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Regular-season type practice today (hope not)

The Dolphins are on a regular-season schedule now. They're practicing like it's regular season. They're meeting on a regular-season schedule. And they're preparing for the Tampa Bay Bucs, Saturday's preseason opponent, like it's the regular season.

Well, the defense is anyway.

The offense today?

Five fumbles. Six interceptions.

Every QB threw at least one interception. Reshad Jones plucked two of those interceptions on defense.

It wasn't a total disaster for the offense. Ryan Tannehill and Mike Wallace connected on what was a 75-yard touchdown pass that must have traveled 50 yards in the air. Of course, the play was against back-of-the roster DBs Julian Posey and Don Jones, but take the good news wherever you can.

Big news of the day was the return to practice of Randy Starks and John Jerry. Both have missed the entire preseason and both participated in 11 on 11 work today. I must report, however, they did so with different results.

Starks, a defensive tackle, looked great. He moved well and had what would have been a tackle behind the line of scrimmage and after practice said he's ready to play Saturday night.

"Everything is good," Starks said. "I came back slow so everything worked out. I'll be ready."

The timing of Starks injury is important because fellow DT Jared Odrick hobbled through drills today with some unknown leg injury he continually had to nurse throughout the workout. At one point, Odrick was so visibly frustrated he slammed his helmet to the ground. It did not look like it's serious because Odrick continued to grind, but this merits monitoring.

Jerry worked as the starting right guard and shared first-team snaps with Lance Louis. Frankly, Jerry seemed to be favoring the left knee. It didn't help that he crumpled to the ground on his first 11 on 11 snap and missed a block on his second. He didn't have much explosion in his steps and was mostly just not looking like he's 100 percent yet.

"No comment," Jerry said about that.

Jerry said he's pleased he got the work but declined to say whether he'll play against Tampa Bay. (I don't believe he will).

"You take coach Philbin with that, he'll answer it for you," Jerry said. "I got an opportunity to get out last week and do some individual work or so. Coming out today and getting some contact was good."

The return of Jerry and use of Louis at right guard has moved Josh Samuda back to second string center. Today marked the first practice in several weeks Samuda did not take any first-team snaps with the offensive line.

Dion Jordan (shoulder) did not practice today. Jordan Kovacs (leg) did not practice today.


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"It wasn't a total disaster for the defense"


No Evidence

This offense will take some time to get it together, how much is the question. We need them to score points because as good as this defense appears to be Miami will face some potent offenses and our Defense will be scored on! They need the offense to help out as early as they can. I am concerned.....


2 watt from the last blog... if you haven't noticed, Tannehill threw for one 140 on the road against one of the top teams in the AFC. Passer rating of 107. Even the repaer mando has admitted that he had a very good preseason. Also incase you haven't noticed, this defense picks off everyone, not just our own QBs.

no, didn't notice,what i saw was thenne getting his te killed.

yeah, u see what u want to see

Gotta see the glass as half full. Thats 11 takeaways.

Jerry back just in time to bail out the OL.

Keller's injury was 100 Sweringer's fault, ball was thrown OK. He just launched helmet first right to the knee before Keller could lift his foot.
Dirty as it gets.

Disappointing no one stood up for Keller and retaliated and went after Swaringer or took one of their guys out. This was a toughness test for team and they failed.

Around here we do not call it a 'toughness test'.
We call it a test of 'manliness' or 'manhood'.

I hope the offense starts to jell a bit more. Would love to see us average over 20 pts per game this year. We didn't much more last year. A couple more td's and a few more made FGs and we would have been dancing to the playoffs.

Ha ha ha.
Read the description of the Raiders they are last in power rankings:


we really suck huh Armando! go talk to your radio buds and mock the phins dude. your the bomb!

75 yard bomb is impressive even if it is against the wind. take a hike would ya?

How long before Odrick is out with another dreaded stress facture of the lower leg?

Sweringer claims the new rules prevented him from hitting Keller high so he went low.It's more likely that he went low because he was giving way about fifty pounds to Keller and didn't want to get embarrassed. I don't think he intentionally was trying to maim Keller.

I want 2 watt in a cage match

Mark for the love of God please stop talking to that fool. With all due respect do you also like hitting yourself in the head with a hammer? How about banging your skull against a wall all day long? Why acknowledge his existence?

You're trying to set 2watt straight but the problem is he doesn't care. You're not going to teach him anything. You're never going to have a normal conversation with him because that's not what he's looking for.

For the life of me I can't figure out why some of you guys still try to talk to this guy. He's simply in it for the attention and couldn't care less about anything he says, he doesn't even believe most of the stuff he types. My God what's the point? And there's another regular who complains about this all of the time (not sure why he uses a different sign in for it but that's his business). I just wish the light bulb would go on for people one of these days. The posts that should be ignored are obvious attempts to rile.

