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Concerns about Lance Louis, Jonathan Martin

Ryan Tannehill is an optimistic guy. He thinks everything is going to work out with his running backs, his wide receivers, his tight ends, and his offensive line.

That's a good attitude to have because a football season is a roller coaster ride and players rise and fall, so keeping a bright outlook is good. But right now the offensive line is at a low point rather than a high point so the starting quarterback seems to be stretching credibility when he says the guys charged with protecting him are doing fine.

"I think they’re doing a great job, like I said there’s a couple guys banged up," Tannehill said. "There shifting around, a couple new faces bumping in while John’s (Jerry) out, moving Mike (Pouncey) over to guard a little bit, put (Josh) Samuda in at guard as well. They’ve done a good job at handling adversity, handling the change and just preparing for whatever is going to happen, you never know what’s going to happen."

Well, unless the line gets its act together what's going to happen is that Tannehill is going to get hit this year. A lot.

To wit:

On Wednesday, the offensive line added a new twist to the guard search with Nate Garner getting first-team snaps at right guard.

Suddenly, the experiment with Josh Samuda at guard (he's also worked at center) was pushed to a back burner. And the experiment of moving Mike Pouncey from center to guard (which I dislike) was delayed. And the experiment of moving Richie Incognito from left guard to right guard was similarly delayed.

The interesting thing in all this?

The Dolphins signed Lance Louis this offseason to compete with John Jerry for the starting job. The man is in his fifth season. He has satarted 28 career games including 24 the past two years.

So why hasn't he been at least an option to replace the injured Jerry?

The problem isn't that he wasn't the first option. The problem is the Dolphins have gone through four other options -- Incognito, Pouncey, Samuda and now Garner -- and Louis still hasn't budged from the second unit.

I know the thought might be he's still getting back from his 2012 knee surgery. Well, then how is it he's on second team? How is it he's taking all his reps and hasn't seemed limited physically in any way?

The Dolphins have moved four guys from different positions, including center and tackle to right guard but the right guard signed to be the backup to John Jerry hasn't been able to step in and fill that role.


And, by the way, it's not good for Louis if he's not one of the options because that shows limited value to the team. The Dolphins only spent $100,000 in guaranteed money on Louis this offseason so he has to show strong and become a starting option when injuries arise because he'll be very easy to cut at the end of this month otherwise.

So there's that.

And then this:

The questioin throughout training camp has been whether Olivier Vernon has suddenly blossomed to the point he was often beating left tackle Jonathan Martin for sacks. Or ... was Martin simply struggling?

Well, during Wednesday's practice, rookie Dion Jordan got a shot at matching up against Martin. And he had two sacks.

That's great news for Jordan as it was previously for Vernon. But that's a poor reflection on Martin, the team's starting LT.

If a second-year player and a rookie are looking exceedingly good against him in training camp, how's he going to survive the regular season?

Tannehill seems optimistic about all this. We'll see if he can remain that way.


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"Well, during Wednesday's practice, rookie Dion Jordan got a shot at matching up against Martin. And he had two sacks."..Armando


Martin is pathetic at LT. It could be a Long season.

I am not worried about our offensive line yet. We have 3 high caliber players on the OL. Clabo , Pouncey,Incognito. All three have been very successful in the league. Jury is still out on Martin and RG should be sorted out in time.

I do believe our OL is going up against a ridiculous front 7 and is making our O-line look like garbage. I will become a little more concerned if we get sacked numerous times in the HOF game, the Cowboys defense is heavily injured and shouldn't knock us around. But even if we do, we still have 4 more games to add a little cohesiveness

Posted by: Kris | August 01, 2013 at 12:00 PM

Kris this was actually a brilliant post, kudos sir. I have been witness to all of this at different times but when you put it together like that it becomes pretty clear what's going on.

More proof? Look at all of the hits and football talk going on? Where's all of the trolling? Don't need em I guess when the pages are filling up.

BOULDERS RIGHT! LMAO I forgot Louis did work some with the first team last night, easing him in just like we said. Too funny

I follow Mando on twitter and he was talking about Ryan Tannehill's streak of no interceptions and was ripping Mark Sanchez who he said has 2 ints in last two practices.

