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Starks: Not starting is 'punishment' for offseason

Randy Starks did not report for any Dolphins offseason work, as was his right once the Dolphins tagged him with their franchise tag. With that tag unsigned, Starks could skip workouts and OTAs and conditioning. And he did.

But when he reported to training camp, the former Pro Bowl defensive lineman found himself competing for a starting role with Jared Odrick.

And Starks privately found this odd. And Starks privately wasn't too thrilled with the setup.

And Starks let some of those private feelings out in public Monday.

"I'm not going to say nothing bad about it," Starks said. "It is what it is. I wasn't here so I guess this is my punishment."

Starks believes, to some degree at least, that because he showed unhappiness with the franchise tag and didn't attend much of the offseason fun, the Dolphins are punishing him for that.

He doesn't like the situation, necessarily, but isn't really complaining, either. He is internalizing much of his dislike for the situation by talking of playing better than he's ever played before. That, by the way, also got out a bit Monday.

"The year I was a backup [2008] I was one of the most dominant players on the defensive line," he said. "If that's the case [this year] I have the potential do it again."

Two things:

The Dolphins have not completely decided that Odrick is the starter and Starks is the backup. Defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle has said he'll pick starters week to week depending on who the opponent is and whether Starks or Ordrick match up best against that opponent. And both men will play a lot, regardless of who starts.

Secondly, Starks is playing under an $8.45 million guaranteed franchise tag. But it seems more and more the team is moving away from him after this year. He's only 29 years old and wants a multi-year contract but the Dolphins are unlikely to sign both he and Paul Soliai to a long-term deal.

So it's also possible this is the first step for the Dolphins in distancing themselves eventually from Starks.



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He is perhaps right, but saying so to the press is not going to endear him more to the coach.

Sometimes, ya gotta remember which side your bread is buttered on.

Starks totally misread his leverage with the team. Didn't respect Odrick enough inside or Vernon or any of the draft rookies enough on the outside.

He didn't exactly have the team over a barrel and he let a couple f other young hungry lions come in and take the jobs. Shame on him for that.

Irelands really should've traded this chip though. Always though and Albert for Starks trade made way too much sense for both sides...

*always thought an Albert ...

stupid fingers...


F-U Randy Starks,

I was one of the people who was glad we kept Starks. But, I am so mad he is saying he is being punished for sitting out camp! What about the fact that you were injured (or were you) and the fact that Odrick is the younger and potentially better version of yourself. How dare you disregard what Odrick has done this year and d@mn your coaching staff to be vindictive / petty dikks.

Do you need a change of scenery. Now I wish we traded or let you go, so yu could go sign that 1 year 5 mil. contract like everyone else did.


That, TK, is about the long and ths short of it. he sulks and underperforms, nobody wins. he comes out beastly, everyone wins.

The buisness aspect of football sucks....

GREAT teams dump REALLY good to great players @ the right time...and are rewaded with DRAFT PICKS or SAVED money...then they spend wisely...or draft the repalcement's...replacement...cause the replacement has been on the practice squad for years.....

Mediocre to BAD teams rush to sighn that FOMERLY very good to great player...and get stuck in salary cap hell...or have limited draft picks for years....

and ONLY history and our PERFECT 20/20 (hindsight) vision will know if it was right..

Byt he way, anybody notice the Saints defense falling apart the seams through injury? Again, why do people count this game as a loss for the Dolphins? That defense is historically abd and just got worse. Our defense holds Brees under 30 points and we will win...

Here is a TE that the Dolphins could go after, Jamie McCoy from the Steelers, 6-3 240lbs from Texas A&M, one year player that was with Tannehill at College.

Who the hell cares just play bro and make your cashe next spring bro !! I'm seriously looking at 1-4-0-5 start realisticly. It's just a reality baby, OL,TE,RB are all very very shaky. This defense has the potential to be dominate but can they create turnovers that's the big ? And of course one Jeffrey Ireland, if they do get off to a disastrous start, he panic and trade a high pick for a good TE or veteran RB ? Or will he be on his death march ? These are some of the ?'s that will be answered by election day, enjoy another disappointing season Dolphinsfans :-):-):-) !!

