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Next two weeks loom large for Dion Jordan

The Dolphins hope to start working rookie Dion Jordan back into practice this week. He still might be limited in the scope of things he's able to do but the team desperately wants Jordan back working because, well, he needs the work.

And that leads me to this:

I'm starting to hear grumblings from inside the team that Jordan's first camp has been a disappointment because it has been derailed by injury to the point he's not looking like a major contributor early in the regular season.

That's not me saying that. That's what I'm hearing.

And that isn't wrong.

Let's face it, when a player is picked No. 3 overall in the draft and for whatever reason, including durability which was measured before the draft, he isn't a factor in the team's opening day plans two weeks from that day, you have a bad situation.

Jordan is not going to be a starter. We know that's going to be Olivier Vernon, who has had a good training camp, according to coach Joe Philbin.

But Jordan is supposed to bring a level of athletic freakishness to the defense, with his speed and ability to attack the quarterback, that was to raise the bar on Miami's pass rush and ability to chase ballcarriers to the boundary.

We've only seen that ability in flashes during camp and the preseason.

Instead, Jordan has spent much of this summer rehabilitating a shoulder injury for which he had surgery in February, came back from in July, and had to return to rehabilitating two weeks ago after re-injuring it in a preseason game.

He didn't practice last week, unless you count a walk-thru a practice. And so he's falling behind. The Dolphins, meanwhile, signed an experienced 4-3 defensive end in Antwan Applewhite as insurance against Jordan not being able to contribute.

This would not be bad if Jordan were a proven veteran. If Cameron Wake missed a couple of weeks of the preseason and a bunch of practices, the Dolphins wouldn't be too worried.

But the fact is Jordan needs to work to get better because he's not game-ready at the moment.

That makes the next two weeks huge for him. If he can indeed get some work this week and perhaps play one of the final two preseason games, he might earn playing time in the regular season opener. If he doesn't do that, it will be difficult to simply put him in the season-opener and hope he figures it out.

The Dolphins badly want him to get on track. They need him to get on track.

This week will be a major test to see if Jordan can begin to do that.

Now, before anyone goes off on a rant that Jordan is a bust, stop. Breathe. We are talking a snapshot in time here. We are talking now. And we are talking the next couple of weeks.

I am not saying Jordan will be unavailable for the next two years. This is about the present.

The future might still be bright. It's just that the present has some issues.


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just watched a rerun of the Pats/Bucs game.

Holy mother of god does Tom Brady have insane accuracy!

If Tannehill's accuracy does not drastically improve...we are doomed to another losing season.

It's my #1 concern for this season.

GM mistake #1, don't disgard a player until you have a replacement. We got rid of Fasano before we had anyone to replace him. We got Keller later on, and now that he is hurt, we have a bunch of players that could not beat Fasano out of the starting job. So why did GM let him go.

he is injured. let the man get healthy before passing judgment. sheesh

Call me crazy...but how much practice does it take to speed rush on 3rd down????? Sure he has to develop some moves, but that wasn't going just in camp, that takes time and game experience against different talent levels at tackle and different offensive schemes. Who cares if he starts off slow as long as Vernon is providing similar results...

Even though he was taken at 3, everyone knew he was still a developmental player, with a whole lot of upside!

Ryan Tannehill = Another Irescum bust

Peyton played a half ...

works both ways 2 watt...

In football you have the haves and the haves not, it would be nice if the haves not would go and get a job and leave the haves be. Mr. truth, think its time to change your name, so far you are not a very bright light bulb. Bill

10 of 15 with two drops is pretty accurate too, no? And Brady wasn't born that way - he wasn't a world beater in years one or two of his career. He needed a an all time performance from his defense and a tuck rule to get him that first super bowl.

Ireland has blazed new territory for most draft busts ever by a GM. And Ross sits by and does nothing? WTF?


Now people crying for Fasano and his big 330 yards of offense he provided ...

the wop will be mixxed.

Tannehenne and Jordan are BUSTS!!!!!!!

Why are we worried about TE?
Ireland has drafted 3 TE's for us.


Just Sayin', 109 passer rating this pre-season

Hey everyone,please remember who wrote this article,Mando the negative as he is know in most cicles. Does this guy ever write anything positive about the Dolphins,ever?? If Jordan does not play all year or even the first half,it is no big deal with the depth we have on the D-line. So relax!

Trading Brandon Marshall for Michael Eggnew was pure genius of Ireland.

and a season ending duck 2 his te.