So at least know what you talkin about when you hate. You sound like babies that need changing.

Kris must you spout endless negative or hostile commentary? You are always so irritable.

You unhappy, bro?

Kris this was actually a brilliant post, kudos sir.

Posted by: Phins78 | August 01, 2013 at 12:15 PM

That is what you call brilliant? Regurgitating the same complaints ad nauseam for years on end?

Flies have no memory. You may be a fly.

kennan read back, we already acknowledged these little twitter hits about positive things happening. We were talking about a story every once and a while.

But the other poster was right, negativity sells. Look at the nightly news, surely those aren't the only things going on? But our society loves drama, they buy drama. These guys are in the selling business. They know what they're doing.

Hell, look at all of the reaction he got over this. Just like the Culpepper days. Armando was so funny. As a header he posted, "Culpepper,,,discuss", and the blog blew up!

A B conversations today...I see...Toodles...

im really starting to dislike the local media reporters. Remember how the dolphins couldn't run the ball in the first couple of preseason games then came out running in the next 2. Oline takes time to gel. Its the game within the game. Anybody tahts been covering football as long as mando "should" know that. I guess negativity sells more than talking about positive things. No wonder why this industry is almost dead!!!

Well someone woke up. Good morning sleepy. Did you dream about Dashi last night? When are your buddies Dashi and odinseye showing up so you all can argue for the next 16 hours? You guys crack me up! Hahaha

And it's someone with an axe to grind against Kris? That's a mysteryyyyyyyy, hmmmmm.

Last Season when we played S.F. Martin held his own when A.Smith tried to speed rush around him it was the inside move (taking a hard charge at the LT's inside shoulder) were he got tossed around pretty good and not just in that game but in just about everyone including at RT. His 1st Pre-Season start Vs. Tampa there back up RDE did the same to him on the 3rd play of the game were he was basically thrown on top of the QB. In that play Bush went between LG & T for a nice run but I was focused on the way Martin was handled.

Conventional wisdom would tell you he lacks the upper body strength and balance to set himself when presented by this particular move. Me I see a Technique flaw that reqiured work. He did after all have the speed to seal the edge on the speed rush. Fast forward and it's apparent from what the press reports that it's the speed rush were he's struggling this camp and the question becomes has the additional 15 to 20 Pds. he put on going from around 310 (his weight when reporting 2012) to roughly close to 328 which is were he's supposedly at now slowed him down??

They say this weight was put on pulling tractor trailers in Cali. during the off Season and in fairness he held his own on individual drills straight up with the DL. On the 1st day of Camp Mando reported himself Odrick got him on a move were Martin's feet got tangled under him (again flawed technique) not that he was run over as was the case far to often last Yr. To me he's still a work in progress and we shall see, if it fails badly and if it does then I'll take my "I told you so's" as well but the alternative was signing and guaranteeing big money to Long who had proven in 2012 no serious upgrade due to creeping chronic injuries to his triceps, shoulder and left knee.

Blame Sparano it was after all in a meaningless 4th Pre-Season game in Dallas 2010 were Jake suffered what would later be reported as damage to his MCL playing through it on one leg compensating with his upper body strength when he hurt his triceps and shoulder originally and Sparano popped a Harness on the man on a wasted Season starting the steady decline of the Big man. Last Season Jake was being pushed around at home Vs. some nobody DE Vs. Oak. and his game at Indy was down right emarrassing for the proud war hammer. We'll see now in the NFC West how he does Vs. that unforgiving DL Carroll put together in Seattle or when facing S.F. for that matter if he's even on the field and then I'll give my own "I told you so's"

I'm calling it right now, this blog is about to go downhill fast. Hope I'm wrong.

fin4life great point and good post. The nfc west is going to own Jake most likely. Not sure why he would make a move to a division with so many great pass rushers.

Ja var'nata kuilaspo neve d'arta stavro Dolphins?

Steve Ross, save the Dolphins. SELL THE TEAM!

Anyone know the reason for the night practices? Are they trying to get them acclimated for the hof game which is also at night? I hope it doesn't have something to do with heat.

it has something to do with allowing more fans to attend buddy

Maybe a little slam, good point. But Mando was telling us the business side and football side are disconnected with the Dolphins. So it doesn't make sense to me that the business side would be able to dictate to the football side what time their practices run. There has to be a better answer.

