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Owner Stephen Ross address Dolphins issues

The Dolphins have spent over $240 million in new contract commitments (not counting rookies) and over $100 million of that is guaranteed money in preparation for the 2013 season.

So what does the man footing that bill expect in return from his team? What does he expect on the field? How does he define success for the Dolphins this year?

"We all know the games are played in September, October, November and December and that defines it," said Dolphins owner Stephen Ross on his first visit to training camp. "I mean, I think you make moves to really bring back the winning tradition to Florida. You can't make moves and not want to and hope to make the playoffs and see where we go from there. But you want to see progress and that's the most important thing.

"I'm looking to bring a team to South Florida to win consistently and that's the most important thing."

Yes, that is kind of vague. Does he success mean success is having to make the playoffs or not?

"We certainly want to make the playoffs," Ross said. "That was all done with that in mind. But I want to see growth in the team, and building the foundation for this season and future seasons as well. I don't want to be a one-shot wonder."

He wants the organization to the best in class in the NFL. And Ross gave endorsements of the heads of the organization -- the general manager, coach and quarterback -- as the right people for getting the job done

On general manager Jeff Ireland:

"I'm committed to him," Ross said. "I think he's doing a great job and I'm committed to Jeff Ireland."

Despite that commitment, Ireland is in the final year of his contract.

on Tannehill:

"Look what we're doing in the offseason," Ross said. "Who we brought in there. In pro football it starts and you need to have a great quarterback. We believe and hope we selected the quarterback. He understands his position, his role. He's doing everything he can. I love the guy. I think he's the right person to lead the way. But you have to make the right moves as well. You have to plan. You have to be consistent. You have to follow a plan. I think that's what we're doing. We said that last year, I think you can see the changes.

"I think we're [headed] in the right direction. You can see the makings of the team. This coach is different. This organization I think is committed. The moves we made in the offseason show that. We didn't try to sign players who had already reached their potential and were just a name. We had a plan and we're following a plan to really create that winning tradition here."

Early this camp, the Dolphins were tight lipped about the so-called "Free Hernandez" hat  controversy. That happened when center Mike Pouncey wore the hat calling for the freedom of accused murderer Aaron Hernandez during a party on South Beach. Philbin refused to discuss the issue and actually prevented Pouncey from doing so as well, although the player wanted to apologize. He wasn't allowed to do that.

Despite this, Ross defended the organization's attempt at transparency, which he instituted following the departure of Bill Parcells. And he defended Philbin's approach.

"Obviously, I don't condone it. At the same time I think the way team handled it was a matter that the coach and Mike Pouncey and I have total faith in the coach and how they handled the situation. It was done and you know the way we care about the way people act in the community and how they behave and what it means to the Miami Dolphins.

"I have total faith in Joe Philbin, the way he handles things as a person, what he expects of people and I'm not going to second-guess Joe Philbin."

Ross said the Dolphins search for a new CEO is approaching a critical moment. He said he hopes to narrow the field to four candidates in the next week and pick a CEO by September.

That person must have some sports experience but won't have any say on the football side of the organization. Ross said he'll continue to be the final word on the football side of the franchise. That new CEO will be charged with improvig ticket sales, particularly on a season-ticket basis, because those have been lagging so far.

Is Ross worried about the relative lukewarm response from the ticket-buying public after spending all that money this offseason?

"Miami has a reputation. It's a tough sports town," Ross said. "You have to win. You can do all those things but they're looking to see if you're winning. You have to start first. First, we'll be winning then I know we'll get the proper response from there."


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On the 1 Pass in question from the HOF game. The WR ran the Slant Wrong.

Yes, you can run a Slant Wrong. Look at the play again. Watch how sloppy that route was.

Notice, when Bumphis was in with Devlin that pass was connecting regularly. Bumphis is a pretty good route runner.

McNutt had a Horrible Game. That Hype he was getting around here was uncalled for.

