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No cuts yet, Jordan still not practicing

Unlike many other NFL teams, the Dolphins have still not trimmed to the mandated 75-player roster limit this afternoon. They must do so by 4 p.m. Tuesday.

The club is at practice this afternoon and there is good news and bad news on that front.

Most importantly, rookie first-round pick Dion Jordan is not practicing -- still. He's missed the past three weeks of practice and because he is not working today is thus not going to play Thursday night against New Orleans in the preseason finale.

The bottom line is the Dolphins only have two practice days this week. As Jordan is already missing one, constituting 50 percent of the practice week, there is basically no chance he's going to play Thursday.

And this is a domino-effect situation. The longer he goes without practicing, the less likely he is to be on the field for the regular-season opener Sept. 8. If you remember, I reported last week the team is very concerned Jordan would miss the opener. Following that, Jordan told reporters he "would not be surprised" if he missed the opener.

It certainly is looking that way.

On the plus side, Nate Garner is back to practice as I reported last week he would be. And reserve left tackle Will Yeatman, who missed the last week of practice with an unknown issue, is back at work today as well. Both are practicing.

Yeatman's return is good timing as left tackle Jeff Adams missed drills today. He had a compression sleeve on his left leg.

Rookie cornerback Will Davis also was not present for today's practice for a reason not yet known to me.


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What a piece of crap of a draft pick.

Cant get on the field - a situational, not every down player drafted THIRD OVERALL.

And we gave up a high second round pick for him to move up.


Piece of crap GM, I tell ya

Pretty sure Cam Wake is disappointed.
He could be the sack king of 2013 if he had some help on the other side.

Jordan missing the opener? This is least of our concerns. We're fine with Vernon.

As long as Vernon can have a very productive year, it wouldn't concern me in the least if Jordan's redshirted for the entire season. My major concern for Jordan is giving him enough time to mend 100% on the shoulder. Even if 100% means redshirted the entire 2013 season.

I see Jordan as in house successor to Cam Wake. Which maybe 4-5yrs down the line. Keeping him healthy is first and foremost. Not seeing how quickly we can unveil him.

Great idea, let's "Jake Long" our #3 overall pick and have him play in a 4th meaningless preseason game against psychos that will be bouncing douchey night clubs in a week's time .. while they are filled with roid rage and frustration and not realizing their life's ambitions and shrinking their nuts to only fail


This is just another example of the Dolphins' ineptitude with draft picks. How in the world do you move up to get a guy at 3 with these types of injury concerns? It's just negligent.

Shelve jordan till week 8 , sit him in a classroom, and tell him to do his best impression of a sponge and soak it all in!

We can all give a big thank you to Ireland for drafting a chronically injured player. The sick part is, Ireland will be fired at the end of this season and we're going to start all over again with a new coaching staff etc.

Danny, in all fairness to Jeff Ireland, the cupboard was pretty bare by that third pick. It's not as if he had a lot of healthy players remaining on the draft board.

And that Dustin Keller! Why couldn't Ireland draft a TE who wouldn't get injured???

I also blame Ireland for Gibson's drops Sat. night and the abysmal special-teams work.

Anderson, you understand perfectly. Jeff Ireland drafts good players. Very good players. If they don't play well, that is on the players, or maybe the coaching staff, not Jeff Ireland.

no big deal: we need a TE much more than a DE.

Gibson made up for the drop with a TD!!!!



No cuts yet, Salguero still posing as a sports reporter.

Davis tweaked his ankle Saturday night.

hoping either Egnew or Sims running with the first team and Clay back to FB. Bush had a 1000 yrd season with Clay as a rookie FB.

Three picks in the first two rounds and none of them will be on the field. Nice job Jeffy. I'm to the point of hoping for a losing season as that's the only this team will get better down the road, we have to rid ourselves of Jeffy once and for all.

