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Owner Stephen Ross address Dolphins issues

The Dolphins have spent over $240 million in new contract commitments (not counting rookies) and over $100 million of that is guaranteed money in preparation for the 2013 season.

So what does the man footing that bill expect in return from his team? What does he expect on the field? How does he define success for the Dolphins this year?

"We all know the games are played in September, October, November and December and that defines it," said Dolphins owner Stephen Ross on his first visit to training camp. "I mean, I think you make moves to really bring back the winning tradition to Florida. You can't make moves and not want to and hope to make the playoffs and see where we go from there. But you want to see progress and that's the most important thing.

"I'm looking to bring a team to South Florida to win consistently and that's the most important thing."

Yes, that is kind of vague. Does he success mean success is having to make the playoffs or not?

"We certainly want to make the playoffs," Ross said. "That was all done with that in mind. But I want to see growth in the team, and building the foundation for this season and future seasons as well. I don't want to be a one-shot wonder."

He wants the organization to the best in class in the NFL. And Ross gave endorsements of the heads of the organization -- the general manager, coach and quarterback -- as the right people for getting the job done

On general manager Jeff Ireland:

"I'm committed to him," Ross said. "I think he's doing a great job and I'm committed to Jeff Ireland."

Despite that commitment, Ireland is in the final year of his contract.

on Tannehill:

"Look what we're doing in the offseason," Ross said. "Who we brought in there. In pro football it starts and you need to have a great quarterback. We believe and hope we selected the quarterback. He understands his position, his role. He's doing everything he can. I love the guy. I think he's the right person to lead the way. But you have to make the right moves as well. You have to plan. You have to be consistent. You have to follow a plan. I think that's what we're doing. We said that last year, I think you can see the changes.

"I think we're [headed] in the right direction. You can see the makings of the team. This coach is different. This organization I think is committed. The moves we made in the offseason show that. We didn't try to sign players who had already reached their potential and were just a name. We had a plan and we're following a plan to really create that winning tradition here."

Early this camp, the Dolphins were tight lipped about the so-called "Free Hernandez" hat  controversy. That happened when center Mike Pouncey wore the hat calling for the freedom of accused murderer Aaron Hernandez during a party on South Beach. Philbin refused to discuss the issue and actually prevented Pouncey from doing so as well, although the player wanted to apologize. He wasn't allowed to do that.

Despite this, Ross defended the organization's attempt at transparency, which he instituted following the departure of Bill Parcells. And he defended Philbin's approach.

"Obviously, I don't condone it. At the same time I think the way team handled it was a matter that the coach and Mike Pouncey and I have total faith in the coach and how they handled the situation. It was done and you know the way we care about the way people act in the community and how they behave and what it means to the Miami Dolphins.

"I have total faith in Joe Philbin, the way he handles things as a person, what he expects of people and I'm not going to second-guess Joe Philbin."

Ross said the Dolphins search for a new CEO is approaching a critical moment. He said he hopes to narrow the field to four candidates in the next week and pick a CEO by September.

That person must have some sports experience but won't have any say on the football side of the organization. Ross said he'll continue to be the final word on the football side of the franchise. That new CEO will be charged with improvig ticket sales, particularly on a season-ticket basis, because those have been lagging so far.

Is Ross worried about the relative lukewarm response from the ticket-buying public after spending all that money this offseason?

"Miami has a reputation. It's a tough sports town," Ross said. "You have to win. You can do all those things but they're looking to see if you're winning. You have to start first. First, we'll be winning then I know we'll get the proper response from there."


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Do flamingos eat meat?

f4l, that trip was great thanks for asking. I was actually surprised Davis had some productive years in Washington after that incident. The guy was a stud RB but like you I could never shake watching him cry. That was just so disturbing. It's one thing to take a beating, no shame in that but crying man ... never let them see you cry from a beating. Just shameful. Then again, I don;t think I've ever been hit by a man as strong as Westbrook, haha

Why didnt any teammate pull Westbrook off of Davis after he was was being pummled, guys just stood and watched

Lastly, I don't get how you said Miller was awesome. He fumbled the first snap inside his own 10 that led to a Dallas TD and then only touched the ball maybe 2 more times. I will agree with you that he looked fast when he carried but when you set the tone of the night by fumbling inside your own 10, that's not awesome in my eyes. Sorry. It's inexcusable.

Posted by: Craig M | August 07, 2013 at 04:01 PM


Watch that replay one more time (Miller fumble) and you'll notice (as all RB's do) he was looking at the blocking in front of him when Tannehill put the ball under his belt line missing his hands. This is just the type of mistake you see and better now than week-1 or beyond to get it worked out with reps.

Hey boomer numbnuts,

Nobody gives a shyte why you're losing the kicking competition, the point was that Carpenter showed to that point that he was the better kicker, the coaching staff doesn't say, 'we'll we like Sturgis because he's younger and cheaper, so lets gt rid of the other guy'. They say who's been the best in camp and to date it was clearly Carpeneter. Who gives a funk if it ws because of injury. You can't give a guy the job if he hasn't shown he deserves it.

