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Reshad Jones gets rewarded with new deal

Five months ago Reshad Jones was stressing a little bit about his contract situation. The Dolphins had promised to get him a new deal before the start of the 2013 season but he was seeing precious little movement in that direction.

So his agent Joel Segal called the Dolphins to see what was up. And a day passed with no response. And another day passed with no response.

And so the Jones camp decided to send a clear message that they felt wronged. Jones didn't show up to offseason workouts one day.

And that got all sorts of activity going. Assistant coaches lit up Jones' phone wanting to know where he was. General Manager Jeff Ireland called the agent.

And eventually, the team promised if Jones went about his usual business, reporting to offseason workouts and camps and allowing the process to play out, they would open talks on a new deal in July. Well, two weeks ago the Dolphins started talking with Jones and Segal.

And today the club and their starting safety have agreed to and signed a four-year extension worth $30 million that includes guaranteed money of $15 million.

This deal comes in just ahead of the four-year, $29.323 million extension safety Kam Chancellor signed with Seattle in April. It falls just below the deals done for Eric Weddle (5 years, $40 million) and Antrel Rolle (five years, $37 million) signed in the last few years.

So what's the message?

It's a good one.

Jones sent the message that he's a professional. He sent the message he was going to go about his business in a statesmanlike manner and work quietly with the team as long as the team was willing to work with him. Yes, there was that day of anxiety -- to the point the Dolphins were so vexed by information leaking that they asked Jones family members not to speak to me.

(The Dolphins make a habit of telling agents and others not to speak to the media about contracts or injuries or anything, really, despite the so-called transparent approach owner Stephen Ross ordered last year).

But I digress.

After Jones met with coaches and his agent explained their stance, the team made a promise, Jones made a promise and both sides kept that promise.

Now compare that to the issue the Buffalo Bills are having with safety Jairus Byrd who is sitting out of camp. Not good.

The Dolphins, meanwhile, have sent a message into the locker room that if you are a good player with a good future and your career arc is headed up, they will try to keep you and be fair in doing so. That, believe it or not, will make the rounds in the locker room.

The Dolphins, you see, have a couple of other young players they may eventually try to extend -- Mike Pouncey, perhaps Paul Soliai, maybe Dustin Keller if he stays healthy and plays well -- and this extension before the season suggests the club is open to keeping a core of players it values.

So today was a win-win for everyone involved.



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I haven't seen that much of Gray, but I did see one thing that I didn't like last night. Or is it one thing I didn't see....?

For Gray being 5-9 and 230, you think he'd be delivering the blows. I just didn't see it. I didn't see him run over anybody. Even down by the goal line, he kind of hitched, lost his momentum and got tackled.

I haven't really went over the recording that well yet(It was so ugly, I have to give it a little time-LOL)

And, do you think that Wheeler looked kinda lost at linebacker? As much money as he's making, I expected a little more out of him.

Gillislee needs to find a way to make Thigpen expendable.

It would've been nice if Gillislee can play Special Teams.

He can line up in the Slot and already looks better as a 3rd Down Back. Just that he doesn't return kicks.

Wheeler just needs a little time.

After getting burnt on the first pass play, he made a couple of nice plays.

But Trusnik was playing so bad, Wheeler didn't have time to shake of the toasting before they moved him MLB.

I believe he made a couple more from there. Either way, I believe Wheeler will pan out. JMO.

Wheeler was very lost in a disappointing night on both sides of the ball. I hope the next game is proves the 1st game to be the exception and not the rule.

Well, I'm hoping for a better game out of the Dolphins against the Jags on Friday night. We should see some consistency out of some of the players. If they're up and down during the pre-season, they'll probably be that way in the regular season. The HOF game was the tentative/nervous game full of mistakes. Hopefully, some of those jitters will be gone by Friday and some of those mistakes rectified.

I think Gillislee can be very good, he tends to over-think which makes it look like he's dancing or hesitating, he needs more time and experience. I think he'll be fine.

Look back at the tapes. You and a couple others might be confusing Gray for Gillislee in certain situations. The Announcers did a horrible job of updating the Crowd who was in.

Philbin did say he didn't like Gillislee was Dancing. And I remember Gillislee doing the Shake and Bake to no avail a handful of times. Down by the Goal line also.

Remember RBs can no longer lower their head downs. They can get kicked out the game for that.

But for someone who hasn't played in a game since 2011, Gray looks better than Gillislee if you ask me.

Tracy I'm hoping you hit the nail on the head with your last post.

