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Live blog of Dolphins vs. Texans here

HOUSTON -- The Dolphins have never beaten the Texans, but I don't care about that tonight.

You know what I care about most?

Lamar Miller.

I want him to win the starting running back job. No, that doesn't mean I am rooting for him over other players at running back. I mean I want him to perform at such a level as to leave no question about which player should be the Dolphins starting running back by the time the night is through.

That hasn't happened yet because, well, I don't think Miller's been given much of a chance. He's only gotten four carries in the preseason.

How is anyone supposed to win a job with four scant opportunities in two games?

As the starters are expected to go at least one quarter, maybe more, perhaps Miller can get 10 carries this game so he can get a feel for the competition and get a good chance to show his stuff. Let's hope.

Rishard Matthews, Lance Louis and Jamar Taylor -- none of whom have played this preseason -- are dressed and expected to play tonight.

And, of course, there is a live blog for your participation on tap:



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No QB stands a chance behind that offensive line.

POST OF NIGHT...............................

We are playing a Premier Team(yes their backups good also). We are just not here yet. I can see now where LV is at.

Posted by: oscar canosa | August 17, 2013 at 10:17 PM

agreeded Orlando Dolphan, he was a great target for t hill.

no news about Keller until the game is over

Just saying the reality is so much different then what you say. I'll stick to facts you just keep giving opinion.

Posted by: Orlando Dolphan | August 17, 2013 at 10:21 PM
They wouldn't even had to worry had moore hit a WIDE FKN OPEN Tyms for a TD on the last play....no offensive line was to blame for that

Gay logo and uniforms...

Over throw by Matt Moore. Oh well. Guess he's not starting now.

WIOD is saying Keller has a torn ACL...


No QB stands a chance behind that offensive line.

Posted by: Orlando Dolphan | August 17, 2013 at 10:21 PM

Still, whats wrong with throwing the ball away and not taking the sack? Bad protection and bad quarterbacking tonite.

Aaron Hernandez will be out Weds and he is a free agent. Hernandez leads by example.

Tannehill had a 119 QB rating tonight and 1 TD. I guess that should give us hope for the year.

He just has to take care of his receivers a little better. He can't continue to put his receivers in harms way. Passes cannot continue to be behind the receivers.

sims and clay will step up. i think that sims looks pretty good actually. i would still cut egnew, if another TE goes down so be it, i would just pick one up off the street rather then have egnew on this team. egnew is a born loser and a pussi.

les moore still available...just joking:)

Was Tannehill pass TD against the 2nd team D?

We need Hernandez- thas guys got a killer instinct


Okays we are doing lots of mixing and matching so the whole game is very loose indeed....what worries me
1 is the injury to Keller
2 the OLINE is still a major weakness and only had ONE non starter in Samuda
3 the QB play was average at best.
4 the running game is sputtering along
5 Too many penalties

I dont see GREAT coaching happening here

Lets be patient. We wont show all our tricks at this stage

Actually I wouldn't call Houston one of the premier afc teams.

With Matt Shaub as qb, they are the afc's 5th-6th best team at best. This makes you a "WILDCARD" playoff team.

Get Moore out of there - he's been HORRIBLE tonight. Now trying to waste a turnover in Texan's territory.

no the pass was to wallace who was guarded by the texans pro bow cornerback


Next week will be the big pre-season game. That is when the starters play 3 quarters. If we win that game (at least the first 3 quarters), then we will compete for a playoff spot as the Bucs are pretty good.

Houston plays in AFC South; they win thier division.

small hands dropped the snap

Our OL is horrible! Moore is target practice for the defense.

Ireland Call Sparano he knows about Off Line !!! LOL

Moore is 2 for 10

I have seen Moore have a bad game before, but this is ridiculous. Can Devlin go? If not put Corp in. Can't play much worse than Matt tonight....

for the love of all holiness....put devlin in...I cant stand watching moore play

On a (rare) positive note, Sturgis looking worthy of the job.

another touch back for the rookie

watching preseason pass n just noticed a woman Texan fan picking her nose n eating it round 40 sec left in 1st qtr....

We can trace our history of sucking back to Jimmy Johnson who first thought up a way to destroy our offense. Dallas continues to screw up this team.

The QB is getting about 1 second at most to evaluate and throw....DO NOT blame the QBs in this game at all.
Its the LINE...!!!!!!!!!!

It isn't just the o-line...moore is so off the mark, he looks like a scared rookie!!!!

We are going to have to look at the waiver wire for OL help. I mentioned during FA and the draft that we had to address the OL. I was hoping to keep Long and to draft Chance Warmack. Warmack has been dominant so far. Our Offense would have been pretty good with those two OL on the team.

GTO, nice job burying that yellow fool dashe tonite.

AJ Francis has been dominant. He will be on someone's team. Unfortunately, I don't see how he makes the team. We have a lot of depth on the DL.

Not even Peyton Manning could move the chains behind this line...Its BRUTAL...Moore is looking at getting smashed up...no wonder he is playing to survive only...

this defense may give up 300 yrds to TJ Yates alone....


Waiver wire for olinemen? That's where bad olinemen end up. LOL...

Oh My............
Here's a Picture of Dustins broken knee....


Our Defense is not penetrating...

Gents its all about PENETRATION....in all facets of life !!!

No, peyton manning would've had at least one TD even with this offensive line....he doesn't overthrow WIDE open recievers 10 yrds over...fumble snaps and throw wide left to his TE's


You are right. How can anyone survive behind this OL. As bad as Moore is playing tonight, we will surely see him at some point this year. I cannot see Tannehill surviving this season behind Samuda, Martin, etc.

ALFY, Might be the post of the nite.....

Sorry injuries occur when limbs are met with force and player is in an awkward, exposed, unanticipated position. Look again. If that pass is thrown in front of Keller its just another play. Im rooting for Tanny as hard as anybody. Hell sacrifice another playmaker before he wins us a critical game against a good team.

We have a LONG way to go gents...very very poor so far.


We are not that far behind.
GRIMES.Spitler,Thomas,Tanny somewhat,thought AJ Francis

Our Defense is not penetrating...
Gents its all about PENETRATION....in all facets of life !!!
Posted by: BigAlfy | August 17, 2013 at 10:40 PM

POST OF THE NITE.....................

Yes, waiver wire unfortunately. That is how bad our OL is. Someone on the waiver wire will be better than Dallas Thomas, Samuda, Louis, Yeatman, and Martin.

Talk about having blinders on.

I hope we see them in the playoffs since they like to play dirty.

There are no decent olineman out there. My neighbor is a huge Dallas fan. They have been hurting big time for oline help and can't find any.

It is sad that 6 years after drafting Long and having a so called oline expert as coach, we are still suffering with a weak oline. Samuda has to go. We'd be better playing nobody there.

Thomas, Samuda, Louis, Yeatman, and Martin.

Makes a great name for a law firm, but sux for a OL

Here comes another 3 and out on offense..........

Mark S,

I have been trying to say that. Tannehill left Kellar exposed. It was a cheap dirty play by the defender going for his knees but if that pass is thrown where it has to be Kellar is not hurt. You said it, it would have been just another play.

If Moore leads a TD drive he would've had a better night than Tannehill. I know us Moore fans will say so.

Matt Moore should be the starter.

Thomas, Samuda, Louis, Yeatman, and Martin.

Is that the name of a Law-Firm????

what good will be turning the ball over this year if the offense cant produce points unless its a defensive score...just sayin!!!

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