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Owner Stephen Ross address Dolphins issues

The Dolphins have spent over $240 million in new contract commitments (not counting rookies) and over $100 million of that is guaranteed money in preparation for the 2013 season.

So what does the man footing that bill expect in return from his team? What does he expect on the field? How does he define success for the Dolphins this year?

"We all know the games are played in September, October, November and December and that defines it," said Dolphins owner Stephen Ross on his first visit to training camp. "I mean, I think you make moves to really bring back the winning tradition to Florida. You can't make moves and not want to and hope to make the playoffs and see where we go from there. But you want to see progress and that's the most important thing.

"I'm looking to bring a team to South Florida to win consistently and that's the most important thing."

Yes, that is kind of vague. Does he success mean success is having to make the playoffs or not?

"We certainly want to make the playoffs," Ross said. "That was all done with that in mind. But I want to see growth in the team, and building the foundation for this season and future seasons as well. I don't want to be a one-shot wonder."

He wants the organization to the best in class in the NFL. And Ross gave endorsements of the heads of the organization -- the general manager, coach and quarterback -- as the right people for getting the job done

On general manager Jeff Ireland:

"I'm committed to him," Ross said. "I think he's doing a great job and I'm committed to Jeff Ireland."

Despite that commitment, Ireland is in the final year of his contract.

on Tannehill:

"Look what we're doing in the offseason," Ross said. "Who we brought in there. In pro football it starts and you need to have a great quarterback. We believe and hope we selected the quarterback. He understands his position, his role. He's doing everything he can. I love the guy. I think he's the right person to lead the way. But you have to make the right moves as well. You have to plan. You have to be consistent. You have to follow a plan. I think that's what we're doing. We said that last year, I think you can see the changes.

"I think we're [headed] in the right direction. You can see the makings of the team. This coach is different. This organization I think is committed. The moves we made in the offseason show that. We didn't try to sign players who had already reached their potential and were just a name. We had a plan and we're following a plan to really create that winning tradition here."

Early this camp, the Dolphins were tight lipped about the so-called "Free Hernandez" hat  controversy. That happened when center Mike Pouncey wore the hat calling for the freedom of accused murderer Aaron Hernandez during a party on South Beach. Philbin refused to discuss the issue and actually prevented Pouncey from doing so as well, although the player wanted to apologize. He wasn't allowed to do that.

Despite this, Ross defended the organization's attempt at transparency, which he instituted following the departure of Bill Parcells. And he defended Philbin's approach.

"Obviously, I don't condone it. At the same time I think the way team handled it was a matter that the coach and Mike Pouncey and I have total faith in the coach and how they handled the situation. It was done and you know the way we care about the way people act in the community and how they behave and what it means to the Miami Dolphins.

"I have total faith in Joe Philbin, the way he handles things as a person, what he expects of people and I'm not going to second-guess Joe Philbin."

Ross said the Dolphins search for a new CEO is approaching a critical moment. He said he hopes to narrow the field to four candidates in the next week and pick a CEO by September.

That person must have some sports experience but won't have any say on the football side of the organization. Ross said he'll continue to be the final word on the football side of the franchise. That new CEO will be charged with improvig ticket sales, particularly on a season-ticket basis, because those have been lagging so far.

Is Ross worried about the relative lukewarm response from the ticket-buying public after spending all that money this offseason?

"Miami has a reputation. It's a tough sports town," Ross said. "You have to win. You can do all those things but they're looking to see if you're winning. You have to start first. First, we'll be winning then I know we'll get the proper response from there."


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Matt Moore having an even worse day than Tannehill had yesterday. Let's hear the cry for Matt Moore again please ...

Wow that guy turned into crap, he had a nasty slider between 90 and 92 and his velocity on his fastballs used to be 96-98. SMH

shelby sax, thenne held ball.


I do give credit were it's due and yes you were in a very small minority that thought Ireland (Fat Tuna puppet) could evolve into a better GM with seasoning. I on the other hand as you probably remember had at it BLASTING AWAY! Now fin4life (as you would say) GLADLY EATS CROW on those statements! Can't believe how some seem to forget our back-n-forth after the debacle in N.E. closing the Season regarding the very moves Ireland made to now BLASTING AWAY at replacing those very players with (supposed) HIGH PRICED SRUBS!

