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Salguero and PFF: Unstoppable!

I will be partnering with ProFootballFocus.com this year to bring you the best metrics available on the Dolphins anywhere. They will provide the measurables, I'll augment with analysis and insight. Together we'll be unstoppable!

But seriously ...

As everyone knows, tonight's preseason finale against somebody or other is meaningless. If (huge if) Ryan Tannehill plays at all (I doubt it) you'll have to delay your blinks or you'll miss him. Other starters may play but I cannot be specific at this point, as coach Joe Philbin has declined to reveal his strategy for this big tilt.

I can give you some interesting information related to last week's important dress rehearsal game versus Tampa Bay, directly from the analytical geniuses at ProFootballFocus.com:


John Jerry saw his first action of the preseason against the Buccaneers with 22 snaps. He struggled in pass protection and run blocking.

(Salguero: Jerry needs more work, which is why I advocate playing the starting offensive line tonight. Play them all. They all need work. I will say that last week, Tyson Clabo had an excellent game).

In the battle for the #2 tight end position, Dion Sims saw 23 snaps with the second-team offense while Michael Egnew saw 22.

(Salguero: Sims had the better game. He blocked better. He played faster. He is ahead of Egnew).

Rookie WR Chad Bumphis played the fewest snaps (3) of any wide receiver.

(Salguero: This sounds quite alarming at first blush. And we'll know tonight whether it is if the trend continues. If the trend continues, then that means Bumphis is on the outs. But if he gets snaps tonight, it is possible Bumphis had already earned a spot on the team -- even as the No. 5 receiver -- and coaches wanted to give others a chance to get the remaining spot. There's also a chance the Dolphins were hiding Bumphis, although this is less plausible because he returned punts).

Josh Samuda played all 50 snaps at first-team right guard, but gave up 3 hurries.

Charles Clay manned 42 snaps as the first-string tight end. He picked up a negative grade in pass catching, but cancelled it out with an equally positive run blocking grade.

Tannehill attempted just two passes 20+ yards down the field.

(Salguero: He wanted to throw to Mike Wallace deep on one play, but Wallace got pushed out of bounds on a double move, so knowing that Wallace was thus ineligible to catch the football, Tannehill threw a check-down pass).

Third-stringer Pat Devlin, fighting for a roster spot, passed well when pressured (5-for-7), but stumbled when he had time (7-for-14 and an INT). He completed only 3 of 6 passes with one interception on throws of 10 yards or more and didn't attempt a pass of 20 yards or more.

Mike Wallace, Brandon Gibson,  and Charles Clay each dropped a pass from Ryan Tannehill.

(Salguero: I also recall a drop by Brian Hartline in the end zone).

Perhaps most surprisingly from PFF is this: Left tackle Jonathan Martin was much maligned in his rookie season where he split time between right and left tackle. He finished the season grading positively in only two games all year and had the third worst pass blocking efficiency among starting tackles. Thats why his first three games this preseason were a revelation. Martin didn’t give up a single pressure until Saturday. Against a mixture of Adrian Clayborn and Daniel Te’o-Nesheim Martin gave up a hit and two hurries 


After releasing Richard Marshall during the week, Dmitri Patterson played 27 snaps as the #2 cornerback on the other side of Brent Grimes.

(Salguero: Patterson is your other starting cornerback, folks. Coach Joe Philbin has declined to say that's the case, but that is indeed the case).

MLB Dannell Ellerbe had 4 defensive stops on 28 snaps, while OLB Philip Wheeler had 3 stops in his 25 snaps.

(Salguero: Ellerbe has been outstanding this preseason. If he plays the regular season like he did the preseason, the Dolphins definitely upgraded).

Jamar Taylor, Nolan Carroll, and Will Davis all took at least 20 snaps as reserve cornerbacks. Carroll graded positively, Taylor was average, and Davis received a negative grade.

(Salguero: I like Nolan Carroll as a person. I'm not buying that he will be 16-games consistent as the third CB. Why not, you ask? Because this is his fourth NFL season and he's never been that in three previous seasons. He is what he is).

Dmitri Patterson was targeted three times by Josh Freeman. He allowed just the one catch for 5 yards.

The Dolphins, as a team, allowed the Bucs to haul in just 9 of their 24 targeted passes.

