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Philbin thinks Thomas played well

I left this afternoon's Joe Philbin press conference scratching my head. (No, not because I'm infested with lice). I was curious because in discussing how players performed against Tampa Bay for the first time since studying the tape, the coach said he liked the way the running backs played.

"I think they played well," Philbin said of Lamar Miller and Daniel Thomas. "I thought both of them. Lamar had one of his better days in pass protection. His awareness was excellent. I thought Daniel Thomas had a good game as well. Lamar had a couple of cleaner run opportunities but I thought they both played well."


Daniel Thomas played well? Really?

Thomas, vying with Miller for the starting running back job, basically delivered an unimpressive performance that should have knocked him from the competition. He rushed for 3 yards on seven carries. He caught two passes for 12 yards. Two of his seven carries lost yardage, including a 3 yard loss on first-and-goal.

He didn't break a tackle. He didn't turn a bad play into a positive play. He didn't seem to do anything that suggested the Dolphins running back job is in good hands.

And so that's playing well?

Now, I understand the Dolphins also grade pass protection and picking the right hole or running lane and all that. But this is a results-oriented business, the NFL. And 3 yards on seven carries does not sound like good results to me.

And yet, after a game that strongly suggests Miller is Miami's starting running back and Thomas needs to get better to be the backup, that's not how Philbin is thinking.  

Asked if he's settled on a starting running back yet, the coach also did not give the job to Miller.

"Not necessarily," he answered.

Now, I'm not a dumb guy. (OK, maybe I'm not a smart guy but give me that I'm not dumb. Work with me). So maybe, just maybe, the coach gave this answer for some psychological reason or unknown agenda.

Maybe Philbin wants to put the idea out there that Thomas played well and is still competing for the job to motivate Miller and keep him from feeling comfortable. Or maybe the Dolphins wouldn't mind getting rid of Thomas and want to talk him up to improve his value.

But this would be so unPhilbinlike that it sounds improbable to me. The coach may not say much, but he rarely blows smoke.

So I'm stumped.

The coach, meanwhile, had other areas about Saturday's so-called dress-rehearsal that he was happy about:

"I thought our guys played hard. I thought we had a good opening possession," he said. "Obviously, we want to score a touchdown. We got ourselves off the field. We missed a tackle on the opening possession that could have gotten us off the field earlier, but we made a stop. We had a negative yardage play on third down that forced them to punt. We know we had special teams give-aways in the first quarter but I thought we came out ready to play. Our play speed was good overall."


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Maybe a better question would have been regarding Miami's run blocking. There were a few plays where no running back could've escaped the backfield. That probably says loads about the O-Line play, less about Thomas.


You are a good man. The only reason I said anything about it, is he is one player I have felt strongly about for awhile, very intelligent and rather cultured. Perhaps he won me over when he did the Pee Wee Herman dance, their is just something great about watching a 300+ lb black guy doing that dance!

the trade down is even looking better, now that Misi is playing well, considering it was 2 for 1. I would take either player over Ryan Mathews




F-U Randy Starks,

I was one of the people who was glad we kept Starks. But, I am so mad he is saying he is being punished for sitting out camp! What about the fact that you were injured (or were you) and the fact that Odrick is the younger and potentially better version of yourself. How dare you disregard what Odrick has done this year and d@mn your coaching staff to be vindictive / petty dikks.

Do you need a change of scenery. Now I wish we traded or let you go, so yu could go sign that 1 year 5 mil. contract like everyone else did.

I say we go ahead and cut Lane, Rodriguez needs playing time in the final game. Besides Lane is Lame, I see no upside

Philbin is sounding more and more like Sparano with all this BS he is spouting about players playing well when in fact most of us know Thomas is a bust.


Hey Coach I hear you caught Matt Moore didling your wife! What do you have to say about that?
"I think they played well," Philbin said of the encounter. "I thought both of them. Matt had one of his better days passing on protection. His awareness was excellent. I thought the Mrs. had a good time as well. Matt had a couple of cleaner run opportunities but I thought they both performed well."

He has to say that Thomas played well or Thomas will publish the compromising pictures of Philbin on the internet. No one with an IQ of three would say that unless the player has some pretty incriminating stuff on him. Ross needs to step in and cut Thomas and let him publish his dirt on Philbin. Bad publicity would be good for the Fins in this instance.

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