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Reshad Jones gets rewarded with new deal

Five months ago Reshad Jones was stressing a little bit about his contract situation. The Dolphins had promised to get him a new deal before the start of the 2013 season but he was seeing precious little movement in that direction.

So his agent Joel Segal called the Dolphins to see what was up. And a day passed with no response. And another day passed with no response.

And so the Jones camp decided to send a clear message that they felt wronged. Jones didn't show up to offseason workouts one day.

And that got all sorts of activity going. Assistant coaches lit up Jones' phone wanting to know where he was. General Manager Jeff Ireland called the agent.

And eventually, the team promised if Jones went about his usual business, reporting to offseason workouts and camps and allowing the process to play out, they would open talks on a new deal in July. Well, two weeks ago the Dolphins started talking with Jones and Segal.

And today the club and their starting safety have agreed to and signed a four-year extension worth $30 million that includes guaranteed money of $15 million.

This deal comes in just ahead of the four-year, $29.323 million extension safety Kam Chancellor signed with Seattle in April. It falls just below the deals done for Eric Weddle (5 years, $40 million) and Antrel Rolle (five years, $37 million) signed in the last few years.

So what's the message?

It's a good one.

Jones sent the message that he's a professional. He sent the message he was going to go about his business in a statesmanlike manner and work quietly with the team as long as the team was willing to work with him. Yes, there was that day of anxiety -- to the point the Dolphins were so vexed by information leaking that they asked Jones family members not to speak to me.

(The Dolphins make a habit of telling agents and others not to speak to the media about contracts or injuries or anything, really, despite the so-called transparent approach owner Stephen Ross ordered last year).

But I digress.

After Jones met with coaches and his agent explained their stance, the team made a promise, Jones made a promise and both sides kept that promise.

Now compare that to the issue the Buffalo Bills are having with safety Jairus Byrd who is sitting out of camp. Not good.

The Dolphins, meanwhile, have sent a message into the locker room that if you are a good player with a good future and your career arc is headed up, they will try to keep you and be fair in doing so. That, believe it or not, will make the rounds in the locker room.

The Dolphins, you see, have a couple of other young players they may eventually try to extend -- Mike Pouncey, perhaps Paul Soliai, maybe Dustin Keller if he stays healthy and plays well -- and this extension before the season suggests the club is open to keeping a core of players it values.

So today was a win-win for everyone involved.



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eie, irecorn + ross r gonna shove thenne down the phanzs' throats.

Armando Salguero @ArmandoSalguero

Another interception by Ryan Tannehill. Will Davis with his second pick of the day.

4TH PICK OF PRACTICE, WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you get benched in practice? Thenne? How about Thanchez?

empty stadium?

.......e = 1-15.


who is the new gm gonna pix wit the 1st over all.?

Ryan Tannchez...................................


Ryan Tannchez franchise qb? Lets' just hope he learns to be a game manager at this point...

Miller just came off the field limping. Hope it aint a knee. If it is 1-15 here we come.

No consistent passing nor running attack.

YG is has officially turned into a jackarse troll...congratulations YG...you are just like all the other one-liner douchebags!

Merril Hoge was RIGHT!

home is a beotch

Someone is happy L.Miller came off limping. Hoping he is injured for the whole season.

Who could that be.

And it is annoying how much Trolling goes on when the Fins Lose. EVEN A PRESEASON GAME.

After watching Ryan Tannehill in both college and pro I have no idea how he was selected in the 1st rd....

miller aint limping

Can we PLEASE fire Ireland NOW?

YG, I've had some decent football discussions with you before. The past couple days have really gotten crazy. I get its been a bad 4 years and the past couple of practices and preseason games have been bad. I enjoyed my chats with the old YG, but this is just nonsense.

This has all the makings of another 1-15 season.

I just watched the game again and Will Yeatman played his butt off against Selvie/insert other d ends names here..as compared to Thomas who absolutely sucked..thomas got his arse handed to him and was totally dominated at the point of attack.