I gt that you're not the sharpest knife in the drawer but surely even you get that.

Truth, I kept wondering that too. Davis was totally prone and really could've got some serious damage doen to his face. Westbrook got in like 5 shots - good thing for Davis he was wearing gloves and managed to kind of get his hands up a bit.

Yesterday, we were in a hole, today in a hope.

I just got off the phone with marty mcfly and he said the dolphins win 9 games this year and make the playoffs as a wild card team

Alright guys I'm out. Will eb thinking of Stephen Davis crying on my way out. So disturbing ...

Seriously, People on this blog attack each other more than they attack Jet fans. Don't most of us hope for a great season no matter what stae we belive the team is on? Come on Phin fans, can't we all just get along?

It's all like Rodney king in this piece...

Sorry, best I had...

Just so very happy for Ross to emphasize that he is committed to Ireland. The only thing better would be if both Ross and Ireland were committed.

Mouth, you continue to embarass yourself.


TO Date? LMAO TO date he was the only one kicking! I sure as sh*t hopes he's winning the competition against himself!

Come back when you're brain refreshes.


I blame Miller on that handoff...no question. You can see that his eyes are up looking at the Kline and where to run, rather than looking at he ball and making certain he's got it. I think under the circumstances us an inexcusable mistake. That's why I took exception to the word 'awesome'.

If Ross sold the team to Loria there would be a HUGE IMPROVEMENT!


Enough with the hat thing! No one but you seems to care about it!

Craig M as a RB you dont look down on a handoff you duck!!

I make cheese from Gorilla milk.

Ranko, is the idiot who likes to alter "facts" to fit his views.

"The Dolphins signed productive players...that's a fact."

They did ? Really ?

Do explain ?

No response, leaves room.


Get lost loser, go spend more money on the Dolphins.

Posted by: One Shot Wonder | August 07, 2013 at 04:32 PM


I'll take you up on that!!

Dansby: started 16 games / tackles 134 (8.1 av.)/ 1 sack / o picks 9 pass defensed

Ellerbe: Started 7 games / tackles 66 (9.5 av.)/ 4.5 sacks / 2 pass defensed

Ellerbee played in Ravens 3/4 while Dansby was lone MLB in Fins 4/3, sounds like an overwhelming upgrade!


B.Grimes: 4 Yr. starter in Atl / 13 picks / 254 Tackles / 56 pas defensed

Sean Smith: 4 Yr. starter in Miami / 5 picks / 177 Tackles / 41 PD

Again upgrade!

I could go on if you like!

Hey guys what's up. I promised after our debate last year that I would no longer read these stories so I didn't read. To each his own, but to me asking an NFL owner football questions when he's never been involved in the game is a gigantic waste of time. How do you think the team will do? (who cares, he doesn't even know you hold the ball on the side with the laces) what do you think about that wr? (who cares he's a billionaire goofball who doesn't understand the sport, just sign the checks!) And so on.

The only questions I would be interested in will not be answered by an owner before the season starts because he can't undermine his staff (see Sporano) and he's already learned that lesson.

my questions #1 Will Jeff Ireland be retained if the team doesn't make progress this year, specifically if they win 7 or less games will you end the Ireland era? (There is no way he would answer this question right now) and #2 If Ireland gets fired would you be open to keeping Philbin and letting he and Sherman run the team? They could make Sherm the GM or they could hire their own guy that will continue building the team under the current blueprint? And again, no way to answer that right now.

My personal opinion is if this team does ot get to 9 wins, Ireland is fired. Honest Opinion

Grow up. Ireland is Ross's GM come hell or high water.

Why didnt any teammate pull Westbrook off of Davis after he was was being pummled, guys just stood and watched

Posted by: Truth | August 07, 2013 at 04:42 PM


That video was seen on every channel for days and if memory serves would have been worse for Davis if not for CB Chris Dishman (ironically known for causing many a fight in his Oilers days) who eventually holds Westbrook off.

Just so very happy for Ross to emphasize that he is committed to Ireland. The only thing better would be if both Ross and Ireland were committed.
Posted by: Ireland's Republican Army | August 07, 2013 at 04:49 PM


I'm far from worried about the season after 1 preseason game. Tanny will be OK. It's not going to be this year. But I look for improvements. I want to see points per game go up. The d taking away the ball more. Tanny making better decisions and more accurate with the ball. There are just too many new starters for it to come together in one year.

fin4life I disagree. In my experience, we were taught to put the ball in the rbs stomach. Our rbs were taught to have their forearms against their stomachs, to leave a gap between both arms large enough to fit the football and have 2 inches of space left on top and bottom, and obviously to make sure your cradle has an opening on the side that the handoff was coming from. (If you're taking the ball from the right side of the qb then you're left arm is the top arm and right is the bottom).