Wow the short sightedness of some fans... Lets say we moved up and drafted a left tackle... the blog would be up in arms about drafting another lineman so high.. so apparently there isnt any pleasing some of the fanbase regardless. Vernon was doing just fine holding down the other spot opposite of CW. Then on top of that you move Martin back to his unnatrual position of RT and bust on him all season.. Armando made a post about developing players and how certain players have done better once leaving here... we have to give the current coaching staff time to develope these...

no reason to rush Jordan, the pass rush is the last thing to worry about on this team. More concerned about the offense.

Went into the draft with 5 of the first 90 picks and no starters on the horizon, minimal contributions expected. What a letdown. Again.

I did not send the whole organization to the combine and could have picked better players than this geek.

The missing of practice for Will Davis would be more alarming to me than Jordan based on the recent cut of Marshall

If the 90th pick of this draft was starting for our team, I'd be more worried ...

With Special teams having lost the game for us on saturday mainly the muffed punts, do any of you think Cribbs could be a possibility strictly as a returner?

I'd think Davis is fine because he came back and played in that game quite a bit after hopping around on that ankle for a while.

Why play anybody the team plans to build on in this meaningless game on a short week. Preseason is 99% over.

We should be soaking up the fact our QB looked good in the season "tune-up".

But no, we are blathering on about something we know nothing, nothing about. Vernon looked good. Lets beat Cleveland and then turn Jordan loose. That is 4 weeks away.

Based on what I saw Sat. night, we may not need him until the playoffs.

Perpective, EK, what a novel idea....

matty, I wouldn't mind at all if Cribbs was brought on as a returner. Thigpen is muy iffy on punt returns and can you afford to keep a guy on the roster just to return kicks and the occasional punt while holding your breath?

What's the difference between the people on this blog and a puppy?

The puppy stops whining once it grows up...

And now the No. 3 kick returner in the league last year is "iffy"?

Tracyh474, you the man!!!

I think Jordan is the least of our concerns right now.
The stength of this team is the defense, so lets move on to real problems like TE. The TE on this team proved they are horrible and deserve to be flipping burgers soon at a fast food joint. We need to address this before we worry so much about Jordan. Yes he is a high pick , yes the team screwed up again or at least it appears with this pick. But with the defense we have right now, we have time for him to develop into the player the Dolphins are hoping for. For now we should be very worried about this offense and the TE position. Armando is off his game right now ... let talk offense and how to fix it. Lets not try to find problems on the defense which wil be steller with or without Jordan.

Need to set the tone for the year should cut thigpen and clay now put gibson on notice.if you cant catch you dont belong !!!

Anderson, this is for you...

3.The Dolphins have been struggling to assemble a decent offensive line since the 2009 season, which featured a 2,231 yard rushing attack which scored 22 rushing touchdowns. Since Ireland arrived this franchise has acquired Justin Smiley, Jake Grove, Joe Berger, Ryan Cook, Pat McQuistan, Nate Garner, Richie Incognito, Lance Louis and Tyson Clabo, and drafted Jake Long, Shawn Murphy, Donald, Thomas, Andrew Gardner, John Jerry, Mike Pouncey, Jonathan Martin and Dallas Thomas. Yet, the offensive line remains unsettled, and depth continues to be an issue.

And some People, never develop at all.

Don't be a puppy!

EK, Thigpen has muffed punts befor ein thsi league. YOu don't get more than two or three chances to muff punts before they call in someone else - much like being a kicker in this league.

I think I'm one of the last guys you can call a pessimist in here ...

mando thanks for your continual over the top effort...living in jetsland, so appreciate your unwavering work

For those fans with a short memory,Odrick was a first round draft pick also (granted, not as high a pick as Jordan) and he broke his leg in training camp that year and was out the entire year. He has turned out to be an excellent player and Jordan will also be good. So relax,it could be worse. Look at the sorry Jets or Bills,and the Pats are not in good shape either,so don't worry,be happy!

Sure why not. Let's play Jordan all 4 Qtrs and let us aggravate his injury so we can win a meaningless preseason game. Maybe Philbin should give a call to Rex Ryan and ask him how can you ruin a player's career in 15 mins or less.


Cribbs is a fumble machine.I think we are stuck with Thiggy

Only Big Dogs are allowed up on the porch!