They ALL need more experience!
But, they'll have to come together quick as a team. The schedule is brutal the first 5 weeks.

Some of our CB's looked pretty bad. It's early, but I wanted to cut Posey, Stanford and Presley on the spot.

40 Johnson, Keelan S 5-11 209 23 R Arizona State

This guy is worth keeping an eye on though. He looked like he wanted to get the Coaches attention. Liike I said, I haven't started re-watching it yet, but I remember him laying the lead!

Well, it's late and I need my beauty sleep...
It's great chatting with everyone when the trolls aren't hogging up the blog.
Goodnight all!


Tannehill didn't look comfortable with his timing on those quick throws. Hopefully that can be corrected in practice. He showed enough last year with limited help at the skill positions to be optimistic for this year. The bigger concern is that so far Martin looks like the 2nd coming of Columbo with his pass blocking so far. I can't believe Ireland would go into this season with NO other options if this guy is truly this bad. WTF? I don't think we have any glaring holes at any other position'. However if the pass blocking doesn't improve substantially by the season opener, we r screwed!

Tell Merrill to eat a kock sandwich!
Posted by: Clue | August 05, 2013 at 11:28 PM

Clue you might want to hook up with dashe or odin.
Posted by: Tip | August 05, 2013 at 11:46 PM


This team is a continuation of last years debacle. but I have to admit the Dolphins almost had me fooled! They almost suckered me in with all the a acquisitions they acquired in the off season. I have been following this team for over 35 years I have seen QB's come and go as well as coaches. What I saw last night was a joke, I mean the first play from scrimmage was a fumble, the first play!!!!! that my friends and fellow Dolphins fans spoke volumes to me, combine that lackluster tackling inaccurate passing and what have you got? I'll tell you what you have another loosing season in a long line of loosing seasons. I know you can say it was a preseason game bla bal bla, good teams like the Pats or Green Bay don't play like that in the preseason. Where was this great defense we have I don't want to hear about guys not playing, these are our subs, they are supposed to be able to tackle!! Remember this last year we lost all our preseason games and went out and stunk up the season with a 7-9 record. I was watching PTI and as usual they ripped the new uniforms as a preamble to basically saying this team sucks and will finish last in the division and after watching the HOF game I can't help but agree. Hopefully we can play better against the Bucs on Friday.

Sometimes it takes a bit for a QB to find his groove and dial in his accuracy.

Heck, I've seen QB's stink high-heaven in the first half then light it up the second half and come back to win the game.

We saw mostly 2nd & srd stringers failing while our STARTERS sat the bench.

Miller was ripping of 10 yard runs like a deer before he got pulled and our starting D-line was sipping coke on the sidelines for the whole game.

CHILL people...

It's so funny how fickle the fans of this team are every year. It's an awful roller coaster ride they put themselves on time after time. Relax people there is time to adjust and make changes.

BTW..a very wise move to sign Jones to that 4 yr. extension and 7 mil per year is a good value. Also, If the OL struggles more Friday expect a vet to be brought in. I'd be surprised if they are not looking at options right now.

This is a GREAT move by the GM. You know who needs an extension? JEFF IRELAND, that's who! If you can't win with the talent amassed on this team, you don't deserve to be a Coach in the NFL! The team should seriously contemplate a name change (to go along with the new uni's). My humble recommendation is: Jeff Ireland's Miami Dolphins. Has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? Can I get a second?

And maybe the plan all along is to wait and see what OL are available after teams start cutting players. I'm in for extending Ireland. He's had a good few years now.

Jeff Ireland deserves partial ownership of the team. Not a lot, something along the lines of 11%. He is that good, we need him to stick around.

Who is going to pay $ to watch this crap team anymore?

Jeff Ireland deserves partial ownership of the team. Not a lot, something along the lines of 11%. He is that good, we need him to stick around.
Posted by: Seth | August 06, 2013 at 09:11 AM

Jests fans love him.

And maybe the plan all along is to wait and see what OL are available after teams start cutting players. I'm in for extending Ireland. He's had a good few years now.
Posted by: truthhurts | August 06, 2013 at 08:51 AM

7-9 for 4 years in a row is terrific.

I hope Seth is kidding. Anything short of the playoffs and Ireland needs to pack his $!@t and get out.

We spent a Redskins bundle this offseason. Start winning or get out of the way and let someone come in who can.

ireland is done unless he fixes the oline, he had the chance in april and blew it big time


First off most of you need to relax. You do realize the game did not count, right? Talk about no perspective at all.

