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Philbin thinks Thomas played well

I left this afternoon's Joe Philbin press conference scratching my head. (No, not because I'm infested with lice). I was curious because in discussing how players performed against Tampa Bay for the first time since studying the tape, the coach said he liked the way the running backs played.

"I think they played well," Philbin said of Lamar Miller and Daniel Thomas. "I thought both of them. Lamar had one of his better days in pass protection. His awareness was excellent. I thought Daniel Thomas had a good game as well. Lamar had a couple of cleaner run opportunities but I thought they both played well."


Daniel Thomas played well? Really?

Thomas, vying with Miller for the starting running back job, basically delivered an unimpressive performance that should have knocked him from the competition. He rushed for 3 yards on seven carries. He caught two passes for 12 yards. Two of his seven carries lost yardage, including a 3 yard loss on first-and-goal.

He didn't break a tackle. He didn't turn a bad play into a positive play. He didn't seem to do anything that suggested the Dolphins running back job is in good hands.

And so that's playing well?

Now, I understand the Dolphins also grade pass protection and picking the right hole or running lane and all that. But this is a results-oriented business, the NFL. And 3 yards on seven carries does not sound like good results to me.

And yet, after a game that strongly suggests Miller is Miami's starting running back and Thomas needs to get better to be the backup, that's not how Philbin is thinking.  

Asked if he's settled on a starting running back yet, the coach also did not give the job to Miller.

"Not necessarily," he answered.

Now, I'm not a dumb guy. (OK, maybe I'm not a smart guy but give me that I'm not dumb. Work with me). So maybe, just maybe, the coach gave this answer for some psychological reason or unknown agenda.

Maybe Philbin wants to put the idea out there that Thomas played well and is still competing for the job to motivate Miller and keep him from feeling comfortable. Or maybe the Dolphins wouldn't mind getting rid of Thomas and want to talk him up to improve his value.

But this would be so unPhilbinlike that it sounds improbable to me. The coach may not say much, but he rarely blows smoke.

So I'm stumped.

The coach, meanwhile, had other areas about Saturday's so-called dress-rehearsal that he was happy about:

"I thought our guys played hard. I thought we had a good opening possession," he said. "Obviously, we want to score a touchdown. We got ourselves off the field. We missed a tackle on the opening possession that could have gotten us off the field earlier, but we made a stop. We had a negative yardage play on third down that forced them to punt. We know we had special teams give-aways in the first quarter but I thought we came out ready to play. Our play speed was good overall."


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Reggie Miller finished last season behind Thomas on the depth chart.
He's done nothing to move him ahead of Thomas.

I exposed this 3 months ago right here in this blog while Mando was on his, ahem, vacation.

My takeaway is, "hey Miller, one 20-yard run does not decide this contest."

... ETF: Reggie Miller? I think Freud says that reveals an unconscious wish on your part ...

Who is Reggie Miller??

Daniel Thomas is just a much better blocker. That's a big deal right now. Lamar Miller will win the starting gig, and that shouldn't be questioned. But, Thomas will get some 3rd down work and some short yardage carries.

miller solid back, im excited for him this year. blazing speed. be fun sept 8

Who has started every game? Miller?

Why would you think anyone else would start?

Mando, stop overcomplicating things.

Coaches don't tell the media exactly what's on their minds. Get over that...

15 carries a game for Miller
7-12 carries for Thomas
That's gone be the average.
Dion Sims would make the plays at TE if they'd stick with him. F$&k Clay.

Thanks to Jeff Ireland, the Dolphins will have a fearsome running attack. Well done, sir!

What do you expect from our Charlie Brown head coach. Ask him how Devlin played he'll tell you great

Watch teh screen pass you dumbass. watch the blocg you dumbass.

do you have to hit on every friggin negative about this team? Do you ever, i mean ever say anything postive about anything on this team?

You must think Cam Wake reall is the 87th rated player in this league.

Tampa Bay was 1st in run D. just sayin. get over it. Its preseason.

