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Live blog of Dolphins vs. Texans here

HOUSTON -- The Dolphins have never beaten the Texans, but I don't care about that tonight.

You know what I care about most?

Lamar Miller.

I want him to win the starting running back job. No, that doesn't mean I am rooting for him over other players at running back. I mean I want him to perform at such a level as to leave no question about which player should be the Dolphins starting running back by the time the night is through.

That hasn't happened yet because, well, I don't think Miller's been given much of a chance. He's only gotten four carries in the preseason.

How is anyone supposed to win a job with four scant opportunities in two games?

As the starters are expected to go at least one quarter, maybe more, perhaps Miller can get 10 carries this game so he can get a feel for the competition and get a good chance to show his stuff. Let's hope.

Rishard Matthews, Lance Louis and Jamar Taylor -- none of whom have played this preseason -- are dressed and expected to play tonight.

And, of course, there is a live blog for your participation on tap:



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wow t hill needs to get rid of the ball!! lookin like a 2nd yr qb

yea tannehill's fault that the DB gave a cheap shot to keller. man y'all blame any and everything on tannehill.

Two long TD drives. If the team can clean up its act, it can do well.

... And hey, Tired? Kindly continue to use that name, so we know to skip your comments. Blaming the QB for a receiver's injury? Really? Go buy a Sanchez jersey.

The scoreboad says it all. 14 -14 not too bad against a playoff team.

Keeston Randall having a decent night

Thomas showing some good running ability.....Tanne has been so so....any news on KELLER?

Shelby is got his pass to the 53 roster

D. Thomas 4 25 6.3

L. Miller 5 10 2.0

Funny how all those sooffing at me that Thomas was in the running to be #1 have disappeared. Funny.

thomas looking good, this could be a rb compitition. Hartline choked on that TD, he is better than that!! Miller and Thomas coule be nice 1-2 punch!

I love all you jack offs posting Keller is done, you know nothing fools. It looks bad but to jump up and say he's out for the year shows what a bunch of low IQ fools you are.

The pass to Kellar was behind him. There is no debating that. Even Philbin says that Tannehill needs to improve his accuracy.

Yes it was a cheap shot but the pass was behind Kellar which forced him to stop and reach back for the ball.

Daniel Thomas has been impressive..i wouldn't just cut lamar miller in that starting role just yet

Mando any news on Keller?

TanneBust will get all the receivers killed!

Tannehill 10-15 141yds and 1 TD. So what he hasn't connected on all his passes.

given the fish's luck with injuries nothing is a stretch!!

Orlando: passes go behind sometimes. Keller is a good TE and caught balls thrown behind in practice. Blaming the injury on RT - who has not played great ball tonight - betrays a biased mind, to say the least.

Bobby, get your panties out of a bunch, Keller done did you see his knee??

BTW, Philbin said Egnew was one of the most improved players this preseason.
Time to go back to Twitter to follow Armando where he actually posts info and doesn't have to deal with you lowlifes.

Matt Moore for starter.

So, where were we after 1st half vs Texans last year? RT better hustle if he wants to match his INT count!

plus keller did not play most of the last year because of an injury, not sure what his injury was last year, but if it is on the same leg that got nailed it won't be good news!!


You said it perfectly earlier today.

The Funny thing about these fake Fans, is they don't have the Fortitude to stand behind what they say.

Yellow has come back. Still to timid to man up which RB is having the better night by far.

Matt Moore...LoL

Keller is out for the year.

Its pretty clear how his knee bent. And after the play it appeared that he knew, and the team knew.

The whole team came and gave him good luck.

On the cart you could see him mumble "Goddam it, F**k"

Who else is infatuated with Dashi?

Seriously. Do you Write Dashi on your wall and Jerk off to it Hourly.

The Funny thing about these fake Fans, is they don't have the Fortitude to stand behind what they say.

Posted by: Yelü Dashi | August 17, 2013 at 09:35 PM

Do you? It certainly doesn't look that way.

Thomas avg 6.3 ysrds a carry
Miller avg 2.0 yards a carry

No contest.

