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Next two weeks loom large for Dion Jordan

The Dolphins hope to start working rookie Dion Jordan back into practice this week. He still might be limited in the scope of things he's able to do but the team desperately wants Jordan back working because, well, he needs the work.

And that leads me to this:

I'm starting to hear grumblings from inside the team that Jordan's first camp has been a disappointment because it has been derailed by injury to the point he's not looking like a major contributor early in the regular season.

That's not me saying that. That's what I'm hearing.

And that isn't wrong.

Let's face it, when a player is picked No. 3 overall in the draft and for whatever reason, including durability which was measured before the draft, he isn't a factor in the team's opening day plans two weeks from that day, you have a bad situation.

Jordan is not going to be a starter. We know that's going to be Olivier Vernon, who has had a good training camp, according to coach Joe Philbin.

But Jordan is supposed to bring a level of athletic freakishness to the defense, with his speed and ability to attack the quarterback, that was to raise the bar on Miami's pass rush and ability to chase ballcarriers to the boundary.

We've only seen that ability in flashes during camp and the preseason.

Instead, Jordan has spent much of this summer rehabilitating a shoulder injury for which he had surgery in February, came back from in July, and had to return to rehabilitating two weeks ago after re-injuring it in a preseason game.

He didn't practice last week, unless you count a walk-thru a practice. And so he's falling behind. The Dolphins, meanwhile, signed an experienced 4-3 defensive end in Antwan Applewhite as insurance against Jordan not being able to contribute.

This would not be bad if Jordan were a proven veteran. If Cameron Wake missed a couple of weeks of the preseason and a bunch of practices, the Dolphins wouldn't be too worried.

But the fact is Jordan needs to work to get better because he's not game-ready at the moment.

That makes the next two weeks huge for him. If he can indeed get some work this week and perhaps play one of the final two preseason games, he might earn playing time in the regular season opener. If he doesn't do that, it will be difficult to simply put him in the season-opener and hope he figures it out.

The Dolphins badly want him to get on track. They need him to get on track.

This week will be a major test to see if Jordan can begin to do that.

Now, before anyone goes off on a rant that Jordan is a bust, stop. Breathe. We are talking a snapshot in time here. We are talking now. And we are talking the next couple of weeks.

I am not saying Jordan will be unavailable for the next two years. This is about the present.

The future might still be bright. It's just that the present has some issues.


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Thanks again Ireland for blowing the 3rd pick in the draft on a project, this guy is clueless as a GM..

People will be upset, but who cares? Those in power knew drafting an injured player would require a little patience. Not having Jordan in the early games is not going to make or break our season--we have a deep line.

Now, losing Keller? That hurt.

They could have had 2 day one starters . even when they picked him I knew he was a role player. Ireland has done well in the preseason , FA etc but I never understood this pick. They needed TE, They needed OG
They needed back up LB more.

Ok, let me get this straight. They draft a guy they know is hurt, and now they're not happy about it? Maybe they should have gone after the offensive lineman instead.


Truth - why don't you and the other Ireland bashers blame him for Keller's injury - you idiot!!

So you would have rather they picked up a back up linebacker than a potentially dynamic pass rush threat??

Uhm, ok. The hindsight here is amazing. During the ramp up to the draft almost everyone here talked about Dion Jordan or other edge rushers as a potential first pick.

I even hear some people here say we should've picked a lineman when the number one complaint about Ireland was how he always picked linemen and not playmakers. Wow,must be nice playng Monday morning Qb where you're right and the guy making millions is always wrong ...

Fact is Jordan will come back, he will be a strong player, and you all will pick a new item to complain about.

Personally I always liked Eifert but I also see the appeal in Jordan. Keller was supposed to be the tight end , stuff happens ...

Like every post this one will be a referendum on Ireland. Look folks people either accept him or hate him . Notice I didn't say love. Or even like. But what is idiotic is expecting people to swing 180 degrees on the guy based on your own rant. If Jordan is a game changer, then he's worth it. If not, then not. You re not going to know til he's healthy and played some real games, so chill all you Mel kipers ... You're not going to know what you have for a while at best.

Mark, dolphinsnemo2013@gmail.com for the fantasy league.