He is Big, and that is it. The Guy takes to many steps to get out of his Breaks. And is a Body Catcher from what I've seen.

Yes, Moore threw a Pick 6. But if McNutt would've tried to catch the Pass with his Hands and Not his Pads. The Ball wouldn't have deflected up like a C.Henne Laser. Moore is Still to Blame. But the WR needs to be able to catch with his hands.

trunsik tip but flag, wtf is it w. the tips?

Guys excuse the long post but have to seriously rant!!!!!

Ross knows full well the need to field a winner and has/does listen to the critics. On induction HOF Saturday Eisen mentioned on NFL Net. that every living member of the HOF was in attendace and I believe Ross was there not to watch a meaningless additional Pre-Season game but to drum up support amongst team Royalty of yester-year for the next St. referendum on Tax Dollars for Stadium renovation. He put his money were his mouth is regarding the team in this capacity, no denying this!

Case in point, At the end of the 2012 Season we (the few regulars left here) debated which spots needed upgrading in 2013 given we had so many holes.

Some posted about addressing the WR via a strong group in the draft others wanted DB's drafted while we all wanted to shore up the leaky rightside to the OL still debating the never ending problem at T.E. and the need to get OLB's who could cover. Then of course the debate of getting Dansby's eventual replacement in the Middle given his inefficiency to either rush or cover. Without mentioning a RB who could power through the OT's and speed to get away in the open field/2nd level.

Seemed a tal order and we all UNIVERALLY across the board on this blog agreed it would take at the very least 2 Off-Seasons of drafts and FA periods (more realistically 3 Yrs) while wondering if Ireland could get it done without blowing the draft picks while managing to convince high profile FA's to sign in Miami.


I practically led the ANTI-OWNERSHIP/MANAGEMENT tyrads on here! Thought Ireland waaaaaaay in over his head and the team dead in the water without immediate change in the F.O.

I have since EATEN MY WORDS/POSTS GLADLY, in honesty amazed at the masterful job by Ireland of addressing every issue in ONE OFF-SEASON (an imposibility by all accounts regarding everybody on this blog) with what on paper seems across the boards upgrades.

To now come on the blog to read about how Ireland EFFED IT UP! He let Bush walk ímagine that our SUPERSTAR RB (REALLY?) He signed some scrubs at RT & RG (showing the limmited kmowledge of some here regarding the type of OL needed for our new scheme) Clabo maybe the best RT we've signed or drafted since Norm Evans was blocking for Zonk (I dare anybody here to name me a RT worth a damn since Shula till present outside of maybe Carey's 08/09 performances and he was serviceable not spectacular) Clabo is a Pro Bowl type player who was more than just serviceable in the run blocking scheme were running today.

Louis is not yet 100% on that bad knee but when healthy will unseat J.Jerry whose value will be as the 6th man backing every Pos. on the line except Center. We upgraded the LB's GREATLY but yet have read what a catastrophy it was replacing Burnett's coverage ability for a younger faster player who can by the way also pass rush in Wheeler and the leadership of Dansby (AGAIN REALLY?) for a more athletic, faster younger player with, drum roll please! The ability to cover T.E.'s in the seam allowing our FS (Jones) to freelance a little more in deep zone which by the way should contribute to Int.'s with his play making ability to name just one thing the moves at LB should greatly contribute to!

We get one of the better route running quick T.E.'s to replace the glorified Tackle we had at the Pos. who couldn't out run a turtle in a race while drafting a real nice player in Sims and you read about what a horrible mistake this was as well ect.... The truth is this team is better today in every Pos. of need we had after 2012 were we all wondered were we would be and look like as a team come this Yr. and the conversation has turned from addressing these needs to now blasting the F.O. for the players we let go!

This is either obvious attempts by Mando and Co. to pump up the hits or this is the biggest flip flopping dilusional bunch of fans in the World! Phins78 is right about the state of this site, miss the days of debating Football with Derek4Dolphins, Rob in the OC and 0x80 to name a couple of guys gone replaced by a bunch of trolls or idiots.