(How dare that little leprechaun!)

I not only like what he did but should this team finish any worse than 9-7 I lay it squarely on Philbin. I have on the other spectrum defended Philbin and his Coaching staff. I was after all I believe the 1st on here to ask aloud if we shouldn't take a look at G.B.'s O.C. to replace Sparano-nut as far back as watching the final seconds tick away in their 2010 S.B. win. Even after I read he didn't call the plays (which was my one apprehension) I figured he'd seen enough running of a 21st Century O to at least get this team out of the stone age.

I put little stock in a meaningless 1st out of a loooong 5 exhibition games but was wondering about that break neck fast Training Camp he ran last Yr. (supposedly to get team acclimated to new schemes) and wonder if now that the team is more familiar with it and the idea being to run a quicker paced O if his idea to let of the throttle this Yr. was such a good thing?? I won't advocate firing after the Season because any fan worth his salt understands the need for continuation at the H.C. Pos. but will critique his overall effort BEFORE IRELAND given the talent he has should we go .500 or worse. By the way Grey gets a pass on the play we talked about given he's new to the NFL and will learn this isn't the CREA PUFF Comp. he saw at South Bend.

Not a kool aid drinker, speak for yourself. You're a perfect example of this " new generation" so called fan. You're probably the type that goes to games and boos the team. What a loser.
Posted by: InDueTime | August 07, 2013 at 03:35

Time,Just like Pinhead4Life If I pay for something and don't like it I BOOOOO.
Don't like it join Pinhead and his BFF Over at the AARP site.
I hear they are debating about E.D.

they're fighting.

It's time for the players to step up and get it done.

Posted by: InDueTime | August 07, 2013 at 03:21 PM

Don't forget the Coaches maximizing this teams talent level which is above average to very good (with tons of potential)

cogs is in there.

Thanks for confirming that you're a tool.

tyms drop deep.

Name the productive free agents they've brought in Mr. Facts ?

Grimes ? Injured, out all year last season.
Keller ? Injured, missed half the year, last season.
Ellerbe ? Ray Lewis' back up, has hardly played, is being paid for his potential, was an undrafted free agent so there must be deficiencies in his game.

Wheeler, has had one good season out of five in the NFL. Wasn't wanted by his former team (The Raiders). He's also on his third team.

Wallace, overpaid, one trick pony, since when do the Steelers let top tier talent get away ?

Gibson, is he really an upgrade over Bess ?

You're the rose colored type who can be told anything you want to hear by the Dolphins' marketing dept..

Get em on the phone and tell em, "I actually spend money on this team."

Maybe you'll get a statue at the stadium next to golden boy Dan.

OMG, Fin4Life, We agree on something Jonas Grey..
Who would have thought.

Somebody trying to make the team picked a fight with Incognito. Wow, more guts than brains

Apparently you're too stupid to understand what I meant when I said I spend money on the team. This team has been below average for 15 years, yet I still kept my season tickets. I should be upset, and I was. Ireland was horrible, but the last 2 years he has done a complete 180. This team is finally turning it around, but most of you have been blinded by your hate for the Dolphins that you refuse to see it. You must be one of these no name computer tough guys. Pretend to be smarter and better than everyone, but you work at Publix.

yeah Truth, 2-8 is pretty much the epitome of crap.

mark after the 28-0 by.tch slapping by the pats,
it's what this team needs.

Ranko, Turned it around?
Two 7 and 9 Seasons in a row is"Turning" it around? Really?
And BTW, Publix is a great company.


I'm with you there, 2 watt. I like to see fire. Nothing wrong with a little dustup ... shows competitiveness. unless it ends up like that Michael Westbrook-Stephen Davis fight from a few years back where Westbrook hit Davis so hard it made him cry. That was just hard to watch a grown man cry like a biatch.

Ranko, "From last years draft they have their QB, LT and RB." Proof right there that you don't know wtf you're talking about...dumbass. With the exception of Tannehill at times, these players have shown nothing.

"I actually spend money on this team."

I would think a big spender like you would know a thing or two before investing so much in entertainment.

A fool and his money are named Ranko.

