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Next two weeks loom large for Dion Jordan

The Dolphins hope to start working rookie Dion Jordan back into practice this week. He still might be limited in the scope of things he's able to do but the team desperately wants Jordan back working because, well, he needs the work.

And that leads me to this:

I'm starting to hear grumblings from inside the team that Jordan's first camp has been a disappointment because it has been derailed by injury to the point he's not looking like a major contributor early in the regular season.

That's not me saying that. That's what I'm hearing.

And that isn't wrong.

Let's face it, when a player is picked No. 3 overall in the draft and for whatever reason, including durability which was measured before the draft, he isn't a factor in the team's opening day plans two weeks from that day, you have a bad situation.

Jordan is not going to be a starter. We know that's going to be Olivier Vernon, who has had a good training camp, according to coach Joe Philbin.

But Jordan is supposed to bring a level of athletic freakishness to the defense, with his speed and ability to attack the quarterback, that was to raise the bar on Miami's pass rush and ability to chase ballcarriers to the boundary.

We've only seen that ability in flashes during camp and the preseason.

Instead, Jordan has spent much of this summer rehabilitating a shoulder injury for which he had surgery in February, came back from in July, and had to return to rehabilitating two weeks ago after re-injuring it in a preseason game.

He didn't practice last week, unless you count a walk-thru a practice. And so he's falling behind. The Dolphins, meanwhile, signed an experienced 4-3 defensive end in Antwan Applewhite as insurance against Jordan not being able to contribute.

This would not be bad if Jordan were a proven veteran. If Cameron Wake missed a couple of weeks of the preseason and a bunch of practices, the Dolphins wouldn't be too worried.

But the fact is Jordan needs to work to get better because he's not game-ready at the moment.

That makes the next two weeks huge for him. If he can indeed get some work this week and perhaps play one of the final two preseason games, he might earn playing time in the regular season opener. If he doesn't do that, it will be difficult to simply put him in the season-opener and hope he figures it out.

The Dolphins badly want him to get on track. They need him to get on track.

This week will be a major test to see if Jordan can begin to do that.

Now, before anyone goes off on a rant that Jordan is a bust, stop. Breathe. We are talking a snapshot in time here. We are talking now. And we are talking the next couple of weeks.

I am not saying Jordan will be unavailable for the next two years. This is about the present.

The future might still be bright. It's just that the present has some issues.


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Falling behind??? Hes a situational pass rusher this year. His job is to rush the quarterback. If you fall behind in that you MUST be an idiot.

Since 2000 about 1/2 the picks at number 3 didn't start in their

2000 Chris Samuals - Pro Bowler
2001 Ferald Warren - Bust
2002 Joey Harrington - Bust
2003 Andrea Johnson - HOF
2004 Larry Fitzgerald - HOF
2005 Braylon Edwards - OK
2006 Vince Young - Bust
2007 Joe Thomas - Very Good
2008 Matt Ryan - Very Good
2009 Tyson Jackson - Little Impact
2010 Gerald cCoy - Little Impact
2011 Marcel Darius - Little Impact
2012 Trent Richardson - good Rookie Year

So 6 of those number 3 picks have had little impact to the team that piced them. Being a numbr 3 soesn't mean you're going to start your 1st year or even that you'll be an impact player.

Forget Jordan, the biggest problem is right guard. Samuda is the weak link on the line, lets hope Jerry or Louis can come back with in the next two weeks to shore up the line

Dion Jordan,

I don't get Armando's angle most of the time. He loves to have a negative outlook on all things Dolphins!

Defensive-line is Miami's deepest group hands down with Wake, Vernon, Shelby, Odrick can play DE, Starks can rotate in there as well as both have played 4-3 DE. Jordan was and still is the X factor. The flashes I've seen in the preseason I was really impressed and this is coming from the same person who didn't like the player before the draft no matter who he went to. I think I was wrong on him. He has a ton of athletic skills to work with and will contribute at some point.

Chill out Mando!

What a great pick Dion Jordan was! Jeff Ireland, well done, sir!

