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Tannehill, starting defense should sit Thursday night

Dolphins coach Joe Philbin declined to say this week whether his starters would play in Thursday's preseason-finale against New Orleans at Sun Life Stadium. Throughout the preseason Philbin has deftly avoided telling his plans for using players in the preseason by saying he won't "finalize" the plans until the day before the game -- which is always coincidently a day he doesn't have any media obligations outside the television broadcasters.

So don't ask me if quarterback Ryan Tannehill is playing in Thursday night's game and, if so, how much.

Don't ask if Cameron Wake is going to play and, if so, how much.

You may, however, ask whether Tannehill and Wake and those folks should play.

Here's my answer: NO WAY!

Here's my other answer: What for?

Here's my third answer: Are you nuts?

Here's my fourth answer: I would play some starters but not others.

I would not play Tannehill. I would not play Mike Wallace. I would not play Brian Hartline. I would not play Brandon Gibson.

That group has had a good enough camp and plenty of time to work in controlled practice conditions that they don't need to be exposed to a freak injury in a meaningless final preseason game 10 days prior to the start of the season.

In four preseason games, Tannehill has completed 34 of 56 passes (60.7 percent) for 377 yards with three touchdowns and no interceptions. That's an outstanding preseason and it shows significant progress from last preseason when he completed 41 of 78 passes (52.6 percent) for 414 yards with one touchdown and one interception.

Personally, I've seen all I need to see from Tannehill this preseason. He's good. There is no issue he needs to solve that can be solved Thursday night. He and his receivers can use some more time together but that's precisely the reason you don't play any of them.

The truth is even a minor injury to one of the receivers, such as a groin pull or tweaking the hamstring or a calf injury, could set the program back as it will certainly cost practice snaps and possibly affect availability for the opener. Why risk that?

And if Tannehill gets injured, how would that feel? The fact is every other AFC East team has had quarterback injuries or at least a quarterback injury scare this preseason. The Dolphins are the only team immune so far.

The Jets had Geno Smith injure his ankle and Mark Sanchez is still day-to-day with a bruised shoulder. The Bills lost Kevin Kolb to a concussion and E.J. Manuel had to have minor knee surgery. Even all of New England held its collective breath for one evening this preseason when Tom Brady got his knee rolled into during a dual practice with Tampa Bay.

So it makes zero sense for the Dolphins to risk adding Tannehill to that list for the mere benefit of playing, at most, a series against New Orleans. The risk far outweighs the reward.

Now, those rules don't apply to other starters, in my opinion.

I would, for example, play the starting offensive line as a unit. They need the work together as John Jerry has been there only two weeks and one preseason series. It would be good to get him another series or two with his starting mates.

It also is necessary because if you're not playing Tannehill, you're going with Matt Moore and I wouldn't want to increase Moore's chances of getting injured in the meaningless preseason finale while playing behind reserve linemen.

The fact is Moore is also very valuable (I refer you to the 2012 game at New York) and I want him whole for the start of the season. Moore has taken enough punishment already behind mostly reserve linemen, taking some vicious hits and getting sacked a team-high six times this preseason. I'd start him and play him behind the starting offensive line.

By the way, Moore hasn't had a good preseason. He's only completed 55 percent of his passes, has thrown more interceptions (2) than TDs (1) and his passer rating is 64.2. So he could use the work and the confidence boost against the Saints' turnstile defense.

So starting Moore behind the staring offensive line makes sense on every level.

It also makes sense for Moore to throw to the young corps of tight ends, who need work very badly, and the reserve receivers, who are playing for a roster spot.

I also do not use either Lamar Miller or Daniel Thomas. Yes, it can be argued both need more work. But if that's the argument, I would say that reflects on the coaching because the Dolphins have already played four preseason games and you shouldn't be still searching for answers to a starting running back competition in the fifth preseason game only 10 days before the regular season.

If Miller and Thomas need more work, they should have gotten more carries earlier in the preseason.

Meanwhile, the Dolphins are looking for a No. 3 running back. Both Mike Gillislee and Jonas Gray are still on the team. Have at it, boys.

On defense, I don't play my starters. I sit all of them. I'm good.

Night off.

Everyone knows the Dolphins defense has been good for years under multiple defensive coordinators and this year should be no different. The unit has had a very good preseason. There is nothing to prove.

Let the backups who are still fighting for roster spots get their fill of snaps this game. It would give the coaching staff more evidence on which to make their final roster decisions. And if an unfortunate injury happens, you are dealing with a reserve player instead of a key starter.

Another reason it makes no sense to use the starting defense? They wouldn't be much tested anyway. You see, quarterback Drew Brees is not going to play for the Saints Thursday night.

Coach Sean Payton, who led the team to the Super Bowl XLIV championship, made that announcement days ago.




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One can only come across as "a know it all", when addressing an audience of the lowly self-esteemed.

