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Live blog of Dolphins vs. Texans here

HOUSTON -- The Dolphins have never beaten the Texans, but I don't care about that tonight.

You know what I care about most?

Lamar Miller.

I want him to win the starting running back job. No, that doesn't mean I am rooting for him over other players at running back. I mean I want him to perform at such a level as to leave no question about which player should be the Dolphins starting running back by the time the night is through.

That hasn't happened yet because, well, I don't think Miller's been given much of a chance. He's only gotten four carries in the preseason.

How is anyone supposed to win a job with four scant opportunities in two games?

As the starters are expected to go at least one quarter, maybe more, perhaps Miller can get 10 carries this game so he can get a feel for the competition and get a good chance to show his stuff. Let's hope.

Rishard Matthews, Lance Louis and Jamar Taylor -- none of whom have played this preseason -- are dressed and expected to play tonight.

And, of course, there is a live blog for your participation on tap:



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Yrs three ring circus Ross JI Philbin!

So far for the offense Saumda has stunk.. and Miller dropped a pass with Egnew holding...

So far Miller has been poor and Samuda is a turnstile....early days....the line is not giving Tanne enough protection or time....GRIMES and WAKE so far the only impressive part....

You Miller homers should at least show some character and admit his performance so far is not remotely impressive.

Why did we spend a 5TH RD pick on a kicker?

This offense struggles to get within 70yd range of a fg attempt.

marshall miles away....poor coverage

The Def. has to carry this ball club. what a job by Misi

Misi doing a good job of looking back

Offence has 1 scoring drive in 10 preseason possessions

Is Olivier Vernon playing. You always hear about all this promise but he is the weak link of the Defensive Line. If the rookie is healthy it won't be long before he takes Vernon's job.

I see yelu is Yellow. He just wants to toot his horn when it is in his favor. Not me. I'm objective.

miller's been up and down so far. not bad but not good either

Sooner or later good offenses score on good defenses. If your offense cant score you don't have a fighting chance in this league.

schaub impressive.....

Remember when I said by the 3rd series the game would not be fun?

It is going to be a long year again. The fins are not in the same league as the Texans. We can beat the Jaguars and Bills of the world but not a contender like the Texans.

Love Huston offense just different formation that's a real offensive play caller. Sherman d reminds me of old fart Dan henning

If EJ Manuel gets the start for the Bills, and does well, Tannehill will look like a bigger bust.

Tom Brady
Tim Tebow
EJ Manuel
Geno Smith
Kevin Kolb

I don't know. Tannehill is somewhere between Tebow and Kolb.

Starting D is done. Has Philbin lost his mind?

Great defense hah!!!

coverage by corners woeful....

from 3 penalties total from last week to like 5 so far in the 1st qtr. it hasnt been a good night so far

Not looking good. Penalties.

2nd team Defense on that Drive.

Numbers don't lie.

schaub impressive with 2nd. string Def

i know that was a back up defense but damn these guys play with no pride they just let the texans drive

Tanne needs to separate from the rest of the QB's in the AFC East.

He needs to be better than Manuel, Tebow, Kolb, Smith.

Same old Dolphins

I see yelu is Yellow. He just wants to toot his horn when it is in his favor. Not me. I'm objective.

Posted by: GTO | August 17, 2013 at 08:35 PM

I hope youre just no getting to know dashi. Actually, the entire gang of Queen Clubbers are like that. 7-8 bloggers in full denial of their own lunacy.

I hope everyone here realizes that TD drive was against the 2nd string defense before people start going crazy

guppies are showing there real colors now that they are against a good team.... their toast

Tanne hasn't had a chance yet....boy there are some average players still on this team....Freeney wont make the cut

it was the backup who got beat on that scoring play i think. I guess the starter wont be playing the entire 1st qtr...

Once again no catches for Wallace. I have to say though that our offensive line is so bad that it is tough to judge the rest of the offense.

No offense creativity by old fart Sherman
But JI so stupid hires him knowing couldn't make it in the college level. It's going to be a long season folks. Matt Shaub that's a real QB.., boy I see no improvement on offense what so ever.

Tanne will b ok....youl see

Why was nolan carroll even on the field?

finally a connection to wallace

If there is one positive that will come out of this year it's that Ireland will finally be fired. This team is looking like it's going to win 6 or 7 games if they're fortunate, and that will be the coup de grace for Ireland's career.

The Refs are bought.

Throwing Flags just to throw them.

Why did they start pulling the defense. Can't play scared of injuries. The first quarter isn't even over.

You here the good things abouit Tannehill in practice. But when the lights come on he seems to go off.

Don't know about anyone else, but it seems Tannehill looked slightly better his rookie year.

I really hate to say the word regress..............

Looks like orlando dolphan gonna eat crow now

Nice run Thomas :)

Face mask.

finally you're using your legs tanne

Tannehill seems to have ZERO awareness of pass rushers around him......

Our Offensive Line is terrible. Eight guys blocking and they still got to him.

are these ref. the old replacements?


Face mask is a Face mask.

The Refs are bought.

Throwing Flags just to throw them.

Posted by: Yelü Dashi | August 17, 2013 at 08:41 PM

Whining about the refs in a preseason game is a clear sign of Denial.

better ball location and a td...............

there's your deep ball connection

This offensive line is going to get someone hurt. Just hope it's not T-Hill.

and now more crow

OK I am happy. Mike Wallace has two catches.

Wallace had him BEAT! That should have been a TD for sure.

I like that big play ability we never had last year


Keep my name out your mouth. We have nothing to talk about.

Stop posting Dashi and stick to the game.

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