The Dolphins are worse then dog poop

I just can't wait to see a little more out of Ellerbe and Wheeler. These are big pick ups that I hope live up to the billing. I know about Grimes and if he says healthy he can play. Our defense has potential to be really good this year and our offense should be better than last year imo. Everyone should be pumped for this season.


Egnew TD! This boy will be around for some of you to whip for another year.

Troll some more lol.

Posted by: Ranko | August 07, 2013 at 03:33 PM


You know were I stand in this (to me silly) debate regarding this Off-Seasons moves!

Fin4, if I read you right, I also thought it was a mistake trying to get the team playing 'fast'. Especially last year with leftovers from Parecells 80s style football. But this year too. You have to crawl before you walk, walk before you run.

Bench Tannehill Start Moore


I read some of your comments from earlier. First off, I'll say, I get some of what you are saying. Tannehill didn't look good the little bit of time he was out there. However, there were a couple of games last year (and I actually commented on the live blog), where he looked jittery to start and then he settled down and actually had good games. I don't know if that would have been the case here or not but I think it's too early to make too much out of it.

Secondly, I'm not sure why you are ripping on Hartline. It's the coaches who decide if someone is going to play or not. Do you really want your star players, nursing an injury, however, in a meaningless preseason game? As long as he shows up during the regular season....that's what really matters.

Lastly, I don't get how you said Miller was awesome. He fumbled the first snap inside his own 10 that led to a Dallas TD and then only touched the ball maybe 2 more times. I will agree with you that he looked fast when he carried but when you set the tone of the night by fumbling inside your own 10, that's not awesome in my eyes. Sorry. It's inexcusable.

Yes they turned it around, and they have drafted well and brought in PRODUCTIVE free agents. I laid out how and why. You just repeating what I said, and giving your OPINION on why they aren't good players even though they were productive is the definition of being an idiot. Obviously you are content being angry and pessimistic. Being a fan of a team you root for too lose must be exhausting. Good luck with it.

When Tannehill throws for 16 tds and 9 ints in a season. When he wins multiple A.F.C. offensive player of the week awards. When he wins an A.F.C. (N.F.C.) offensive player of the month award. When he leads a team to a winning record, and he develops consistency with his accuracy, especially his deep passes, then you can talk about him being better than Matt Moore.

mm 2 eggnew td wow.

The Dullfins are total GARBAGE.

gray td from 3.he stix.

devlin td. to smith.

i love people getting their panties twisted over a preseason game fumble(glorified practice).

wasted blog space.

Maybe it's time to leave the blog.
While your at it take your drunk BFF Odin with you.
It's a NEW Generation of fans, We wont tolerate mediocrity like you old timers have.
Go Join AARP blog.

Posted by: Not A Kool-Aid drinker. | August 07, 2013 at 03:27 PM

Not that Old and faaaar from AARP eligible wondering if retirement will even exist in the next decade given current state of affairs. FYI I happen to like/love watching great teams execute. Over the Yrs. will freely admit to having been a fan of Montana's 49ers (once I got over the beating in SB-19) and absolutely LOVED JJ's Cowboys! I believe taking a gamble on the potential in otherwise unpproven D.Jordan amongst a core of young FA's with potential or ceiling for improvement past what they've shown so far is an attempt at climbing out of the middle of the pack, your entitled to an opinion but leave the tough guy act behind your keyboard somewhere else will ya, it only shows what a P U S S Y you really are if this venue is the one you feel you can take your girly panties off in for some big boy talk!

Ranko, "I actually kept my season tickets."

Lmao, what a guy.

This imbecile thinks he's special for the most pathetic reasons.

You like to pretend to deal in "facts." Here's a "fact" according to you, if I did work at Publix, I would still be light years more intelligent than you are.

Keep posting, dunce.

Ranko, you're right about one thing though. I don't have the focus to read Fin4Life's post. I communicate in English, not Ebonics. I refuse to read something that's poorly written..

Posted by: One Shot Wonder | August 07, 2013 at 03:34 PM

If your posts are any indication of your grammatical level you should reconsider critiquing any one else.

Sturgis 3-3 from 46, 47 & 54!

And to think some mamaluke here said the kicking competition wasn't even a competition!

WELL DUH! Two guys have to be healthy to compete!

Sturgis nailing all sorts of kicks. Must suck to see $2M disappear.