Posted by: Ireland's Republican Army | August 20, 2013 at 12:01 PM

Well perhaps but it's way to early to tell. Could the Dolphins have used their number 3 pick on a position of greater need perhaps but if Jordan becomes a star it works.

Ireland's Republican Army, a bust after 3 preseason games, are you kidding me, do you know anything.

Dion Jordan has the
Shoulder-span of a

....and his potentially chronic shoulder problem might keep him from lifting weights.

Texas, what;'s up man, long time no see!!!

Dion Jordan has the
Shoulder-span of a

...and his potentially CHRONIC SHOULDER PROBLEM
may keep him from lifting weights.

Ireland rolled the Dice and lost.

The consensus seemed to be Jordan was the #1 defensive player in the draft. and opposing QBs had too much time against us last year. How is that a bad pick? Not to mention the bargain price for trading up. So he needs some more time to get healthy...ill take it

I don't get Armando's angle most of the time. He loves to have a negative outlook on all things Dolphins!
Posted by: AndyNJ | August 20, 2013 at 12:26 PM

Hard to be anything but negative when the team loses ever frikken year!

4 consecutive losing years..and counting.
No playoff win in 11 years..and counting
No SB win in 41 yeas..and counting

I usually don't post till the season is underway because everything up til then is window dressing. but I went to cbssports.com and NFL writer Peter Prisco picked every game for the entire yr and anyway he has the Fins starting out at 0-5 and I went to other sites and the best any sports writer or sports channel is picking the Fins at 8-8 I would like to hear from people on this site as to their predictions especially since we now lost keller for the yr.

J.Ireland is just a clown nose idiot who has no clue if it hits him right in the face. They'll be another regime change in Miami, I hope the no lifers crowd in here will be prepared for it !! You're looking at 7-9-6-10 this year and J.Ireland will be gone and you ignorant Dolphinsfans will still be the joke of the league !!

Why are you criticizing everyone and everything except Tannehill?
In years past it was the opposite - no matter how crappy the team was everything was the Qb's fault.


4 consecutive losing years..and counting.
No playoff win in 11 years..and counting
No SB win in 41 yeas..and counting

Being positive now is like being negative after a SB win! ITS BACKWARDS!!!

Fan Since 71. Predicting 10-6 instead of 11-5 now that Keller is gone. Division champs if NE steps back, if not a wild card.

Mondo, Philbin has already trotted Jordan on the field and he aggravated his injured shoulder. This guy has lots of time. Let the damn injury heal. They knew he was injured when he was drafted, so whats the problem? I think this problem is drummed up my Mr Mondo who hangs around to much with PFT. This has Florio written all over it. Writing an article with no named source. In other words Mondo got his information thru an un-named source with knowledge of the situation. Maybe,,,,
Dolphins get rid of those pussy looking uniforms with the pussy looking light blue or is that green, cant tell, stripe down the middle of the helmet,,,ugly and very feminine looking.

Fan Since 71. Predicting 10-6 instead of 11-5 now that Keller is gone. Division champs if NE steps back, if not a wild card.
Posted by: NeMo | August 20, 2013 at 12:55 PM

Good thing you arent a betting man or you'd be stone broke!! LMAO

6-10 would be great for these scrubs.

Tampa Bay will be a good test this week.

I thought Ryan managed the game pretty well,” Philbin said. “We had some big play opportunities we missed. He had Brian Hartline one time and missed that play.
= 0-5

hater, u would lose in 3 seconds lil boy.

If the Dullphins EVER go 8-8 they'll throw a parade! LMAO!

why all this nosense Armando. we know he will start the season as a 3rd down pass rush specialist, why this article to try to stur things up? would be great if he overtake Vernon at mid season, but if Vernon and Wake play great so what.

stop trying to bury this kid...

it was stupid move and pick then, still stupid.

Ireland made another stupid pick? .....shocking! lol

I certainly agree that our biggest short fall is the OL and in particular RG. But our drafting of Jordan is interesting. First, Ross takes the coaches out for a pre draft meal. As I understand it all of the coaches said if they had one player to draft it would be Jordan. So we make a ridiculous offer to the Raiders and at the very last minute they lose their heads and take a single #2 to exchange No. 1's in the first. Only Oakland would do something like that. From a draft standpoint we got a steal. Now it's been shown that not all #3 picks become starters but in this case, if health isn't a long term problem, in the few plays that he's been in on I was impressed. Of course, we don't know the total upside of Jordan but all drafts take 3 years before a true grade can be fairly given.

