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Philbin thinks Thomas played well

I left this afternoon's Joe Philbin press conference scratching my head. (No, not because I'm infested with lice). I was curious because in discussing how players performed against Tampa Bay for the first time since studying the tape, the coach said he liked the way the running backs played.

"I think they played well," Philbin said of Lamar Miller and Daniel Thomas. "I thought both of them. Lamar had one of his better days in pass protection. His awareness was excellent. I thought Daniel Thomas had a good game as well. Lamar had a couple of cleaner run opportunities but I thought they both played well."


Daniel Thomas played well? Really?

Thomas, vying with Miller for the starting running back job, basically delivered an unimpressive performance that should have knocked him from the competition. He rushed for 3 yards on seven carries. He caught two passes for 12 yards. Two of his seven carries lost yardage, including a 3 yard loss on first-and-goal.

He didn't break a tackle. He didn't turn a bad play into a positive play. He didn't seem to do anything that suggested the Dolphins running back job is in good hands.

And so that's playing well?

Now, I understand the Dolphins also grade pass protection and picking the right hole or running lane and all that. But this is a results-oriented business, the NFL. And 3 yards on seven carries does not sound like good results to me.

And yet, after a game that strongly suggests Miller is Miami's starting running back and Thomas needs to get better to be the backup, that's not how Philbin is thinking.  

Asked if he's settled on a starting running back yet, the coach also did not give the job to Miller.

"Not necessarily," he answered.

Now, I'm not a dumb guy. (OK, maybe I'm not a smart guy but give me that I'm not dumb. Work with me). So maybe, just maybe, the coach gave this answer for some psychological reason or unknown agenda.

Maybe Philbin wants to put the idea out there that Thomas played well and is still competing for the job to motivate Miller and keep him from feeling comfortable. Or maybe the Dolphins wouldn't mind getting rid of Thomas and want to talk him up to improve his value.

But this would be so unPhilbinlike that it sounds improbable to me. The coach may not say much, but he rarely blows smoke.

So I'm stumped.

The coach, meanwhile, had other areas about Saturday's so-called dress-rehearsal that he was happy about:

"I thought our guys played hard. I thought we had a good opening possession," he said. "Obviously, we want to score a touchdown. We got ourselves off the field. We missed a tackle on the opening possession that could have gotten us off the field earlier, but we made a stop. We had a negative yardage play on third down that forced them to punt. We know we had special teams give-aways in the first quarter but I thought we came out ready to play. Our play speed was good overall."


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well thanks enz, I think......if I had any idea what you're talking about

Philbin also thinks Jonathan Martin can block. If you look real close at Philbin, you can see strings coming out of his back leading to Jeff Ireland's hands.

Ygar, What's up? Nice to see one of the regulars stop by.

Apparently Cocajoe doesn't get the sarcasm

TS use to say the same things Philbin says.
I think JI writes their press conference scrips
They played hard I saw lots of speed out there... The OL played horrible all preseason so far I saw Tannehill pressure hit a lot and the OL could open holes on a consistent basis, I saw the game three times OL not very good I feel bad for T-Hill and the WR.
Lots of sacks this OL going to give up this year..plus JI don't even go out there and sign a Vet TE just to help Tannehill is critical situation plus a Vet TE can help the younger TE the tricks of the trade!!

Thomas played well? Im 50 and have played 2 years of semi pro football. I run a 4.8 in the 40. Im great at onside kicks. I have a blazing fast spin move outside and inside at defensive end. Im 5' 11" and weigh 193-198. Im very strong and quick. I can play special teams. when are the dolphins gonna sign me?

If we won the Super Bowl, you'd see all these same comments in the offseason about how JI is destroying the team. Only 3 SB's in a row would quite these bored lonely bloggers who stil have stained magazines in their closet.

[From The Last Blog]

It's becoming clearer...that the Miami Dolphins have
drafted an UNDERWEIGHT Player... 3RD OVERALL
The thing is....that they already HAVE a good Defense.

Offensive Coordinator MIKE SHERMAN has said publicly that the TIGHT END POSITION is "very Important" to his offense.

Back in March, the Dolphins had a chance to draft a
Blue Chip TIGHT END in the First Round.

INSTEAD.... they decided to draft a VERY THIN Defensive End who had not LIFTED WEIGHTS for the previous TWO YEARS because of a BAD SHOULDER.