Incomplete grade as whole if you ask me but there was some GOOD, BAD and UGLY but mostly INCOMPLETE aka IRRELEVANT because after all it was the first preseason game.

Tannehill went 2 for 5 for 11 yards throwing to Marvin McNutt (drop), his 3rd WR Brandon Gibson (catch) and Dustin Keller (catch). Mike Wallace who has a $60 M contract and his leading receiver, Hartline did not play either. So all the Tannehill criticism is a joke to me. I am still full steam ahead on that he will have a good year. Im not predicting numbers but he will have a good year with a few learning curve bumps along the way.

GOOD - Dion Jordan, I was the biggest critic of the draft selection. I went on this very blog EVEN before the draft hammering Jordan saying he would be a bust no matter who drafted him well shame on me for making an uneducated opinion. I honestly didn't follow him enough in college or know enough about him other then he didn't have huge sack numbers and I was trashing him unfairly. Well he looked awesome in the action I saw him in. He was used how I wanted to see him used as a versatile player not limited to the old hand in the dirt DE. He had a few pressures and caused a sack with one of them. I look forward to seeing him more. Shelby, Keenan Davis, Lamar Miller, Bumphis all had good moments as well.

Bad - Marvin McNutt! He dropped a ball that could have gotten Tannehill in an early rhythm. McNutt didn't make the Eagles because of inconsistent hands last year and it's already showed up. The games dont count yet but a drop on a routine catch is a problem. The tackling was also bad but to me that's to be expected when back ups play not to mention the new CBA does not allow as many contact practices either.

UGLY - Offensive line was terrible particularly LT. Dallas Thomas was terrible. Jonathan Martin actually opened up 2 huge running lanes on the Lamar Miller fumble he opened up a grand canyon sized lane and also on Lamar Millers second run which went for 10 yards. However his pass blocking was good, bad, ugly on consecutive plays. Play calling was terrible on offense, particularly in the red zone as always.

Zonk's not getting invited to Jeff Ireland Fan Appreciation Day on South Beach this year.

Merril saw what we all saw on Ryan Tannehill

An awful performance

Merril was spot on

Why continue to lie about Tannehill ?

He went 2-5 and just barely avoided a sack with a 2 ft run gain instead of throwing the ball away

Tannehill did the same last year against the Jets b4 QB Moore bailed him out
Tannehill went 2-5 and played horrible against the Jets heading for his 2nd Jets loss until Moore came in and lit it up
If not for a few dropped balls Moore would have had a near perfect game as he beat the Jets last season
This year TanneFAIL starts with a fumble putting the ball up near Millers shoulder. smh
Then TanneFAIl cannot even throw a 5 YD Pass to open McNutt
Twice in a row Tanny throws way behind McNutt
Then Tanny sets his receiver up to get killed, body slammed on the ground by the defender
Finally one 5 YD completion to Gibson

Tannehill sucked and Hoge was correct

Why lie?

Moore hit Bumfist in both hands on a pass
Bumpfist then “volleyballs” the football up in the air to a LB for an easy INT

Otherwise u have Moore 20-29 and 250 YDs on limited play
If u actually watched the game with “a trained eye” (lol) and the receiver drops

QB Moore gave up a sack but otherwise led the team, moved the ball and played very well

Tannehill has shown nothing to date other than inaccuracy and a poorly thrown deep ball

Enuf of the fantasies about what TannyFAIL might do, …. one day

Right now Tannehill is the bottom of the barrel NFL QB


You're leading the way of having no perspective, I see.

Great that we signed Reshad, One less hole to worry about next year. I actually like what I saw from Daniel Thomas, He took some hits in the middle and always made positive yards. He fell forward when being tackled. I thought Gray had a nice game also. Want to see him against tier 1 oposition before I get to excited.

Home, Tanny could not have put the ball in a better place for LM, That was all on LM. Yes Tanny played terrible, but why lie to over exagerate the point.

home 4 gm.

Haha, Andy, you expect Home to be rational? That's a nice trick..

thenne vs. chad ryan.

thill played 3 series at most. game meant nothing and was throwing to guys like u and me. lets get real. hall of fame game has never meant a thing.

u hit the nail on the head there. thomas and martin are awful and the hole we have to fix is lt, other than that this team should be very solid

Its pretty clear that Moore is the better QB. Philbin is slowly realizing it.