But I will say taking two surgically repaired players 1 and 2 is putting your job on the line. If they both start to show, by the middle of the season, some of this potential then they were good picks. If not we should start to worry but not necessarily give up on them.

A last point, with what appears to be a very good defense they should alone win us 6-8 games, even if the offense sputters. Vegas has us at winning 8 games. With some offense that total could raise to between 8 and 11. At 7 1/2 it's a very, very good play. At 8 it's still good. I don't like to tie up monies for 5 months but the play was too good to pass up. So I'm all in on the over.

lets hope it was a great pick....

it took alot of guts..

i would have stayed at 12 for Eifert but that is not what happened...

From what I have seen of the LIMITED action from Jordan....

the dude gets to the QB....

not sure what else one could want from the DE postion....

Playing D-Line in the NFL is NOT rocket science....it ain't even QB or Center work....Its not MLB...or even CB level smarts that you need....

Its KILL THE CARRIER....and contain if possible....

really not that much harder than that....Sure there are some other intriquecies...but the bottom line...once the ball is snapped is to get to the guy with the ball....or make sure somebody else can....

Jordan may need sometime to get in to football shape (catch his breath)

But Jordan will be fine...

I agree Kris...and will add that if we didn't need him so much as a DE that what I saw at Oregon and only in the couple of plays he was in on as on outside LB. He would really be something special. I wouldn't be surprised that will be his position as the years go by.

Once again Mando has done a good job of getting everyone worked up over nothing!! Jordan will be fine and has so far made Vernon step up his game just as Patterson/Marshall made each other step up it's game. Look the Dolphins had 42 sacks last year and we all know that we have a beast in Wake at one end. Vernon has to produce or he will be on the sidelines again or just special teams. There the Jordan factor!! Thus far Martin play is improving and Jordan has shown even with a bad shoulder he can beat a good OT. I can still see this young man getting us at least 5-7 sacks !! He is not a bust and to be worrying about him playing the 1st game is complete Mando B...Crap!!. What would be the case had he got hurt and was lost for the season ?? Had we not drafted him than he would not be apart of the Game 1 plans would he?? No! So now we have 2 more preseason games then the regular season why the hell are we already calling this man a bust?? That is just straight out looking for something to complain about and you will always complain. The big issue is the Keller injury and how we overcome it. Thank God we will still be okay. Clay and Sims will fill that void. the concern should be getting Jerry and Starks back for the opener. We can live without Jordan for the start and Ireland did get it right this year. 7-9 last year because of the kicker well the kicker is gone!! 10-6! Barring any major injuries! Relax don't let Mando raise your blood pressure.

Cameron Wake is 30 Years Old. We missed much of his career. Wake (and now Vernon to some degree) are what Miami has at DE. JJ Shelby has flashed, but lets see some consistency there we can trust.I would think you guys who are slamming the Jordan pick would have learned a lesson with Dustin Keller. Every player is "one play" from a IR list.

Ireland drafted TE help in 2011, 2012 and 2013.There is developmental work going on there, and Clay has shown an ability to get open down the seam, loo at the Seattle game last year. If another guy is needed, 50+ TE's will be on the market in 15 days. Be patient.

If Vernon or Wake go down this year, or next year. Who is the man? Who backs up the "Prime Pass Rusher"..? Olivier Vernon? Okay, That's one guy but he's already working the strong side. Shelby has flashed, But our sample size with him is small. Dion Jordan was identified by several solid prognosticators as the top OLB/DE pass Rusher in the 2013 Draft. Jordan has been scouted by Miami since 2011 so Miami knows what he's about, they know this guy. You can't discount a team identifying and going after a guy they are sold on. That is what they are SUPPOSED to do. It's not like Jordan was a reach... His injury is NOT career threatening and doesn't cause ongoing issues. His injury is the same as Drew Breese. You know, the SB winning QB Saban passed on because of a shoulder injury that just needed to heal?