(.....the Dolphins later added a Free Agent Tight End who had a history of significant injuries during the PAST TWO SEASONS before joining the Dolphins.....and, of course, HE has just got put on IR for the 2013 year as well.)

The BANGLES ended up drafting a TYLER EIFERT in the First Round.

Here is what people are saying about TYLER EIFERT so far...

"He's done everything we thought and more," offensive coordinator Jay Gruden said. "He's just one of those guys that when he makes a play, you kind of look around and see if anybody else saw what he just did.

"He's running routes and catching the ball. He's very natural at what he does. He can beat man coverage no problem. He can beat zones. He's got a great feel for the game."

Those who have covered him the first five days of camp have been impressed. Eifert comes up with the ball even when there's someone right on top of him.

"He's got a different skill-set than a lot of tight ends, I think, as far as the way he runs routes," cornerback Terence Newman said. "He's a big guy, but he moves kind of like he could be a big wideout. It's kind of like the 49ers, what they do with Vernon Davis. He's versatile and he can do anything they ask him to do.

"He's going to be somebody to be reckoned with this year, for sure."

The SILLIEST PART is that Miami could have saved their SECOND ROUND DRAFT PICK.... and Drafted Eifert in the first round thereby solidifying the TE position for years to come.

They then could have leveraged some of their other pics to position themselves to draft a true Dominate Defensive End in the 2014 DRAFT.

His name is Jadeveon Clowney.

Nice "Plan" Ireland.

Roid, actually I liked the picks very much. I believe at least 4 of these picks will be stellar for years to come. You'll see.

Enjoy the ride.

I sincerely hope you're right.


It's a win win for you. If I'm right, we win. If I'm wrong, you get to come back and post long rants of fabricated nonsense to your hearts content :)


Preseason stats:

Dion Sims 3 rec 33yds 0 tds
Tyler Eifert 3 rec 32yds 0 tds

Blue chip 1st rd te? With the exact same stats, where Eifert a Dolphin and Sims a Bengal, then there would be Ireland bashing right now on how he could have drafted Sims 5th rd instead.

BTW, the Stanford te Ertz only has 4 rec 48 yds 0 tds.

So you were saying.........................


I don't rant unless necessary...It's no fun.

The Dolphins, for the past 15 years haven't ever seemed to make solid decisions for the right reasons.

The question I have is, should Ireland have drafted Tavon Austin? We have not had an offensive threat that dynamic since Marino.

Roid, Don't make me bust you on all your distortions, it would be too boring for all of us that see through you. For one though, Keller was injured only once in his career, nothing like you stated it. You are full of bs strictly to entertain yourself. I don't mind really. Just know anyone with half a brain is on to you. There are only 40 others here that play the same game daily....you may be 20 of them ;)

did this armundo even watch the game???
he didn't break tackles or turn a bad play into a good one.
i watched the game and on 3 of his negative yard carries it was a jailbreak. two and on one play 3 guys were on him almost as soon as he got the ball. AP or barry sanders could not have turned those into a good play!!! also he did catch two passes. in fact he pretty much catches every pass thrown to him. on top of that he is an outstanding blocker

I'll even go on record and say before seasons end Sims will be our starting te, and at least one of the 3 best te's of this draft.

I believe there's a ton of upside with this kid. Just a shame he played college ball at Wisconsin, where throwing the football happens about as often as spotting a ufo.

Footballs flying thru the air there may spark rush to report an unidentified flying object. That's exactly how much they run the ball at Wisconsin.

Tavon Austin, like Tyler Eifert, has ZERO preseason tds thus far.

Seems ever guy brought up Ireland should have taken instead of Dion Jordan are not lighting it up in preseason neither.

So on to the next excuse guys.......

If your homemade soup or sauce is a little bland, try this nifty trick. With your fingernail scrape up inside the top of the crack of your aszs. You'll find some crack jam there that smells like strong cheese. That's ok, because you only use a little scrape to season up the soup, a little goes a long way. It is like a flavored salt that enhances all the other flavors.

Before you think I'm crazy, know this is done in kitchens worldwide. Those giant stock pots simmering with broth are often enhanced with crack jam to boost their flavor.

Now be wary of kitchens that are mainly black or latino because they will literally jack off in your sauces.

I'll make another prediction:

Dimitri Patterson will be traded by the midseason trade deadline.