Tony Soprano is the OL coach for the Raiders.
Here is Pete Priscos power Rank for the Raiders:

"The offensive line is a mess. Whoever plays quarterback, and it looks like it will be Matt Flynn, will get killed."

I bet the Raiders work the backup QB into the offense for 1-2 plays per game, you know just enough to kill the momentum of a couple of drives.

great our savior J.Jerry is back. now our qb's won't look and perform like little school girls cause our oline is putrid. matt Moore is still trembling from sat.night. super bowl here we come J.Jerry is back!

I've always tlaked to 2 watt, I'm not trying to teach him, just contradict him

You can all say what you want about Armando, but has anyone seen anything from the first team offense that makes them think our beloved Fins will be taking the league by storm this year? I know I haven't. I realize it's pre-season, but you want to some at least some sparks. Unless you're watching different games from me, I'm not overly impressed at the moment and I'm hoping something changes....quickly! Every game counts in the NFL so they don't have "Time" for things to gel.

Last post got deleted.

Fraud, I bet you are right and he puts in some wildcat plays for Terrelle Pryor.

Also I really think Mando dislikes Philbin. Did you ever think Philbin defened Incognito BEHIND CLOSED DOORS and not in front of the media.

He's here to win games, not cater to the media and kiss your you know what.

Another pathetic season for the Dolphins....

I was about to say P78, read the trash that's been going on here all day. mando incites it, racks up the hits, looks like a star, and only the few mentally retarded like me stick around hoping it becomes the place that pulled me in about 6 years ago.... I'm like the idiot kid who waits for his absentee father to take him fishing while the father is out at the strip joint.

John Jerry has no business on any decent team.

well, rochfinfan, you missed Mando's tweet yesterday when he said himself that Tannehill is having a great preseason ... anyways ....

Hey Mark just say what you want to say to whoever you want to say it.

Mark I have read that and noticed you talk to 2watt (contradict). But he always ignores you and when he does answer back it's never rationale and it's barely even on an adult level. So you try to talk to him or contradict him and he just ignores your post and moves on to his next nonsense. And he's some regular here playing a character. Do what you want, I'm just saying I like your football posts and he doesn't deserve one second of your time.

Mark, you must be my idiot brother because I'm doing the same thing. Apparently we were seperated at birth. I'm sticking around because I'm hoping something changes to bring everyone back. But I'm starting to think it will never happen. I see this blog deteriorate every week and it doesn't seem like Armando or anyone at the Herald care.

It sucks too because I thought I had found a place to discuss our team with like minded fans. As you well know it's hard to talk about the team with other fans when you're out of state/country. This was the BEST site to do that but not anymore. I'm finding myself coming in less and less every week and haven't been able to find a suitable replacement but I'm still searching. Oh well, nothing lasts forever, the blog had a good run after Cole left the Herald. Maybe it's time for some new blood because it seems Armando is getting sick of doing this.

To answer your question rochfinfan it's still early so I don't about taking the league by storm but our first team offense has looked decidedly better than last years version.
Our first team defense on the other hand does look like it just might be ready to take the league by storm.
We were just a couple of missed makeable field goals away from 9-7 last year. Should be 10-6 or better this year.

Every year mando gets laid off for 2 months and when he returns the blog is a little bit less than when he left.

You are probably right. ESPN blog was pretty good ebfore they mandated FB sign in. Mando should thank his lucky stars they did. The regulars there made their own blog but not it's just like five or six guys chatting up there .. kind of weird ... not that different than here actually ...

Crap team = Crap blog

Posted by: Thats Life

I wish it were that simple. The team was much worse under cameron and this blog was awesome. It has a little to do with the team not winning but it is mostly because of trolls and everyone knows it.

I'm not naming names but the good posters left after being attacked so much and having Armando laugh in their faces about it. "Define troll". People have contributed to this blog for years, being loyal to a fault and helping with all of the hits that are proudly announced. Then the writer of the blog turned his back on them when they asked for help with weeding out the nonsense. It was a stab in the back to those who have been very loyal to the Herald blog.

That's how I see it. The blog isn't loyal to them so why would they stay? And it's just going to get worse unless new rules are instated or the old contributers finally learn how to ignore the idiots.

instead of bashing the blog can we talk a little football here?....sheesh

It sucks too because I thought I had found a place to discuss our team with like minded fans. As you well know it's hard to talk about the team with other fans when you're out of state/country. This was the BEST site to do that but not anymore. I'm finding myself coming in less and less every week and haven't been able to find a suitable replacement but I'm still searching. Oh well, nothing lasts forever, the blog had a good run after Cole left the Herald. Maybe it's time for some new blood because it seems Armando is getting sick of doing this.

