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No cuts yet, Jordan still not practicing

Unlike many other NFL teams, the Dolphins have still not trimmed to the mandated 75-player roster limit this afternoon. They must do so by 4 p.m. Tuesday.

The club is at practice this afternoon and there is good news and bad news on that front.

Most importantly, rookie first-round pick Dion Jordan is not practicing -- still. He's missed the past three weeks of practice and because he is not working today is thus not going to play Thursday night against New Orleans in the preseason finale.

The bottom line is the Dolphins only have two practice days this week. As Jordan is already missing one, constituting 50 percent of the practice week, there is basically no chance he's going to play Thursday.

And this is a domino-effect situation. The longer he goes without practicing, the less likely he is to be on the field for the regular-season opener Sept. 8. If you remember, I reported last week the team is very concerned Jordan would miss the opener. Following that, Jordan told reporters he "would not be surprised" if he missed the opener.

It certainly is looking that way.

On the plus side, Nate Garner is back to practice as I reported last week he would be. And reserve left tackle Will Yeatman, who missed the last week of practice with an unknown issue, is back at work today as well. Both are practicing.

Yeatman's return is good timing as left tackle Jeff Adams missed drills today. He had a compression sleeve on his left leg.

Rookie cornerback Will Davis also was not present for today's practice for a reason not yet known to me.


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Wow, the Jets suck so bad all their fans are on this site complaining about Jordan. I guess your blogs are so depressing you have to come visit the Jets mothership. Yes that includes you Mando;)

Whomever fans you may be: Really, Tyler Eiffert over Jordan? There is a reason you don't draft a TE that high, they just don't affect a game as much as a dominate DE. So stop your freaking crying and live with the TE we have. Yeah I know your all smarter than the Ireland. For the real fans, GO FINS! For the others go back to NY and crawl back into your rat infested sewer.

Not saying much, but this is clearly the best team we've had in a while. Clearly number2 in division and closer to Pats than we've been in a long time. The AFC south has 2 good teams. The West has 1. The traditional powers in the AFC North are not nearly as strong as they used to be. Hell, if we hadn't lost Keller, I''d put us up there right up there. Now I'm not sure. TE is too important and Clay didn't look too good.

texas d fan, only close to pats cause jets and bills suck, miami has not done anything remarkable!

People relax! I know everyone wants to win but calling Jordan a bust before reg season even starts? Come on Miami has totally changed every thing in the organization and that takes time! The real problem has been in the past when we go out and just put band aids on things(B Marshall,B Parcells etc. Yeah a lot of early picks contribute early but a lot of them bust too! Its a crap shoot! If the forum had their way we would have no Qb no cap space and probably Rex Ryan coaching us! Relax! My main concern is strength of schedule! Which for the life of me I do not understand how we have finished so bad so often and still end up with a tougher schedule than the Patriots! UGH!! Go Dolphins!

Coaches just found out yesterday Jordan is sleeping on his side specifically on his injured shoulder with the sleep number mattress too high. They just told him to sleep on other side and adjust number lower. He will be back when Derrick Rose comes back.

Yo, fellas, its one game, not the whole season, one game. If the dude misses two games , so what, this Dolphins defense is going to be special without him, and we need special cause the offense is just plan ugly. RBs Miller and Daniels look ugly because their OL is, you guessed it, ugly. Ugly is as ugly does,,,,,,

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