Will Davis and Jamar Taylor will be the 2nd and 3rd corners next to Grimes.

How much have either of them played in the preseason? We are talking rookies you know? How about giving them at least a full regular season before hammering the verdict?

They do that as a way to get back at whitey (or gringo). If you've dined out much at low to mid range restaurants, it's 100% certain you have ingested minority jizzle.

If I made better decisions in the market place I would be rich. A lot of if's here, perhaps we could wait for a few real games before the experts call some one a bust. I guess they also said Steve Young was a bust. Bill

So I ducked out 3.5 hours ago, you guys make any progress?

Were you on the same team as Odin Lloyd?

(reposted, but not verbatim from Joe Goodman's column)
Boys, whatever chance we had of seeing the Pats 1-1 their first 2 games?
Gone. Bellicheat IS the devil.
The Patsies get the Bills and Jests their first 2 games, neither having a QB.
The Fins, of course will play both the Bills and Jets WITH their starting QB's, most likely.

Just like when the Colts get Manning and Luck back to back, there is NO JUSTICE.

Can't ask for too much when you're facing one of the best defensive rushing team in the league...

Btw, glanced at Armando's article regarding the pts scored....

Hey the Fins 1st offensive team scored 13 pts in the 1st half, if you would double that it would be 26...

That's 26 pts vs one of the best defense in the league... I'll take that any day....

D Thomas couldnt make an Arena league team.

Tampa won WITHOUT Darrel Revis! NUFF SAID!

Hey Coach I hear you caught Matt Moore didling your wife! What do you have to say about that?
"I think they played well," Philbin said of the encounter. "I thought both of them. Matt had one of his better days passing on protection. His awareness was excellent. I thought the Mrs. had a good time as well. Matt had a couple of cleaner run opportunities but I thought they both performed well."


Simply put there are 6 games we 'should' win and 7 games we 'should' lose.

That leaves 3 games that will mean the difference between 6-10 and 9-7.

SD (the last 2 times we played SD we lost our starting QB, no? Penne/Henne)

The main thing I can see from the preseason is that the dice are still rolling. I think that we will have several positions won on the backside of the roster in our last preseason game.
I think these positions will be highly challenged from the 53-man cut wire.
I have already seen some tired old veterans that we may have a look at.
I am not saying that there is a viable replacement for our needs out there now, but I think, instead of our cast offs being poached, we may be in competition with other teams for our needy positions.

Posted by: odin eye | August 26, 2013 at 11:36 PM

------SO MANY places I could run with this, but NAH.
Compared to Bellicheat, Philbin is Regis Philbin.

My guess is Javorski is gone tomorrow, along with one or more of the scrub LB's.. The rest will be the usual suspects, that is, the "never had a chance" group.

Speaking of cuts who did we draft with the 5th for Bess?

So far this year--the preseason-- Ireland's roster moves are in full backfire. But,this is preseason. Preseason is a litmus test and we have been hit hard by injuries in questionable positions.
I, unlike others, would like to see more before casting stones.

Don't really care who starts, together they make an above average combination with their unique styles...neither looks like an every down back and I don't know too many teams that truly have an "every down back" anymore.

Someone last week, who has magically disappeared, was crying like a little yellow belly coward saying that we had a RB competition. Heck, even mando was in on the act.



Philbin and Sherman know L.Miller is the Starter. L.Miller is more Explosive and Doesn't Fumble. But L.Miller is only 22. The coaches have to keep him hungry. If L.Miller can reach his potential quick the Fins will have a great RB for a Long Time.

L.Miller is younger than D.Thomas, M.Gillislee, and J.Gray. Plus he is more Talented than the 3 combined.

Before L.Miller turns 23 he might already have as many 1000yd seasons as Reggie Bush and Ronnie Brown. And if L.Miller can gain 1100yds which is very reachable. L.Miller would have had a Better Career Year than the other 2 RBs I just mentioned.

L.Miller can be the 2nd greatest RB in Dolphin History. Behind Ricky. And Probably the Best Statistically by the end of his career if he plays most of it with Miami.

Javorski Lane is gone ? How will he pay for his twenty seven kids ?

L.Miller pops a 20yd run about every 4-5 Carries. He knows how to hit the hole and explode for a good 10-15 yds. Plus he doesn't dance in the backfield. He keeps losses to a Minimum.