Puppies (and little yapper dogs) stay underneath it...

Be a Big Dog...

Sorry for the sarcasm Mark, but Thiggy just did too much last year for me to consider him iffy. He was a bright spot in a deep tunnel.

Last year our first unit looked awful against Tampa. This year we outclassed them completely. I think they knew we would be targeting the tight end. There were a lot of defenders in the middle of the field. That is why the coaches are not in a panic.

Now that other teams see that we can move the ball without the TE, they won't try that again. That is why it was so important that Tanne look good. Hitting the outside receivers is so important in this league.

Remember when we used to whine about checking down to the backs?

I am so happy I could crap!!!

I agree Mark it would be hard to justify adding Cribbs as just a return specialist but he could be used as a slot receiver as well...
Thats the only thing I didnt like about the Bess trade was his sure hands on punts.. I didnt care for his fair catch's with no one within 10 yards of him however..

Hold on to the Ball!

1st of all, jordan does not have chronic injuries. it's one. i'd not put him in till he was 100%. the kid will be the stud of this draft. he is julius peppers but he can actually cover a TE or RB from the DE position. before this season is over he will e at the very least a 2 down if not 3 dow DE. as good as vernon has been jordan is so much better.
DE is our strongest position with wake, jordan, vernon and shelby. we can afford to let jordan get to 100%.

Thiggy over Cribbs for me. Not too worried about Jordan for week 1. If we can't beat the Browns without him the team is in trouble anyway. More concerned about TE at this point.

That drafting horizontally, vertical, best Player available is a lot of crap. You draft the Pro-Bowler available.

NeMo, great point about beating the Browns.

If the surprise factor on Jordon can get us a win or two against the better teams, great.

Even without that, no reason to play him this week.

Cocojoe, the Dolphins have been struggling to fill EVERY need since 2009. It's a work in progress, all right.

I do not think we are the only team with draft picks that didn't pan out. Nor do I know how much input, say, Sparano had in the picks while he was coach.

No wonder Ben Volin, others have left SoFla. We have the Media that most People deserve here. Justly.

I know...I know...I know...pick me...pick me...

Ireland is an idiot...he should have taken Tyler Eifert in Round #1 instead of taking Dustin Keller in Free Agency.

He should have known that Keller was going to get hurt in the third preseason game by a cheap hit...and he should have known that Eifert was going to generate such AWESOME results in his preseason games.

That's the right answer....isn't it??????

Oh...Yeah...that really doesn't make much sense...sorry

So once again Mando writes a "The Sky is Falling" article and everyone jumps on the bandwagon. Idiotic writer and stupid bloggers....... it's almost comical how much common sense a lot of you lack

I like this year's team. I would not rush Jordan back, and whenever he does come back I believe he will be a positive addition to a strong defense. Miami needs to get off to a good start so as to keep the Negative Nellies in check.


A team in the situation the Dolphins are in HAVE to pick a player that is a sure fire starter with the 3rd over all pick in the draft. Dion Jordan was a BIG mistake. Now he appears to be damaged goods. Not a good omen for Ireland's future.

Wait ....... a football player is hurt? OMG the season is over ........ let's just not play the games ........ actually call Obama let's shut down the whole entire country. Hold on ....... Jake Long is not here because he's always hurt? That's it I'm going to go drink poison ........ all is lost

So once again Mando writes a "The Sky is Falling" article

Really? He just said Jordan isn't practicing and is questionable for the opener.

That's factual; the "sky is falling" comes from the ADHD wing of the local commentariat.

Agreed JPAO. This blog really confused me sometimes. I wonder if its filled with Jets trolls or fans who are so mad at Ireland and losing they actually want us to lose.

We still have 13 days until the opener. The coaches could be waiting until next week for Jordan to practice and then have him in on passing downs (the plan all along with Vernon stepping up.) Why have him practice for a meaningless preseason game?

Jordan is a rookie ........... a rookie on the deepest part of our team ....... somehow I think OV, Wake, and the boys can handle it

Is Odrick a bust because he missed his first season?

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