Thomas's issues have been injuries and fumbles. His average yards per carry is low because the Fins typically used him as the power back on short yardage and goal line. When given the opportunity to be the feature back he has done well enough. He is in the best shape he has been and has been playing well. It is a good thing he is pushing Miller.

A few things:

1. Thomas didn't have any opportunities. The line didn't block for him. Jerome Bettis got stopped 2 yards behind the line of scrimmage when no one blocked. You can't just run everyone over.

2. Philbin's not going to call out his players in the media. You don't know what Philbin is asking of Thomas. Maybe Philbin said, "I don't care what you do, just don't fumble". Philbin would rather have 8 no gains in a row than one fumble.

3. Philbin wants to let Lamar Miller know he's on a short leash.


In the last 3 games, Thomas outplayed Miller twice. Saturday the line gave the RB's a hole only once, that was Millers only decent run. He did nothing after that. You are judging the difference between two players based on one single play?

Scratch your brain.

Hey Numb Nut Armando, why didn't you ask him how the OL played once he said the RBs played well? Seems to me if the RBs did what they were supposed to but were met in the hole by a DL then you could say they played well. Just saying...

They played well? Isn't that what Sparano said just before they cut a player?

Cave....agree regarding Sims but he's young. He'll need some time. Still think we will pick up a TE after all the cuts. Might pick a couple and give them a short look. Need someone. Both Clay and Egnew don't seem that they can contribute much. Certainly not on a consistant basis.

I think they better keep an extra running back and or maybe two fullbacks(use E-Rod as a TE)but what I know about the grades they received from the coaches and I dont have the film.

Fine Thomas is still in the competition IF philbin wants that sparkling 2.74 YPC in the preseason as his starting tailback. Maybe it was the blistering 3.6 YPC last season from Thomas? Really the competition is over...there's nothing more to be gained at this point. I think all the starters should sit Thursday.


Expecting Philbin to give you a straight-forward answer? Hahaha!
Good coaches never tell you exactly what's on their mind. They give you the standard "canned" answers. Think Belicheat...less Ryan!

Maybe you should check yourself for lice...
Or, at least ticks...

Mando does not have the credentials to ask the coaches/players/staff any questions.

Mando reports the answers to questions posed by Beasley and Darlington.

Mando gets his 'scoops' from the custodian and the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Obviously, Philbin isn't happy with either one. Nor should he be. Neither one has been impressive in preseason. Let 'em work for it.

This team drafts has been horrible period, how the hell do you draft a left tackle over a franchise qb ? V.Davis gone S.Smith gone langford merling gone the infamous a.j.eads never made the roster m.moore looked outstanding with kapernick oast night q.patton looking like a young t.o. wih the great c.kapernick. This half a** clown of a gm has helped run this franchise into the ground !! C.Clay=BUST Egnew=SUPER BUST !! The Jeffrey Ireland watch is on and I'll be watching c.football in early October to look at real TE OL and Duke Johnson a real RB. Let's all pray we get a real nfl talent evaluator to change this 41 year glutton of irrelevance GOD HELP US !!

mace taggert @ 6:23pm

Finally someone else besides me admits that the Marino years were nothing more than an 18 year jerkoff.

It is a fact that if we didn't have those turnovers we would have beat them 16-3.

The same idiots who are calling Egnew a bust are the same losers who were calling Daniel Thomas a bust last year. Now they are praising him. Some of you were dropped on your heads when you were young, that can be the only reason for your ignorant posts.
You should all get on the short bus and drive straight to a psychiatrist.
I highly recommend Dr. Oscar Canosa in Miami. I'm sure he can give you medications to help you with the lack of brain cells you produce .

Well well well, isnt this special. 3 preseason games and were in panick mold. Ealk slow, drink water Dolphans! The season is long and its not about who is playing good ball now. I believe the Dolpins will own Nov and Dec, BIM!!

If doesn't count.

If Denver defends the bomb on their last play of the season, the Ravens don't move on and maybe Peyton has two.


...I am probably I the minority here. But I think the drafting of both Jordan, ad Taylor could cost GM Ireland his job. If certain scenarios play out, the team struggles, and the top 2 picks see limited time because of injury. How could he survive another year?

