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Live blog with Wallace playing

JACKSONVILLE -- Mike Wallace is playing tonight.

That's the first thing you should know. So will Brian Hartline, as I reported earlier in the weeks. So the Dolphins will finally have their starting QB-to-WR battery this preseason.

QB Ryan Tannehill will play about a quarter tonight.

This is live blog night. That means get aboard and see you there.


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finally they give tanne some time an he makes a good throw. imagine that

Best pass so far this preseason to Keller

yeah Keller!!

Huh.......... athletic qb's are supposed to make playswhen everything breaks down. Tannehill hasn't made a play yet...

Posted by: LOVE FAKING 17-0-IN-YUR-ASS! | | August 09, 2013 at 08:04 PM

Change your tampon and get your Kleenex. Youre a nancy.

Tanny will be fine. Just threw a 20 yard missle to Keller.

Thomas is looking like he can win the starting RB spot.

yeah Daniel!!

Keep it up!

That blue uniform looks like the dye they use in tampon commercials.

McNut is outplaying Wallace.


You are all a bunch of whiners. WOW 2nd game of preseason... YES FOLKS PRESEASON!!!

allrite tanne!!! looks like he's got a nice rhythm with keller

To the dunce saying Wallace is invisible. WHY ON EARTH WOULD THEY RISK HIM NOW?

Starting WR's are already out of the game & it's still the 1st quarter!

Keller and the bigger WR's seem to be working better with Tannehill.

F*ck yeah Keller!!!!!!!11


Dustin Keller! Yes! Finally.

Keller !

Showing up big as the security blanket. Nice drive, time to pull the starters.

Nice catch.

Tanni is what?

Great catch by Keller, poor pass by Tannehill.........

Gret Drve and Great TD!

Nice td! Ugly throw.

Needed that!!!!

OK let's sit the starting offense down.

Why is there a giant teal airplane on our helmets? Absolutely hideous!!!


Tanne threw it behind Keller. Fasano could have never made that catch.

So far OL problems has been at RG and RT ... the suppoused weak side (left) has been solid

Brady makes a klling with TD's to his TE's in the end zone with the DB or LB's back turned. Those throws are so that only his guy can get it. Of course, miserable fan base and yahoo's like YG think it's a bad pass LMAO

What a doucher

Have any of you whiners ever done ANYTHING DIFFICULT in your lives? Or did you give up after 5 minutes?

Our O-line is bad. I am so glad not to be finding that out in Week 1 vs Cleveland.

Tannehill 5/9 75 yards 1TD
Gabbert 4/8. 12 yards

One things for sure those of you whon thought Dansby solid are now getting a feel for how involved a 4/3 MLB should be, alll riiight MIAMI!!!!

E L L E R B E E ! ! !

OL is playing much better. Keller made a nice play for the catch. Nice pass by Tannehill too

Where are the clowns that ridiculed me for saying no way they would put Samuda at center instead of Pouncey?

Seriously, how could you even think you have an eye for the game with such a poor idea?

No one asnwered me when I asked, how can you justify not playing your best Center at Center?

The 1st offense needs to stay one more series IMHO

Defensive turnover...... yeahhh......

Tannehill = diaperboy.

A poor completion

But positives out weigh negative

Our O-line is bad. I am so glad not to be finding that out in Week 1 vs Cleveland.

Posted by: Anderson | August 09, 2013 at 08:13 PM

An issue worth watching over the next 2 Pre-Season games, really wondering about Louis now?

O-line sucks really bad. Wow.

I had to pull out my dictionary on that one ... I'm supposed to hearing "almost" intercepted when I watch the Dolphins ... I had forgotten the proper use of the word "interception" without the qualifier in front of it.

Posted by: Mike | August 09, 2013 at 08:14 PM

It was pinhead4life, he's here..... LOL

Bench Tanne, give the fans Moore..........

Whoever said the Herald is a respected newspaper ? After all this is a company that employs Armando...

Miami will finish at best another 7-9 season. Realistically, we're looking at 5-11 or 6-10 with this O-line. I can't believe Jeff Ireland did virtually nothing to upgrade that line and he knew the whole time it needed dire upgrades. And now we have no Reggie Bush or Davone Bess. It's gonna be another long season.

Sometimes you wonder, what would have happened if they would have built a team around Matt Moore. The offense just looks better with Moore. He was the team MVP and then they replaced him.

Bench Tanne, give the fans Moore.........

YG is a useless blabbermouth.

The geniuses picked a color for the dolphin that matches a bloated corpse. Dolphins are silver/grey.

Also, nice job by Daniel Thomas on that last drive. Trying to redeem himself for last week.


YG is upset that Miami scored.

Matt Moore 1 possession 1 td

Tanne 4 possessions 1 td

Give the fans Moore for their money.........

miserable fan base and yahoo's like YG think it's a bad pass LMAO

What a doucher

Posted by: LOL | August 09, 2013 at 08:13 PM

Most accurate post so far!

Dion Sims will make Egnew expendable!

I said it last week Jonas Grey is outplaying Gillislee for spot on depth chart, kids balling!

Im pretty sure Moore is playing against the Jags 2nd and 3rd string D.


A lot of people on this blog, were begging Ireland to let Long go and to sign a bunch WRS. A QB cannot throw the football from his back. I wanted them to keep Long and to draft Chance Warmack but Ireland caved to the pressure and paid 18 million for WR that can only run go routs.




We spent 150 million dollars to see Tannehill put points on the board 1 out every possessions.


Philbin can join fist pumping Sporano as the raiders third string towel boy.

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