Lamar Miller is an Efficient RB, like C.Portis, T.Thomas, M.Allen.

Guys that gained a lot of yards with very little effort. They didn't dance a lot or run you over. They can just hit the right hole and explode for 20 yds or take it to the house if they hit their cutback. But if the play wasn't there they wouldn't lose 4-5 yds like Reggie. They would take the 1 or 2 yds the play can give you.

L.Miller is this type of RB. With 20 Carries a game he can Consistently gain 100+ yds a game. He won't just show up 1-2 Weeks a year like Reggie.

I like Miller a lot. I do not think there is a competition at all at RB. Like I have said before, Thomas should be a FB. He can not read bloks; his only running contribution is to hit a spot wide open. He has moderate receiving and blocking value--he is a FB.

This Dashi idiot has no credibility. Lamar Miller was a fourth round pick...he has deficiencies. His upright running style means he will fumble as well...same a D Thomas, Terry Kirby and Sammy Smith etc... You have dumbo ears like Ross.

Tavon Austin Tyler Eifert are at least playing in preseason and learning while Dion Jordan is loosening ground on learning a new position, plus which GM in the their right mind goes up to number three overall to sign A. Injured player B. a prospect C. not a very down player D. learning a new position. At least those TE's are way ahead of Dion, and the PHINS might not even have him for a full season, plus this team was loaded at DE LB and pass rushers that are starting to come around, Have you notice yet this defense have been putting pressure and sacking the QB with out Dion and doing a pretty good job at it for only playing one or two quarters!
Wrong stupid decision again by FIRELAND
Should of drafted a RG or LT or TE or more targets for T-Hill. But he decided on a injured prospect... THAT'S A FAILED!! Now what!
You JI supports that have a love affair for JI..

Phins 6-10...6-10 6-10 6-10 6-10 6-10 6-10 6-10.
Got it ? 6-10...
Irrelevant again 6-10.

1970-2003 = two losing seasons.
Jeff Ireland = five in a row.

6-10 in 2013

3-13 with just two or three more injuries.

Pathetic organization.

Please fly away Dumbo Ross...

L.Miller doesn't Fumble.

The one alleged fumble L.Miller has ever had was on a muffed hand off. And I say alleged because L.Miller wasn't charged with a fumble but that is the only time someone has seen L.Miller "fumble".

D.Thomas Fumbles. Reggie Bush Fumbles, Ricky, Ronnie, those guys fumbled. L.Miller DOESN'T FUMBLE.

L.Miller didn't get drafted in the First because of a Shoulder injury. Similar to D.Jordan's injury. But everyone had L.Miller ranked behind T.Richardson in that draft. Some even had L.Miller ahead because he was going to test better than Richardson. ESPN had him on their Top 32 for most of the pre draft.

You might even say Ireland was confident that D.Jordan would recover from shoulder surgery since he saw L.Miller recover and Develop his rookie Season from Shoulder Surgery.

And Again, I'm not saying I know everything. But on LB's and RB's I can tell who is going to be good or not. I understand that part of the game perfectly.

At receiver, I have a scale of qualifications. The highest priority is that the receiver can actually catch passes. Afterall is this not the definition of this position.
Second--can the receiver perceive his responsibilities.
Third--can he run the route and get separation.
My point is that, reguardlesss of anything, if a receiver can not be depended on to catch the pass; he is a liability.

Let's make this simple. Miller is starting and Thomas will rotate in. If either of them struggles or is injured, Gillislee will get a chance. It's not that complicated.

Needs/wants for regular season:
1. Find a solution for the TE. Clay can't do it.
2. Hire a witch doctor to get Jordan healthy. Don't want to rush it, but I do want to see him make Brady cry.
3. Hartline needs to step up. He is being paid like a legit #2. He has the skill set to back that up. Need more production there, especially in the red zone.


Offensive Coordinator MIKE SHERMAN has said publicly that the TIGHT END POSITION is "very Important" to his offense.

Back in March, the Dolphins had a chance to draft a
Blue Chip TIGHT END in the First Round.

INSTEAD.... they decided to draft a VERY THIN Defensive End who had not LIFTED WEIGHTS during the most recent season of his college career because of a BAD SHOULDER. It is unknown whether his shoulder will be able to take the pounding from an NFL Season.

