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Owner Stephen Ross address Dolphins issues

The Dolphins have spent over $240 million in new contract commitments (not counting rookies) and over $100 million of that is guaranteed money in preparation for the 2013 season.

So what does the man footing that bill expect in return from his team? What does he expect on the field? How does he define success for the Dolphins this year?

"We all know the games are played in September, October, November and December and that defines it," said Dolphins owner Stephen Ross on his first visit to training camp. "I mean, I think you make moves to really bring back the winning tradition to Florida. You can't make moves and not want to and hope to make the playoffs and see where we go from there. But you want to see progress and that's the most important thing.

"I'm looking to bring a team to South Florida to win consistently and that's the most important thing."

Yes, that is kind of vague. Does he success mean success is having to make the playoffs or not?

"We certainly want to make the playoffs," Ross said. "That was all done with that in mind. But I want to see growth in the team, and building the foundation for this season and future seasons as well. I don't want to be a one-shot wonder."

He wants the organization to the best in class in the NFL. And Ross gave endorsements of the heads of the organization -- the general manager, coach and quarterback -- as the right people for getting the job done

On general manager Jeff Ireland:

"I'm committed to him," Ross said. "I think he's doing a great job and I'm committed to Jeff Ireland."

Despite that commitment, Ireland is in the final year of his contract.

on Tannehill:

"Look what we're doing in the offseason," Ross said. "Who we brought in there. In pro football it starts and you need to have a great quarterback. We believe and hope we selected the quarterback. He understands his position, his role. He's doing everything he can. I love the guy. I think he's the right person to lead the way. But you have to make the right moves as well. You have to plan. You have to be consistent. You have to follow a plan. I think that's what we're doing. We said that last year, I think you can see the changes.

"I think we're [headed] in the right direction. You can see the makings of the team. This coach is different. This organization I think is committed. The moves we made in the offseason show that. We didn't try to sign players who had already reached their potential and were just a name. We had a plan and we're following a plan to really create that winning tradition here."

Early this camp, the Dolphins were tight lipped about the so-called "Free Hernandez" hat  controversy. That happened when center Mike Pouncey wore the hat calling for the freedom of accused murderer Aaron Hernandez during a party on South Beach. Philbin refused to discuss the issue and actually prevented Pouncey from doing so as well, although the player wanted to apologize. He wasn't allowed to do that.

Despite this, Ross defended the organization's attempt at transparency, which he instituted following the departure of Bill Parcells. And he defended Philbin's approach.

"Obviously, I don't condone it. At the same time I think the way team handled it was a matter that the coach and Mike Pouncey and I have total faith in the coach and how they handled the situation. It was done and you know the way we care about the way people act in the community and how they behave and what it means to the Miami Dolphins.

"I have total faith in Joe Philbin, the way he handles things as a person, what he expects of people and I'm not going to second-guess Joe Philbin."

Ross said the Dolphins search for a new CEO is approaching a critical moment. He said he hopes to narrow the field to four candidates in the next week and pick a CEO by September.

That person must have some sports experience but won't have any say on the football side of the organization. Ross said he'll continue to be the final word on the football side of the franchise. That new CEO will be charged with improvig ticket sales, particularly on a season-ticket basis, because those have been lagging so far.

Is Ross worried about the relative lukewarm response from the ticket-buying public after spending all that money this offseason?

"Miami has a reputation. It's a tough sports town," Ross said. "You have to win. You can do all those things but they're looking to see if you're winning. You have to start first. First, we'll be winning then I know we'll get the proper response from there."


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You guys lucky that there is a practice going on otherwise I would have obliterated you.


Mr. Ross seems to have "total faith" in Coach Joe...and is "committed" to Mr. Ireland....

but he "HOPES" they have the right QB....

not promising....not @ all....

BELIEVE and HOPE Kris.... you need a drink today? Sensing a littel nervousness...



I have said all along that Tanne was key....regardless of how many FA we signed....

I was UNIMPRESSED Sunday night....

Is it to much to ask for the QB to throw the ball TO the reciever...as opposed to behind him....

I don't think you HAND the job to a kid who went 7-9 and was very streaky...competition is good for EVERYBODY...espeially a 2nd year guy....

let him THINK he is competing for his job...even if he isn't...

Am I the only one who skipped the article and went str8 to the comments sections who cares what Ross has to say.

"Injured? Don't talk to me about injured. You go out there and play. I'll decide if you are injured", I believe was said by...

Funny how Mando forgot about the SFLA media comment.

He must've got the message.

With that said, Good Post Mando. Still a little Condescending. But readable to both sides of the Spectrum.

No....Truth. Ross said all the right things. I like that guy a lot. He's certainly engaged and pushing for a winner. Must hurt the pretend fans so deeply that he thinks Ireland is doing a great job. I agree with Ross almost entirely.