Special Teams

Rishard Matthews missed a tackle on special teams and did not look comfortable on the kickoff coverage team.

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Play the entire o-line in a meaningless preseason game? Last time we did that, Jake Long nearly tore up his knee.

I think Jerry is still tendering his knee which would explain why he wasn't full go.

didn't it take Soliai 3 years to get it straight too?

Mando, you are THE BEST.

Play the entire o-line in a meaningless preseason game? Last time we did that, Jake Long nearly tore up his knee.

Posted by: Andy | August 29, 2013 at 11:43 AM

Philbin was an idiot to play Jake last preseason....

Congrats Mando, should be awesome, can't wait.

PFF and Armando?

PFF does a great job but I remember a few weeks back when Armando joined the blog I brought up some points that was analysis from PFF (I don't remember what player) and Armando told me PFF isn't the Bible or something to that affect. Now he teams up with them and they are unstoppable lol.

I continue to say that Jerry's lack of consistent conditioning will prevent him from ever performing as a top level Guard. I'd rather they cut him and keep Samuda and Louis. I know Samuda has been a bit shaky but so has Jerry. I'd rather see a fit and hard working young guy play hard to improve than a lazy overweight guy make too much money to under perform.

I think this is one area Ireland and Philbin have gotten wrong for sure.

We are just starting to realize that Philbin isnt much of a coach.

Posted by: Jack! | August 29, 2013 at 11:32 AM

Dissapointing. We had hopes.

agree re: Carroll and have said it for 2 years--he's fine as a 5th-6th cheap/depth/special teams CB, but no more--if he's in the game for any length of time (like last year) Fins are in trouble (like last year)--Grimes, Patterson, Taylor and Davis are top 4....fill-ins from there---I'd bump Sims up to #1, if he looks even remotely ready......probably doesnt but may have to learn on the fly a bit, like many others do-have no confidence in Clay, guy just has stone hands---start Sims week 1, his run blocking is supposed to be his strength so Tanneh should see decent protection.....and work on his pass-catching skills--protecting the QB should be the higher priority anyway.


It wont be long before ESPN or Yahoo Sports come looking to hire Armando. Lets appreciate him while he is still here.

This is awesome stuff Mando, great job. One thing I would like to see added for the regular season is how these positive or negative grades compare versus the league average and/or best/worst at the same position.


Jerry's out of shape.. he will eb back to his norm which isn't great but good enough for now.

I also remember a Hartline drop in the end zone

Bumphis is on the outs or practice squad. You don't hide guys that will be on your 53 on the bottom end of the roster in preseason, you play teh heck out fo them. He's either cut or on the PS squad.

Anyone who watched Ellerbe play last year knew he was an upgrade and he was indeed the heart of that Raven defense through their march. Ray gt all teh pub, Ellerbe made all the plays. Ray was spent up - he knew it, that's why he's wearing suits on Sundays this year.

Carrol is a placeholder until Taylor rounds into form. By his recent progress, shouldn't be long now. Patterson is an incredibly adequate #2 CB. No need to expose the rookies this year until they're ready.

OL (depth) and TE...these are the only real questions...

Whatever happened to Dallas Thomas?

Amazing; So the two weakest positions for the Dolphins now are at Right OG and TE. Two positions that might have been taken care of in the draft to improve this team now so they make the playoffs this season. It's these type of decisions that allow a GM to maintain his job or not....It's not Dion's fault. The Dolphins really need to check the waiver wires after all the cuts for a right OG. Well who's fault is it that Charles Clay and Michael Egnew are not ready to step into a starting role. Maybe Sims is good enough. We will find out soon. The Dolphins have a tough schedule and it starts with the first five games.

OL (depth) and TE...these are the only real questions...

Posted by: Jack! 10.6 | August 29, 2013 at 12:08 PM

Nah, QB and RB are bigger questionmarks.

Tonight's game?

1. Give Bumphis equal playing time unless as Armando pointed out has already locked up a spot but I can't see that being the case cause he still needs reps. McNutt is unimpressive and does little once he makes a catch other then fall. Bumphis in the HOF game flashed talent to get open and catch the ball, give him an opportunity.

2. Start AJ Francis he's flashed in games much more then Vaughn Martin has. I'd like to see him get extended opportunities to wow the staff.

