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Reshad Jones gets rewarded with new deal

Five months ago Reshad Jones was stressing a little bit about his contract situation. The Dolphins had promised to get him a new deal before the start of the 2013 season but he was seeing precious little movement in that direction.

So his agent Joel Segal called the Dolphins to see what was up. And a day passed with no response. And another day passed with no response.

And so the Jones camp decided to send a clear message that they felt wronged. Jones didn't show up to offseason workouts one day.

And that got all sorts of activity going. Assistant coaches lit up Jones' phone wanting to know where he was. General Manager Jeff Ireland called the agent.

And eventually, the team promised if Jones went about his usual business, reporting to offseason workouts and camps and allowing the process to play out, they would open talks on a new deal in July. Well, two weeks ago the Dolphins started talking with Jones and Segal.

And today the club and their starting safety have agreed to and signed a four-year extension worth $30 million that includes guaranteed money of $15 million.

This deal comes in just ahead of the four-year, $29.323 million extension safety Kam Chancellor signed with Seattle in April. It falls just below the deals done for Eric Weddle (5 years, $40 million) and Antrel Rolle (five years, $37 million) signed in the last few years.

So what's the message?

It's a good one.

Jones sent the message that he's a professional. He sent the message he was going to go about his business in a statesmanlike manner and work quietly with the team as long as the team was willing to work with him. Yes, there was that day of anxiety -- to the point the Dolphins were so vexed by information leaking that they asked Jones family members not to speak to me.

(The Dolphins make a habit of telling agents and others not to speak to the media about contracts or injuries or anything, really, despite the so-called transparent approach owner Stephen Ross ordered last year).

But I digress.

After Jones met with coaches and his agent explained their stance, the team made a promise, Jones made a promise and both sides kept that promise.

Now compare that to the issue the Buffalo Bills are having with safety Jairus Byrd who is sitting out of camp. Not good.

The Dolphins, meanwhile, have sent a message into the locker room that if you are a good player with a good future and your career arc is headed up, they will try to keep you and be fair in doing so. That, believe it or not, will make the rounds in the locker room.

The Dolphins, you see, have a couple of other young players they may eventually try to extend -- Mike Pouncey, perhaps Paul Soliai, maybe Dustin Keller if he stays healthy and plays well -- and this extension before the season suggests the club is open to keeping a core of players it values.

So today was a win-win for everyone involved.



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WELCOME! to Fantasy Island. It is where the Dolphins homers can fantasize about having an NFL QB and a playoff team.

Merling was Parcells 2nd pick ever as a Dolphin.

those were all part of fat gate.

big fat slow suxy players all like fatcells himself.

parcells took merling, they went 11-5 that year

rj requested double pay$ 'cuz all of the time he is going to spend on the field 'cuz of the 3 + out king.

You pick a QB no.8 who was switched to WR in college for a reason.LMAO

arena league players from fatty.

thenne = sand lot qb

wasnt switched to wr, he was switched to qb in college

Andy, I did not see the stat line, so my bad. I did not think he looked slow, He did not have the same hole that LM did, and it seemed when he got hit he at least fell forward. I think they had a sweep left that lost 3 yeards that should have lost 5, but he made 2 breaking a tackle and moving forward.

I don't know, just seemed he hurt the D more than they hurt him after they got up.

I can see why you feel the way you do though

sand lot bowl = thenne + chad ryan in jax.

what were thennes #'s at wr?

Great! Now can they address a much bigger problem that has potential to sink the entire season, despite all the new acquisitions? Left Tackle? Martin is garbage and there is no depth at the position. Its a vicious cycle that has infected this team for years now. Starting with QB, then LT, then RB, then pass rusher, receiver. When will they ever get every position filled with a promising specimen?

Less see if there are some changes in the way they practice today. Sometimes adversity leads to corrections, hopefully +.

Oscar, did you go back to the game, Martin killed the o-line on the fumble, then the next run went that direction, you were right on the 3rd it did go left. Martin still won his battle but for nothing. His pass blocking however, needs to get better.

sorry 3rd went right

Aaron Hernandez

The prosecution turned over the surveillace video. It is from the club 2 days before murder.
The police have spent 6 weeks and $.5mil to have evidence of what he wore and where he went 2 days before the murder.
They have nothing on AH the night of the murder because AH wasn't there.

Decided to let the trolls from die down a bit after yesterday. Before I get to the game, great job signing Jones. Seems like a fair deal for both sides. Props to Ireland and Aponte and Reshad for being a pro about it.

On to the game. Yeah I'll be honest it wasn't what I wanted to see, but its not time to overrecat. Remember, the Lions went 4-0 in the preaseason the year they went 0-16.

Martin was a bit shaky against a backup DE. The D had some issues early. Tannehill and Miller didn't do great to start, but redeemed themselves a little bit. Thomas looked really bad.

There were some good things though. Jonas Gray looking better comes to mind, what about Shelby with 2 sacks ? Hell even Egnew had a few grabs.