You liked what you saw from D. Thomas? I gotta disagree. I saw same ol from him. He has slow feet, he's cement boots. He's so slow and not decisive at all which is why he is always getting stuffed for no gain and minimal gains. He had 4 carries for 5 yards and his long was 5 yards.

On the other hand Lamar Miller lost concentration on a huge hole created by J. Martin and fumbled but after that he looked electrifying. He's so fast and decisive that he's a big play waiting to happen. Jonas Gray ripped off a nice 29 yarder vs backups but nonetheless he looked good with the opportunities he was given. Gillislee also showed a few nice runs when given the chance.

Daniel Thomas looks slow, sluggish and to me he isn't going to be factor again this year.

Didn't know that throwing 5 passes was enough to make someone a draft bust. No overreacting here at all..

How many times to I have to say it? Jeff Ireland is a very busy executive. Doing the Dolphins draft is only a small part of his myriad responsibilities. Maybe last year he forgot about the receiver position a little, maybe this year the offensive line got past him. Very busy man means lots of moving pieces. You can bet that next year he will make sure he remembers to strengthen the offensive line. Or he will make sure his assistant reminds him.
He already is having his lunches delivered and canceled his regular Tuesday afternoon massage. That is how seriously he is taking his mission to find more acorns and stock our team.


Whats up buddy? I don't get these guys sometimes. And all the jump on the Merril Hoge ship. You do realize it's Merril Hoge. He is a clown.

When Irescum traded 3 picks for D Thomas the entire draft room broke out in hysterical laughter!!!

Reshad Jones,

I read a very interesting stat on him: Quarterbacks had a rating of 38 when throwing at him in 2012. That's awesome!!!

LOL & Home... Must be tough to come in here on a daily basis and flat out lie and have to exaggerate on every detail. That's fun...? I fail to see how. Feel sorry for you people.

As far as Thomas goes. I don't really think he's better than Gillislee and maybe not Gray either but we'll see.


I don't know if Thomas is better then Gillislee or Gray but I know one thing and that's Thomas is not very good at all.

Andy, Merrill Hoge is a clown and it's laughable that people actually use his analysis as support. Then again this blog is headed up by the lead troll in Salguero himself.

Cut mcnutt.

I have seen little to nothing from D. Thomas. Not sure if he'll make it out of camp or that he should. That guy has used up all of his honeymoon period. It's time to produce without fumbling and excuses.

Nothing to see here with Hoge. He's just a talking head until proven otherwise. I just have the same question for him as everyone. You can conclude T-Hill is awful from 5 passes? If so he must be a personnel genius.


hoge is just trying to save face from his earlier rant on the Dolphins free agency activity. Any time the Dolphins even stumble slightly, expect Hoge to chime in. Don't expect him to say much when they do well.

I will just say this, didn't Hoge have to retire from football because of brain trauma? Enough said ...

Have to say for once I love the article from OK on Martin. It breaks down every play from the HOF game. Those are facts and a great perspective.

Toronto and truth,

I actually didn't even see Hoge's analysis but he's so played out with his corny "factor back" crap.

Truth, right on with his 5 pass analysis, 1 which was dropped!


Absolutely great read on Jonathan Martin. I posted he was bad but I didn't realize on play 7 when Tannehill threw the ball away that was a screen pass. I thought Martin just collapsed. So I take back but opinion he played bad. I did see that Martin had two great blocks on the run plays as mentioned in that article.

BTW McNutt dropped a ball in his hands. Could it have been placed better? Sure but McNutt flat dropped a ball he has to catch.

I've never seen a RB worse then D Thomas.

When you see Ireland draft guys like D Thomas, M Egnew, Pat White, P Merling, or Clyde Gates, dont you get the impression he's working for the Jests?

guess u never saw troy stradford

parcells took white and merling. thomas,gates,egnew awful picks. but u cant just name the bad without the good

It was Ireland that drafted White and Merling.

Ireland with all the Bust talk some here make up has drafted better than the whole AFC East the last 5 years.

And over the last 2, Ireland has drafted Excellent.

Ireland should get an Extension. It just would be silly of him asking players play through their contract when he is getting resigned before his contract is up.

S.Ross is a Smart Man. Plus, If Ireland does get let go. We already have his replacement on Staff, Dawn Aponte. And it will be more of the same. So deal with it.

And Matt Moore Sucks. His Accuracy was Horrendous. If it wasn't for him getting put in at the end he would've had a horrible night. Plus, his pick 6 cost the Fins the game.


Parcells was long gone before Merling was drafted.

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