Jordan still has some time before the opener, he will be fine. Like Mark said hindsight is amazing.

From the Eagles website of ESPN.com: "The 6-foot-6, 303-pound Johnson was the third tackle drafted among the first four picks. He was a quarterback in high school and went to Oklahoma as a tight end. Johnson switched to defensive end in 2010 and then moved to the offensive line because of injuries. He started at right tackle in 2011 and left tackle last year."

This is the guy y'all are clamoring about? How does someone play four different positions and go 4th pick overall? Is he that good? Or maybe just not that good at the previous positions he played at? Hmmmmm.

RR, they didn't need a TE because they had Keller, and you don't draft a guard at 12 period. The reason they drafted Jordan was to beat NE. The only way to beat NE is to exert pressure on Brady. We couldn'tdo that with Wake alone. Even with Keller down we don't know if the backups are adequate or not. Before the sky falls lets see what happens in Saturday.

NeMO, just sent it

...Mark..oxyrazzle@aol.com for the league.

..Good points above. This doesn't take away the fact that our top 2 picks have been injured, and will probably not contribute much if at all for a good portion of this season. So what. We have depth on the defense, we are going to be good without them, or we will be fine until they are integrated into the mix. Really??? Perhaps we will. IMO though this is a huge disappointment. IMO you do not move up into the top 5 of the draft to pick a guy that you know has issues. Be it health, be it mental..be it irregular flatulence. It happens sure..But it happens to teams whos GM' ultimately get fired.

Irelands job is on the line this year.It has to be. People have stroked him to the point of I thought he may be the preseason exec of the year..I'm not saying Jordan was a bad pick, I'm saying that if he is limited, especially for an extended period, and the team struggles..It could be curtains for Ireland.

haha, who used the name Queens Club???

rdubs, looks like me v u week 1!!

Joe Philbin is a freakin moron for playing Jordan on special teams. How stupid can you be? You got a potentially elite pass rusher. You got a guy that could be the defensive rookie of the year if he's healthy. He's coming off a serious shoulder injury and you got him player special teams? Are you freaking kidding me, Joe?

Jared Odrick was a 1st round pick, he missed his whole 1st season through injury. Dion's Wages are not a big hit, sit him till he's healthy... Come November, if he's ripe, he could tear through a tired O-Line.


Jordan is a great addition. A true pressure player, a game changer.

2 Watt - Please go follow your real team, the JETS. I have yet to read a single positive statement in 3 months of reading your BS. You know less about football than the rest of us know about brain surgery... speaking of which - why don't you let me schedule you a labotomy. It is a procedure in which you gain new insight on the world. You will be about 75 IQ points smarter. I promise Ireland will be there after for you come out. You can trash him in person. LMAO

This team is falling apart already.

...So I think the team..Ireland has to be sweating this a bit. I know that Jordan could go on to have a long and effective career. He may end up being great.

I have a hard time believing that a team would move up into the top 3 from outside of the top 10.(How many times in the history of the draft has this happened) To take a guy they thought would be just a project. It just doesn't happen by design. These guys are supposed to contribute now. Of course more times then not it doesn't workout that way..But by design. Jordan is supposed to be in the lineup..Anything else has to be seen as a letdown..Add to the mix that our second round pick hasn't seen the field. And who could blame anyone who has cold feet reguarding the competence of our GM?

Look..These guys may end up being just fine. They may even have a voice in some positive outcomes this year. But say the team struggles? Say Jordan is ineffective? Ross would have a pretty good reason to cut ties. I think he would have too.

Can we please fire Ireland now?

Its preseason Phins Nation. Why have you all gone so negative. We have a great Defense. And, our offense is getting better. We will win 10 or 11 games. Have faith my brethren.

Or should I order lobotomies for all of you?

Maria Sharapova is changing her name to "Sugarpova" for two weeks.All I have to said is SHE IS ALREADY SWEEEEEEEEET!!!!

DD, sent it

The reason they drafted Jordan was to beat NE. The only way to beat NE is to exert pressure on Brady.
Posted by: jmike | August 20, 2013 at 09:53 AM

Uhh, ya cant beat NE when TanneBust cant score one friggin point on the Pats like in the season finale when he got shut out!!! Pressure on Brady is meaningless when you cant score! DUUUUUHHH!!

