat get clipped turning for the ball? The NFL has the hoarse collar and the going at the QB's knees thing because of Brady yet I've seen more guys get serious Ligament damage in the knees on just the play Keller got hurt on that just about any in over 30 yrs. of watching there should a rule for it cause it always seems cheap!

Whatever Mando- your so smart you again proved my point. One winning season while he coached the fins. 3 since he left Whadda Guy- Now go back and look at the rest of their history (here's a clue- they been around over 40 ears genius)

Are you really this stupid or are you JJ himself. No one can be that in love with another man that they would waste this much of my time

now if we could just trade our O-line for the pats or even the saints...we'd be money!!!LoL


I remember that chucky was perplexed by the pick. We moved up to take a player with a surgically repaired shoulder and now that shoulder is hurt again. If we was going to trade up, it should have been to take an OL a position that was deep in the draft and where we had a need. Lane Johnson should have been the pick with the trade up. We could have used the money spent on Clabo on another TE. Without the trade they could have taken the TE from Notre Dame with the first pick and Kyle Long the RT that the Bears took with that 2nd pick. The trade up for Jordan may end up being the undoing for Ireland.

I think there may be some waiver wire players that will be highly considerable for us.
We likewise are strong at DL. Instead of dropping formidable young players, perhaps Starks could make a profitable trade commodity. I have been impressed with Francis throught the summer. If Starks could bring a quality Ol or TE; I think he would be more of an asset there than riding out his F-tag.

The Dolphins haven't had a 'g o o d' Tight End play for
an ENTIRE SEASON since Joe Rose.

I hires they have internet on the plane Rose is flying back in

Guys wake up. Martin has done fine two games in a row now. He is getting it. LT is not the problem.

We should have stayed put at 12, taken Eifiert and kept our high second round pick. We'd be a better team TODAY.

I will say that Wallace looks the part for big plays and our defense(shocking) will be the strength yet again for this team this year....And I do think Miami will be competitive against teams on paper that are more talented....

now whether or not that translates into wins remains to be seen, but that offensive line better get an overhaul one way or the other because this is becoming a theme every week...too much damn pressure on the QB every other play!!!

I am with you superPhin the OL is still the Achilles heel of this team. I am still hoping that we get Jerry back and that we can keep everyone healthy because any injuries on that OL and the season turns into disaster. I do not want to see Dallas Thomas, Yeatman, Samuda, Louis, or anyone of the other back up scrubs on the field this year.


I liked your idea fine until the Bears took K.Long RD-1 and Dee Milliner was a thought in a trade up if looking for talent in Pos. of need. Or are you sold on the mix of stop gap vets and the crop of picks to shore up the CB Pos.???? The way things are looking if they felt L.Johnson a project and preferred going with Martin then how does J.Cooper look to you now at LG with Cogs at RG seems to be doing wonders for the Cards and their suspect group up front covering for Palmer!

Ireland will find a TE on the waiver wire, unfortunately, it will be the wrong guy.
In his defense, Saban chose Culpepper over Brees.
Maybe the ONLY time I defend Ireland.
Spending 40+ Million on an obvious need, like Wallace 9the only game in town, really, with that sort of speed) scores ZERO points with me. Glad to get Wallace, but iIreland had 5 years to DRAFT a guy like that. The Giants get their all pro guy as a FA!
Ireland spends the boss's dough, no greatness there.

Captain Hindsight is here.

agree orlando, what a huge mistake. could of also taken the te from nd and traded the 2nd rd pick for alberts

The Dolphins haven't had a 'g o o d' Tight End play for
an ENTIRE SEASON since Joe Rose.
Posted by: Should have Drafted Tyler Eifert | August 18, 2013 at 12:28 AM

I LOVE Joe but common! He was middle of the pack crappy-n-slow! His one claim is catching Danny's 1st ever TD at the LA Colosseum Vs. the Raiders MONDAY NIGHT! Ohh yeahh the Playoff game Vs. S.D. in 81 as well but Shoes cut him and kept Dan Johnson at T.E., GULP!!! By the way Keith Jackson was pretty damn good as was McMicheal!

I missed part of the game, did Jordan hurt his shoulder tonight, or in practice?
Sorry for the detour.

new post on keller


You are right Long did go in the first round to the Bears. My bad. OK maybe they could have taken Malenik Watson OT from FSU, he went to the Raiders in the second round and actually for the pick we traded to move up. I am not sure how he is doing but I liked him a lot coming into the draft. Eifert with the 12th overall pick in the first round and Watson in the second round and we would have been better off. Dumb move by Ireland moving up to get the injured Jordan.


