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Salguero and PFF: Unstoppable!

I will be partnering with ProFootballFocus.com this year to bring you the best metrics available on the Dolphins anywhere. They will provide the measurables, I'll augment with analysis and insight. Together we'll be unstoppable!

But seriously ...

As everyone knows, tonight's preseason finale against somebody or other is meaningless. If (huge if) Ryan Tannehill plays at all (I doubt it) you'll have to delay your blinks or you'll miss him. Other starters may play but I cannot be specific at this point, as coach Joe Philbin has declined to reveal his strategy for this big tilt.

I can give you some interesting information related to last week's important dress rehearsal game versus Tampa Bay, directly from the analytical geniuses at ProFootballFocus.com:


John Jerry saw his first action of the preseason against the Buccaneers with 22 snaps. He struggled in pass protection and run blocking.

(Salguero: Jerry needs more work, which is why I advocate playing the starting offensive line tonight. Play them all. They all need work. I will say that last week, Tyson Clabo had an excellent game).

In the battle for the #2 tight end position, Dion Sims saw 23 snaps with the second-team offense while Michael Egnew saw 22.

(Salguero: Sims had the better game. He blocked better. He played faster. He is ahead of Egnew).

Rookie WR Chad Bumphis played the fewest snaps (3) of any wide receiver.

(Salguero: This sounds quite alarming at first blush. And we'll know tonight whether it is if the trend continues. If the trend continues, then that means Bumphis is on the outs. But if he gets snaps tonight, it is possible Bumphis had already earned a spot on the team -- even as the No. 5 receiver -- and coaches wanted to give others a chance to get the remaining spot. There's also a chance the Dolphins were hiding Bumphis, although this is less plausible because he returned punts).

Josh Samuda played all 50 snaps at first-team right guard, but gave up 3 hurries.

Charles Clay manned 42 snaps as the first-string tight end. He picked up a negative grade in pass catching, but cancelled it out with an equally positive run blocking grade.

Tannehill attempted just two passes 20+ yards down the field.

(Salguero: He wanted to throw to Mike Wallace deep on one play, but Wallace got pushed out of bounds on a double move, so knowing that Wallace was thus ineligible to catch the football, Tannehill threw a check-down pass).

Third-stringer Pat Devlin, fighting for a roster spot, passed well when pressured (5-for-7), but stumbled when he had time (7-for-14 and an INT). He completed only 3 of 6 passes with one interception on throws of 10 yards or more and didn't attempt a pass of 20 yards or more.

Mike Wallace, Brandon Gibson,  and Charles Clay each dropped a pass from Ryan Tannehill.

(Salguero: I also recall a drop by Brian Hartline in the end zone).

Perhaps most surprisingly from PFF is this: Left tackle Jonathan Martin was much maligned in his rookie season where he split time between right and left tackle. He finished the season grading positively in only two games all year and had the third worst pass blocking efficiency among starting tackles. Thats why his first three games this preseason were a revelation. Martin didn’t give up a single pressure until Saturday. Against a mixture of Adrian Clayborn and Daniel Te’o-Nesheim Martin gave up a hit and two hurries 


After releasing Richard Marshall during the week, Dmitri Patterson played 27 snaps as the #2 cornerback on the other side of Brent Grimes.

(Salguero: Patterson is your other starting cornerback, folks. Coach Joe Philbin has declined to say that's the case, but that is indeed the case).

MLB Dannell Ellerbe had 4 defensive stops on 28 snaps, while OLB Philip Wheeler had 3 stops in his 25 snaps.

(Salguero: Ellerbe has been outstanding this preseason. If he plays the regular season like he did the preseason, the Dolphins definitely upgraded).

Jamar Taylor, Nolan Carroll, and Will Davis all took at least 20 snaps as reserve cornerbacks. Carroll graded positively, Taylor was average, and Davis received a negative grade.

(Salguero: I like Nolan Carroll as a person. I'm not buying that he will be 16-games consistent as the third CB. Why not, you ask? Because this is his fourth NFL season and he's never been that in three previous seasons. He is what he is).

Dmitri Patterson was targeted three times by Josh Freeman. He allowed just the one catch for 5 yards.

The Dolphins, as a team, allowed the Bucs to haul in just 9 of their 24 targeted passes.

Special Teams

Rishard Matthews missed a tackle on special teams and did not look comfortable on the kickoff coverage team.

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I would absolutely love for this to be a 1st game scenario. It would go a ton as far as character building and cohesiveness for our talented but fairly young and inexperience roster.