I don't know all, I still am stuck looking at last year with barley 2 weapons on the team and going 7-9. We know how bad Tanny can be, and we see how good he can be. So that being said with much better weapons on both sides of the ball. All else being the same I still think it has to be better. I think anyone freaking out at this point is jumping the gun. Yes Tanny has looked bad and needs to get better, but should't we judge more by PS game 3 and 4? JMO obviously...

Yeah, I didn't read him whole either. I know what he's going to say. Only surprise was his comment about Jeff Bezos...

I agree with everything you say but I'm not exactly in panic mode. I expect only moderate improvement from Tannehill this year. Always said the bar for him should be 3,700 yards, 20 TDS, 12 INT. That's not exactly lighting it up these days but if he does that - then the Dolphins will be a better team. Obviously the slack will have to be picked up by the defense and running game.

yea, Mark, exactly our 2 weapons were Bush and Wake. Now both sides have multiple. I agree on Tanny.


My issue is this...

its just a CONTINUATION from pre-seasons past....

we look this bad EVERY pre-season for the past 10 (i don't know maybe they looked good in one of those).....@ least past 4-5.....

everybody says...vanilla..vanlla...vanilla....

I read that word so many times the last couple of years....

fottball is about execution...and you can't just turn on and off a switch....that was the FIRST game film we have....and it lookied like every other one we have seen to this point...

and NOT just the players...

the meek play-calling...if you can't/won't call a deep pass in pre-season...how in the heck are you going to have the ball (s) to do it when it matters...

Tom Brady reportedly looking great in camp, and nobody should be the least bit surprised

..By Frank Schwab |

For a while this summer, when there was little to talk about, there was concern that New England quarterback Tom Brady was going to take a significant step back and that the New England Patriots wouldn't be quite the same either.

Losing Aaron Hernandez, Wes Welker and Brandon Lloyd (and Rob Gronkowski, for however long he is out) had to be a devastating blow, right?

Maybe not.

By all accounts, Brady is having a great camp, which really shouldn't be a surprise at all. Then during the Patriots' competitive practices against the Eagles this week, Brady went bananas against them.

Brady completed all seven of his attempts in 7-on-7 drills against the Eagles, then completed 17-of-21 in 11-on-11 work, and two of the incompletions were dropped passes, according to the Boston Herald. That was on Tuesday. These were the Wednesday reports:

That's against another NFL defense without Hernandez, Welker, Lloyd or Gronkowski. If you were hoping this was the year Brady and the Patriots fell a bit, maybe next year will be better.

"Our offense has been our offense for a long time, ever since I got here and different players have come and we've always adapted to the guys that we have and what they’re able to do best," Brady said Tuesday, according to the team's transcript. "That’s what we’re going to continue to try to do and hopefully the guys can come in and all create a role for themselves and we can hopefully go out and score a lot of points, that’s our goal."

People forget that Brady didn't always have great receivers, but he has usually been great.

In 2005, no Patriots receiver had more than 1,000 yards (Deion Branch came close, with 998). Brady threw for 4,110 yards, 26 touchdowns and the Patriots won 10 games and the AFC East.

In 2006, Brady's best receivers were Reche Caldwell, Doug Gabriel and 35-year-old Troy Brown. He threw for 3,529 yards, 24 touchdowns and the Patriots went 12-4. They would have probably won a Super Bowl had the Colts not pulled off an amazing comeback in the AFC championship game that year.

Brady will be fine. He's one of the greatest players in NFL history. Having better receivers around him wouldn't hurt, but he's going to win double-digit games and a division title with what he has.

.........Meanwhile, we have the ebb and flow accuracy Ryan Tannehill. We shall see if the gap is indeed closing homers.


i'm not panicked either....

but the players AND coaches need to have a sense of urgency about them...

the first team "O" needs to move the ball a bit...and NOT just on 7 on 7 drills....

Please, please, touch a different theme not what they tell you to write. Javorsky Lane is hurt but Clay did a good job of blocking yesterday? Then?

Kris, I am not saying there is not a concern here. But I do not think it is oom and gloom either. This was anextra pre-season game. And they are always Vanilla. There was no Wallace or Hartline. I think we have lost over 2 of our pre-season games almost every year.

I get your frustration, but I think you just should focus on the deeper spots for the first few games. By Game 4 or 5 you will see some of the playbook, but still very little.

I don't know all, I still am stuck looking at last year with barley 2 weapons on the team and going 7-9. We know how bad Tanny can be, and we see how good he can be.

Posted by: Poizen | August 07, 2013 at 02:16 PM

Tom Brdy led the Pats to a 12-4 record pretty much in the same situation. Had it not bee for a great Colts/Manning comeback in the afc championship game, he would have led them to the sb that year.

@ 2:26.

Throwing against those DBs is pretty easy though for a guy like Brady. That pass defense sucks bollas

overthrow by thenne to a wide open mw.

"Brady will be fine. He's one of the greatest players in NFL history. Having better receivers around him wouldn't hurt, but he's going to win double-digit games and a division title with what he has."

I'm beginning to believe this..................

Which cameras were those?