Kris, I thought it was obvious to cash in on a por bowl player that was surplus. This is one critique I had about Ireland's offseason. We let 6 pro bowls in Starks and Long turn into one walk year in Starks. I understand Long not wanting to re-sign because the Dolphins rescinded their best offer and Logn having injuries and tagging and trading him not really ebing an option. However Starks had real value and his best value is not as a third DT- it was in trade.

Anyway, my argument goes for not if Soliai or Odrick get knicked up but if they hold up all year, this will turn into waste when it could've turned into a good draft pick or a vet to shore up our OL (Albert) who would be a good left tackle or an amazing guard.

Memo to NFL players nearing 30:

Don't get ahead of yourself, or let your head get big...YOU ARE EXPENDABLE!!! Unless you are a QB, there's someone probably younger, cheaper and more willing to do anything the coaching staff wants who can fill your shoes. ProBowler or not. You're just not as valuable as you think you are. So be happy for anything you get at this point.

You left out the part of him being injured all camp and O'Drick playing like a stud. Also crying to the media is complaining and not keeping it inside.

Ordick is the MAN of the hour...lol...

2 years ago....people wanted to run his fragile femur out of here....

my... how the tide has turned....

I thought all along we should not have franchised Starks and just moved Odrick inside where he belonged anyways. How much are the Phins paying Starks who is just a rotational player? This franchise just makes odd decisions.
And are we in talks with Buffalo to see if we can scarf up some draft picks for our backup QBs?? If I were GM that is what I'd be doing.

"Mr. GLASS is what they call me"....

Samuel L. Jackson

STARKS NEVER EVEN IMPLIED THE DOLPHINS PUNISHED HIM!!! What he said basically is he is getting what he deserved and media is twisting it to mean something else, meaning if he showed up he probably would have earned the start, he's referring to "punishment" being that he is not outright starter, and not "punishment" from the organization standpoint, plain and simple. Geez!

I am a long time Odrick supporter. I knew he had it.Very few palyers I could say that about

Kris, forget two years ago, what about last season when he was out of position playing 4-3 end like a warrior without quabbling about it because we had nobody else ready to play the position and we had "fans" ripping him for it.

These people have now declared Jordan a bust. They never learn, they jsut move to the next target and never fess up to being wrong to begin with.

Do they at least play "Tequila" at the stadium when Odrick does the Pee Wee Herman dance?

Speaking of which, where's YG who took up about 30 of these blog pages telling everyone Odrick couldn't play inside and was strictly a DE?

MassD, why would the Bills be giving up draft picks for QB when they want to tank the season to give Manuel and the defense more weapons?

This year is like our last year - just about giving the young Qb and education? They don't care for wins...

so starks was a pointless franchise tag. great ireland is dumb as they come

Ali, I am gonna disagree with you. When he used the word punishment, what else could it mean? He isnt taking accountability, Injury, younger palyer with tons of upside, I think his ego got a little hurt


Starks has every right to negotiate in his best interest. This is a game but its also a profession and a business for the guys that give their sweat and blood. Jeff Ireland should have kept Reggie Bush this year and give more time for Miller to develope. That would have been the best thing for the team. Reggie faced an 8 man front frequently last year and still had a descent season. Miller looks ok but hes not Reggies caliber. With Wallace on the outside this year Reggie could have been dynamic. Oderick is good but not the same caliber as starks. Ireland looks like hes going to make the same mistake of letting a quality player leave too soon. Good teams find ways to load up on talented players (49er's etc...). Jeff Ireland believes in addition by subtraction. Bring in a talented player and get rid of one. This is a formula for mediocrity. Jeff needs to stop managing this team like a small market franchise. Dolphin fans are nationwide and judging from the crowd at the FIRST home game of the preseason fans nationwide might be more loyal then the local ones.

Bills released Da'Rick Rogers. Come on Miami, sneak this guy onto your practice squad ... talented as there was in this year's draft. Obvioulsy a headcase, give him a year to mature on the fringes of the NFL - what's to lose???


that Jordan is a bust is among the dumbest things I have read on this blog..."they paid to much for him"...is probaly the 2nd dumbest....

wait...I take all that back...

