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Reshad Jones gets rewarded with new deal

Five months ago Reshad Jones was stressing a little bit about his contract situation. The Dolphins had promised to get him a new deal before the start of the 2013 season but he was seeing precious little movement in that direction.

So his agent Joel Segal called the Dolphins to see what was up. And a day passed with no response. And another day passed with no response.

And so the Jones camp decided to send a clear message that they felt wronged. Jones didn't show up to offseason workouts one day.

And that got all sorts of activity going. Assistant coaches lit up Jones' phone wanting to know where he was. General Manager Jeff Ireland called the agent.

And eventually, the team promised if Jones went about his usual business, reporting to offseason workouts and camps and allowing the process to play out, they would open talks on a new deal in July. Well, two weeks ago the Dolphins started talking with Jones and Segal.

And today the club and their starting safety have agreed to and signed a four-year extension worth $30 million that includes guaranteed money of $15 million.

This deal comes in just ahead of the four-year, $29.323 million extension safety Kam Chancellor signed with Seattle in April. It falls just below the deals done for Eric Weddle (5 years, $40 million) and Antrel Rolle (five years, $37 million) signed in the last few years.

So what's the message?

It's a good one.

Jones sent the message that he's a professional. He sent the message he was going to go about his business in a statesmanlike manner and work quietly with the team as long as the team was willing to work with him. Yes, there was that day of anxiety -- to the point the Dolphins were so vexed by information leaking that they asked Jones family members not to speak to me.

(The Dolphins make a habit of telling agents and others not to speak to the media about contracts or injuries or anything, really, despite the so-called transparent approach owner Stephen Ross ordered last year).

But I digress.

After Jones met with coaches and his agent explained their stance, the team made a promise, Jones made a promise and both sides kept that promise.

Now compare that to the issue the Buffalo Bills are having with safety Jairus Byrd who is sitting out of camp. Not good.

The Dolphins, meanwhile, have sent a message into the locker room that if you are a good player with a good future and your career arc is headed up, they will try to keep you and be fair in doing so. That, believe it or not, will make the rounds in the locker room.

The Dolphins, you see, have a couple of other young players they may eventually try to extend -- Mike Pouncey, perhaps Paul Soliai, maybe Dustin Keller if he stays healthy and plays well -- and this extension before the season suggests the club is open to keeping a core of players it values.

So today was a win-win for everyone involved.



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Is Tanny worse then Pat White?

On Friday this team will come face to face with the man that restored manhood to thier lives and thier city.

How can we face that man now with soil and shame upon us?

Pat White won 4 bowl games.
Pat White outrushed CJ Spiller in college AND threw for 6000 yards.
Pat White is on the Redskins and will play Friday.
I will keep us all up to date on Pat White's accomplishments don't worry.

An 8 year old crying about football? (You have had no life for a while, Cry when you fail at achieving something, not when a team fails. You get disappointed, but Cry? Man Up you little F-A-G)

Saying he was 8 in 1982. After saying he was 8 years old when Joe Ferguson use to play. Right after him saying he was 8 years old when the Fins were just an Expansion Team.

That is the longest I've ever heard someone be 8 years old.

Posted by: YG and his Lies | August 06, 2013 at 02:58 PM


Now back to your hitching post liberalistic brown donkey.....

YG do me a Favor. Get my name out your Mouth. We have no need to hold a conversation.

Don't even refer to me indirectly. Put your hand on the Screen when you see my name.

Also that goes for all the other name you post by. Forget that Dashi even existed.

Do us all a Favor.

Sounds like Pat White is the Al Bundy of the NFL. he was great once ....

Go Polk High!!

Didnt you just know Ireland would bring us another bust QB?

Tannehill really sucked in practice today. Im worried

Liberalistic brown donkeys hate the bare harsh truth. They don't want to believe Tannchez "often off the Mark" is turning buts right before their very eyes.