Yea Brady no doubt makes his teammates better, Tannehill is nowhere near making his teammates better, the only thing we can hope is Tannehill is a suitable game manager and each and every year improves until he's to the point where he can carry the team, it tooke Brees what 4 seasons?? BTW Rivers have regressed badly wasnt he a top 5 QB like 4 years ago

Trading Brandon Marshall for Michael Eggnew was pure genius of Ireland.
Posted by: Monte | August 20, 2013 at 11:15 AM

Worst trade in NFL history?

Dion Jordan has a small brain. That's why he can't play.

Tannehills TD pass to Wallace was horribly thrown. Same up blind homers. Facts are facts. OBJECTIVITY.

I'm beginning to think that all the AFC East rival fans are right about us Dolphin Nation. We are a bunch of whiners and uneducated football fans.

How in the world would you panic if they prefer for him to get 100% before he gets into action. And why would you consider anybody a bust if he hasn't played a regular season down.

I'm extremely happy Ireland picked this kid up with the 3rd pick and I would do it again. There was no other OL that deserved to be picked in the 3rd or 12th selection. And the only reason we didn't draft a TE high was because we were okay with Keller, as the veteran TE and the rest as the young TEs. Unfortunately injuries do happen, and it's a shame it happened while Jordan was sidelined and the other TEs haven't shown us signs of being GREAT...

I just love it how all the draft experts come out as soon a player is down and start criticizing management for not doing this or doing that. "We could have drafted TY Hilton, and Gronkowski"... RIIIIGHT!!!!

Same argument could apply with Belickik.. We could have signed him as our coach and we could have drafted Tom Brady. Not once, have I seen anyone write that Ireland could have drafted a bust, but he decided to draft Tannehill, Pouncey, Odrick, Olivier Vernon, Lamar Miller, and so on and on.

People, it's impossible to be perfect and we at least have to be grateful for what we have, which we haven't seen in years.

For those second guessing letting Fasano go, you should be ashamed to call yourself a football fan or expert. That's probably why you haven't won a fantasy football league championship.

1-15 for the dolphins. worst team eva

It is true that Ireland has taken great risks in signing Players that were injured last Year. He must have a great Medical staff advising him. Up to now his score is +1 on Grimes, -1 on Keller. We still have to see about Louis, DJ, others. In any case, it's his funeral.

1-15, which game r they gonna win?

Monte, Philbin didn't want Marshall on the team. Period. He had to go whether it was for 2 thrirds or 1 seventh, or just cut period.

Expect the Dolphins to place Dion Jordan on the IR sometime in the near future. This will be a good thing as he can rehab the shoulder, get stronger and be ready to go for next season when we will be in a better position to compete in the AFC.

Jordan is a bust. Can't even get a play. The dulphins would have been better off if he died in the fire.

What would you expect from a lazy negro like Jordan. The dolphins are doomed.

2 watt Really really, worse than Buffalo, Jets, Raiders, Jags, Browns, Tits, Chargers, Carolina, Rams. Really.

Marshall was traded for Vernon, Will Davis, and Dion Sims. It actually doesn't look too bad for us right now.

Lamar Miller is also starting to look like a bust. Can we get Reggie back?

OK, now we let the clowns parade until they tire...

Marshall was traded for Vernon, Will Davis, and Dion Sims. It actually doesn't look too bad for us right now.
Posted by: NeMo | August 20, 2013 at 11:32 AM

TOO FUNNY!! Make up some more BS.

I'm so sick of you homers. This team is soooo bad. We are terrible.
The entire team, owner, coaches, everybody is terrible!!!!!

We should have kept Parcells running the team, and Sparano as the coach. This team is garbage.

Brandon Marshall was traded for Cam Wake.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | August 20, 2013 at 09:35 AM

Posted by: DarrylDunphy | August 20, 2013 at 10:31 AM

Great posts guys...I completely agree with both of you. The hindsight offered by so many hear makes me sick. But if Jordan fails to play several games this year due to his known injury or if he fails to perform overall (lord I hope not) then its a direct hit on Ireland. But to bemoan or condemn the pick now is just plain stupid.

Ireland's moves to get Grimes, Wallace, Gibson, and Keller addressed many NEED positions BEFORE the draft. So he took a build risk to move up. He could have taken Johnson (every graft guru thought he would) or he could take a pass rusher (Jordan was considered one of the elite rookie DE's). I agree that taking a Guard at #3 would have caused a revolution here. Jordan was the right pick. Time will tell if it works out for Ireland and the team overall.

Brandon Marshall was traded for Mike Pouncey.

I'd trade marshall for Vernon straight up. addition by subtraction

3 picks for D Thomas was MORONIC!

Man, that new male model they have on the Price is Right is hot as hell!

When Irescum trade 3 picks for D Thomas the entire draft room broke out in hysterical laughter.