Our responsibility was putting the ball in between the cradle and firmly against the rbs stomach. They don't have time to look for the handoff (as someone else suggested) and need to feel the ball hit the stomach. If their arms are in the right position they can then "lock the ball in the vice" (I just remembered my coach, coach Pagano (ha!), yelling this over and over to our rb Curtis during a very hot august two a day practice!)

I thought Tannehill completed his task but it seemed to me Lamar lost the handle when he tried to transfer from cradle to his forearm lock (holding the ball on your side, not in front). And maybe I misread this or something but you NEVER put the ball in the hands of the running back. Total no no for a qb.

That's why I took exception to the word 'awesome'.

Posted by: Craig M | August 07, 2013 at 04:50 PM

I think the fumble was an exchange gaff by both and will get settled with camp reps.

Ireland has steered Ross to a great Coach and to another now that is seeming to be good(much better than what we had here at least). Ross knew not who Jim Harbaugh was until Ireland guided him to Jim. That they botched it up with the Harbaugh deal was inexperience with the Media. That's why they shied away from the Channel 4? cameras today.

Not a koolaid drinker, what flavor are they serving because no one has offered me any?

Seriously though, who's serving koolaid? I haven't heard one person saying this is a super bowl team or is a lock for the playoffs. And that leads me to believe you may not understand the phrase and how to use it.

Not a bust but that's what it looks like. Now if you were having a debate with someone and that name was born in lieu of what was said then I get it. But if you're suggesting someone is trying to get us to "drink the koolaid" then I'm afraid you are referring to the wrong season. No one has faith in this team and the coach even downplayed a sweet 40 yard td from tanny to wallace today. It's a good thing you're not a koolaid drinker because no one is serving it this year! ;)

You no like tell like is?

oscar new blog!

Phins78 | August 07, 2013 at 05:20 PM

In my day played Safety and some T.E. and remember the repetitive drills in Summer practice (reporting a good month before start of school Yr.) Good memories! Your explanation tells me you played some QB, I watched the replay a few times rewinding on my U-Verse while teams changed posession and thought Tanne's hand off was a little low under the belt line. Miller never fully got a handle and was losing the ball almost imediately.

That they botched it up with the Harbaugh deal was inexperience with the Media. That's why they shied away from the Channel 4? cameras today.

Posted by: oscar canosa | August 07, 2013 at 05:25 PM

believe it would have taken the 8 Mil a Yr. or so record breaking offer for a H.C. to lure Harbaugh away from the West Coast were family and young kids (plus pregnant wife at the time) were firmly entrenched. I think he took the meeting to see what the offer was but 49ers and Cali. were his 1st choice all the way. Ross should have terminated Sparano before the trip and felt that 2011 especially early reflected lame duck status with T.S. Look at the way team came out going 0-7 before pride kicked in to that group.

By the way Phins78,

If team fails to get to at least a 9-7 mark I will look at Philbin 1st given I don't see what else his GM could have done for him in one Off-Season to aquire the type of team he(Coach) wanted for his particular O scheme while improving an already potent D.

Not a koolaid drinker, what flavor are they serving because no one has offered me any?

Seriously though, who's serving koolaid? I haven't heard one person saying this is a super bowl team or is a lock for the playoffs.

Posted by: Phins78 | August 07, 2013 at 05:26 PM

You know the funny thing is the term "Drinking the Kool-Aid" is commonly attributed to a reference Bill Parcells made a few Yrs. ago regarding his then O.C. in Dallas Sean Peyton's love of airing it out every down but it's actually a very dark euphemism to use in Sports related analogy for those that remember were the term was coined by the press regarding the Jonestown Massacre in Guayana were close to 1,000 people were forced at gun point to "Drink the cyanide laced Kool-Aid" If people actually knew what the term actually reffered to they wouldn't be so quick to make a stupid joke out of it.

So after no SB win in 41 years, no playoff win in 11 years, and 4 consecutive losing seasons, Stephen Ross says “Fans may have to be patient”. WTF? What an idiot owner. We have to be patient enough until he sells the team to SOMEONE COMPETENT!!!

Yes, Mr. Ross, you are correct. You want to bring back a winning tradition. I don't know about Miami having a reputation as a tough sports town. Maybe it's because the team has been a laughing stock for the better part of a decade and there are a lot of other options in sunny Miami that watching a losing franchise every Sunday.

So, let's quit the complete confidence in Ireland BS and get a winner in this town if the team fails yet again. He's in the last year of his contract. What better time to send him packing if the fins suck again.

Your stadium will be MORE than half empty if you don't.

This HAS to be a make or break season for Ireland. if not then Ross is more incompetent than everyone thinks. If our beloved Phins start winning again then the tradition will be restored. If we have yet another losing season JI has got to go!

Yes, that is kind of vague. Does he success mean success is having to make the playoffs or not?
What did he just say?

Idiot Ross... Ireland is NOT the answer & hasn't been his whole tenure here!!! Ross please sell this team to a real owner that knows what is going on!!! Your logo is even GIRLIER on national TV!!! GET RID OF IRELAND & SELL THIS TEAM PLEASE!!!

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