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Live blog of Dolphins vs. Texans here

HOUSTON -- The Dolphins have never beaten the Texans, but I don't care about that tonight.

You know what I care about most?

Lamar Miller.

I want him to win the starting running back job. No, that doesn't mean I am rooting for him over other players at running back. I mean I want him to perform at such a level as to leave no question about which player should be the Dolphins starting running back by the time the night is through.

That hasn't happened yet because, well, I don't think Miller's been given much of a chance. He's only gotten four carries in the preseason.

How is anyone supposed to win a job with four scant opportunities in two games?

As the starters are expected to go at least one quarter, maybe more, perhaps Miller can get 10 carries this game so he can get a feel for the competition and get a good chance to show his stuff. Let's hope.

Rishard Matthews, Lance Louis and Jamar Taylor -- none of whom have played this preseason -- are dressed and expected to play tonight.

And, of course, there is a live blog for your participation on tap:



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I hope we see them in the playoffs since they like to play dirty.

Posted by: Jcb | August 17, 2013 at 10:46 PM

It usually takes winning more than 8 games. Vegas has us 7.5. After watching the 3 preseason games, I think Vegas just may be right...

I hope we see them in the playoffs since they like to play dirty.
Posted by: Jcb | August 17, 2013 at 10:46 PM

JCB, Doubt that you'll see that..

Tannehill will get all his receivers injured if he keeps throwing behind them.

Thomas, Samuda, Louis, Yeatman, and Martin.
Makes a great name for a Law-Firm.....

Lets Go! We need a TD!

Orlando...thanks buddy...the LINE is always the key...it ALL starts there....SUPERphin...Peyton no doubt would do better I agree but we have a very inexperienced QB in Tanne and do we really expect him to do well behind this line? Look at the great hustle and run he made. Then the loop to Wallace and the gun throw for the TD...We haven't had a sniff since....he showed quite a bit...Philbin pulled him to keep him alive...

Moore has no hope with the line...
Surprised how little pressure we are putting on Yates...hes nothing yet is looking fine...that's a concern

Orlando Dolphan-isnt the point of this to be posting on a blog in January?? That's why we're all here. We are still a year or two away considering the way Ireland waste high picks. Tanny is the quality back up we are labeling Moore.

Matt Moore is the man.

Thin on talent and a bad coach, this team is going backwards.
Throwing behind receivers is not the mark of an NFL QB, it is something anyone can do. Leading the receiver is something that you are born with. It can't be taught. Tanny only completes to receivers on comeback routes. When the receiver is cutting over the middle, they always have to stop and reach back to get the ball. That's not how you get big plays with yards after the catch.
He has horrible footwork and that is why is accuracy is so bad. He is dancing around while throwing the ball. That you can brake him of but leading the ball in front of the receiver is always going to be a problem for him. All of this could have been avoided if Ireland knew even just a little about the QB position. He only knows kickers because that is what he used to do. Just look at all the horrible draft picks at Offensive line and linebacker and corner back , etc. We have a great kicker and punter and long snapper though, I'll give him credit there, but that won't sell tickets, you'll see. Winning sells tickets and if you can't run or pass or block or tackle or coach new players then you are looking like the same old Dolphins I'm afraid.

Moore having the worst night of his career.

Yeatman's horrible at LT............

Boy, does he sukk. Better take 3 steps and deliver.

Good scramble by Moore...he had the defense all over him...good hustle

Don't shoot the messenger.

Numbers don't lie.

"Have you been killed in a hit and run?
"Have you died a untimely death??
Call us

The Law Firm Of...........

Thomas, Samuda, Louis, Yeatman, and Martin.

wow moore is terrible. why run backwards while getting sacked

that right there is all on moore...why take that sack...no fkn reason...this is guy is NOT good..ive been saying this for years....

This OL is embarrassing. What the heck is Ireland doing. He should have a decent OL by now with some depth. These guys are going to get the QBs hurt. Not good.

I remember some bloggers saying during FA, forget the OL. You cannot get the ball to the playmakers unless you have an OL. You also have to protect your QB. The Bears OL kept them from making the playoffs. The OL is very important.

Sack Sack Sack Sack Sack Sack Sack Sack Sack Sack Sack Sack Sack Sack Sack Sack Sack Sack Sack Sack Sack Sack Sack Sack Sack Sack Sack Sack Sack Sack Sack

I know some of you will accuse me of being a troll, but I've watched about 8 teams in preseason so far. So far we look the worst.

Matt Moore is Amazing.

I don't even think he would be OK in a good offense...this guy goes backwards more than he does forward....

"Have you been killed in a hit and run?
"Have you died a untimely death??

Call The Law Firm Of...........

Thomas, Samuda, Louis, Yeatman, and Martin.

The OL went to hell without Jake Long.