First off. Does anyone even remember that we drafted Jamar Taylor? I haven't read a word about him since the start of OTA's..will he even be on the active roster? As far as Jordan goes. At least he plays a position that looks deep. At this point he should sit until he is ready to go. This isn't a case of guys who got injured during camp..These are 2 players we drafted that had known injuries..I get it..Risk-Reward. Jordan was the best player at his position in the draft blah blah blah..None of this matters if he cannot play. Save the be patient speech as well. I am being patient. I understand that Jordan is a player with tremendous upside..great hips, long arms, cool haircut, and a bunch of tattoos..I get it. And there is a good possibility that he(and Taylor) contribute this year...I' not discounting this.

I'm simply saying..If the season takes a turn, and these 2 players are needed but cannot play. It looks real bad. Would Ross have the right to re-think his position about our GM?

Josh Freeman sukkks.

look, at times KELLER was sanchez's only target, pretty much his only RELIABLE weopon, any finFAN who follows the jets/fins rivalry will agree. keller is a BIG, SOFT, RELIABLE, target that was every bit as good as GRONK(pats) and his only fault was playing for the jets and sanchez as compared to playing for BRADY and the pats. that being said, our offense is now pretty much ONE dimensional, and the running game and everything except for the defense will suffer-CORRECTION(they will suffer too being that they will now be on the field more often) due to a loss in third down efficiency... anyway, PHILBIN hit a home run when he signed DUSTIN KELLER, with the upgrades made this offseason it was really going to be special...but injuries happen...now, i agree that philbin was spot on by signining keller, philbin did his homework, but now is the real test, if philbin realizes that the offense is missing THE key piece(a super tightend threat) and a huge security blanket that demands HUGE attention to draw away from wallace, the running game, and tannehill, if he realizes that we are one demensional without a tightend of keller's caliber, if he understands(and i think he will) that this season hinges on this very position, then he will without a doubt sign or trade for an identical type tightend and he will pass the test, but, we all know that down here in miami things are usually upside down and the only way philbin flunks this test is if IRELAND gets in his ear and instead of addressing the most NEEDY area of concern(keller's replacement), they end up making another surprise move(similar to dion jordan) and make a trade for yet another defensive end....

Mike Gillislee is a better all around running back than is Daniel Thomas. So, what is Philbin doing....and what is he talking about?!?! Thomas had a good game? He's had a good preseason???? Put the crack pipe down and step away, Coach!

Lamar Miller + Mike Gillislee + Jonas Gray = all we need. Trade/cut Thomas soon! Please?

ooops, Josh Freeman is pretty good(I forgot we play'em again during the Season).

Gillislee looks just awful. Gray is nothing but a 3rd and short back. Miller can't handle a full season as starter. He has always been injury prone.

Didn't you see Jamar Taylor during the Game last Saturday? He was always around the ball and did not get beat badly. He's going to be a very good CB though not as brilliant as Will Davis will be.

poor Miami fans, another loosing year, another loosing qb, another loosing coach, I really feel sorry for you people, come on up to tn and get with a winning team.


Gillislee knows how to run and although not spectacular in any department, a solid RB to keep around.

..OC. My point is that teams usually peg their top 2 picks to be contributors(and I'm not saying ours will not) Unless you are a quarterback, IMO there are expectations put on these drafties. My whole point is that Ireland took risk on both players. This risk may pay off..It may not. If it does not, and the team does not improve this year. Ross should look at the whole picture, and within that whole picture would be 2 guys that he gambled on that could not help the team because of known injury history...It could be one of the nails in Irelands coffin should it play out this way..

I hope it doesn't.

Ireland has drafted some Major talent this year. DJ we know what he will be, All-Pro. Jamar Taylor, very good. Gillislee, solid for many years to come. Will Davis, Pro-Bowl Player if he doesn't get hurt. Dion Sims, a very solid all around TE. Uff.


You are talking nonsense really. If it takes those guys a few games to get on the field the injuries will be forgotten about.

Dion was the consensus #1 defensive player of the draft across the board. JI got him at a bargain. No way he gets fired for that. No way Ross wants to start over already with a new GM that will want his own coach.

