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Concerns about Lance Louis, Jonathan Martin

Ryan Tannehill is an optimistic guy. He thinks everything is going to work out with his running backs, his wide receivers, his tight ends, and his offensive line.

That's a good attitude to have because a football season is a roller coaster ride and players rise and fall, so keeping a bright outlook is good. But right now the offensive line is at a low point rather than a high point so the starting quarterback seems to be stretching credibility when he says the guys charged with protecting him are doing fine.

"I think they’re doing a great job, like I said there’s a couple guys banged up," Tannehill said. "There shifting around, a couple new faces bumping in while John’s (Jerry) out, moving Mike (Pouncey) over to guard a little bit, put (Josh) Samuda in at guard as well. They’ve done a good job at handling adversity, handling the change and just preparing for whatever is going to happen, you never know what’s going to happen."

Well, unless the line gets its act together what's going to happen is that Tannehill is going to get hit this year. A lot.

To wit:

On Wednesday, the offensive line added a new twist to the guard search with Nate Garner getting first-team snaps at right guard.

Suddenly, the experiment with Josh Samuda at guard (he's also worked at center) was pushed to a back burner. And the experiment of moving Mike Pouncey from center to guard (which I dislike) was delayed. And the experiment of moving Richie Incognito from left guard to right guard was similarly delayed.

The interesting thing in all this?

The Dolphins signed Lance Louis this offseason to compete with John Jerry for the starting job. The man is in his fifth season. He has satarted 28 career games including 24 the past two years.

So why hasn't he been at least an option to replace the injured Jerry?

The problem isn't that he wasn't the first option. The problem is the Dolphins have gone through four other options -- Incognito, Pouncey, Samuda and now Garner -- and Louis still hasn't budged from the second unit.

I know the thought might be he's still getting back from his 2012 knee surgery. Well, then how is it he's on second team? How is it he's taking all his reps and hasn't seemed limited physically in any way?

The Dolphins have moved four guys from different positions, including center and tackle to right guard but the right guard signed to be the backup to John Jerry hasn't been able to step in and fill that role.


And, by the way, it's not good for Louis if he's not one of the options because that shows limited value to the team. The Dolphins only spent $100,000 in guaranteed money on Louis this offseason so he has to show strong and become a starting option when injuries arise because he'll be very easy to cut at the end of this month otherwise.

So there's that.

And then this:

The questioin throughout training camp has been whether Olivier Vernon has suddenly blossomed to the point he was often beating left tackle Jonathan Martin for sacks. Or ... was Martin simply struggling?

Well, during Wednesday's practice, rookie Dion Jordan got a shot at matching up against Martin. And he had two sacks.

That's great news for Jordan as it was previously for Vernon. But that's a poor reflection on Martin, the team's starting LT.

If a second-year player and a rookie are looking exceedingly good against him in training camp, how's he going to survive the regular season?

Tannehill seems optimistic about all this. We'll see if he can remain that way.


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heehee, Wake doesn't smoke past Clabo simply because he doesn't want to.

That's my boy hooking up long with....Kyle Miller?


I LOVED Bess. And I was very upset we let him go. With that said, I have the same feeling towards him as Long (what were we with them?). If you're a mediocre team, then changing pieces around (right or wrong) is what's needed, not just keeping most of the same pieces and adding a few.

Bess is bye-bye. My guys WERE Binns, ARE Mathews, Gibson, Hartline, Wallace, McNutt (if he makes the team), etc. I'm going to battle with the force I have.


Exactly right. Good player, but let's not get carried away here. Bess filled a role but by no means was he expendable. We've upgraded he position and for that guys want to keep complaining? Huh?

Like Henne, Tannehill is still having a problem with the speed of the pro game.

Hey, Rodriguez, find out whoTH Kyle Miller is!

Guys we are where we are.
I don't care if we have start signing linemen off the street literally.
The key to the first 5 games is Grimes.
As long as Grimes is keeping a lid on the scoring getting out of hand we can run every single play if we have to and still be in the game.
If Grimes is not there then we're phucced.

Bess reminds me of Wes Welker. Always has.

Posted by: NFL Analyst | August 01, 2013 at 03:17 PM

Your JOKING right????