I am not responsible for what another feels of himself. Neither am I the root cause. There are therapy groups designed to get at the root of this.

I suggest you start making phone calls...... God Bless you too brother.....

Adult Children....isn't that an Oxymoron ? or just an ordinary one.......hmmmmmmm?

...some pickers don't enjoy being picked on.....pity

Good article Armando and I agree with everything you said, and can't wait for the season , when will you give us your prediction for the season?

Mark @ 3:25....

that is to funny....

now i'm out.....with a laugh to keep in a good mood during traffic...

Mark In Toronto,

Just to give prime example of "REAL ADULT BEHAVIOR". This is my last post to you today unless you post a real adult message.

Then I'll be glad to post back to with real adult answers. God Bless, and a great day to you sir...

Really tough to gauge this year's Dolphin team. Could absolutely shock and go 13-3. Or could really disappoint and go 3-13.

That's why I split the difference and forecast 7-9. Im expecting a very bumpy 2013 ride...

There really isn't anything definitive about this team to suggest any qtrly stretch of this season will be smooth sailing. At present, I can only see 2-2 over each qtrly stretch.

I know, it comes to 8-8, instead of 7-9. However, the 9th loss most likely comes from inopportune boneheaded turnover. Which preseason suggest we may have a great propensity to do...

Until otherwise disproven, I'm sticking with 7-9...

who out there remembers Dion Jordan was a tight end before playing defense, What about a two player his first year? Last I remember he could run fast........

But if the left guard has a pro bowl season, they will get another victory. If the right guard also has a career year, 10 wins!

Oh..I see...now that he has met some opposition, now YG gets all pious with the God Bless and have a nice day, sir..

...a know-it-all is not dependant upon the audience's level of self-esteem to deserve the label; quite the contrary.

.....earning the label of a know-it-all is entirely subjective. And if such an indivdual were paid money for what he portends to know, we would all be conversing with a multi-millionaire.

Now , back to football....@ Craig M....I like some of what Gillislee showed, and didn't see enough of Gray to form an opinion...but I think we see one of them on the roster, and one on the practice squad.

His 40 time is better than Eifert's...

And people say Ireland should've drafted a TE...

He fooled you all and drafted bothe a TE and DE!!!

Even to absolutely shock and go 13-3, we would need Brady, Brees, Matt Ryan, and Phillip Rivers to all be out when we play them.

The odds of all of these things happening are just to overly astronomical to occur.......

Mark...and i heard he can punt a ball 120 yds...so we got a kicker to boot (pardon the pun)

When WR/TE get moved from offense to defense it is because they cannot catch.

Dolphins have pretty much sucked a little over the last 20yrs. That's going back halfway thru Marino's semi-illustrious career.

However, even thru tough Dolphin times, true Miamians have had the Canes, Marlins, and Heat. Even without the Dolphins, Miami has found a way to remain title town usa.......

Lets Go Heat...................................

The past 20yrs of watching Dolphin football has been like watching "the little engine that couldn't" wish it were "the little engine that could".

Tough admission about a team I love, but reality has no care for how you choose to view it. Even if in denial...

Wow Buster, he's the Swiss Army KNife of pro football.

Why would we need Phillip Rivers out to beat SD? They stink..

What if our FB is playing at a Pro Bowl lever, does that change things?

As a true Miamian, even if the Dolphins totally suck, all is not lost. We have at least 1 more title rolled up in The Miami Heat.

The heat is here to relieve our fin pains. Dolphins fail, then "Let's Go Heat".........


I'm Ok if that's how it works out. I'm just saying, for my money, based on what I've seen so far, I've seen little from Gillislee and more from Gray. Gray's a guy I like and trust in short yardage situations. Gillislee, not so much.

Why would we need Rivers out to beat the Chargers? I would take Rivers over Tannehill right now today in a straight up trade.

Right now I can't say with certainty Tannehill will even pan out to be a "Phillip Rivers".

Love how YG has posted for the last two pages to not be able to engage anyone at all unless it's to point to how ridiculous he sounds and he keeps going.

With what our defense looks to be, and the few added weapons on offense, I would more than trust Rivers than Tannehill running the show.

If Rivers were our qb right now, I would expect no less than a 10-6 season. Tanehill, there's greater chance to go down than up....

Rivers is shot...

Shows how little you know that you would even say that.

Again ... ridiculous

10-6 = Tannehill ranked #10 amongst nfl qb's.

Posted by: LOVE FAKING 17-0-IN-YUR-ASS! | | August 28, 2013 at 02:27 PM

You can squeeze 10-6 out of a middle of the pack ranking for instance Joe Flacco had a QBR of 46.8 (http://espn.go.com/nfl/qbr) which placed him 25th in rating while Conf. rival Rothlisberger finished 12th in QBR while not smelling Post Season in 2012. Stat wise Flacco's #'s had him at 14th with Brees, Stafford, Romo, Brady, Ryan and P.Manning heading the list which actually seems backwards with the top-3 finishing out of the Playoffs and the others rounding off top-6 qualifying.

