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No cuts yet, Jordan still not practicing

Unlike many other NFL teams, the Dolphins have still not trimmed to the mandated 75-player roster limit this afternoon. They must do so by 4 p.m. Tuesday.

The club is at practice this afternoon and there is good news and bad news on that front.

Most importantly, rookie first-round pick Dion Jordan is not practicing -- still. He's missed the past three weeks of practice and because he is not working today is thus not going to play Thursday night against New Orleans in the preseason finale.

The bottom line is the Dolphins only have two practice days this week. As Jordan is already missing one, constituting 50 percent of the practice week, there is basically no chance he's going to play Thursday.

And this is a domino-effect situation. The longer he goes without practicing, the less likely he is to be on the field for the regular-season opener Sept. 8. If you remember, I reported last week the team is very concerned Jordan would miss the opener. Following that, Jordan told reporters he "would not be surprised" if he missed the opener.

It certainly is looking that way.

On the plus side, Nate Garner is back to practice as I reported last week he would be. And reserve left tackle Will Yeatman, who missed the last week of practice with an unknown issue, is back at work today as well. Both are practicing.

Yeatman's return is good timing as left tackle Jeff Adams missed drills today. He had a compression sleeve on his left leg.

Rookie cornerback Will Davis also was not present for today's practice for a reason not yet known to me.


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As I watch other teams play during the preseason and I see their top draft picks playing with their first teams, I wonder why the f our draft picks can't make it on the field? And it's not just Jordan.

I don't care if a guy is electric or not - as Oscar says, jsut catch the ball and take a return when it's there. Dante Hall's and people of the ilk don't really determine winners. Just hold your own on special teams ...

Jordon should sit til healed and the moaners should just shut up. As far as the draft goes, these guys are still on the team. You expect them to start when Ireland went out and brought these guys to the team
Ireland is building a team that was a shambles. It takes a couple of years for most rookies to have a chance to compete. Some of you think that every guy he picks should be a home run. That is just dumb.

Jordan is a great pick. Love C.Wake, but he's got another very good two seasons left in him. After that we have Jordan and Vernon bringing the dolphins great D in the long run. Down side right now is we have depth at DE.

Like Johnathan Cooper and EJ Manuel, right MassD?

0-5 No way this team wins a single game before the break... all we can hope for is to beat the Jets and bills once. Really hope im wrong and this team suprises everyone!!! This team is lacking heart!!! they are just playing like zombies.... Machine like.... I dont know how to describe it but it dont translate to wins for sure

Not to mention DJ Hayden that was almost dead and ended up being a first round draft pick and just got on the field in the last few days ..

That's right, absolutely imperative they shine to stardom right away ...

Especially when we are promised with 4 draft picks from last year that will start and play significant roles ...

Who needs patience and development???

Aaron Rodgers was a bust...he sat for his first SEVERAL years and contributed nothing in games during that period.

ireland should be fired for messing up another draft. his time is done, get rid of the fool

Seriously all of you who are against the pick of Jordan. I simply ask this one question.

Based upon the preseason performance of the rookie class...Who are the top 5 rookies the Fins should have picked instead of Jordan (realistically they couldn't have picked first or second)?

Don't you know, JPAO.. the ones that played, because they ar stars ... like the RTs.. must draft a right tackle!!!

Ansah hurt, jordan hurt, Cooper hurt, Manuel hurt, Hayden hurt, man there is so much incompetence running through the NFL!!!

maybe Eifert's 33 receiving yards this preseason has everyone exploding in their pants???

We've already seen enough visible eveidence to know who are the stars and busts of this years' draft.

Enough already come out with the updated draft grades, it's time!!!

I know I am a wet mess watching Eifert in preseason.

Seriously do you see those offensive tackles? We should have pickec one of those. Oh yeah, we did that with long and all of the same fans moaned about that.

Maybe we would have been better getting a Guard? After all noboby complained when the team took a center in the first round????

Ok, really maybe a....