It's tough to watch these whatever team guys on defense and offense. M. Moore is struggling behind these olinemen badly. Should we panic?

Matt Moore is an Exceptional QB.

Just last week the QUEENS CLUBBERS wanted to tar and feather for saying the great Tannehill was throwing behind his receivers and it's been an ongoing issue.

Maybe they'll stfu now that one of Tannehill's behind th receiver passes has gotten Keller put out for the season.....

Matt Moore > TanneBust

Posted by: dadsmithwest | August 17, 2013 at 10:58 PM

No but you better PANIC if Tannehill ever gets injured and matt moore takes his place during the season....

17-0, "Queens Clubbers"??
Please expound...

Things I saw tonight game, OL horrible T-Hill very uncomfortable behind that so called OL
But still accuracy problems, but at least looked good overall, no depth at TE no depth on defense no depth at QB and RB secondary depth no experience. I love my PHINS but it's really time for JI to be gone especially moving up to third overall to draft a DE that is damage goods, plus this team needed OL depth not DE depth stupid if you ask me, plus not getting enough veteran TE on this roster knowing kellers history of injury problems.so with that said either we get a OL by miracle of God and a TE that can at least backup or contribute somehow or we looking at starting out 0-4 or 1-3. Not good no playoffs again. And if that happens guys than its time for a change at GM. Ross doesn't have a choice or if Ross doesn't care about winning than he will keep JI for another year
But I still have hope this team stay heathy and make a run at a wildcard...GO PHINS

is it just me or is Bumphins seriously scared of running back a punt tonight......

That is what I am saying mike. Moore is a franchise back. I love the fans on this site.

If Tanny gets hurt we'll be better!

I have tix to the Saints game in NOLA. I'm gonna get my a$$ jumped to watch this high school team????

Matt Moore? Tannehill's pretty Jeckle and Hyde himself. Im not feeling Tannehill's pocket awareness either.

This is tuff to watch...were chasing tail all day...

We have weapons but KELLER was a ripper and we lost him...

3.48 to play...can we pull out a big play?????

thank god...Moores gone!!!!

I learned to disassociate with the Dolphins moronic fan base when I kept hearing/reading ignorant b.s. such as the comment from DIEHARDFAN AT 10:35. Dan Marino with his 3rd and 1 audibles and his pi$s poor technique handing the ball off...he screwed up the Dolphins offense. Johnson knew as much and wanted to trade hissy fit Dan after 1996...Huizenga wouldn't let him because doucheb&g Phins fans would have thrown a Dan Marino style hissy fit. Jimmy Johnson did the best he could to fix the situation by removing Dan's ability to audible. Attempting to force hissy fit Dan to develop a running game...something he was largely unwilling to do. Upset about the turn towards mediocrity ? Blame the fans... Jimmy Johnson did great things for the Dolphins. It's pathetic that his work is unappreciated by so many aqua and orange dunce cap wearing idiots who have no clue.

Tannehill sucks!!

Matt Moore is a QB God.

Texans rookie safety 36 is going to be very good.


Would it be something if the 4th string QB does something Moore could not do. Drive the fins down the field for a TD.

That being said I bet Moore is glad he is out there. He almost got killed tonight.

Nobody throws a better ball than Matt.

Although not with the kind of talent we have, TB is the better coached Team by Schiano.

Wow, I've never seen so many "Alligator Arm" Receivers since ted (T-Rex arms) Ginn.....

I hope we do not go to OT. All we have are scrubs in there at this time.

Really feeling like lost season with Keller out. I am hoping for a miracle return

Mandos- Jimmy Johnson ruined this team- they went from the winningest franchise to this after his onside kick in the first quarter coaching. Easy to research, do the math.

Know WTF you are talking about before you try to make a point

Corps on the way back to the cut list...

Posted by: Orlando Dolphan | August 17, 2013 at 10:56 PM
Sad to say I was one of them.

If Keller is indeed gone for the season, maybe he'll be cut, as was Armon Binns. Both had 1 year contracts. Not sure if that helps our cap. I feel like a ghoul even typing that.

moore is taken out and the offense starts moving... hhhmmmm

Tonite things I'm very concern about. OL play OL depth secondary experience and RB depth QB play by our backups. And of course TE. JI made a big mistake moving up to third overall to draft DE instead of OL help...that just might cost his job

Matt Moore should be the starting QB and Mike Gillislee the starting RB.

These fans here know more than the coaches. We have the smartest fans in the NFL.

Draft Johnny Manziel or Bust!

I agree with Greg. If you want to see what a good coached team looks like just turn on the Denver-Seatle game.

corp completed as many passes as moore did all night that drive....he just cant hold on to the ball...lol

DAMMMMM...!!!...Aaron Corp had a chance and blew it....

It was a clutch moment and he failed.....not good

Matt Moore should be the starting QB.

I agree

Jake Long not having any regrets.

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