Unless Armando was wrong and the two sides are working more closely together? Who knows.

Fins have made 2 mistakes that will cost Ireland his job at the end of the season.

1. Drafting Dion Jordan (luxury pick) over Lane Johnson who would have stepped in for Jake Long at LT easily.

2. Trading away Davonne Bess to Cleveland. Now WR does not look as good with nagging injuries to Hartline and lack of Chemistry with Wallace.


I love bess but hes so one dimensional and his lack of size and speed was handcuffing the fins.

Lane Johnson will be a bust. the guy was just a workout warrior.

Maybe should have resigned Jake Long and drafted one of those big nasty guards in the first or second rounds

the online will be fine don't let the media get you all nervous. That's what media has become. THey try to instill fear in everyone. That's what gets ratings.

I've decided to shed some tonnage but that will not stop me from going to the El Rodeo buffet for lunch today.
I will simply have some plain oatmeal for dinner and that will balance everything out.

Phins78,you are so right. Just pass 2watt (aka: nitwit)posts. There is nothing of any value to read and all Jets fans sound the same anyway. They are kinda jealous that we have a contender and they are still pretenders. Sad

Lane Johnson is a right tackle in the nfl. He only played his senior season at left tackle. Teams were drafting him for RT because his skill set doesn't translate to LT in the NFL.

Davone Bess can not run every route in the nfl. He is limited in that aspect and is not suited for the wco. Brandon Gibson was signed to replace him. He is younger, bigger, faster, stronger, and can run every route on the tree. They upgraded the position.

The first responsibility for a WR is to catch the ball.

first MArtin is not a pathetic left tackle, He was very good in college. He played a full year at right which is TOTALLY different poisiton.

That being said, I am concerned about the LT spot. He needs to improve and improve quick, because if he is not at least as good as 77 last year, forgive the pun, it will be a LONG year.

Lane Johnson is a right tackle in the nfl. He only played his senior season at left tackle. Teams were drafting him for RT because his skill set doesn't translate to LT in the NFL.

Posted by: Phins78 | August 01, 2013 at 12:54 PM

Couldn't disagree here more, LJ is 6"6"/310 Pds. running a rediculous 4.7/40. He's just the type of athletic PHENOM you want at LT. He was placed at RT in Philly because Jason Peters is coming back healthy at LT and is guaranteed 11.042 Mil in 2013 (10.4 base and 1.184 in incentives or DEAD money) his 2014 salary is were they can move him taking a minimal hit if they move him by Feb I believe but that will depend on his 2013 performance given his 10.2 2014 salary (including incentives) is a bargain of sortss for a Pro Bowl LT, again all depends on his 2013 performance but regardless you can bet (FREAK ATHLETE) LJ who has all the measurables you look for in speed/power combo will be LT by 2015!

There does need to be stability on the line for us to have success IMO. It is early still, but it is late enough to start to get concerned.

We have not even had our first preseason game. Players we knew were injured and needed to heal up are healing up but not magically healed immediately because someone else got injured. What a surprise? It is a tad early to be in full fledged panic.


Didn't we call it on the last blog!! Mando was going to write something negative about the O-Line. This guy is to PREDICTABLE. Reminds me of someone that is always here.

Pathetic Dolphins,the only thing more pathetic is the PATHETIC homer Dolphins fans.LMAO@UHOMERS

One thing is a given, for ever and a day Dolphins fans will compare the careers of Lance Johnson to Dion Jordan's.

Posted by: fin4life | August 01, 2013 at 01:10 PM

I completely agree. I really wanted us to get Lane Johnson based on his upside. My next pick would've been Cooper at G. Now I'm glad we drafted Jordan but it sure seems like our talent is lopsided in favor of the defense.

Hopefully Martin, Thomas and Samuda make some huge strides before the season starts.

the worst ting 2 happen 2 a ^ 5 d is the 3 + out.
and who is numero 1 in that cat.?

From last blog

Some of you guys are just to bias towards the team, I guess cause your FANatics, but the reality is the OL sucks! Why didnt we just give up was it one of our 2nd rounder for Albert?? Ireland should of made that trade.