Oh yeah, forgot, Mingo Hurt

You haters need to shut the hell up and wait for the games to start

Not wasting time on the no nothings here, we know who they are by there stupid comments. Jordan needs what ever time it takes to fully recover from his surgery, time to leave it alone, and the jet fans on here, don't you have enough problems with the wets to waste your time here? Bill

And those guards are always safe picks .. they never get hurt...

combined with alberts pancake blocks yes

jpao u dont trade up in the first place. now u have eifert and b albert

take it easy and let the season begin.
bills and jets stink, and patriots are struggling,
playoffs are not a miracle, and then , who knows.
if only the rosters trimming bring us a good te...

how are the pats struggling

Pats were destroyed by Detroit but its hard to judge pre season.

I love the 0-5 predictions.

I can't wait to see this team win week one and then all the naysayers will call for 1-4. Then after another very close game but the ball bounces the Fin's way the team will be 2-0 but fans will be screaming that Ross is an idiot, Ireland should be fired and Philbin is incompetent.

The negative B.S.....it's just too much to digest here.

Go Fins!!!!

10 DAYS TO KICK OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!

yeah preseason means not one thing. pats def arent struggling. jpao i agree ireland should be fired. i like philbin so far. im excited for the season, i have them at 7-9 but who knows. keller would of made us much better. first half schedule toughest in nfl but if we could get out of it 4-4 we might have a shot

I say we line up Dion Jordan at tight end in the red zone, see if anyone can cover him. That would be fun to see!

No one other than you cares that Jordan will not play in opener, or even that he could miss the whole season.

The fans don't care
The team doesn't care
Dion Jordan himself doesn't care

He does run a 4.6


winslow?? guy sucks

still cant figure out why the big issue/concerns with Jordan being hurt....it happens.....a number of early picks (and others) have gone down, so seriously, some not--Cooper, Jones, Manuel....Eifert missed last game with a wrist injury.....there are others--guys get nicked all the time--Jordan will be fine, give him some time to heal.

Waiting for the cuts to begin...


Not even the Bills want Matt Moore; they signed Leinart who has been out of football for 3 years.

Can't understand some of the comments at this point in the year. If we start 1 and 5, OK go for it! If we start 3 and 2 or better I wonder who will be left on this blog? Even 2 and 3 would not be time for panic. The last half of the schedule is in our favor.

Unless injuries take a big toll I can't see less then 9 wins and anything after that I would consider gravy.

The only concern I have about Jordan 'is when will I get to marvel at his play'! Still think that for a hy-bred defense he can play either DE or LB. As I've said before he can rush from a variety of positions. Even standing up inside, ala Clay Mathews. He's going to be a big job for our opponents game planning against him.

At this stage I am wondering about Taylor. e's now practicing but I don't know if it's full speed or not. He has certainly lost valuable time but we aren't getting any word about him. Can't help but wonder.

benz big difference is we knew dion was hurt when trading up and drafting him

Please cut the following:

Dinti Moore
Dmitri Patterson
Christmas Carroll
James Garner
Reggie Miller


ETF....ridiculous post! Do you need attention that bad?

So when Jordan is healthy and starts playing well, I suppose everyone on this site hating right now will then claim, "I knew he was stud way back in his Freshman year at Oregon........ I predicted Ireland would draft him." By the way ...... let's get pumped up for Armando's Tuesday blog ........ I think he's going to talk about how Caleb Sturgis has a hang nail and that's going to end our season

silver bad attempt at humor

if you trade up in draft for the 3rd palyer, and this one is not playing in the opener, that is failure. period.
do we have to care about Jordan now? not at all.
we have a vgood defense.
we don't have te. at this point we are missing Fasano.

Granted we don't have much to talk about at this time. But that should improve somewhat when the cuts begin. And the possibility of taking a cut from another team. Also who we decide and are allowed to get onto the PS.

Well it's too easy clowning on Armando and his ridiculous clamor ...... man has no insight

Who cares about Jordan? The defensive line is the deepest unit on the team and there are real issues to worry about.

Can't believe we won't sign a TE out of free agency. I think Sims will turn out just fine but he is a rookie. Agnew and Clay appear to be flawed. Also we might pick up an veteran G. Don't know if they will help but hope spring eternal.