Stats of course aren't fair to players like Kaep. who didn't have the benefit of a full Season placing 30th in that category but shooting up to 3 in QBR with a 76.8 ranking more indicative of a SB berth. Yet would it surprise you that Tannehill posted a QBR of 52.3 placing him 19th a full 6 spots ahead of SB MVP Flacco. My point is you can have middle of the pack stats and QBR around 10 to 15th in ranking with a winning record and much more.

The key is as simple as protecting the ball in the redzone and backed up in your endzone playing mistake free ball hoping to catch the Post-Season hot and healthy. In 2010 Playoffs best player was A.Rodgers who won SB MVP followed by Manning who caught fire in 2011 winning SB off a 9-7 campaign were they flipped the mistakes in Dec. after stumbling there at 5-7 to start that month and folks talking about FIRING Coughlin (seems every time that talk gets going in N.Y. the guy wins it all?) and last Yr. the guy you least expected got WHITE HOT in the Playoffs in Flacco in route to his title and MVP.

The Season seems short but it's a marathon not a race the teams that pace themselves and win with execution qualify for the tournament were anything is possible in the FA ERA, P.D.E. (Post Dynasty ERA)!

Mark In Toronto,

Im well aware who the present posters are. So are you. It's all of your buddies, and Im not going to use the term you know fits you guys.

Just because I don't get a response from those of a certain feather, does not mean I have no right to post. You guys don't bother me. Im here to do what I want to do and so are you guys.

I have zero problem sharing this "public space" with you. Bottoms up big guy.....

Sorry YG, I was acting like an ADULT CHILDREN

the news about spiller's family is crazy

Tannehill is NOT good. Those numbers are DECEIVING Mandy! 3INT's bounced off defenders hands LAST WEEK! Balls thrown high and behind often! If you don't see that you need a new job.


True, 10-6 can be squeezed out of a middle of the pack qb with a very good defense and a ok offense. However, you had better have a "very compatible schedule" to go along with that too.

2013, has dealt us a "very difficult" scheduling hand. We need to be at the top of our game all 16 wks just to go 10-6. We cant be an ebb and flow team.

That can get as low as 3-13 with this schedule. We're lucky to split with the Bills and Jets with that kind of play.

I wouldn't mind seeing if Jordan could play some TE... JJ Watt is trying to play both. He is begging his coach to play TE too... Jordan looks like a prototypical TE

ANd Marc, if Ray Rice hadn't converted a 4th and 29 on a dump off in the flat then the Ravens would've missed the playoffs ..

ifs and could'ves don't count.

It is what it is...

ANd Marc, if Ray Rice hadn't converted a 4th and 29 on a dump off in the flat then the Ravens would've missed the playoffs ..

ifs and could'ves don't count.

It is what it is...

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | August 28, 2013 at 04:15 PM

Forget the 4th & 29 if you watch another 20 Yrs. of Playoff Football you may NEVER AGAIN see a guy roll to his right and gun a Football (all arm) close to 70 Yds. down field! I find it funny how some put that loss on Peyton, he had his team ahead by a TD with under 40 ticks left and that happens! In part I don't believe Champ Bailey thought Flacco could actually throw it that far moving in the pocket. That play and show of arm puts Flacco in any debate with Rothlisbereger and Rodgers in terms of strongest arms.


Nothing new in this blog. This time of year many choose to be deceived. 1st week of Decenber's almost always the beginning of mock draft week here. Its then that reality is again forced upon them.

Then comes preseason and the denial begins again. Its a never ending ritual here.

f4l, I remember that play only for the single biggest bonehead play in the history of the NFL. Why did that DB play the ball at all in that scenario? Worst safety play I've ever seen.

Yeah, because Mando is a source of never ending optimism around here

If the franchise still had the lustre of the heyday Shula era. Peyton Manning would have signed and we would be talking 12-4 this year with a real sort of credibility to it.

That can get as low as 3-13 with this schedule. We're lucky to split with the Bills and Jets with that kind of play.

Posted by: LOVE FAKING 17-0-IN-YUR-ASS! | | August 28, 2013 at 04:12 PM

If Carpenter makes a few kicks and Trusnik doesn't blow contain in S.F. we may have been 10-6 last Yr. on no gimmie schedule. This is the FA ERA and you don't really know from one Yr. to the next who the better teams will be given chemistry is always a factor now plus depth. Look we play the Falcons early with an old Osi as featured pass rusher and rookie CB's! You telling me there a sure bet before you actually see the 2013 version?? For example in a Div. we play this Yr. Or for that matter the other Div. foe the AFC North you fear the Steelers D like in Yrs. past?? I'll give you BOLD, the Falcons won't win the NFC South back-to-back and the team to fear in the AFC North might just be the Bengals!