I think keller and grimes were perfect pickups for Miami, and I like that they got younger at LB over dansby and burnett, for that i'll credit Irefiend a little...but I did question the pick for Jordan mostly because the pass rush wasn't a bigger need than the OL help...I was truly thinking okay, maybe they will trade for Albert, but then Irefiend became greedy and arrogant enuff to think J. martin would be the gem in the making at LT...

that they could go out and show the world that Dallas Thomas was a steal of a pickup and Sumada(?) can fill the depth need just fine..

That kind of Irefiend thinking is what makes everyone including myself hate the man so much for ignoring what is obviously a growing problem with protecting Tannehill or whoever is behind center and that is problematic....

Looks to me that miller had better show something in a big way next week because d.thomas has looked better and hasn't made any mistakes. Miller has a fumble and a couple drops. Thomas runs hard and moves the pile.

Tannehill to Wallace was nice. Once he is on the same page with Gibson as well the passing game should thrive. J Martin played very solid too. The big whole is at RG. I like Samuda but he is not doing great in the pass blocking. Hope Jerry is ready soon.

Lets hope keller's hit looked worse than it was.

Yessir, well said.
Ireland made the moves at LB to give Philbin what he wants...a + turnover ratio.
Hopefully the LB change will help.
Arrogance from Parcells passed on to Ireland, what a surprise.

I, as well don't get Ireland's quest to prove how wrong EVERYONE else is. This, regarding his odd, perplexing draft choices. It's as if he's playing fantasy draft, not looking at his own team.


Fin4Life (@ 12:25AM)

(This league-wide injury thing seems so severe
that it may cause them to amend the CBA.)

If we can get Jerry and Louis back this will help our OL tremendously. I would still feel better if we could drop Starks to a team with serious DL problems.
I think Sims,although he had hands problems tonight, will work out; but Egnew,whom I have been defending, is really hurting me.
I played TE in my youth;it is not that hard, but you have to have coordination and get position on your defender. Last of all, with any receiver, you have to catch the effin ball. Perhaps, instead of kung fu he should have studied low post basketball.

I wasn't going to comment anymore, because I did more than enough to render your position null and void, as well as moronic. Yet now you don't even have your facts straight...and you believe that you do...so I can't let that type of idiocy slide. Jimmy Johnson had three winning seasons out of four...NOT ONE.

1996 8-8
1997 9-7 (9-8)
1998 10-6 (11-7)
1999 9-7 (10-8)

He then left an annual top five defense to Wannstedt which incompetent Wannstedt used to post :

11-5 (12-6)
11-5 (11-6)

That's seven winning seasons in a row with Jimmy Johnson's players.

I'm sorry but the criticism of Jimmy Johnson only comes from absolute morons who have no idea what they are talking about. It's shocking to me that some people are as dumb as they are.

My issue is with the ignorance of fans...I could care less about Jimmy Johnson. I simply hate ignorance and stupidity. Btw, J.J. built his winning team in two years. Ireland is still putting out a garbage product in year six (or year four of him w/o Parcells).

there is no way in the world i would put my 2nd year franchise qb back there with lamar miller right now... sorry he aint ready; the other thing about daniel thomas is that he keeps you in down and distance and makes sure you have ALL of your playbook at disposal on 1st 2nd & 3rd downs; miller to me is an explosive home run hitter who should definitely get snaps

but in actuality, the way i see the rb competition, it's: thomas, gray, miller, gilleslee; that SHOULD BE the order, imo; i like gray for his experience and hard running; gray's presence allows thomas to be the back he really is, sort of a one-cut in the mode of texans rb's and not this pie-in-sky "big back" role people have been mistakenly waiting for him

also, i like the little i've seen from a. corp at qb and think he's better than matt moore; matt moore is no longer the best back-up from what i've seen this preseason tho we may be stuck with him; but i would move the guy, and make devlin the back-up, cut a. corp and once he clears waivers sign him to the practice squad... i would be very worried if matt moore had to come in for rt for an extended period and yes i can see right through the whole 2nd string lineman thing and dont wanna hear it

that's seriously what i would do and think these are accurate for both of these positions

(steps off soap box since i've been reading a bunch of nonsense all off-season about this)

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