The thing about Welker for me isn't so much the catches he racked up in New England but his YAC.

While a Dolphins under Saban 05/06 he posted 15 YAC in 05 and after everybody knew who he was and that we would target on 3rd down in 06 he posted 10.3 YAC. This of course with posession WR Marty Booker on one side T.E. R.McMicheal and best deep threat Chris Chambers on the other!

These players while solid Blue chippers were hardly R.Moss, Donte Stallworth (in prime 07) and T.E. Ben Watson whose the only one you could compare to what we had when Welker was a Dolphin.

If you analyze Welker's career it shouldn't surprise he put up over 100 catches and a little under 1,000 yds. in 07 Pats debut. Again the numbers are nice but nicer still was the 10.5 YAC he put up for N.E. and maintained through the Yrs. With Decker and Thomas in Denver expect another big Yr. His YAC without outside help in N.E. in 2012, 11.5!

Devone Bess has also put up great YAC in his career but his numbers can be a little more misleading if your a Dolphan given you know he was targeted on deep intermediate routes while a Dolphin given the carrousel at WR since 08 with PUKE's like Ginn, Wilford and even fan Fav. Camarillo pushing him into starting line up. Nice player and real gamer but not the cat like quick Welker who can take a simple screen 99 Yds. to the house (remember 2011 opener Vs. Pats)

Well said DC. Bess is a great story but people need to put the crack pipe down with this idea that will cost Ireland his job etc....

His job will be largely dependent on Tannehill and whether he made the right call on letting Long go and going with Martin, along with trading up for Jordan. We'll see...

Man, Players are falling like flies.

Fraud, Grimes should be good to go. I'm really looking to seeing him. He's a legit number 1 shutdown corner.

Unlike Smith and Davis who talked like they were and had some moments, but seemed to shrivel when it really mattered.

I know that a 100% healthy Grimes is better than a 100% Smith or Davis.

I'm glad Grimes is 100% healthy today.
We need him to be 100% healthy 5 pre-season games from today.

Once again I ask:
Why do we have to play in the shhty HOF game every other year?

Why have the Pats/Giants/Bal/Atl/GB/Denver never had to play in this game?

at WR since 08 with PUKE's like Ginn, Wilford

Posted by: fin4life | August 01, 2013 at 03:58 PM

"Pukes" Love it F4L,Love it.......
Lets not forget the Ginn Family too....
There was Tednisha(All the way)Ginn his sister
RThere was Ned(The Human blocking dummy)Ginn his brother
And of course there was Ted(I never met a sideline I didn't like) Ginn.....

OK, now that zone-blocking scheme seems to be moving.

Oscar, What the deuce are you babbling about???

WhoTH is on the island protecting T-Hill?

focus on the negative. thats your job. you do it well.

have a nice day.

Its Aug. 1. get real.

the deuce, Cuban? Are you Cuban?

Those of you like the deuce Cuban who are not used to observing Football Games are going to be surprised at some of the blocking schemes we are going to use.


Fraud, I guess their reasoning for having it is the extra game gives everyone a chance to gel.

I see what you mean about the teams not making it to or winnng the Super Bowl. My guess is Tannehill plays a series or 2, then Moore, then Devlin for 2.5 quarters. Main thing is a bit of practice then to get out healthy.

Cuban you know good and well Ginn weighed 150lbs soak and wet.
Pat White should have ran out of bounds against Pittsburgh.






Watching Grimes play is one of the things I'm most excited about this season too. This is a guy who gets it and won't take the plays off that both Smith and David did. Good riddance to them both!

Oscar, I've been watching football for 45 years, Not as long as yourself(I believe our little friend Aloco say's your 120 years old)(LOL)But I do know the intricacy's of football......

The deuce Cuban seems to be religious. jejeje

I'd have to agree that the blog is running as smooth as greased owl shyt...today...

Craig M, yeah it will be nice having the corner come away with the game changing INT instead of dropping it for once.

We put one over on Armando today. Finally.

Philbin not happy. True that the practice sukked. But relax, Coach, everything will be alright.

Something else that would be really nice...having a scoring drive result in a TD...AND...the Defense doesn't give one right back...