Its preseason Phins Nation. Why have you all gone so negative.

Posted by: The Mad Dolphan | August 20, 2013 at 10:12 AM

Do ya think it could be cause the team loses EVERY FRIGGIN YEAR?? DUUUHHHH!

DD, thats a valid point. Taylor and Jordan were our best shots for contributions from teh draft. Taylor is way behind due to injury. Jordan will be asked to play only about 50% of the snaps max so he won't have that much ground to make up but it would be nice to get him back on the field ASAP - but the team needs to be smart here and wait until he's mended.

YG, up early this morning?

Everyone knows ur Steve in Ottawa ... or maybe it's Home - either way ...

so in essence, we have a very situational potential pass rusher for the future as opposed to a very suspect and shaky offensive line going into 2013......

Way to go irefiend, while you manage to make some good moves in the offseason, you just couldn't help but blunder some aspects to this team continuing to fall short of improvements!!!!


If anyone's going to the opener hmu were tail gating from 10-1230! Would love to meet more fans up north plus I'm sittin right behind the pound so its always good to see friendly faces before enduring the madness. Oh yea its preseason...... panic later say.... week 6!?

Jesus freaking krist Jeff #3 overall pick !!!!!! and you pick an injured D linemen when D line is the one area of the team where we are strong yet we lack every other position including CBs, LBs, QB, and OL.

# 3 overall!!!!!! and we won't see him play. absolutely ridiculous.

Jake Long in prior years...literally worst pick of all time for any team when you consider where he was picked vs what he is and was.

Ronnie Brown...a mediocre RB at #2.

other teams get RGIII, Peyton Manning, Andrew Luck, Adrian Peterson......team changers.

we have had high picks for a decade and gotten *nothing*

...Mark..Dunphies Dry Humpers ready to roll!!!

At this point the team would be insane to rush both players back. Some say that Jordan was brought into to stop the Pats. There may be a bit of truth to that. But really in the big picture it is the style of play of the top teams that both Jordan, and Taylor were brought on board..IMO

IMO we play nickel so much that we need a solid nickel corner, as much as the edge guys. I have the opinion that nickel corner is the most difficult position on the defense to play.. That you have to defend both horizontaly, laterealy, and your help is usually in the form of a linebacker,or safety. You are the guy that is usually being exploited in mismatches..Unless you can handle the spot..

As far as Jordan goes. I think it was a combination of his pass rush skills, but more the fact he has versatility, and experience to play against the new style offenses that you see in college, that are being integrated into the NFL. Teams have to make adjustments to the read option, as well as be able to rush the passer. You have to have DE's that can do both. It is a new breed of player. So sure there may be some truth into Jordan being a counter to Brady. But I see it more as the guys we took high being answers to a lot of modern offenses.

Mark in Toronto,

I am gonna apologize in advance. I am gonna start your Fantasy Football season off on a bad foot, with a week 1 domination, Armando's Buffet pants are gonna get blown out(probably not the first time) and you will have to switch over to Armandos buffet shorts

other teams get RGIII, Peyton Manning, Andrew Luck, Adrian Peterson......team changers.
we have had high picks for a decade and gotten *nothing*
Posted by: We Suck | August 20, 2013 at 10:28 AM

Ireland wouldnt know talent if it sat in his lap. How does he still have a job?

SuperPHIN, SF is not sorry they picked Aldon Smith early and he was a situational pass rusher year 1. And how much longer do you think Wake will be an every down player? He is the oldest guy we have on defense at 31 or 32. he has a year or two max as an every down player and when he's ready to take a lesser role as a situational pass rusher, we can keep him fresh and have Jordan take his very important spot instead of hoping a rookie or retread vet take his spot...

I miss Tyler Eifert,,, oh wait !!!! Doohhh!!!!