3. Run, run, run the ball. I want to see Jonas Gray get 15 carries and Gillislee 15 carries and maybe the best man wins.

4. Start Will Davis and Jamar Taylor they need the reps as well and both have a lot of nuianses to learn about the position.

And re: Martin - looks like going in camp against guys the quality of Vernon and Wake and also taking conditioning seriously have led to dramatic improvement. I'm off his jock ...

Andy, why u so hard on McNutt, last few weeks, he's amde pretty important receptions with the first team. My guy is definitely on the team - yours - I doubt it unless he becomes superman tonight. Forget these weak, slow footed guys...

I don't but into the tough schedule bit...we will see how tough it is when the season kicks off..too many factors in too many directions to just say...this schedule is brutal...and based off last year...it only "brutal" for the first month...

No WR's career should hinge on whether Devlin throws to him.

OL (depth) and TE...these are the only real questions...
Posted by: Jack! 10.6 | August 29, 2013 at 12:08 PM
Nah, QB and RB are bigger questionmarks.
Posted by: Phinmanski | August 29, 2013 at 12:12 PM

100% disagree...barring injuries...QB and RB are set for the next decade...

My favorite part of this article

(Salguero: He wanted to throw to Mike Wallace deep on one play, but Wallace got pushed out of bounds on a double move, so knowing that Wallace was thus ineligible to catch the football, Tannehill threw a check-down pass).

Shows Tannehill intelligence,and awareness. I realize this isnt a ground breaking move, but encouraging.

I honestly believe they are hiding Bumphis, they way he played the first couple of weeks and then to see the field for 3 plays? Unless he is in the coach's doghouse(which I dont think is the case) They have seen enough, good potential and would be snagged immediately by another team.I will say though, I am usually wrong about things like this LOL

Regarding my previous post about Bumphis, they are hiding him for Practice squad, dont see him making 53 roster

I think my ranking of the bubble WRs would be

1. Matthews
2. McNutt
3. Bumphis
4. Tyms

I think the top 2 make the team, the other 2 get put on practice squade. Nice post Mando. Looks like possibly no Mingo for the Browns week 1. It would be funny if he was hurt and Jordan played.

Big night for some of the bubble players including Francis, Gray, Kaddu, Yeatman and others. We're actually gonna have to cut some pretty decent guys this year. Ireland has actually gotten us depth at some positions even thought its lacking at others.

Gotta wonder if Tanny is any better than Henne.

The only thing about the practice squad is that any team can come in and offer a practice squad player a contract...it doesn't happen often because there are contract requirements as far as salary and legnth of time on active roster...then they are not eliigble again...but it can happen...


Take a look at the numbers. Both have had 9 passes thrown in their direction this preseason.

McNutt 9 targets, 3 receptions, 41 yards, 2 drops

Bumphis 9 targets, 7 receptions, 111 yards, 1 deflection/drop returned for an int.

Bumphis gets open which is why he has a better production rate. 7 of 9 vs 3 of 9. Also McNutt has zero value as a special teamer. Bumphis can return kicks and punts.

You say he's slow but McNutt isn't exactly fast. He's just big. Bumphis is in the Davone Bess mold as he's quicker then fast. Many guys around the league make a living having this skill set as a slot receivers. More then anything Bumphis speed is irrelavant for his role you see these jitter bug, quick guys runs back kicks and punts, chains movers. Where is McNutt's value? Because he's big? Like I said he certainly isn't fast or quick.

There is no possibly about it NeMo...Mingo is out for week 1...bruised lung I believe it is...

NeMo, Omar Kelly thinks that's what the Dolphins will do also - Matthews and McNutt make the active roster and Bumbphis and Tyms spend a year in reserves. I tend to agree.

6 WR?

Andy, great idea on the stats but 85 of Bumphis' yards came in the HOF game against the wives and girlfriends of the Cowboys players (they didn't even dress first sstrongers at all).

McNutt isn't fast? He runs a 4.54 on a 220 pound frame. That's a pretty formidable size to speed ratio.

And Bumbphis isn't half of what bess was. he hasn't run back one kick clean even.