Moore cant get it done either behind the OLINE....this OLINE is very very poor....I understand we are up against a contender, but the line is not holding well at all....

Yea its a wrap for Keller

OMG! Bob Griese is annoying as hE%l. Keller injury was a total cheap shot (what houston player did it?) POS

There is no hope with the back up OL. Yeatman got beat like drum. I am also not too comfortable with Lance Louis. I friend of mine who is a Bears fan said that if you are taking OL from the Bears you are in trouble. The Bears OL was terrible last year.

Nolan Carrol is gone.

The guy has sucked for too long. See ya.

BTW, Philbin said Egnew was one of the most improved players this preseason

You taking that to the bank??? really???

Yellow, you were the one in my face before the game. Your guy got outplayed fair and square. Your reaction is to hide or change the subject, not to show character.

Weak, which coincidentally is an acronym for Yellow.

Mark Snachez is sucking on Sexy Rexy's toes.

They threw at Nolan 4 plays in a row. HAHA


Good to see the young guys get reps. But its brutal watch. Depth comes from good drafts, oh lord

Im done with this game i got bishes to fock, im sure none of you losers know whats that like. LOL

It's called crummy Football.

Come on Armando get us an update on Kellar.

Been a great night for the 1st teams both on offense and defense for the Phins. The only real problem is the Oline. That is going to have to be addressed.

The Miami Dolphins are a marketing department disguised as a football team...

Pray for new ownership.

so far not impressed....i thought we would be a lot better....ok...its early days and lots of new players so it will take time...but boy we are very untidy

Give credit for that last second field goal to the ridiculous play calling on the fins last series. 3 passes from the 9 with 1:19 on the clock. Philbin is a joke

Yes, cause 1 Preseason game is so important in deciding something that already has been decided.

Again, 20+ Yds taken away on Penalties. Do the Math.

Who has a TD. I Saw how None of the Queers of the Schlong Table had nothing to say about that.

Like if you don't say anything we all will forget that he Scored.

Real Objective Clown.

Dashi is also a D.Thomas Fan.

While I bet under your other Screen names you have been calling D.Thomas A Bust For Years.

Again, Take My name Out your Mouth. The Infatuation with Dashi is Scary. Go play Pool Pigs with the Queers.

hey nolan may not cover well but at least his takling sicks!! But coach said he was improving????

I dont think you all realize how bad we are going to be without Keller.

We have no one who can open up the middle and free up our playmakers on the outside now.

Who.... Egnew? Sims? Clay?


Is Dallas Thomas so bad that he cannot beat out Samuda.

There is not a fan on earth that isn't frequently wrong about their predictions, including the NFL pro's. But this Yellow character has an unusual fear of owning up.

I never said the battle was won, just that there was a battle. Thomas won it tonight by a landslide. Yet this weak tulip who was in my face pregame, just goes into hiding now. Won't own up. Why blog if you can not honor your own integrity?

Very disappointed in Tannehill. Looks jumpy back there(no excuses), not stepping into the pocket, most of the throws were off balance.

The Keller injuryt was obvious newbs... Keller ripped 2 or 3 ligaments in a knee hyper-extension.. so if you are a newbie to football then let me give you a clue.. he will need kneee surgery and "might" make it back by week 14, 15, or 16... possibly never. Coaches who can't coach and a Dolphins FO that decides on the football decisions. This football "team", for the clueless out there, is a mess...

but Dr Bobby says keller is ok and coach says agnew is improving???

Right about now Keller is in the MRI machine.
They won't announce it until tomorrow.

Dashi in your face Pregame?


Let me guess you were using another Screen Name.

You have been Trolling Dashi for a Whole Half. Without counting the Countless Hoursyou Troll Dashi during the Week.

theres no way keller isn't gone for at least 6 months(best case) after that shot.....that sucks!!!

Now I see this Yellow character has some internal disturbances. Nothing I can do about that.

The expectations in here for T-hill are unreal. 10-15 for 141 yards and a TD pass to Wallace. Hard to expect better when the Oline starts off like it did with Samuda.

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