Hard to practice in pads then come back to shorts.

Will Davis is really stepping up in camp so far. Great to hear!! Keep it going kid....

Where are you guys getting these details about today's practice?

I hate the Dolphins now. Loved them more than any of the no lifers here...talked sh*t to odinseye a plenty over two to three years, but now I despise this model of logo changing, tradition dumping, corporate greed run by Ross and the now departed coward Mike Dee. I hate the fact that it only two two years for the Dolphins marketing and sales department to pull the strings of the fans so easily. My we've come a long way from two years ago at this time, when the fans were booing Chad Henne. One reach for a quarterback in the top ten and one free agent plunge and just like that the lemmings are talking Super Bowl. They're even defending the red headed step child (Ireland). I will thoroughly enjoy watching this team tank. Neither Martin nor inaccurate Tannehill are good enough. Ireland and Philbin will certainly be fired within the next two years and I will be cackling, smug, content. I've seen a ton of football since 83'. Doesn't make me an expert, but the writing is clearly on the wall here. This organization is a clusterf*ck. One free agent spending spree isn't going to stop the vortex.

Which vortex?


"greased owl shyt", Jack! HAHA!

Were your friends in the Attleboro PD able to plant a .45 in the pond that they could later blame on AH?
They went back to the pond 3 days ago but no reports since.
What up?

Don't tell me a stupid, pot-smoking, gang-banging college graduate, all-American, millionaire is also a serial killer that has been able to elude 3 police departments and the FBI.

Man, you have to roam the Internet if you're going to get anywhere with investigating reporting.

Exposing has a problem with pot smoking and gang banging ? You must be a really fun and cool guy...the life of your church BBQ.

Where are you guys getting these details about today's practice?

Posted by: ExposingThe Fraud | August 01, 2013 at 04:45 PM

Some place other than here. Hehehe.

The SS would've been popping if Omar wasn't such a punk and accepted criticism. The changing of the Blog format killed the Fan interaction.

Posted by: NEW LOGO IS GAY | August 01, 2013 at 04:45 PM

Your posts are so refreshingly absurd that its entertaining. Please keep up the good work!

Nope I'm not mad, disgusted by how stupid people are, the effectiveness of marketing and marketers as a result of the majority's stupidity...and the nauseating amount of corporate greed that is rapidly increasing in our society. Greed which thrives among apathy and ignorance...two things synonymous with Dolphins fans. New logo, new era (repeating propaganda). Shula likes the new logo, Marino too !!! Dolphins are going to be great this year, 7-9 to 12-4. A marketers job shouldn't be this easy. Dolphins will blow again this year, no OL , no secondary...can't wait to read these comments in eight weeks. I'm loving it.

Ireland seems not to know how to draft a WR. We told him, draft Bailey, DeAndre Hopkins, but he seemed not to notice.

Cuban Menace | August 01, 2013 at 04:08 PM

Menace been to loooong Brudda! How's the N.Y. HEATWAVE treating you!

Bro, you have to catch the ball first, After that, you can do whatever the hell you want.


I take offense for all pot smokers everywhere. ;) Weed calms you down. If Hernandez was a Pothead he would've let whatever beef he had with Odin slide.

A.Hernandez was in the Crack game(like uknowwho). A Wannabe Thug Always on Edge. And they are searching where one of his buddies told them to look. So whoever gave the bad info might get their deal removed.

And calling UF a University is Egregious and an Insult to Higher Learning Institutions everywhere in the Country. I heard you don't even have to pass the FCAT and they will accept you. It is harder to get into a Technical School than it is to go to UF.

And they already have a Case on Hernandez. They just want to make sure it is Foolproof that way we don't have another Zimmerman on our hands. Riding with his gun sitting Passenger. That NRA money must be real nice. He bought a new truck and everything.

Left NYC a year or so ago, Retired to the Hawaii with the Princess of Pineapples...

Once again I ask:
Why do we have to play in the shhty HOF game every other year?

Why have the Pats/Giants/Bal/Atl/GB/Denver never had to play in this game?