This was the best blog and last season I had just started posting here when I was basically completely put off by the aggressive attitude of a certain person (constant accusations that I was actually another person and constantly berating anything I said) and the constant bickering back and forth. It makes the comments section unreadable - you have to dig through just to find relevant info to participate. Still read this from time to time but this is my first post in months. Will continue to check it out and I hope the worst offenders are gone. It used to be THE blog!

Hahahaha! Mark that's pretty funny. You're right too, 5 or 6 guys there? There's probably no more here but the multiple sign ins make it look crowded.

I'm thinking Armando knows this and I'm thinking his bosses are complete useless idiots. They sit in meetings probably talking about the popularity of the blog but not realizing that half of the posts come from the same person. And Armando takes the praise and laughs on his way out.

you guys want to whine about that kinda crap go on facebook and quit cluttering up this FOOTBALL blog

Phins78 and Mark- Same here things were different years back when first stumbled across this blog. I use to post on the blog pretty often. Last 2 years or so I stopped doing that because most of the the comments are about personal opinions of other bloggers and not actual football.

6bucks if you're still around when the season starts I'll talk Dolphins with you any time. The problem for me now is that I actually rely on others to start conversations and debates in preseason because the speculation bores me to tears. I can't wait for week one so we can actually see what the team looks like. But for now cleaning up this blog is more interesting to me. It's never going to happen but I like talking about it! :)

6bucks, can i give you a "poke"?

When will this dude learn that our team is practicing itself........yo our defense knows our offense.......this is a waste of time thread

You guys who are beatchin about the blog are sooooo ghey, get you panties out of a bunch the season havent started yet, grown men complaining about what ppl write on a stupid blog, gosh your lives must me pathetic.

I will let you know I wear very manly briefs thank you! My wife wears the panties in the family...

You do realize Wallace gets behind MOST db's in the league, so just the fact that Tanny and Wallace connected on a 75 yd. TD is pretty impressive. But shhhhh, don't tell Mando or 2 watts. Let them wallow in their ignorance.

If some of you losers ahhhem (Phins78) specifically paid your wife as much attention as this blog she wouldnt be 69ing your best friend behind your back...

Dolfanray tgard and any others the blog can be great again. Please know this and keep checking back. But contribute too! ha because the answer is simple.

If everyone ignored the posts that are meant to rile someone. The posts that talk about what they're eating for dinner (lonely) or what their sexual preferences are (who cares) and all of the this guy sucks, no thought, no rhyme or reason posts we could have a good blog.


Either on their own, like literally will never come back. Or they will simply disappear in your mind,,,POOF,,, because you will be ignoring their posts. You shouldn't care what they think, not worth your time like I told Mark.

tgard, the accusations you speak of, if you ignored the poster it wouldn't matter you know? Seriously people have to stop caring so much about what strangers think of words they write on a blog. That's how this blog gets fixed.

he's right though

Never thought men could be so sensitive on a Dolphins Blog!!?? Jeeez

| August 20, 2013 at 04:44 PM|
August 20, 2013 at 04:48 PM

Perfect example. So now I'm going to talk to this guy? Set him straight about my life? Try to prove to him that he's wrong and I'm right? About something that has nothing to do with football and is my personal business?

Yeah, sure I will. lol

Well, the Dolphins stink so the bloggers want to discuss other topics....

Is anyone else bothered with the fact that Philbin is so tight lipped he won't even answer a simple question on the Incognito/Smith helmet incident? I'm really beginning to hate Philbin, we could end up in the playoffs this year and my opinion wouldn't change.

I'm a Mike Tomlin, Harbaugh brothers, hell even Rex Ryan fan, they talk, they have emotion, they have fire in them, Philbin is just an old stuffy man who cares more about his players picking up trash.

I cant wait for basketball season.

Allright I'm getting annoyed by myself and have taken up too much time speaking on this. If I got through to ONE person I will be a happy man! It's all about ignoring bad people, it's that simple.

Seriously guys I made the choice at the beginning of camp to ignore. I haven't fought with anyone, no name calling, no answering back when someone is obviously trying to make me mad. I just don't care anymore and I have to tell you, it's pretty awesome. Join me! The funniest thing is talking football while ignoring the trolls. They get so mad no one is responding and start with racial slurs and all. It's hilarious to watch! I'm out, peace.

PFF has Jon Martin rated #2 OT in the NFL through 3 preseasons games

Joey I agree, since Philbin likes to be pick up trash on the practice field maybe he should of been a janiotor. Mark, talk to your friend (Phins78), I think his PMS is acting up again.


So you'd like to tell us all who we should talk to? Are you running for president of North Korea?

With all the new players there wasnt hope this season, but with Keller now out this season is OVER.

Phins78 wants to tell us who we should talk to. Is he running for president of North Korea?

PFF has Jon Martin rated #2 OT in the NFL through 3 preseasons games
Posted by: Dennis | August 20, 2013 at 05:03 PM


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