I have also read that "Sporano would be the hottest coaching prospect"....

I can't type any more...I can't stop laughing...


I bet Odrick has better stats than Starks this year. I dont dislike Starks, but I hope he gets his head out of his butt, I will be seeing how hard he plays this year, he has always played with alot of heart. i hope he does the same this year.

The Dolphins are too cheap to pay top players so they get rid of them every year. Then they wonder why they stink every season. Its laughable.

Odrick is definitely a much better pass rusher than Starks. Odrick is one tough hombre. Apparently the NFL thinks so too. Not accidental that he appears on NFL network commercials... big things...

Dion Jordan = Damaged Goods

Thanks again Irescum


It is very apparent you should be an NFL GM, with a knowledgeable post like that. i sincerely hope you are a troll trying to get a reaction, necause that comment was just dumb

Mark/Kris, I agree on the Jordan stuff being way overboard (for people to say he's a bust).

But the next one up to get the Odrick treatment (of past years) is Michael Egnew. He had a slow start (at least Odrick had a legitimate medical reason) and doesn't seem to be picking it up as fast as the team needs. Odrick showed signs his 2nd year (1st real year playing), and has gotten better every year since. If Egnew improved any this year it's minimal (we'll see during the year, but I am predicting he really won't be very visible this year either). That puts him on the bubble big time if you ask me. Time to move in another direction if the guy has a lackluster year (how long should we wait for a TE to blossom, 3, 4, 5 years? That's crazy to me).

For Engew to be an NFL player beyond this year, he has to get 20-30 receptions and at least show that he can beat NFL linebackers and safeties to the intermediate routes in the middle fo the field. If he can't do that then you really can't blame the team but the player. This regime only in it's 2nd year has a fairly long list of players they've been able to develop. Safe to say that when a player doesn't develop now that it's all on the player and not the team. Nobody gets em all right unfortunately.

One thigns for sure, he couldn't have asked for a more ripe opportunity than this ...


The one thing I am learning about Ireland (slowly)...is that his picks seem to pan out LATER...rather than sooner...

Tanne could be his latest example....he looks to be @ least a year away from being good to very good...

So @ this point...

I will take a spoonful of my own humble pie in regards to Ireland....and trust his vision for this year...and the forseable future...

The ONLY reason I believe he doesn't havve a contract extension to this point is because Mr. Ross knows the FANS would burn down the stadium if that hit the news....

But if the FINS can get 2..or heaven forbid 3 games over .500....its a done deal...

Ireland...GM for life....

you ain't gotta like it....but you had better LEARN TO LOVE IT....WHOOOO

Ric Flair

Wes Welker, Brandon Marshall, Karlos Dansby, Reggie bush, Jake Long......you cant dump that kind of talent and expect to win.

Gregg, how is Sanchez's shoulder doing? I think Geno just threw another interception while you were posting.

Boohoo, I am only making $8.45 million this year. I get no respect. Please...

Jake Long didnt want to come back at his market value- Ireland tried to sign him

Brandon Marshall was a good player with lots of drops and attitude problems, with a myriad of personal problems, which all have to be taken into account. I think this is Philbin's decision

Karlos Dansby- Old and slow and overpaid. Look how Ellerbe flies around the field and will cost less and is younger

Reggie Bush - Good player, but paid like a starter, but is really not one. He is capable of making huge plays, but is followed for negative gains, always looking for homeruns. This offense cant afford to have 3 and 12's, we arent built for that.

I also think you need to give him credit for re-signing Hartline,Wake,Soliai,Jones to very reasonable deals for both sides.

You might not like the results, but his vision and spending is just! Of course he has a bunch of misses, but who doesnt

LIKE * 1,000 on the Ric Flair reference

... because it's the best thing going today!!

That's why my jacket cost $400, yours cost $200, and I don't know what yours cost but I'd be embarassed to wear it!