Drafting an injured player is a gamble. Drafting is a gamble.
I remember when Odrick sat a year due to injury, he got more hate mail than a bastard rat. He is looking pretty good now.
I am not defending Ireland or promoting Jordan,just saying the jury is still out. In two years where will Wake be?
The jury is still out on a lot of positions--we'll see.

Eifert isn't way better than Sims. Again, I get the point of drafting a TE, but none of those TEs was worth a FIRST ROUND PICK in the 2013 Draft.

The Difference between D.Jordan and a 4th round DE is Huge.


T.Austin looks Small and Slow in the NFL. The Rams need at least 1 Big WR to take some pressure off Tavon once the Season starts. And S.Bailey has disappeared.

D.Jordan was the right decision. For the Future of our Franchise.

We haven't seen enough of Dion Jordan to know one way or the other.

If his shoulder ends up being chronically injured then that will be a travesty of a 3rd overall pick. Yatil Green anyone? Ted Ginn? Not the same but similar in highly drafted and slender guys.

If he ends up filling out and becoming a JT or DeMarcus type pass rusher +1 Ireland.

The guy that was lined up in the draft at a position of need, OT Lane Johnson, is doing quite well.

Jamar Taylor had hernia surgery...that will pass. He will be able to prove his merit soon enough.

I cannot recall any season in the last decade which we have as much overall talent and hope. The team seems poised but, I for one am as nervous as ever. Me thinks it's so many years of being a Fins fan. Much like Lucy (aka other NFL teams) pulling the football away just when our Fins tried to kick it. The Fins lay on their backs just like Charlie Brown used to wondering whappened?

I still contend that Bush will end up being the most missed player gone (aside from Keller). If they had any idea they would let go of Marshall I would have paid Bush and let go of RB D Thomas. The plan would have been to bring Miller more and more into the mix. Then reverse roles when Miller proved things in pass pro and production.

Time will tell. Bush will be a nice RB in Detroit.

Keller would have had a killer season, Tannehill was already finding chemistry.

I can picture Ellerbe and Wheeler being very active this year...good times.


Most of this season is riding on Tannehill taking steps forward.

Also, I love the posters that use hindsight like we could have had T.Y. Hilton instead of so and so. I did not ever see one post clomoring for the guy before that draft. No that Luck (looking like the real deal QB) is throwing to Hilton and he's doing well for a non protypical smallish receiver we have people saying we could have had T.Y. Hilton.

Hell, while we are at it we could have had Randy Moss, Ray Lewis and instead of Ginn got some ILB named Patrick Willis??

The ACME X-Ray Hindsight Draft Goggles are nifty for those posters that claim draft omnipotence after the fact. Truth is those are found on the back page of comic books next to the sea monkey seeds and hand buzzer's.


Like Columbo..."Oh, and one more ting..."

QB Tolzein was cut from Frisco...cut Devlin for him.

OR trade for QB BJ Daniels also from Frisco.

We need to start grooming a better 3rd QB in case Tannehill goes south. Moore is a consumate journeyman.


Philbin thinks Thomas played well? WTF??


No one played well, they played junior college football....sad!

Philbin reminds me of an weird uncle. If he's an NFL head coach Ill eat my hat. My hat's made of candy,,? Mondo, Philbin just doesnt fit. Does he remind you of Vince Lombardi ? Don Shula ? Belichick ? My point, anyone can coach if you have talent. How hard do you think it is for "whats his name" to coach the Green Bay Packers ? Philbins having a hard time cause hes in over his head.


Rdubs, from yesterday. I don't remember calling you a homer, but it sounds like something I might have said in the past as I didn't have a high regard for Odrick. So, to show I'm a real man, I will own up and apologize to you and say I was wrong and you were right. Odrick is turning out to be a strong player and asset to the team.

Texas, I agree 100% with your post @ 12:43am. Every point you made. ESPECIALLY Hartline. He can't fall back into his ways of fading from sight. He's proven last year he has the skills to be a force. Now he needs to work in a crowd (meaning with other stars at WR). He and Tannehill have that back shoulder play down pat. He's a good route-runner. I need him to realize he can be just as central to the team this year as last, even as a #2 (think Jordy Nelson when Greg Jennings was there, or Carter when Randy Moss was there).

And I see no competition at RB. Who CARES who starts? We have a dual RB system, they are both equally important.

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