Some forget there is only one sure way to beat Tom Brady and the Patsy's. Brady will beat any coverage, and outscoring him head to head is a tough deal to win. The Giants and Ravens schooled everyone (including Brady)on how to whup his azzzz. Knock Brady down or sack him every single time you can. Don't kid yourselves. Dion Jordan, Wake and Shelby are the only REAL HOPE Miami will have at beating that team unless we play a perfect game. We nearly did at home last year... then "The Punt" came and it all went to hell...

So... By all means... Keep on Ragging Jeff Ireland for taking the best OLB/DE pass rusher in the draft because we face NE twice a year and they've OWNED us since we lost THIS lineup of DE's...

77 Rod Kelly DE 6-5 260
90 Rob Burnett DE 6-4 270
91 Jay Williams DE 6-3 280
93 Adewale Ogunleye DE 6-4 253
96 David Bowens DE 6-2 261
99 Jason Taylor DE 6-6 260

Fans shouldn't be ragging Ireland about Jordan. We need to "Get behind" Jordan. He needs to think he's invincible. Wanna beat NE and Tom Brady? Wake, Vernon, Jordan and Shelby are how we can do it. They may just be the ONLY way we can.

Stop Hating on your Teams players, stop hating on each other. It's not even fun doing that crap man... It make it suck worse then losing when arguing and azzz wipes push buttons just to watch the lights turn another color.

If you want to see why we drafted him go onto Google and type in Dion Jordan. It will bring up a good number of articles. Go down about 5 and you will be at an article that 'bleacherreport.com' made. He shows the technigue, versatility and the 'freakish athlete that he brings to the table. This was the 'Boys game and the pictures tell a 1000 words.

As an OLB he can rush the QB from ANYWHERE on the defensive line, play pass coverage and, if needed, he will go out and bring water bottles in on timeouts.

Take a look at the article.

Back in FA and the draft, some fans on this board shared concerns about the injury issues attached to some of Ireland's signings and draft selections. I thought this was a reasonable concern.

Some on the board blasted anyone not wearing rose colored glasses with rose colored opinions of the team's direction in the offseason.

Keller had a serious injury history in 2012. And now he's out for the 2013 season if not longer. There were other TE prospects in FA and the draft without injury issues.

Jordon is still struggling due to his injury. It's true that he's not a bust at this point. But the Dolphins gave up the potential for two day one starters for a player that may not be ready for a while. The DL was not the weakness on this team.

It may well be that the 2013 free agency and draft will be a 'prototypical' Parcells/Ireland production that does not yield any exceptional talent that translate into winning games.

The Dolphins seem mis-built, with a lack of success in finding top talent in the draft - especially at the WR and TE positions. The jury will come in on Tannehill very soon.

Ireland has managed the cap well, but the number one priority of his position is to manage winning - something that has been absent during the six year rebuild.

I have bought on exciting Mike Wallace. He will be a difference maker in at least 1 or 2 Games. He needs to take care to avoid injury and also get in better shape(he was sucking air after the TD the other night).

Sin...you make a good point. Bringing in Jordan, Taylor and Louis off injuries was certainly an interesting move. With the exception of Jordan, perhaps the mind set was that these players were available BECAUSE they were hurt. This may even apply to Jordan. Perhaps the Raiders weren't all in on him because of the surgery. As opposed to the general opinion that they just needed more bodies thus more picks.

I have no problem with either Jordan or Taylor, yet. But the one I have little faith in is Louis. He comes from an OL in Chicago that was a sieve. According to PFF he was their best OG and graded quite high overall. Yet Chicago wasn't interested in resigning him. That has to tell us something. I would like to know that if we cut him....How much would it count toward the Cap? If any.

As far as finding a WR or TE in the draft.....we had already signed Wallace, Gibson and Keller. I know we had our sights on Sims as a mid rounder and that's where we got him. No over reach on him.

Dion Jordan is an undersized project and a bust. The Dolphins simply cannot do anything right at this point. As a former fan I'm thoroughly enjoying the train wreck...losers.

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