Not even a pre-season game, a pre-pre-season game! LMAO! As annoying as dude was at least he would say something half-intelligent about football. Now he is just snow balling dumb@ss comment after dumb@ss comment! Keep it up dildo, this new phase is funnier than the last!


Why is Tanne throwing to 2nd & 3rd stringers against 2nd & 3rd stringers?

Pray for new ownership.

Throwing an Odin like 2012 post draft hissy fit! They are more alike than either one would EVER admit.


Matt Moore has been named the new starting QB.

If the media decides early on that you suck as a QB they never let go of that no matter how well you do (Tanne, Henne, Sanchez etc).

If the media decides early on that you are an 'elite' QB they never stop believeing that also (Cutler, Rivers, Ryan, Romo).

If Cutler, Rivers, Romo or Ryan were drafted by this team then they would be considered shhty.

What a joke franchise.

When the Dolphins be-shamed the HOF by putting Moore back in the game, only to have him lose anyway, they shouldered Moore with a legacy he will never be able to live down.

The Phins are just as talented as Atl, Indy, Bal & Cincy.
You'll see.

Arent you glad we didnt donate charity to the 4.4 BILLION DOLLAR MAN? Who cant even muster one winning season.

If the words 'honor', 'code' and 'manhood' meant anything to Matt Moore he would have refused Jeff Ireland's order to get back in the HOF game.

Instead he has soiled his own name and be-shamed this once proud franchise in front of Jerry Jones and the rest of America.

Even Chris Collinsworth and Al Michaels were embarassed for Matt Moore and all of us when Moore went back into the game.

Moore went back into the game because Devlin ot banged up! (((HAND INJURY))) Dipshyt! Not carrying 4 QBs scumbag, maybe RT should have went back in. You are exquisitely pathetic.

Maj Douche,
Moore went back in because we were within 1 TD with 10 mins to play.
The 'hand injury' was made up as an excuse after the fact.
Go back and look at the expression on Jerry Jones' face afterf the Collinsworth realized that Moore was back in. Jerry Jones was mortified that such a pathetic display was be-soiling his team's noble efforts.

Maj Douche,
You fall for anything these idiots put out, no wonder you can't make any money.
(But don't worry I know your true identitly and I'll still be your friend.)

Tannehill had the 9th best conversion rate among rookies on losing teams on 3rd and 3's in the AFC.

9th best? There were only 3 rookie starters in the AFC last season (Tanne, Wheedon, Wilson)

Devlin was playing better than Moore.

Out of anything, Philbin put M&M in to save Face. Til that point the Only points Moore Scored were for the other team.

Wilson plays NFC. You meant Luck.

The move to put Moore back in had Ireland written all over it.
Remember when the camera showed Ireland and then Collinsworth said, "...if anyone is on the hot seat in Miami this season it is Ireland...".
On the next series Moore was back in.
But the move didn't 'save face'.
The move be-soiled Moore's honor and be-shamed this once proud franchise that now has a feminine napkin in a helmet as it's logo.

My bad


Everything is about money with you? Do you think Bernie Madoff is a great man because he acquired money? Lance Armstrong? How about a succesful bank robber? Drug dealer? You are a MORON!

His condition has gotten worst. And it isn't even preseason. Preseason starts this week.

For all the talk about fraud and other posters. At least they are objective. You just come up with the most Asinine post ever. Then repeat them 5000 times. Then talk and post about Dashi or Odin the other 5000 times a day.

How can you lead a Normal Life?

False Fraud,
I mentioned nothing about money.
I mentioned honor, code, manhood as the things Moore knows nothing about.
I mentioned soil and shame as what Moore and Ireland have brought upon themselves and this once good city.

The Phins are just as talented as Atl, Indy, Bal & Cincy.
You'll see.
Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | August 06, 2013 at 01:54 PM
WELCOME to Fantasy Island.