A come from behind, victory from jaws of defeat, would be just what the doctor ordered for a young and somewhat unproven team like ours.

So during the 1st live blog on game day i predict the following:
Zonk posts Ross is too cheap
boycott is on posts boycott the fins until ireland is fired
Shula 73 states that Matt Moore should be starting

No what would make the "realist" go off would be the Fins Score 17 pts in the first qtr and coasting to a 17-13 victory...
The "realist" would then blow up about how we should have lost bc we didnt score in the other 3 qtrs or that Tannehill didnt throw for more than 2 TD's or that Sturgis FG attempt wasnt of 6 yrds or m ore..

Posted by: mattybfromnc | August 29, 2013 at 03:58 PM

It would be concerning if after the fast start the offense goes ice cold(3qtrs). But, I would take 2 Tannehill td passes as a positive sign. It places him on early pace for 32 passing tds(16 * 2).

Yes, I would have my concerns, but overall I would still be pleased. Tanne gets 2 passing tds, the defense lives up to billing(1pts allowed), most importantly a win.

13pts allowed

I'm looking forward to seeing Mat Moore and Pat Devlin tonight.

Granted Devlin's had limited playing time his first two years in the league. But he's now had the time and reps to know the offense. This will be his time to shine. His chances are very limited so he has to make the most of it.

The receivers battling for the 4th and 5th spots should be in tune with this. So for mr this is what tonights game is all about.

Moore isn't much of a practice/pre-season type of player. As everyone seems to agree, we know what we have. So, for this reason, I hope we see a lot of Devlin. Let Moore knock some rust of, but play the Youngsters.

id like to see us put weeden to sleep on his first drop back of the season.....fack everybody that don't wear dolphin colors.....woop woop

Didnt exactly apply to you...


27. Cleveland Browns: I was impressed with Brandon Weeden during my camp visit. It's a shame he will not have WR Josh Gordon to start the season. Weeden has thrown three touchdowns with no picks or sacks under Norv Turner this preseason. The defense is stout and
can keep things close.

QB has 3 TDs no picks this offseason, stout defense, Norv Turner - kind of sounds like us.


I don't think it will be too tough to rattle Weeden. I believe Vernon and Wake will be outstanding. With or without Jordan.

Vernon was showing flashes last year and started to show improvements against the run/setting the edge. This pre season he's done nothing but improve.

Wake and Verno are going to terrorize QB's. In addition, we have a couple of linebackers that will allow us to bring all sorts of blitzes. This Defense is going to be "Good Enough" in my opinion.

It's all going to come down to how quickly our Offense gets it together.

Matty, not much of a prediction. They repeat the same exact posts every day! ;) Seriously, same exact words every day. I don't get why they waste their time unless they're truly trying to help Armando get more hits. I can't explain why someone would come to a blog every day and write the same exact post. They're either mentally challenged or they're helping Armando get more hits, those are the only plausible reasons.

Here's a prediction to piggy back odins post. I predict Devlin will have a mediocre to bad game tonight. Haha

This Cle game is shaping up more competitive than I thought:

"Weeden has thrown three touchdowns with no picks or sacks under Norv Turner this preseason." -Pat Kirwin

As long as Lamar Miller really is better than Trent Richardson we have nothing to worry about.

Will there be a tape delayed blog when this game airs on the NFL network on Saturday morning at 3am?


If Odin is here than I expect at least 10-15 posters to be here.

ETF, can I join your anti corruption firm? Manziel only getting suspended for a half for getting paid 10s of thousands of dollars for autographs when terrell pryor and his black teammates got much harshere suspensions for trading autographs for tattoos.

Not to mention Dex Bryant getting suspended for a year for hanging out with Deion Sanders.

What gives?

I've been thinking of opening an office in Toronto, if i do then I would like you to head our Canadian Bureau.

yeah mark ncaa is garbage. cleveland up to a 1 pt favorite now for next sundays game

Matt Moore should play at least a half tonight. He is a veteran but he needs the practice. He did not play at all last Game.

Think back 2 weeks and go through the archives to confirm if you like.
When the Manziel story broke everybody, including Colin Cowherd, immediately knew the whole story from front to back.

One man in America said, "hold on", that man was me.

One man in America said, "who gave that agent permission to meet with Manziel?" That man was me.

One man realized that in order for the signings to take place arrangements had to be made between the marketer and THE PERSON THAT COULD TELL MANZIEL WHAT HOTEL ROOM TO GO TO. That man was me.