Posted by: ExposingThe Fraud | August 01, 2013 at 04:07 PM


The League office asks/requests teams to play in the HOF game. Teams can deny the request and plenty over the Yrs. have. Philbin accepted offer given all his new pieces and probably given new CBA rule of only one prcatice per day I suspect our turn to play in the game won't come around as quickly next time given teams will use this as glorified practice/scrimmage in the future with projected starters maybe not even playing.


..This year is so intriguing on a lot of levels. IMO if the team struggles again. The finger will no doubt be pointed at GM Ireland. And rightfully so. At this point it is his picks that will either show up and perform like we all hope. Or they disappoint.

I like what the team has done. But it where the rubber meets the road. Gone are the Parcells guys. Jake Long gone in favor of Martin..We didn't make a move this offseason. The team put there faith in Martin at Lt rather then perhaps overpaying for a Vet...The right move IF..Martin comes through. If he doesn't...Well I'm sure the floodgates will be opened to second guess.

Other examples. Getting rid of Bush in favor of Lamar Miller. I know Parcells had nothing to do with Bush. And I love the fact we went this direction. Again..Like with Martin I think they were the right moves. BUT! Miller fails. It is going to look bad. Espeially if nobody else can carry the mail. The blame again will be directed at the teams architect.

There is a lot at stake for a lot of people. This upcoming season is exciting because we have all these new players filling roles. We also have the ability to be better at a lot of positions because of the younger guys. But the fact is..We could go backwards. Then what?

Left NYC a year or so ago, Retired to the Hawaii with the Princess of Pineapples...

Posted by: Cuban Menace | August 01, 2013 at 05:19 PM


"Wow. Zach Thomas long chat with Jeff Ireland."

That is another thing about Philbin I like. He is the one coach that we've had that doesn't mind old players stopping by. Ireland can learn something from Zach also. Tell him what a Real LB is suppose to look like.

Dolphins are going to be great this year, 7-9 to 12-4. A marketers job shouldn't be this easy. Dolphins will blow again this year, no OL , no secondary...can't wait to read these comments in eight weeks. I'm loving it.

Posted by: NEW LOGO IS GAY | August 01, 2013 at 05:10 PM

The OL has been addressed outside of the gamble at LT better than it was at anytime during the TRIFECTA. In 08/09 campaigns Parcells gambled on Smiley (who had never closed a Yr. playing all 16 games) and Grove (who he payed 14 Mil. in DEAD CAP money 2010 after all of 14 09 starts) We overpaid grossly for V.Carey at RT with a revolving door at RG where we were sold (marketing ploys)Donald Thomas (remember the PR machine on this GEM who we found on a College Basketball Campus who played all of one Yr. of College Football and was going to be a perennial Pro Bowler anchoring with Long) while developing Shawn Murphy (4th RD STEAL!) at LG.

Parcells (or PR SUPER HYPER BOWL) proclaimed this draft (08) a coup! The Sec. was also a big ? in that ERA at least this version brings promise not stop gap talent starting with a BONAFIDE STUD SAFETY in R.Jones. Overated was Y.Bell who we always heard about leading the team in Tackles (because he always played cheating close to the line in run support) fact is was always a liability in pass D! By the way his Tackle numbers were an indictment of Chowder and Ayodele's suspect MLB play ect...

I bet you think the Jets have more upside with Geno Smith (system QB if I ever saw one) & his older WR's, Santonio coming off injury and there T.E. on our roster playing Gates in slot during Training Camp (if he picks up the route running would make Philbin look bad, I'll give you that) or maybe yor SUPER HIGH on SUPER REACH EJ Manuel leading Bills past us as well, GIVE ME A BREAK HATER!

bess was easily worth the money for one more season. its dead money now just not being spent

fin4life santonio probaly not even playing this year

oline becoming huge worry already. better go find a left tackle before thill gets killed

And yet again we have another negative report from our boy. The coaches are taking a look at players at different positions from their norm. We have a player making his inaugural appearance from a major injury, but we only hear about their faults in practice.
The good from the DEs in practice are only the bad from the LT.
These opinions to me are motivated and subjective. My objective opinion of these reports are influenced by the previous writings from this reporter.
I find his credibility very suspect.

I'm very excited to see our defense play this year. Yeah, I definetly expect them to be on the field most of the time...

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