17, During the competitive practices Brady wore a red jersey. He would have been sacked prior to many of the deep passes they did according to my local papers and contacts. He did look sharp, but the efense was practicing lane assignments and not trying to "get" to Brady.

BTW, I am from MA, and many of my friends haveseason tiks to the Pats, They abuse me every year... :)


I agree...no doom and gloom yet....

and as far as pre-season goes...its not WINS and losses that I am concerned with....its the poor pay of the FIRST team that we put on the feild....

and the I magically think it will be better come week one....and BAM...we have the 20-something ranked offense @ the end of week 17.....

Our defense will yeild points...the game is designed for the offense to score...if not DOMINATE noeadays...you score less than 25 ppg...and you will have a hard time winning....

on the positive side tho....

Miller looke as advertised....but how will he look when its 8 or 9 in the box on run downs...

we have to be able to pass....

@ 2:31, why would you ever stop believing it? They've been the dominant team for a decade in the division. It shouldn't be a cakewalk like it was last year but may still happen. Won't necessarily mean this year's Dolphins season will be a disaster. Wild Card teams do well all the time for example ...

Omar Kelly ✔ @OmarKelly

Just watched Mike Wallace ROAST Brent Grimes on a double move that got him open deep. BUT...over throw by Tannehill.

Tough to overthrow Mike Wallace.... Maybe the corssing routes will be a better weapon for these two?

I am rejoicing.

Omar Kelly ✔ @OmarKelly

Chris Clemons intercepted Tannehill during 1-on-1s. The receiver fell down.


I can imagine @ 2:33...

My neighbor is a PATS fan....but he is just a bandwagon guy....he never even knows who won the games each week...just puts the PATS stuff on his vehicle....

I'm kinda glad he doesn't really follow them...makes our friendship easier....

@ 2:36, are those vaunted Buffalo Bills rubber mats making an appearance in Davie now?

Tannehill can you please begin to give us good news. Everything's looking down hill since the hof game.

wow, c all the nflers going down around the league,?
no roids.

Omar Kelly ✔ @OmarKelly

Lance Louis is looking pretty decent at RG. He's working with the second team line.

wow a td 2 mw 4 once. 40 ydr.

Well, there you have it, guys.

what? 1 long ball in 1550 paxx att's.

Omar Kelly ✔ @OmarKelly

Sound the church bells. Tannehill has delivered a deep ball to Mike Wallace.

But Oscar, don't expect Mando to mention it other than in passing ...

dt fumble.

I've been reading Armando's blog and the comments from you people for about a week now, and decided I needed to post something. Armando is probably the most negative writer I have ever read. He obviously has something against the Dolphins, and can't show any objectivity. I'm still wondering if some of the people commenting are real people or just trolls. To go on day and night about how bad the team is and how bad Tannehill, Ross, Ireland, and Philbin in are is absolutely insane.To think Tannehi is a bust, and Moore is better is idiotic. If you hate this team so much why are you here all day and night? When I read the blog, and the comments I feel like I have entered a hospital for the mentally handicapped and criminally insane

Omar Kelly is really a Tannehill hater. He didn't bother to report it was a 40yd td strike over Nolan Carroll.

I expect nothing from Nobody.

ranko, stfu, u cried already on the previous blog.

Even though Jake Long was on a mild downhill due to his injury history, and given the fact the man wanted way too much money to stay, the left tackle position this year is going to produce horrible, ugly results. If they don't find someone in a trade, and SOON, Ross' hopes will turn fantasy and disappointment once again. Hate to say it but looks strongly like Jake Long will be missed (even though he'll be injured again before season end). And Tannehill, without that left side protection, he'll be on the sidelines as well or on IR.

Thomas may yet play himself right out of the league. Hope he saved his money...

@ 2:48. those were my fears as well. Why I always said to pay jake. Would've been better served to pay him instead of Starks who now appears to be a rotational player because my boy Odrick is a horse inside as I always said he would be.

coconut w/ a stop on 3rd.

Bad news about Lamar. We have no other RB with his abilities here. But that's the Game.

oscar, gray, dark horse.

Oh and comparing this team now to the Pats? In your dreams can you even mildly compare Tannehill to Brady. And the O-line? Not even the faintest comparison to that of the Pats. Turnovers is another area of no comparison. Still years away from competing with the Pats.

emeka bl.ew right by jm
hartline drop from mm.

This is not about Brady, it is about Miami getting better. So what if Brady wins 12 games then we need to win 13, that is how you win a Super Bowl, not hoping that your main opponent gets worse but becasue you have gotten better then everyone else. Forget about what Brady does, concentrate on what we have and how we play football. Our front 7 might be top 5 in the NFL, Brady will have to deal with that twice this year and we all know that he does not like to get hit.

lm right ank. taped.

Oh well, he's back in , his leg not broken.

I love Big Paul .... Nobody can handle him in the run game ... especially now in a 4-3

mcnut drop
tristan right side sax. d thomas

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