I guess the experiment with Dallas T has stopped. He's a G.

The Phins NEED to come out and show something, anything against Jax, some sort of dominance anywhere and get the confidence ball rolling.

mark, that's against pouncey too.

devlin int. cc.

Well, at least he's throwing.

So after no SB win in 41 years, no playoff win in 11 years, and 4 consecutive losing seasons, Stephen Ross says “Fans may have to be patient”. WTF? What an idiot owner. We have to be patient enough until he sells the team to SOMEONE COMPETENT!!!


The level of incompetency on this franchise is something the NFL has never witnessed before.

where's mr. roarke.?
mr. roarke,has ross' plane arrived yet?

Stephen Ross = WORST OWNER EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dashi, wasn't it Bumphis that dropped that pick six?

Notice he didn't say January ? That's how far the Dolphins have fallen. Like the overwhelming majority of the owners in sports this guy should just sign the checks, count his profits and stay out of the way. However his ego likely won't allow him to do as much, and this means the Dolphins will never attract a top tier coach because top tier coaches have the option to go elsewhere, as Harbaugh and Fisher did. The way he dragged Sparano's name through the mud, by unnecessarily criticizing him in the New York media TWO YEARS after he was fired. The way he criticized Jeff Fisher for playing him like the tool that he is. I wouldn't want to work for this guy ? Would any of you ? Not to mention his public rant regarding Weatherford and the Dolphins failed stadium efforts. Ross is a child who is used to getting his way. He's also a liar, because when he bought the Dolphins he mentioned in an interview that he wouldn't change the Dolphins logo, "Because there's tradition there." This was when he was making the rounds promoting Marc Anthony as a new minority owner. Marc Anthony was sitting right next to him when he made the quote. I don't like the man. I can't root for him to have success. Jimmy Johnson wanted no part of dealing with an owner who wanted to be Michael Jackson. Now the Dolphins have an owner who thinks he's bad. The Dolphins won't be competitive again until this imbecile is out of the picture.

2 watt, Pouncey is a top class C but Big Paul is an animal. he won't get any sacks but he plugs up the middle in a serious fashion.


Ms. Ross is still licking his wounds from the Tally smack down. No welfare for billionaires.

Fin4life, most of the inbreds in here don't have the mental capacity or focus to read what you just wrote. They just see a bunch of words, and their head hurts. They just continue to be oblivious and content living in their imaginery world posting things like

Tannehenne garbage bad qb dolphns no win jef irlnad treble gm ross sel team .

Great Post F4L,

You know you will catch Flak from our posters who have a Short Attention Span, Yet claim to be Geniuses.

Should've Said this was F4L at The Beginning. Had to scroll down to see who it was from before I read the Whole thing.

On your post from yesterday. Agreed, Gray should've put his head down. But he gets a pass from me for now. That was the First Real Action he has seen in almost 2 Years. I thought he would've been more hesitant with so much time off. Gillislee frozea couple times without even passing the LOS.

Stephen Ross makes Jeff Loria look like God. lol

Umm that's one "hit" wonder. Mr. Dumbo Ross.


As a Blue jay fan, I hate Jeff Loria. What a pile of garabage he sold us. He should be hailed in South Florida for getting out from those contracts and collecting excellent prospects in the process. Schooled our young idiot GM.

Mike Dee may have left because he didn't like Ross.

90% of you are retarded. How the hell did you make it this far in life. I'm serious, I have season tickets, I actually spend money on this team and I haven't been this excited in a decade. They are finally drafting well, have a qb, and are signing quality free agents. The Dolphins have the dumbest fans in the NFL.

thenne int.


Disagree with your post on 1 thing.

Dashi had faith in Ireland to get most of the Problems fixed. (Even my Fans will agree)

Yea, He even outdid what I thought he will do. I believed Ireland was going to answer at least 7 of the 10 Problems we had. Not go 10 for 10, with a couple Bonus Points.