To tell them so is blasphemy in the greatest heights...

For us REALIST, this team will now have to EARN OUR RESPECT, not have it given to them like "FREE GOVERNMENT CHEESE.

I Think Its Time We Moved T-Hill To WR.

YG do me a Favor. Get my name out your Mouth. We have no need to hold a conversation.

Posted by: Dashi- | August 06, 2013 at 03:05 PM

DUMBASS, I haven't talked to you all day until this post. But, it didn't stop you from yapping at me.

So how can you tell me to stop talking to me when it was you doing all of the yapping? Boy, are you one HIGHLY CONFUSE DUMBASS!

If your son comes to you with a black eye that he got fighting the neighborhood bully you are proud of him and you tell him to be proud of himself.

If you son comes to you covered in soil and shame then what do you do?

On Friday it will be like we are going to see our father who lives in Jville but we will be covered in soil and shame not honor and manhood.

Tannehill really sucked in practice today. Im worried
Posted by: Truth | August 06, 2013 at 03:07 PM

Tannehill has always sucked. This is nothing new.

If you "BLIND LIBERALS" think its bad now, then you had better pray Chad Henne doesn't outplay Tannchez "Off the Mark" Friday night.

I highly recommend you stay from this blog entirely. It wont be anything nice. Consider yourselves "FORE_WARNED" thoroughly.......

On Friday Chad Henne will do what he always does: he will drive his team up and down the field like Sherman through Atlanta.
And he will do it like a man in a way that is honorable.
He will not be-soil his name or be-shame his city.

Ryan Tannehill makes Matt Moore look like Joe Montana.

Dashit lambasted me for saying just like Sam Madison, Will Davis sucks at tackling. Here what Philbin says to that:

Armando Salguero @ArmandoSalguero

Joe Philbin talked to CB Will Davis today, told him he did good things in coverage BUT has to tackle better.

The truth never lies, still some refuse to accept it. I can envision Davis being plowed over, or missing an easy tackle, that goes for a intermediate or long td run.

The truth is not an option in this blog. The bleeding heart liberals don't allow it.

Well, Johnny Manziel is expected to fall in the draft. But, of course, Jeff Ireland probably passes over him.

From the looks of Tannchez in the HOF game and today's practice. There's very strong chance we'll pick top 10 in 2014.....

But the liberal brown donkeys here don't want to hear that. It sounds it could be true....

T'sizzle has become T'fizzle. Even though he never quite became T'sizzle, these last couple outings he's definitely been:


davis = deion = not to shabby. pix six instead of tackles.

I've said it before and I'll say it again:
This blog is more fun than the team itself and thier shhty games.

davis = deion = not to shabby. pix six instead of tackles.

Posted by: 2 watt | August 06, 2013 at 03:33 PM

Well, lets wait and see how many picks Davis can make when not playing against our crappy qb's. Im still not ready to anoint him anything quite yet.

With our crappy qb's, Davis may finish camp with 25 picks.....

manziel is a 6th rd pick with many saying now he wont even get drafted. now he wont play this year at all. nobody wants a 6 foot qb with a below avg arm who hasnt played in a year

Im sick of two things today.

#1 Jeff Irelands seeming ability to alienate both players and agents.

#2 Armando's constant whining that the team won't share injury info or contract information with the media.

The latter wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't always worded as "the Dolphins don't share", as if they're the only team in the league that acts this way.

Honestly, as a fan all I need to hear is that someone is injured. I don't understand the apparent need the media have for knowing the exact injury and where it's located on the body. Wtf, who gives a rats a##? Tell me he's injured and about how long he will be out and I'm good to go. I don't need the media to tell me Wallace has a groin issue because I'm not comfortable with the opposition having that info as well. And contracts? Why,,,,would,,,,anyone ,,,,care? Change your life? Make your fan experience more enjoyable? Can you change what's happening? No, no, no. So really who cares besides the reporter?

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