F4L, Gotta love your team spirit.

Productivity can be measured. It's not merely a matter of opinion. The players I've mentioned have not been productive by NFL standards. Their numbers bare this out. One did not even play last season = fact. Another played only half a season = fact. Another has hardly played at all and has been a career back up = fact. Another is on his third team and has been allowed to walk by two former teams = fact. Did you just get your ass handed to you = fact.

Try harder next time, stupid.

"I kept my season tickets."

Pubix employees are smarter than you are.


Ranko | August 07, 2013 at 04:02 PM

Your point and mine is regarding the effort/attempt to address team needs this Off-Season whether they all pan or don't is yet to be seen but the fact this is a better team on paper is not debateable, JMO!

So happy Ross is COMMITTED to Jeff Ireland!

Hey boom,

Yeah that was me who said Carpenter was wining the battle to date and I stand by those comments. I didn't say the job was his, I said he was winning the battle TO DATE.

Problem with that?

OSW, not to pile on but your "facts" do not encompass the entire bodies of work by each individual player. Sure some either didn't play or played sparingly but there wasn't any reason to believe their injuries would have a permanent impact on their futures.

Wallace said his fastest ever time was 4.21.

That's kind of fast.

I have a militant lesbian agenda.

Still need a CEO huh ... Hey Ross, do yourself and the Florida Panthers a favor and hire Yormark away from them. He will fill the 40,000 empty seats with Party Time adverstising that will make the stadium look full ...

Laughing at the Dolphins and putting idiotic fans in their place is enjoyable, not exhausting. Lord knows watching the Phins hasn't been enjoyable for over a decade. The Dolphins will greatly disappoint anyone ignorant and dumb enough to believe that this team is anything more than just another of Ireland's failed blueprints.

"I actually send money on this team."

Silly silly boy.

7.5. O/U

So guy's a Quick question, If the fins finish again around 7 and 9,6 and 10, do they keep Ireland any longer?

Hey boom,

..I said he was winning the battle TO DATE.

Problem with that?

Posted by: Craig M | August 07, 2013 at 04:24 PM





That was just hard to watch a grown man cry like a biatch.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | August 07, 2013 at 03:56 PM


Hope your Euro get away was all that Brudda! By the way you know Stephen Davis would leave Skins in shame after that beating which was something (your right about reaction with hands on face after Dishman broke it up)

He leaves for Carolina and really were he led the NFL one Yr. in rushing if memory serves on the SB team but I NEVER could really shake the image of that beating out of my mind either.

By the way have since seen Westbrook on MMA and he's been laying quite a few beatings for a living these days.

You have to start first. First, we'll be winning then I know we'll get the proper response from there."

Realllly realllly looking forward to that winning hes talking about. Obviously Sunday night was not and example!!! I sure hope this is not the same old same old

Ranko, is the idiot who likes to alter "facts" to fit his views.

"The Dolphins signed productive players...that's a fact."

They did ? Really ?

Do explain ?

No response, leaves room.


Get lost loser, go spend more money on the Dolphins.

Been a few cocoajoe!

Agree with your post about the speed of last Yrs. practice on O, should have maybe moved slower installing new scheme instead of trying to mimic game speed/pace but this Yr. with Tannehill even more (ran O in College) immersed in scheme wonder if looking to pick up pace in practice wouldn't be more beneficial.

If Wallace and Tanny are not connecting often, then game speed is VERY necessary.

one shot wonder youre the dunce.....you said ellerbee was an undrafted fa so he must have deficiencies in his game...hmmmmmmmm...arian foster was an undrafted fa what are his deficiencies??? and we did sign productive players. grimes was probowler....keller was sanchez most productive weapon....ellerbee saved the superbowl with his tackle of gore.......youre the facking dunce you douchebag

Just out of curiosity, after the Dolphins went 1-15 in 2007 and then opened the 2008 season 0-2 (and looking terrible) how many of you saw them going 11-3 the rest of that regular season and winning the division?

If even ONE of you says "I did" you are a liar.

The truth of this stuff is that you quite literally have NO idea--none whatsoever--how things will work out for the Dolphins or any other team. And you only make yourself look foolish and delusional by claiming some kind of special insight or expertise.

You have neither and never will.

one shot wonder = old period panties

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