I dont care if Martin was more comfortable on the left side he was so horrible on the right so what do the Dolphins do put him on the left to go aganst usually the opponent BEST pass rusher, this isnt logical at all! He will be killed week in and week out. Long, Albert, Winston would be better as the LT then Martin how long will it take Ireland to realize the OL stinks??

Posted by: Truth | August 01, 2013 at 09:38 AM


Which 2nd rd pick would you give up for B.Albert and his bad back?

The one we gave up for J.Taylor? Or the one we traded up for DJ?

You use logic. I wouldn't give up neither of our 2nd rd pick for an Overpaid LT.

Can anyone remind me why we gave up on Jake Long? I know he wasn't the Hall of Famer that he was in his first few seasons, but was he better than JMartin? This is not a rhetorical question-- I don't have a TV and don't live near Miami. How does JM compare with Long? Thanks.


Didn't we call it on the last blog!! Mando was going to write something negative about the O-Line. This guy is to PREDICTABLE. Reminds me of someone that is always here.

Posted by: Dashi | August 01, 2013 at 01:12 PM

And while he's posted AD NAUSEAM that he has a "LIFE" and can't spend his time reading our posts (A bit condescending) he sure seems to put up alot of posts that go with the day before's line of thinking on here, just sayin?

Rob, It was the evaluation of Value. Long wanted top 5 money, and his last year he was not even close to top 10 LT's. Also the nagging injury that seemes to pop up. It was a lot of money with a lot of risk. the team took what they thought was the safe route. but only time will tell. I did not like the decision, however I can see why we did what we did. But IF Long gets back to form... arrgh.

Phins78 you are so Disrespectful!! (With my best Steven A Smith Voice)

I told the blog this morning we will have a good blog going til a certain someone wakes up.

Rob H, they didn't give up on Jake. They offered Jake a fair contract similar to the Rams. Jake decided he would rather leave then take a small discount, stay at home, or avoid state income tax.

We did call it Dash I...

Also...I posted a comment about it and Armando earlier...that wasn't very pleasant...calling him out...and for some reason...it was gone in record time!!!

NeMo from earlier,

Hell yeah I'm Watching The Whole HOF game. My boy Devlin is going to be threading the needle like a seamstress. You guys will see what perfect ball placement is. Let me not hype him up to much though. Cause I know Dash I and Devlin will be getting trolled hard that game. But can't wait!! I only wish that R.Matthews was playing.

Devlin, R.Matthews, and Pruitt almost lead a couple good comebacks last preseason.Hope they let him sling it around for more than 1 Qtr a game this preseason. I expect Philbin with his evaluation to give Devlin the most playing time of all the QBs. Protect T-Hill, and we all know what Fumble Moore can do. Just hope Moore completes more than 39% of his passes this preseason.

Fin4life we'll see. Definitely bring this up again at that time if we're still around. But he's only had one year at LT in his career and spent most of his career on the right side of the field playing te and rt. That's why I have doubts. But if Vick plays (lefty) Johnson will definitely shine.

I didn't see that Dashi, didn't mean to steal your thunder ;)

Long, Albert, Winston would be better as the LT then Martin how long will it take Ireland to realize the OL stinks??

Posted by: Truth | August 01, 2013 at 09:38 AM


Which 2nd rd pick would you give up for B.Albert and his bad back?

The one we gave up for J.Taylor? Or the one we traded up for DJ?

You use logic. I wouldn't give up neither of our 2nd rd pick for an Overpaid LT.

Posted by: Dashi | August 01, 2013 at 01:16 PM


I'd like to add to your point a little here! Winston at LT???? If your a Canes fan you know he got Kyle Wright (suck nut held ball to long) KILLED after never being same after knee injury Vs. Georgia Tech.

He is also the guy whose DL pulverized QB Matt Cassell last Yr. when in an interview he said he was SICK of the way the Fans CHEERED the injury. I saw the play plenty and Winston was thrown into Cassell like a ragdoll by Paul Kruger. I wondered if his tyrad after was more about how he whiffed on the play!!