You fall for anything these idiots put out, no wonder you can't make any money.

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | August 06, 2013 at 02:35 PM


Odin, "Can't argue with the facts bro, sorry."

You tried to argue the facts with me and got bitchslapped lmao.

Just one question.

Did you cry ?

It's okay for a grown man to cry.

I cried when the Dolphins lost the Super Bowl to the Redskins in 1982.

I was eight years old.

But wth, you have the debating skills of an eight year old...so you're excused.

Let it all out...not healthy to hold it in.

Then you might find yourself spending too much time on this blog roflmao.

Hartline is mediocre.

False Fraud,
I know you are new to this blog because I have never seen your name before.
In this blog manliness is more important than everything else.

YG, I've had some decent football discussions with you before. The past couple days have really gotten crazy. I get its been a bad 4 years and the past couple of practices and preseason games have been bad. I enjoyed my chats with the old YG, but this is just nonsense.

Posted by: NeMo | August 06, 2013 at 01:42 PM

Just calling it like I see it. Many finfans incur a disease called: Over-optimitis....

Usually occurring this exact time of year. Then by Novemeber we're all doing our "MOCK DRAFTS", thinking of what it could've been.

At times when REALITY KNOCKS we have to answer. Just because we refuse to answer doesn't make reality go away........ Capiche?

Wow, this blog is in full meltdown mode.


I might agree if we have a Puppet Coach. But Philbin runs Ireland not the other way around.

That was a Philbin Decision.

Just like when he took T-Hill out mid series. That was to simulate the game. To see if Moore can come in Mid Drive and keep the Chains Moving.

Philbin already saw Devlin converting 4th Downs and moving the Ball. He wanted to see if M&M can do the same.

Chad Henne restored manhood to this city with 1 bomb to Ted Ginn against the Jets on MNF as time expired.

That one act of supreme manliness was enough to unwind the be-soiling of the team, it's employees and it's fans that was unleashed on us by the triumverate of NoodleArm-Ireland-Soprano.

Are we now to allow that manhood to be taken away by Moore-Ireland-Philbin?
I think not.

Broker just came forth and said Manziel got paid $7,500 to sign autographs.

Bye bye Manziel. You just kissed away millions to make $7,500. What kind of educational system is there in Texas anyway???

That bomb was not as time expired but close. Ronnie Brown ran it in from the 2. Ronnie Brown ... man what could've been if we didn't have Cam Cameron and that 1-15 season. Ruined his career.

Posted by: Dashi- | August 06, 2013 at 02:43 PM

So the fans seeing Tannehill suck and saying aren't being objective right?

Many of you need to write for miamidolphins.com. You wont find more BLATANT Dolphins HOMERISM reading anywhere on the entire internet.

OBJECTIVITY isn't even a word in their entire vocabulary. Like sitting in a house afire and pretending the smoke's only fog. Just like homeristic deep in denial dolfans.

ESPN’s Merril Hoge on Ryan Tannehill
“He looked awful; the offense looked awful,” Hoge said. “What I saw early on, I would be bothered if I were a coach of the Miami Dolphins.”

Another interception by Ryan Tannehill. Will Davis with his second pick of the day.

4TH PICK OF PRACTICE, WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can you get benched in practice?

An 8 year old crying about football? (You have had no life for a while, Cry when you fail at achieving something, not when a team fails. You get disappointed, but Cry? Man Up you little F-A-G)

Saying he was 8 in 1982. After saying he was 8 years old when Joe Ferguson use to play. Right after him saying he was 8 years old when the Fins were just an Expansion Team.

That is the longest I've ever heard someone be 8 years old.

It's only a real pick if there is no interference.

When this team comes out and proves itself worthy over an entire regular season. Then I'll return to giving it the respect its due.


Many of you still choose be far too "LIBERAL" with a team that continues to break our hearts times after times, after times.........

When will "ENOUGH BE ENOUGH" bleeding heart liberals?

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