I like Keenan Davis for our WR.

ranko, the homer.sheep blog is at finhaven, go over there and pixx and moan.

devlin another int.

ov just byt.ch slapped jm.

My boy not doing good Today.

ocar, what's the +/- that thenne makes it to the 4th game.?

Actually Ranko you are the dunce if you think this team is going anywhere. Vegas has the win total at 7.5.. Take the under or you're an idiot.

"I actually spend money on this team."

Is there a logic to such a moronic post ?

The Dolphins have a qb ?

That's an opinion.

Signing quality free agents ?

Another opinion.

Drafting well ?

Name one standout draft pick ?

You're the retard, retard.

Fin4life, I couldn't agree more. The one area where i don't think we upgraded is LT. Everywhere else we added talent and should be able to compete this yr. and we didn't give up much to move all the way up for the 3rd overall pick Dion Jordan. It's time for the players to step up and get it done.

7-7 thenne td. keller.

Ross will never ever have a winning team.

bh drop thenne td.7-7

Our D seems to be killing this O line. How does the Jags D look?

Ranko, I hope it works out as well. I'm the most optimistic I've been in a few years myself.

Ross is a JACKASS!!

either obvious attempts by Mando and Co. to pump up the hits or this is the biggest flip flopping dilusional bunch of fans in the World! Phins78 is right about the state of this site, miss the days of debating Football with Derek4Dolphins, Rob in the OC and 0x80 to name a couple of guys gone replaced by a bunch of trolls or idiots.
Posted by: fin4life | August 07, 2013 at 02:57 PM

Maybe it's time to leave the blog.
While your at it take your drunk BFF Odin with you.
It's a NEW Generation of fans, We wont tolerate mediocrity like you old timers have.
Go Join AARP blog.

I should have known there was no reasoning with most of you. The have a qb, that's not an opinion. They brought in quality PRODUCTIVE free agents, that's fact. From last years draft they have their QB, LT, and RB. Only an idiot would say that's an opinion lol. You sir are a retard.


ranko,it's time 4 u 2 go now,
buh bye !.

You are kidding right?

They brought in good PRODUCTIVE free agents. That's a fact, not opinion

The Dolphins drafted their starting QB, LT, RB, and DE in last years draft. How you call that an opinion, and not fact is beyond me lol.

Troll some more lol.

bad paxx from mm.

mm all over the place.

Ranko, you're right about one thing though. I don't have the focus to read Fin4Life's post. I communicate in English, not Ebonics. I refuse to read something that's poorly written...including Armando's articles. Yet even Armando's articles are somewhat coherent and occasionally written on a Jr. High School level. Says a lot about how dumb you are that you could reference such a post.

"I actually spend money on this team."

Lmao...aren't you important.

Some of you guys watch one of FIVE pre-season games and start jumping ship...well...then GTFO...if you can't get on board with this team then just GTFO...
It's just WOW...even a solid supporter can't muster anything but to come in here and bash...Go Dolphins...right???

Not a kool aid drinker, speak for yourself. You're a perfect example of this " new generation" so called fan. You're probably the type that goes to games and boos the team. What a loser.

I'm sorry 2watt. I don't have the emotions of a child. Someone saying dumb things on a computer doesn't hurt my feelings. Why do you post lol at the end of all your nonsense? Just wondering.

I hope Henne lights up the loser Phins this week. Wouldn't that just get everyone's goat ?

I is also true that Ryan Tannehill cannot be evaluated properly until he has decent protection, at least = to the rest of the good Teams in the League.

Mark, I must admit Blue Jays got a bunch of Bums form Loria, whats wrong with Josh Johnson?

ranko,it's b'cuz u r a joke.

Josh Johnson now top out at 92-93 MPH on his fastball. he always depended on his velocity. Now he's good for BP

@ 3:37, people like you hoped the same last year instead Tannehill lit up the Jags and Henne was Henne...

sturgis from 46.

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