And if you want to talk work in the slot, look at McNutt's last two catches from Tannehill in preseason - last one 17 yards right down the seam - that was a Keller route. We can argue all day about who we like more but all the arrows point to McNUtt being the 4 or 5 WR and Bumbphis wearing shorts on Sundays.

Evan Roriguez,

I really hope he makes the team and I think he will. Rodriguez and Kelcie McCray are tied for most special teams plays this preseason which gives him a plus check to make the roster.

He also has value as a player, he's very athletic for a FB/TE. He could possibly fill Charles Clay's role which was originally to be a FB/H-Back type.

The reason I like the Clay-Rodriguez starting duo is because it gives you the versatility to line up in 21 personel as well as 12 personel therefore give you an advantage even if a slight one when coming out of the huddle over the defense.

Mark, glad you agree with me. Omar agreeing with us means we are probably wrong! No Mingo or Josh Gordon for the Brown week 1 means we have to win it.

I'm gonna channel my inner troll here.

Ras-I Dowling cut by the Patriots! He was the first pick in the second round in 2011! Just another Belicheat bust!

That felt good.

NeMo, they could dress the ghost of Jim Brown (yeah I know he's still alive) and I'd still expect to win that game. We don't take a back seat to anybody!

Ras-I, man I really liked that guy at Virgina. Too many injuries as a pro...never got on track. But year, Patriots haven't been able to draft DBs or WRs for whatever reason.


You're right we could argue all day and if McNutt makes the squad he won't be my favorite whipping boy that belongs to Egnew! lol.

You make a valid point that the HOF game wasn't anything to close to a real test but like I said just the ability to get open more then not is what I look for. McNutt has also made a few plays but does his skill set look any different then Gibson or Hartline for that matter? I personally just like complimentary pieces that can hurt you in different ways.

This is why I love our Dline so much there is a lot of different looks Olinemen will have to face and therefore I believe that's what makes this unit so effective. I would think in the passing game having multi-dimensional skill sets would do the same for Tannehill's development. Just my thinking.

You rank every player from #1 to #75 in value and play the lowest value guys.

Meaning Tannehill is #1 in value so he does not even suit up.

Chad Bumphis is on the bubble and fighting for a roster spot...he's #75 and plays every down.

Someone mentioned earlier how we lost Jake Long to a knee injury in a game where he should not have been playing...nuff said.

Closed practice under the bubble is where we game plan...pre-season games is where we pick the bottom of our roster.

SIT THE STARTERS unless necessary e.g. OL or DL rotation.


wow, Dowling cut? I remember him getting a lot of hype similar to DJ Hayden this past year as a guy who could of went really high but Im not sure if it was injury or character why he sort of slipped in some scouts eyes.


Good post. I like that idea of 1-75. Works for me.

WTH PFF or whatever. YG, odin and I have more Football acumen than all of that crap! Right, YG?

Andy, look at what you said there. Does McNutt look any different than Gibson, or Hartline, etc.. No it doesn't. Now look at GB's WR corps. One speedster in Cobb and the rest are the same. Big, good athletes, interchangeable.

Amazing; So the two weakest positions for the Dolphins now are at Right OG and TE. Two positions that might have been taken care of in the draft to improve this team now so they make the playoffs this season

Posted by: promichael | August 29, 2013 at 12:10 PM

You obviously did not pay attention to both the draft and free agency this year where Miami drafted another TE as well as signed Keller and the drafted an OG and signed Lance Louis for competition with Jerry and also signed veteran Tyson Clabo. So your tired bashing of the GM is old like the days of Parcells running the ship.

were/are you still a Sparano fan?

YG's football acumen was on full display yesterday afternnon. His Parcells like formulae for success had me laughing at every turn. Must have 3 pro bowlers on offense, a QB in the top 10 to be a 10 win team... wow, had a good laugh at all that unsubstantiated gobbely goop

You let me know how that Fantasy League you have goes, Mark, will you? That way I can gauge the posters here and their Football knowledge. Thank you.

With Below is the commentary of Gary Stevens on the 'partnership' of Armando Salguero and PFF.

What exactly is Armando bringing to this partnership?

PFF provides solid advanced metrics for serious observers of the Miami Dolphins. Why must this information be broken up Armando's interminable well worn platitudes?