One man realized that the only person that could meet with a collector, and know Manziel's schedule and talk to manziel to tell him where to go had to be a booster. That man was me.

For you only MIT is a bonus:

Come on guys...

Both the NCAA and A&M said there was no evidence Manziel got paid for all those autographs.

Don't you believe them?

well yeah oscar who else u gonna play. thill should sit hopefully and devlin finish out the garbage


Your assessment of the Browns is spot on from were I sit, saw them this Pre-Season and Coach Chudzinski has that team playing hard! Not surprised X-Cane (Player & Assist. Coach) Chud has them battling alot of UM LIFERS (like myself) would have preferred this former Player/Assistant get the H.C. gig over Shannon. The addition of Norv Turner back at his OC Pos. is also paying dividends, Weeden looked sharp Vs. a tough St. Louis starting D the other night. It goes to the point I was making yesterday about being to quick to judge your schedule by last Yrs. results.

This is a very different team than the one stuck with Pat Shurmur as H.C. and Brad Childress in any capacity Coaching! Opening day in their house should also have their team juiced could be an early trap game for Dolphins (carrying loftier expectations into Yr.) In any event we need to pull one of our 1st of two out on the road with the 2nd game being the home opener for Indy and Luck in the Dome.

Some have posted how we got NO SHOT Vs. Atlanta at Home in our opener but I got a feeling this team will be looking to make an early impact/statement in front of the home crowd and if they play inspired ball on D may pull out an early upset. I feel even better about our game Vs. Baltimore who we now match up with very nicely, that one will come down to the final minutes IMO!

Mando's true LIVE BLOG will be the "FACEBOOK/TWITTER" LOG-IN.

The "NORMAL" login will be for "NAMELESS TROLLS" and the LOW SELF-ESTEEMED who need a place to HIDE.

The "TWITTER/FACEBOOK" live blog is "MONITORED". Those crying of trolls we expect to see you there. Not one of you were there last week after Armando giving you what you've been crying for.

ETF, this must be resolved. Maurice Clarett, Dez Bryant, Terrell Pryor all were penalized millions by falling draft slots while manziel is allowed to get paid, somehow end up first row at Miami Heat NBA finals game (yeah, cause he bought those tickets with his own money) and keep his top five draft slot.

We must kill WHITEY!!

These lines on CBS.com are off the hook:

Bal gets 9 against Denver
Atl gets 3 against NO
Cincy gets 3 against Bears
Seattle gives up 3 at Carolina
Giants get 3 against Cowboys

Time to make some money.

Didn't Cleveland's first team get spanked against Indy?

What's all the hoopla about?

Tannehill was on fire by comparison in all three proper preseason games!

Rule 1 at the firm is that we don't actually kill anybody, we just expose the fraud so that they can be properly chastised.

Marshall still AWOL, I mean, excused from team activities for the bears for 4 days. Take the Bengals...


On the predictions we can only take it a game at a time. The nfl is a 16 gm season. Injuries happen that effect everything. Whether to our roster or a future opponent.

We may have lost at least 1ppg on our 2013 scoring avg just by the loss of Keller alone. Somewhere down the line that could cost us at least 1 game. Other teams are or will be in this same boat due to injuries too.

Exactly why projecting wins and losses to far out is nearly impossible. Certain injuries can change everything. For both us and our future opponents.

those lines arent great. 3 pt lines never are. balt +9 is solid. by far best line of day is pats -10 vs tuel and bills


Denver has lost both their pro bowl caliber pass rushers. So Vegas maybe predicting Manning not able to score pts against Ravens defense as fast as their pass pressure less defense give up points to the Ravens offense.

Aww, man! What good is this fist shaking exercise?

Sorry YG @ 4:46...

I don't do Face Book...or any other system that would allow a low-life like yourself to have the ability to stalk me further...

your dream would be to put a pic (along with other personal info that you may know how to steal) up for you...and your sickness to wreak havoc on...

i'll pass...

get help

get on meds

then I may consider it...

until then...F U....and everything you stand for....

love ur reading it wrong, denver is favored by 9

YG, Baltimore getting 9 points means they are underdog by 9.

i.e. "Vegas" (misnomer because the real booking houses are out of Asia now, not Vegas) predicts Denver will WIN by 9.

Please revise your analysis.

I wish Kris would just come out and type what he was thinking. These ambigious posts are very confusing.

