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Live blog with Wallace playing

JACKSONVILLE -- Mike Wallace is playing tonight.

That's the first thing you should know. So will Brian Hartline, as I reported earlier in the weeks. So the Dolphins will finally have their starting QB-to-WR battery this preseason.

QB Ryan Tannehill will play about a quarter tonight.

This is live blog night. That means get aboard and see you there.


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Where is Jake Long?


Two very similar teams. Both the fins and jags need to find a QB. There will be some good ones in next year's draft.

oline so bad

The Oline is playing awful. No doubt. Every play they have beaten somebody on the Phins. Come on defense.

I hate being a fan of this team.

I really do.


Jake Long's release had nothing to do with the owner

I don't know. Jerry said Miami has 5 pre-season games to fix the O-line.

I wonder if he can count. Because Miami needs about 55 pre-season games to fix this hot mess.

John Jerry needs to get healthy, FAST!!

Who is worse?

Gabbert or Tannehill???

Lets not exaggerate, it's not like the jags offense is lighting it up either. ITS PRESEASON!

Martin has been fine, Samuda is giving up too much pressure. Tanny has to rush every throw. Not his fault.


Your circle-jerk boys still up to the same thing. Accusing me of every screen name coming after them under the sun. Even attacking you the other day.

Here Are The Names:

Queens of the Round Table:

1. Toilet Scrubber Dashi
2. GM Odistank
3. Fin4Losers
4. Darkoak wants to be split
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10. More To Be Named

J Martin is a friggin turnstyle!! LOL

First team with a safety wins.

I take it RG has continued to be an issue after the 1st sack. Samuda to me doesn't even belong with the 2's he doesn't even finish blocks

Griese's high or something? Fins missing great production from Long, Fasano and Bush? Losers who helped a couple of 7-9 Seasons when not holding team council meetings!

All I have is GameCast but I'm doing my best.

Who is worse?

Gabbert or Tannehill???

Posted by: The Fins Suck | August 09, 2013 at 07:52 PM

Gabbert's been in the league longer. He probably worse. Not by much though.

Something has to be done about this offensive line. Tannehill still has work to do but I don't think Brady could be successful with that line.

Ross was too cheap to pay Big Jake. So its 5 consecutive losing years.

lol...can we bring back the wildcat already?

Any live streams online?

Real fast start!

wow thill has no time amazing how bad ireland has let this oline get

Fins missing great production from Long, Fasano and Bush. But Cheapskate Ross gets to pocket their money!



3rd and inches and we are in he shotgun? WOW!

Really just 1 F@cking yard!!!

3 man rush and he still barely gets any time on 3rd down

well least ive found a place to watch these games free

WTH is going on? Terrible decision making, play calling.

harmel we sucked with those guys, wake up

uhmmm ... is it fair to say it ´s not the FAST start they werer looking for?? ...


How do we not run the ball on 3rd and 1!!!

I feel like a train wreck watching a train wreck.

This is horrible! I know its pre-season but this team looks horrible.

I just don't see how THIS team in pre-season is going to be ANOTHER team in the regular season.

Let Bush go but keep D Thomas?? WTF??

Can Tannehill step up in the pocket one time!!!!!!

My God!!!!!!!11

Can we PLEASE fire Ireland now?


The o-line is getting masacred in almost every play... long long year is upon us

Many out there just wanted to overpay for Wallace. Well there you have it how many catches does he have? I wanted them to keep Long and draft Chance Warmack. This would be a different team if we had paid attention to the OL.

Tammy looks like he has no confidence in pocket at all. It's going to be. A long season of despair

This offensive line is going to make or break the offense. 3 & 1 and stood up on the line and Pouncey pushed into the backfield.

Can Tannehill step up in the pocket one time!!!!!!

My God!!!!!!!11

Posted by: BANE | August 09, 2013 at 07:59 PM

Step up into what? The opposing D linemans hands looking to rip his head off?

Some of you people are just moronic.

The offense is friggin PATHETIC!! AGAIN!!

orlando they had alberts for lt and ireland was to stubborn

A good team dictates the pace, knows what it wants to do and has an identity....Does not matter if it's practice, preseason or post season...this team has not had it for years. jeez..don't react...F@#$%^ dictate.

On the positive side: Ellerbe is going to be awesome. That was a great pick up. We are going to have to win games on defense.

Bumphis fumbles, lucky to get it back...


Who was that who dropped that punt?

cut him.

Tannehill is terrible.

Defense looks good & will keep them in most games. Defense is usually ahead of offense in training camp. Especially when the team has essentially all new players.

It'll come together. What I can tell you is that all these people raving about Samuda are off base. This guy has no game.

Damn Bumphis

Huh.......... athletic qb's are supposed to make playswhen everything breaks down. Tannehill hasn't made a play yet...

orlando they had alberts for lt and ireland was to stubborn

Posted by: dusty bottoms | August 09, 2013 at 08:02 PM

This is idiotic. Martin has been fine this game Albert ould make no difference.

I'm already done watching this mess. Here we go again. Another 7-9 season. Ireland keeps his job. Ross still cheap as a mofo. Homers still saying "maybe next year."


This organization is an empty shell of its former self.

I cannot believe we paid 18 million dollars a year for Wallace. That may end up being the worst contract in the NFL before it is all said and done. The guy is invisible. My Steeler buddies said that he was over rated. Wow 18 million a year!

Lets go Tanne!

: LOVE FAKING 17-0-IN-YUR-ASS! | | August 09, 2013 at 07:53 PM

If I ran the most popular Football blog for a respected Newspaper like the Miami Herald I would remove anybody using such an offensive and disgusting sign in name, this place has truly gotten down hill with such classless level of participation.

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