Welcome to Club Armando!

....meanwhile, back in Jets and Bills camp. LOL!

0-5 start...4-12 season...or 1-4 start...5-11 season...or 2-3 start...6-10 season. Phins lose anyway you slice it. Garbage organization.

Undersized Jordan needs to give A-Rod a call. Bulk up young man this is the big leagues...

6-10 ????????? Idiot.......... must be Armando posing as one of his readers. 6-10 is your IQ ....... a 6 or a 10.

I just heard from a confirmed source that a blade of grass at the practice field has broken in half ............... damn our season is done ............ 4 and 12 for sure ......... fire everyone

They got a hand full of sacks against the Bucs so whoever is in, has produced.They are not going to play a rookie 1st round pick if he is not ready, if he got reinjured then Ireland and the member of the braintrust that decided to play him would look like buffoons.

Fins will beat the Browns, the Colts, the Saints & Ravens before the bye week but we will have to beat the Patsies once & sweep the Jills & Junk jets to even be considered decent!!! Ross just needs to fire Ireland & then sell this team to someone who knows what he is doing, because we still need o line help & someone to stop the run!!! Change the logo back keep the winning oldschool colors!!! GO FINS!!!

First and foremost I just want to say you people really don't know much about the dolphins and sound like teenagers. Dion Jordan in limited reps looked like a beast and I think everyone should be able to wait a game or 2 until he is healthy. I am not worried about our defense right now I am more concerned about TE and finding out who is going to step up and make some plays I personal like Dion Sims good size, can block and has good hands I would give him a shot. ( don't have to be fast to be great - Antonio Gates-).

Why the rash of injuries this Season? Less practice for the Games??

The nuts on here don't have a clue about a good TE!!
To go from being behind the man to being the man is a heavy load. The best TE and ball players take several years to reach a level where their physical abilities catch up with their knowledge of the game. Instead of trying to make Clay like Keller you play to his strengths. anyone notice he was behind the safeties and actually the pass should have been thrown out of ahead of him not have him trying to reach back to catch it.

I think we should take our time with Jordan, hopefully his injury is not that serious hard to tell because they really don't give you much in that regard. Okay here is my prediction on the season and yes I am optimistic Dolphins beat the Browns , Ravens, Bills x 2 Jets x 2, Pats once, Bucs, Panthers, Bengals, and Chargers that is 11 wins by my count and some kind of post season appearance. Tell me what you think am I crazy?

Jordan needs to be put on the PUP list, till the 8th week. Keep Okpalaugo. Dion Sims needs to get thrown at more. A tight end will get picked up after the cuts. Keller won't be replaced, sadly. T-hill looks great. The new receivers are getting there. Thigpen? I'm not sure what to say. The DB's look really good. Vernon is just what Wake needed. Stop Solia and Odrick, probably not much. I'm not ready to jump off a bridge just yet.

While I do think Salguero does write toward the negative, there are weaknesses on this team. Just like any other NFL team. The O-line is still a work in progress and that is frustrating.
There is absolutely no rush to get Jordan out on the field. The Dolphins defense is LOADED this year and will be a dominate defense with or without him. It's what will carry us to the playoffs.
From what I saw, Tannehill looked great Saturday night and I do think the Dolphins will put up more points than last season since they have a much more potent passing game which will set up the run. I do wish that Reggie Bush was still in the backfield. And I do think the Dolphins will have to make some sort of trade to get a TE here. The loss of Keller really hurts this offense.

Based upon the preseason performance of the rookie class...Who are the top 5 rookies the Fins should have picked instead of Jordan (realistically they couldn't have picked first or second)?

Posted by: JPAO | August 26, 2013 at 04:25 PM
The Dolphins could have orchestrated a deal and picked further down in the draft; going with a position of need like an OG or TE to help the offense.

If I were Ireland, I would keep the 3 TEs... and 0 FB... That would create a spot for A.J. Francis... Dude has earned the roster spot in this team..

If we need to keep a FB, then get rid of Clay... Sorry Clay, but 3-years in this league and you're having issues catching the rock with those alligator arms is just too much for me.... NEXT!!!


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