Sorry YG @ 4:46...
I don't do Face Book...or any other system that would allow a low-life like yourself to have the ability to stalk me further...
your dream would be to put a pic (along with other personal info that you may know how to steal) up for you...and your sickness to wreak havoc on...
i'll pass...
get help
get on meds
then I may consider it...
until then...F U....and everything you stand for....
Posted by: Kris | August 29, 2013 at 05:00 PM

Such a classy post. At least you knew what crybaby I was referring to.

See folks, the biggest crybaby for change, now gets that change, now has another bs excuse to use the change he led the fraudulent cry for.

There it is folks, in a nutshell, your favorite crybaby poster Sissy Krissy live.


was that to subtle....

There is no change YG....

Armando told us that with his....DEFINE TROLL post....


along with others myself have defined the TROLL for this site....


and thats good enough for me...


Duly noted. The ETF posted it made it slightly confusing. I knew it was one way or the other.

With 2 pro bowl caliber pass rushers out, I look for Flacco to have a big day. The bookies are mad to make Balt 9pts underdogs. I don't see Den covering that big a spread in lieu of what has occurred with their defense.

I would love for us to draft Johnny Manziel "Mr Football" next year.

Thats the best we will get....

but its enough to know that YOU were to STUPID to keep your MAIN SIGN-IN name a secret on an ANONOMOUS BLOG....

your folks must be so proud...

Kris @ 5:07 PM,

Hope that post makes you happy. It isn't unusual anymore to find folks perfectly happy with being wrong.

Anything else "MEANINGFUL" you would like to contribute today? Good or bad, go ahead fill us at your heart's content.

Nat, and your 1,000,0000 aliases, when Manziel gets drafted, go to that team's site and leave us alone.

Sure mando will cry when 78% of his blog posts go missing but he's a big boy, he will recover.


"ask Armando"...


WTH!, we are favored by 6 against NO tonight. ???

Yes Kris, more to the point please.

No aliases here. I post under one name. Nice try canada.

yeah mark ncaa is garbage. cleveland up to a 1 pt favorite now for next sundays game

Posted by: dusty bottoms | August 29, 2013 at 04:38 PM



Was instituted to Govern/Secure Amateur Status of Student Athletes but has always been run like a Pro Sports Commission! Money and Politics always ran the AP or UP Poll were they looked to keep the most marketable teams who can draw the BIG New Years day TV audiences ranked near the top.

Their new Association with the BCS MEGA-MILLIONS (definition of Moneyball) has only served to put even more of a spot light on PLAYERS like Manziel who have the Nat'l stage along with Conferences like the SEC who fund this Association. The majority of these athletes only see this time on the TV stage with NFL and NBA tougher to crack than the NAVY SEALS all the while viewing the word "STUDENT" as the disposable part of their "STUDENT ATHLETE" description.

These kids get used up and spit out but can't turn a buck on any of the sweat-n-blood because of a Commission's oversight of their actions, the same Commission that pockets a size-able chunk of their labor (call it what it is)the whole thing just reeks from the top down and needs to be changed with compensation and maybe even independent boards Governing their respective Conferences!

yes oscar our 11 white guys vs there 11 white guys. all go back to walmart jobs tomorrow

WTH!, we are favored by 6 against NO tonight. ???

Posted by: oscar canosa | August 29, 2013 at 05:12 PM

Cause Vegas knows Matt Moore is better than Tannehill

Nat, you must be YG. he only posts under one name too.

dusty, notice the Pats starting 11 on offense is almost 11 white guys. was last year - dobson ruins that this year.

To my mind,that's crazy stuff, making any Team favorite by greater than 3 points in the final, full of backups pre-Season Game. Who is the backup to Brees?

yeah dobson no chance starting over thompkins. ridleys the man

until then...F U....and everything you stand for....

Posted by: Kris | August 29, 2013 at 05:00 PM

Amen Brother.

Kris, I never Live Blog during games. I'm always paused back just enough to blow through the comercials. But even so, the last thing I would want to be doing during a game is posting. I tried it a couple of times, it's just not for me.

Having said that, I thought the same things you posted above. The last thing I would want to do is let ANYONE(Ahem.....)get any personal information to further stalk me with.

The old axiom is sad but true: One Bad Apple........


Yes, I will be available to Live Blog the replay on ESPN!

This could also mean that LV considers our backups far superior to NOs ones.

So Mando paid for his PFF membership this year. Good job Mando. Spending money on research.

What is next? You are going to buy the NFL Pass from NFL.com. Will that be your next partnership. So you can break down the coaches tape for us.

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