I want to see Tannehill play 1 series this week, I want Egnew and Sims in there at the same time. I want to see some passes thrown towards Egnew, we know what we have in Clay and well we know how it goes, 1 big play 7 drops


This is the problem with the franchise tag. How do you franchise tag a guy who is not a starter or future building block of your franchise. Starks allows Miami to be deep at DT on essentially a 1 year deal but if he is not the hands starter what's the sense of franchising a player.

lol @ Mark...

Wife had me watching wife swamp about a month ago....I got cised...but little did I know it wasn't as adverised :(

anyway....Ric Flair and his wife was on the show....

I didn't belive that wrestlers of his time made that much money...but he must have invested well...cause he was flauting it for the world to see...10,000 dollars neckleces "justy because"...he's still living the life...

His son died tho...was sad to see that @ the end of the show...

yeah i think this is starks last year with the fins. i think it is more than just money. i do think odrik is just as good, if not better inside and solai is more a must sign because he eat up a double team freeing up odrick and the ends and LBs to clean up on tackles and sacks.

Actually Kris, I think Flair is spending money he doesnt have. I actually think Roddy Piper had the better idea. I would pick somewhere in between

I find it hard to defend the Jordan issue because I don't believe the an issue, at present, exists.

What I'm most concerned about are our RBs. We need to pick up a back that can get us 1-3 yds. inside the 5. And also give us both the 3,4 or5 yds. per carry to close out a game and to take some of the heat off T-hill during the game.

Our RBs haven't show much during the preseason. It may be a combo of bad blocking and poor RBs. Outside of Miller giving us the odd big play. We don't have the tough runner mentioned above.


Great points this morning. Some of these clowns just keep shooting themselves in the foot. First it was Ordick, then it was Pouncey. Now it's Egnew and Jordan. They just keep getting it wrong.

These guys would have run Brees and Eli Manning out of town before they even had a chance to show who they were. One thing about this blog....it's entertained me for years now with all these dumb comments from some of these characters.

By the way. back from a trip of a lifetime hanging out with the 'beatniks' in Scotland (still trying to figure out that one).

Anyone know if we traded for Felix Jones yet?


Agree...they are both extremist....and could use a bit more middle ground....

Anyone know what might be out there for TEs? The Keller loss is a big one for this team. I think losing Wake or Wallace might be bigger but this one will hurt.

I find it hard to believe some guy picked up on the waiver wire could start for us but maybe there's a depth guy out there who could help. Don't feel great going with the trio of Clay, Egnew and Sims. Hopefully Egnew is the guy that can really step up for us but it might be a stretch.

Kris, Flair made the money but also spent it well. Stories of taking day trips to Vegas with his Horsemen buddies, flying to wrestle 60 minutes, then drinking and partyign the night away are the stuff of legend.

he actually decelared bankruptcy not too long ago.

Flair made the money at oen point because his drawing power was so strong that he had partial ownership in the old NWA.

RDubs, I know we all want to see what Tannehill and Egnew/Sims can do. However, playing them in this game 4 of the preseason is not the answer. Just look at what happened when Sporano put Jake in for it.

My guess is they have a plan for these two and are waiting until the start of the regular season when the games count to use it.

Bad move randy, starting to sound like Dansby. You think you are better than you really are.

It was the right move to franchise Randy. Odrick was still 50-50 in his development. Now it seems like we don't need him but at the time we needed the Depth. We had just lost McDaniel and were about to lose Starks, and Odrick was still a question mark.

Next off season, Starks and Soliai are Expendable. Yes, Both of them.

Craig, I brought up the name Marcedes Lewis yesterday. 29 years old (jsut about same as Keller), signed for ostensibly this year (has two more but none of it guaranteed at $8M) - either can be re-worked or released. Jax going nowhere. I think he would be worth a 3rd pick.

If we could have predicted the future and known about A.J.Francis big camp, we could maybe have let Starks go. Maybe.

Make no mistake, Starks is a true beast. Run, pass, makes no difference. Tackle, end, makes no difference. He knows where the ball is and he wants it. Has any defensive lineman we've had caused more turnovers than him? Might be worth looking up.

Until he actually has a bad season, we need to keep him.

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