Steve in Ottawa, I know that some Canadians don't understand American football, unlike Mark you fall into this category. The Giant beat NE by applying presure on Brady. They did it through a a defensive line rotation that kept the DT and DE fresh. Brady was hit everytime he went back to pass, he was uncomfortable each and every time he passed. This isn't last year's offense, Tennahill now has the parts around hime to be an efficent QB. This preseason his passer rating is 109. So they just moght score some points just like the 1st team did against the Texans.

This is just one pathetic franchise. Its sad how far they have sunk with this FO.

quan, I won't be at that game but I will be at heinz on Dec 7.

jmike, Steve is no more Canadian than u are. This is a made up handle by a local that always follows my posts. It's either YG or Home

Keller officially placed on IR by the Dolphins and the sign LB Nathan Williams, whoever that is...

Jake Long
Daniel Thomas
Pat White
Dion Jordan

Olivier Vernon is a Good football player. He works hard and is strong and runs fast in a straight line. He is a good solid DE. He is also blockable by a good LT.

Jordan, if healthy is a quick freak who can wreak havoc. Worth taking a chance w/a bad wing? Time will tell. If it works out we can dominate the division. Think Lawrence Taylor w/ long arms.

Ronnie Brown

DD, as usual bang on. personally I banged the drum hard for superior athletes in this draft because of "modern football". Davis,Taylor, and Jordan were all some of the best athletes available at their positions in the draft. I loved those three picks.

The only old school player the dolphins seemed to draft was Sims who looks very much like the 1980s style of tight end. I believe he was drafted to be a role player though ...

Tennahill now has the parts around hime to be an efficent QB. This preseason his passer rating is 109. So they just moght score some points just like the 1st team did against the Texans.
Posted by: jmike | August 20, 2013 at 10:39 AM

If ya believe that I have some ice in Alaska to sell ya! LOL And please learn how to spell before you come back and blog!

rdubs, bring your best, I would want nothing less

And classy move by the Dolphins putting Keller on IR. This way, he still gets paid. They could've released him because he was on a one year deal without a cap hit. They still get the cap relief and Ross and Ireland still dole out 4.5m actual dollars from the team pockets. Keller also still gets access to Dolphins medical staff and facilities. Stay classy Dolphins!!!

I have to agree with mark at 9:57. What is Philbin thinking having a injured Jordan playing special teams and for that matter wt f was philbin doing having keller play in the 2nd qtr. of an early preseason game. egnew and Sims need the work, he never should have been playing past the first qtr.

We Suck, all the players you mentioned were picked before the Phins had a pick. Next.

Chad Henne
Philip Merling
Clyde Gates

Hahahahahaha! Mando did it to you guys again! He suckered you with this post. He knew this would create a controversial blog and have people jumping all over it. Some would argue that Jordan's a bust. Others, take a wait & see approach. He teased you a little bit and you fell for it!
No matter that there are bigger stories going on; Keller's injury, can the young TE's step up, the helmet to the face Smith/Incognito investigation, etc.
Well played, Mando, well played...
But, you're still not the most interesting man in the world...
(I think Odin may have copyrights on that anyways)...

Steve in Ottawa, ahhhhh, okkkkkk, get some Molson. I thought the offense put up 17 points in a 1/2 against one of the better defenses in the NFL last week. Did you not see the game. 109 QB ratin, include that in your rebuttal. Stop taking posts out of context.

Koa Miso
John Jerry

HOW and WHY do you people read the Miami Herald and this idiot Armando. He is HANDS DOWN THE WORST beat writer of all sports and teams. Nothing more than a waste of time and sperm.

Frank Kearse
A.J Edds
Austin Spitler

No complaints about Wallace playing but hate because Keller was?

Jordan needs to run with NFL players so he gets the speed down. On special teams, he doesn't need the swim move that puts pressure on his shoulder.

I say we fire Ireland, Philbin and the whole staff and let the bloggers run the team.

Pressure from Armando and the other media for the first team to score in pre-season is why Keller was in the game. Lets blame Armando!!

Ireland is too busy looking for hooka moms.

watt played 2 snaps.
u homers r f'ing pathetic.

Mark In Toronto,

great post....could not agree with you more. If Jordon is not contributing in a year or two well then you can criticize the pick. Great to see someone here with some common sense views.

Ireland should've drafted Dez Bryant instead of insulting him!!

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