This is not to say I am not grateful for Armando providing this new service. It is most welcome. We should be grateful to Armando and his (sometime) employers at the Herald for providing Dolphins fans with this forum. Adding PFF to only sweetens the pot.

Armando is well sourced in the team and the up-front and in-person anecdotal information he provides on the Dolphins' comings and goings is often interesting, if not always useful.

But given the number of re-heated Salgueroisms that we already have to digest on a weekly basis -- can I please request that Armando sequester his personal 'observations' from the valued 'news' content of his PFF sources.

That would indeed be a victory for all blog fans.

Gary Stevens has finished. Gary Stevens is done.

Many People make the mistake of comparing the Team this year to last year's without taking our schedule this Season into account. Suppose we have improved our whole Team by 50% this year? Well, our schedule is 50% harder this year also. 7-9, 7-9. How many times do LV has to repeat this before you become aware of it? They must be laughing at you homers here up there.

Was just catching up here....Pretty much a given most starters will not see the field tonight...however, someone mentioned starting O-line should play. I like the idea....at least for the 1st half.

Wanted to touch on the Matt Moore article. Was discussing the other night about keeping Devlin. I think practice squad might be the best bet there, of course means only keeping 2 QB's on the 53. love Moore's solid play when called in reg season. IMO I think he's one of the best back up's in the league. love his attitude and the fact he wants to be here. Good formula for overall success. Anybody buying?

Great post look forward to your PFF assessments. Armando any chance you can do a salary cap update and project if the phins have cap space and if they are likely to shop at all for players from other teams who might be available loud to other teams cap or numbers issues? TE or OL??

Irescum has drafted 3 TE's and they all stink.


Your point about Strength of schedule is a great point. Remember however, that the teams we play on this years schedule are evaluated from last years play. Not always the same. Teams play level sometimes changes drastically from year to year.
And about Vegas, so many folks here give to much credence to the "Vegas number"....to me it's like the farmers almanac....a lot of predictions puts Vegas right along with everyone else who has a crystal ball.



Oscar no one knows how hard the schedule will be this year because the schedule hasn't kicked off yet!!! We played Indy and Seattle last year...who were not good the year before and excelled a lot the year after...this happens each and every year...some teams move up...some teams move down...some remain the same...we were 1-1 against those 2 teams BTW...and Tannehill beat Wilson and the Hawks with a 4th QTR game winning drive...

Many People make the mistake of comparing the Team this year to last year's without taking our schedule this Season into account. Suppose we have improved our whole Team by 50% this year? Well, our schedule is 50% harder this year also. 7-9, 7-9. How many times do LV has to repeat this before you become aware of it? They must be laughing at you homers here up there.

Posted by: oscar canosa | August 29, 2013 at 01:08 PM

The truth is that this years team is worse than last years without Big Jake, Devon Bess, Sean Smith, Karlos Dansby, Reggie Bush, and Fasano or a replacement for him.

Great so now we have a non-expert partnering up with another non-expert (PFF). So why again are these PFF guys experts? They're all ex-players, GMs, and coaches right? Another boring article that seeks to justify Armando's words. Please, I'd rather throw up in mouth and swallow it

Cant wait for basketball season.

Looking past this game...need to find a TE. And that probably means a trade. Keller opened up Wallace not to mention moving the chains. Now, that's gone.
Unless Philbin (Ireland's track record is beyond bad) is convinced a TE cut next Tuesday can take up the slack, bite the bullet and go get one.
One thought I've had is to convert one of these WRs on the bubble to TE. I don't have enough info/tape but Philbin does. Wonder if he's considered it?


Green Bay doesn't really have the same guy Jennings at 1 time was a burner before the last season and half when injuries are depleting his big play ability. Driver is a possession guy. Nelson is a blend of both and Cobb is more quick then fast. He ran a good but not great 4.49 at 5'10 190 lbs. But for arguements sake and to end I guess we have different views. I don't want to be another team I want us to have our own identity and Im more a fan of varying skill sets. I would say it's true to plug a guy in when it's interchangeable but you rarely get the same production when you do have to plug in a back up. Like I said rarely does the plug in guy produce as much as the starter but in fairness in exemption would be the Packers you named when James Jones although not as effective yardage wise to the injured Greg Jennings but did have 14 TDs.

No one cares about the crap Dolphins anymore.

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