YG, what if we had Sonny Jurgenson as our QB? remember him from your heyday?

Peyton's finished too, you'll see

Yeah, Armando can say what his heat delights, still I've never seen Armando lace them up and play 1 single down.

So, sure, lets blame it all on Armando.......


With the "weak" 2012 schedule, we absolutely should have been 10-6. No lower than 9-7 in my opinion.

The offensive scoring production was absolutely atrocious even giving that it wasn't one of the league's best receiving corps.

What, was 1 receiving 3 receving tds for the entire wr corp? No matter how terrible the wr corp, 3 total tds is just unacceptable at the nf level of play.

Mark In Toronto,

Seems your buddies have left. So, you have no other recourse for conversation but childish attempts at taunts?

God Bless Your Soul, Man....

good point f4l...

I post the same all the time.

Don't think for one second that you are significant enough ever to alter who I am and what I write.

I always thought you were a knob. My posts to you always had that "you are a knob" tone to them. the only time I don't post to you that way is when I don't feel like punking you. I never pretended to be a friend, a collegue, or even respectful towards you. I either feel like taunting you ... or I don't.

Dude...we were slated to win 4 games!!!! We exceted expectations by 3...so if we are suppose to win 7 this year...then its 10!!! Duh!!!

Peyton's finished too, you'll see

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | August 28, 2013 at 04:29 PM

D.Thomas & E.Decker made a Playoff QB of Tebow! That team doesn't need the best Peyton Manning who carried the Colts perennially! You throw a nice little security blanket like Welker into the mix (did HUGE damage with Moss and Stallworth in N.E. what will he do with these 2) Along with under the radar T.E. pick up Joel Dreesen (you'll know him by Dec.)with Tamme as 2nd option and there is a alot of help for Manning. His biggest issue is the loss of Center Koppen replaced with Ramirez but somehow I think they'll manage.

f4l, I think Denver will win the division and probably get a first round bye largely becasue their division is pathetic. They won't do much else. If they win one playoff game, they will have exceeded my expectations for them.

If they win one playoff game, they will have exceeded my expectations for them.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | August 28, 2013 at 04:47 PM

Maybe so but if this team gets healthy they can hang with the other contenders in AFC at least on paper. Let's get some meaningful pigskin classics going!!

That's one thing we agree on, enough jibber jabber, let's get this thing on the road.

Okay...had a late lunch..but I have caught up with the posts..so let me just say, without :
a)a solid O-line,
b)an accurate T-Hill and
c)the ability to at least SHOW a few long passes to stretch the opposing Defenses..and finally, and maybe MOST important
d)converting a higher percentage of third down plays .....then we are right back where we left off last season....

I love how people just make stuff up and then pawn it off as fact.

And, how some people can dish it out, but can't take it...

On a football note...Has anyone seen the Dolphins run the Read-Option this preseason? I think Philbin should consider using it on 1st down and/or the Red Zone. We're having problems in the Red Zone and it would definitely utilize Tannehill's athleticism in my opinion.

I still think that Miami goes 9-7 or 10-6 and makes the playoffs. Our division is a mess for the most part.

Oh...and from some of your posts, I'm thinking some of you have been partying with that Hernandez guy...leave the Angel Dust alone!!!

So Manziel makes 10s of thousands of dollars and gets suspended ... half a game?

Where's ETF?

Why again did Dez Bryant get suspended for a full year?

"Has anyone seen the Dolphins run the Read-Option this preseason?"

That may be an indication they *will* run it in the regular season.

Theres no proof of Manziel got any money... whether he did or didn't only he would know


The Manziel situation may finally be the straw that breaks the proverbial back of the most disgusting Amateur athletics Governing board in history, the NCAA! They (with straight faces) hand out suspensions to programs and institutions for tainting Amateurism yet pocket MILLIONS off these kids with the same hand, DEATH TO THE NCAAA!! At some point it has to happen there is no way to keep controlling College Football and Basketball without allowing the kids to collect something as well.

People live under the Johnson Street bridge near I-95 in Hollywood. I see them sleeping when I go jogging late at night. I wanna shoot one of them in the a s s with a bb gun. Why not ? I could kick all their a*ses anyway. It's that damn liquor store that was opened nearby. It's a magnet for degenerates. Ross is a degenerate.

Armando Salguero..........Master of the Obvious. Was this article really necessary?

What a great piece of informative literature

For some reason I found reading this to be cathartic...


Possible articles:
1. Are the Phins looking at veteran TEs?
2. Where exactly is Evan Rodriguez going to play?
3. Injury Updates!!!
4. Why do the Phins have so many road games to start the season? And why are the Phins always having game 1 on the road?

Instead........we get this waste of time

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