I understand the upside to the Jordan pick, I understand the projection even if he is not a major producer this season. The problem I see for this GM is that in my opinion the Dolphins need a winning season for Ireland to be offered another contract. If Jordan does not contribute this season that's ok if the Dolphin's can at least win half of their games. That is not asking to much. Otherwise this projection stuff and giving up winning now just does not work.

Steve in Ottawa, really I guess you missed Wake's 15 sacks and pro bowl appearance, Grimes' pro bowl apprearance and 13 int's. and Tanny's 3200 yards pasing. Don't you get stats in Canada, Mark does,

In Irelands 6th year this team has more holes than swiss cheese lol

Shut up Otta Steve. You know Binns dropped that TD.

stats r 4 losers.

So, Philbin is now 8-15 including preseason.

No one would care If we are 3-2 going into the bye week and Jordan comes back a beast.

Steve in Ottawa, I know it's Canadian FB, but a 4th round choice can't be a bust.

jmike No one but one counts preseason games in a coach's record, only in Canadian FB do they do that.

2 penny, how many points did Houston score on our starting D?

And how many points did our offense score on their starting D?

Lessoned learned...isn't it your nap time?

What a great pick Dion Jordan was! Jeff Ireland, well done, sir!

Well hey, why not trade up to draft a guy that won't start in a position that isn't particularly critical for the team this year...then simply ignore a position that is critical, make no effort to fill it, and let your former number one overall pick walk for what amounts to a petty sum of money when you have cap space to spare. It all makes perfect sense.

To be fair to Ireland only about 75% of his decisions are awful.

Gee Mike, your right, but that's how coaches make decisions on who starts and who is cut. And when a 1st offense goes against a 1st team defense there is correlation to regular season performance. Our starting O scored 17 on ther starting D, one of the best D in the NFL.

Steve here's something for you The San Diego Chargers dominated the preseason in 2000 with a 4-0 record, but won only a single game in the regular season. In 2006, the Oakland Raiders went 4-1 in the preseason, only to disappoint fans with a 2-14 regular season. That's why they don't count preseason games in a coach's record.

It's not Jordan who will be the deciding factor on Ireland's fate - it's either Tannehill or the Oline or both! As a rookie, Jordan is given the time to heal and grow. Tannehill doesn't.

And if he gets knocked out of the season, then the season is over. As much as I like Matt Moore, we'll be looking at another losing season. So if anything, Ireland is probably second guessing himself for letting Jake Long walk.

It's not a bad idea to not waste a high no 1 pick on O line. The problem is the 3rd and 4th round picks like Jerry, or 2nd round like Martin have not improved enough to be reliable. Dallas Thomas appears to be a reach that will be a couple years away from being a good player, if ever. To win today, u have to be willing to draft pass rushers, receivers, impact positions and not just play it safe. I think Ireland is slowly realizing this after being out from under Parcells for a couple years. The biggest failure of this team over last 10 years was leaving personnel decisions to people like Wandstadt, Cameron, Saban, and Parcells. Although I don't agree with all his moves, Ireland has done a better job at upgrading talent than those guys.

I also don't understand the Tannehill bashing. He's not an all pro yet, and may never be. However, he's easily the most talented qb since Marino. He's a smart guy who works hard a d doesn't throw many picks. His Ted numbers were low last year but he wasn't exactly throwing to the Marks Brothers and Keith Jackson either. Brady was more of a game manager his first couple seasons and Manning was an int machine his first 3 years. Geez, cut the guy some slack. This team may not be ready to beat the Pats yet, but at least they are in the conversation and very young and improving...

I'm still disgusted by the B.S. hit on Keller. That guy had plenty of time to come in and make a form tackle. Spearing a guys knee who can't even see u coming is chicken bleep. I don't wanna hear about having to hit low. A form tackle and wrap up like your taught in grade school would not get that guy fined. I suspect that spearing a defenseless receivers legs will soon be a penalty. When did tackling become launching yourself head first whether high or low. Run through the guy and wrap up loser. We may not have been able to afford to keep Keller next year anyway, but now we'll never know. Here's to hoping Swearinger gets crack blocked into next week by somebody. Yes I'm bitter.

jmike, you're right about how absolutely meaningless preseason results are.

It's amazing how some fans---year after year---cling to the ludicrous idea that these games mean something after so much evidence they don't. But it's always been that way and I guess it's just the nature of fans to overreact to everything, good OR bad.

In any regard, the old Bills under Marv Levy are another example. Levy thought the preseason was a worthless pile of garbage and would always rest all his important guys, with the result being the Bills would look comically awful in these meaningless tune-ups. Never mattered a bit once the games counted.

Further proof...
that they drafted a guy who they mistakenly thought would be healthy enough to contribute this season.

In reality....he may potentially have a chronic shoulder problem.

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