I posted earlier and will repeat J.Long will be injured at some point this Yr. which would have placed Martin at LT anyway! The team just jumped started the process and while it may fail and be hit with the "I told you so" BRIGADE I will wait and see Long in the NFC West Vs. Hawks monster DL and of course 49ers while not forgetting Calais Campbell in Arz. and that's if he's even playing when I'll post my own "I told you so" about guaranteeing 20 to 30 Mil. there again.


Maybe his IT guy woke up and erased it.

Mando has gotten better with that, leaving post up. He use to be horrendous about it. Only leaving his BFF's post up and Deleting everyone else's.

I've enjoyed reading thru the real football talk today. Even though we have a bunch of fake Jake Long fans saying we should've signed Jake. I remember when I said that before free agency The same people were ragging on Dashi. Mando himself was on the I hate Jake bandwagon.

The Fins(Ireland) gave Jake a fair offer, Jackie was just mad she was no longer the prettiest wife on the team and told Jake we have to go. Have you seen the Butch that Bradford walks around with. That was a short decision for the Longs.

Concerns about Lance Louis, Jonathan Martin??

Yeah, T-Henne will be running for his life.

Trading Da Beast for Michael Egnew shows what a MORON Jeffy is.

But IF Long gets back to form... arrgh.

Posted by: Poizen | August 01, 2013 at 01:21 PM

Chronic injuries don't lie! They have claimed some of the GREATS through the Yrs. they call it the NOT FOR LONG League for a few reasons and this is one. I posted it last Yr. and will stick to my guns! Jake Long will be every bit the CHATASTROPHIC signing (to the team that payed) that Bosselli was to the Texans after injury ZAPPED hin in Jax and then Jags H.C. Coughlin made the right call!

Dashi @ 1:16 ,,,especially when we can get Albert next year in free agency for a discount and not give up any draft picks. Albert wasn't getting us to the super bowl this year and I agree that it would have been shortsighted to give up a pick and more money for him.

Dashi you're too funny with that Devlin love. Hope you're right, though I don't have a lot of faith.


Don't worry. We will get the you guys are talking to Dashe tirade later. For now let's enjoy the football talk.

I said the Disrespectful thing sarcastically. I know you meant no harm about it.

It does get annoying when every other post is Dashe this, Dashe that. Specially when my name isn't pronounced Da-She but Dash-I. But for someone who knows what Dash-I soup is, which he has probably never ordered(He is more of a Tubesteak sandwich kind of fellow). He still doesn't know how to pronounce it. He just hates women so much that he has to try and make every thing about insulting women. Notice he gives every poster women names. And wants people to call him In-His-Ass. That is one angry gay guy.

The Fins(Ireland) gave Jake a fair offer, Jackie was just mad she was no longer the prettiest wife on the team and told Jake we have to go

Dashi...you hit the nail on the head here...BINGO!!! Another point about significant others...you mention Brdfords Butch...Bradford sucks!!! T-Sizzle will be a WINNER!!! Only winners can reel in a catch like that...and they were married before the NFL...Ryan Tannehill...#WINNER...

Letting perrenial Pro Bowler Long, leave to to save a half million when we have TONS of cap room was totally MORONIC. Thats gonna bite Ireland in the ass too.

Martin did a good job last year filling in for Long. He has had time to prepare for the LT position mentally and physically. Have any of you taken into consideration Miami's defensive front seven are just that good. They are rated as one of the top if not the top front seven. It is good training for the offensive line to practice against them to get better and the defense is usually ahead of the offense at this time of the year.

My prediction is that Miami's defense is going really maul a lot of teams this year with NE being one of them. Look the team playing against other teams before you lay judgment as to how good they are.

The Teal Curtain will be better than it has ever been.

Rob H,
We did not 'give up' on Jake Long.
Jake Long played out his contract and became a 'free agent' which means he was 'free' to go to another team.

Jake Long's play didn't deteriorate. Jake Long tore his triceps muscle.

Do you know how a triceps muscle is torn? A triceps muscle is torn when you apply so much force that the muscle tears away from the bone. Do you have any idea how much mental focus it takes for that to happen? Try to push a tractor trailer and try so hard that your triceps muscle tears away from the bone; that is how much focus it takes.

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