I'm hoping for a much better effort Friday with more starters playing and for a bit longer.

I'm not talking about Martin, I'm talking about the whole Team. They were unprepared and in poor shape as compared to the Dallas's backups.

We had about 6 starters out too I believe. Not exactly like our team was playing our best.

Good points and good post.
That WR who had a couple grabs in the 4th including the TD did alright also.
I do not recall hearing Clay or Keller's name called.

Maybe Philbin is the kind of Coach that likes to start his Team easy. Well, we have to remind him that he cannot do that this Year. We have 5 killer Games out of our first 6.

If Jeff Ireland had half a brain we would've had Brandon Marshall, Dez Bryant, and Wallace for WR's.

Jax just signed Pat McQuistan.
Remember him?
In 2010 we signed him from the Best Buy trainee program and he was immediately moved to the top of the depth chart and he played every position but LT that season.
He took a leave of absence from WalMart to play for Jville.

Ireland ackknowledged to Joe Rose on WQAM that Pat White was his pick....just so you know.

Pat White is on the Redskins now.
This Friday Tanne, Henne & White will all play in scrimmages.
I will keep us all updated.

Kheeston Randall bats Tannehill pass, comes down with interception in 11-on-11s.

thenne = rox in his head.

ross = rox in his head.

ireland = rox in his head.

Tannehill has this nasty habit of piling up the batted passes. I thought they were going to work on a higher delivery point in the offseason. Guess not.

nj,maybe thenne needs glaxxes.

the homers tink it's ok,
the batted paxxes.

int's > 3 + outs.

2 watt,

I think T-Henne needs to be moved to WR with all the injuries and start Moore at QB .

The homers think EVERYTHING is ok. Even losing every year lol

parcells took merling, they went 11-5 that year
Posted by: dusty bottoms | August 06, 2013 at 11:21 AM

Totally wrong. Do some homework before you spew your nonsense on here.

Adam Beasley @AdamHBeasley

Fantastic interception by Will Davis. Tannehill threw behind Hartline and Davis closed quickly.

Throwing "BEHIND" the receiver, where have seen this before?

Adam Beasley @AdamHBeasley

Another Tannehill interception. This time Grimes got him. Consecutive plays. Yikes


Armando Salguero @ArmandoSalguero

Ryan Tannehill has just thrown back-to-back interceptions to Will Davis and Brent Grimes. Has three INTs today.

This Tannehill kid is getting very scary. Following up Monday night with a practice like this. Anyone assuming he's the answer is akin to the "Headless Horseman".

Gonna be another long season boys. The accuracy issues alone will account for 20 T'hill picks.

That's not including bad decisions and batted passes picks.

That will be something considering he had 13 last year.


I fear Tannehill has made "ZERO" offseason improvement. Every single issue he's had last season is showing up in camp and preseason this season.

Probably the only thing he's a little better at is familiarity with the offseason. Where he's already spent an entire season.

Familiarity with the offense wont be enough to lead us into the playoffs.

oscar, thenne sure bounced back.

First off, Martin gave up ONE pressure supposedly in the HOF game. I say supposedly because come to find out it wasn't even a pressure. Other sports writers have written the play was supposed to be a screen pass. That being the case, the offensive lineman holds his block for a second and let's his guy go. Dallas read the play and the QB held the ball when he saw that. So in reality, Martin did EXACTLY what he was supposed to do on that play. Not saying Martin will be a top LT, but as far as the HOF game and the little time he played, he did just fine.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | August 06, 2013 at 01:01 PM

Tannehill can go 2-3 game stretches without picks. Problem is, for him, when it rains it pours.

Evident in today's practice, evident in last year's games of throwing "multiple" in-game ints.

While his td passes always proves to be "light shower".

He just went a week without throwing a pic, did anyone have the same concerns then? Wow, some of you guys excel in overreaction. Balance dudes, balance ...

?,Threw 3 Int's in practice wearing a red jersey.

@ 1:10 does that make him different than the majority of athletes in any sport??

better break out the pre-med books thenne,this gig is not working out 4 ya.

Adam Beasley @AdamHBeasley

This might be Ryan Tannehill's worst practice of the summer. Throws behind Tyms now

Like I said, with Tannehill, when it rains it pours.

However, the td passes are always light showers...

db, the td's come in 1-1 drills, u can can do it.

oscar,give thenne some tips on the pre-med field 'cuz on the football field he is clueless.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | August 06, 2013 at 01:11 PM

Stretching back to last season, with Tannehill, when it's going bad its REALLY REALLY bad.

No surprise he can put together consecutive games or practices without a turnover. It was his same m.o. last season.

Also last season, when the turnovers do come, when it rains it pours.

somebody is putting on lipstick and writing a list



@ 1:19, haha great scene from Billy Madison....

Ryan Tannehill has just thrown back-to-back interceptions to Will Davis and Brent Grimes. Has three INTs today.


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