You are making a mountain out of a molehill.

Seems Jets/Bills in hot competition of who will garner most stupid points.

Ryan gets Sanchez injured playing behind 4th qtr scrub oline. Bills announce undrafted rookie free agent qb will be opening day starter.


..RF.. That's great that Irealnd got Jordan at a bargain. But who cares if he can't play? It is just my opinion. I said that most wouldn't agree. No problem.

Hopefully it doesn't come to this. Hopefully both Jordan, and Taylor heal, and are contributors this year and in the future. My opinion is that it things go South..And the team struggles. These 2 players are not able to see the field because of injury. I do not think it is nonsense to believe that it could be a huge black eye for Ireland. Ross would have to consider making a change at that point. How could he not?

I understand...a lotof if's ands and buts. But a plausible scenario.

Seeing what's going on in NY/Buff, still some here make such a big deal of Tanne being 2nd best qb in Afc East.

Well, that may not be entirely true, it's possible Tanne could be tied with Ryan Mallett for 2nd best qb in the afc east. Tanne wouldn't start ahead of Brady either.

Actually no doubt about it. Ryan Mallett is at least 3rd best qb in the Afc East and he doesn't even start.

OMG .......... Philbin thinks one of his guys played well and Armando doesn't agree.......and Mando is always right..............because he has so much NFL coaching experience .............. damn the sky is falling again

"One of the most important things for a Team to be successful is ...to have continuity", Don Shula.

DD: IMO I don't think Jordon, Taylor or any of the draft picks will determine Ireland's fate this year. The real question is what will Ross do if the team finishes around .500 again - i.e. 8-8 or 9-7 like so many have projected. If the offense languishes throughout the season, probably Mike Sherman's head will roll before Ireland's.

OMG ........ so many people here don't like the Jordan pick or Tannehill ................ and their always right ............. because they have so much NFL experience ............... damn the sky is falling again. Quick let me post something negative, I'll feel better about my life

OMG ...... we lost to Tampa Bay in preseason, but wait the Pats lost 40-3, but wait Armando is always right and he'll come up with another reason the team's no good ............. thank God for Armando

Breaking News.......during the post practice news conference, Mando noticed that Philbin's hat had a piece of lint on it ............ that's it the season is over. PS The lint was also Ireland's fault

silver is boring. we already know armando is an idiot just like the majority of bloggers he attracts.

Mando had a cuban sandwich for lunch at Fins practice today and noticed that the cheese used for said cuban sandwich was baby swiss, instead of the traditional swiss cheese!

Upon noticing the mistake, he quickly returned the cuban sandwich and ate 2 croqueta preparada's instead, then blasted Philbin for his lack of sandwich knowledge.


Early 4th qtr.
We Trail by 10.
Our ball at midfield.
On 3 & 4 who is the go-to guy?

(last season it was Bush & Hartline)

Te la comistes, Armandito!

No I'm making a point ............. you morons keep having lame discussions based on his pathetic stories. He is more then a moron......he's a moron that lacks any insight or experience into the sport and it kills the average Miami fans desire to watch their team. Why is our stadium always empty ............ the lowly Raiders sold out for a preseason game. Everybody blames Ireland, or Philbin, or some player.......no it's the media in South Florida ......... they're constantly negative and burn the team out

We need a TE off the waiver wire that knows how to run routes.
We also need a backup left tackle, if Martin goes down Tanneyhill should hold out to save his life.

On 3rd n 4 Gibson is probably his first read with Hartline 2, unless safties are up and u know Wallace can smoke whoever is covering him for a deep ball. But i would guess, more times than not, Gibson will be the guy to move the chains with Wallace attracting the attention.

Look, simply put Mando and old Omar Kelley, are absolutely horrible writers. All they do is count the number of bloggers they have and call that great work. Have you guys ever really looked at Mando's pic........he look's like a retarded beaver ..... and his Bio ........... yea right ........ he worked nationally for ESPN. All I'm saying is create a new blogging sight and boycott this dude ...... he's killing the attitude towards sports in Miami

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