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Tannehill, starting defense should sit Thursday night

Dolphins coach Joe Philbin declined to say this week whether his starters would play in Thursday's preseason-finale against New Orleans at Sun Life Stadium. Throughout the preseason Philbin has deftly avoided telling his plans for using players in the preseason by saying he won't "finalize" the plans until the day before the game -- which is always coincidently a day he doesn't have any media obligations outside the television broadcasters.

So don't ask me if quarterback Ryan Tannehill is playing in Thursday night's game and, if so, how much.

Don't ask if Cameron Wake is going to play and, if so, how much.

You may, however, ask whether Tannehill and Wake and those folks should play.

Here's my answer: NO WAY!

Here's my other answer: What for?

Here's my third answer: Are you nuts?

Here's my fourth answer: I would play some starters but not others.

I would not play Tannehill. I would not play Mike Wallace. I would not play Brian Hartline. I would not play Brandon Gibson.

That group has had a good enough camp and plenty of time to work in controlled practice conditions that they don't need to be exposed to a freak injury in a meaningless final preseason game 10 days prior to the start of the season.

In four preseason games, Tannehill has completed 34 of 56 passes (60.7 percent) for 377 yards with three touchdowns and no interceptions. That's an outstanding preseason and it shows significant progress from last preseason when he completed 41 of 78 passes (52.6 percent) for 414 yards with one touchdown and one interception.

Personally, I've seen all I need to see from Tannehill this preseason. He's good. There is no issue he needs to solve that can be solved Thursday night. He and his receivers can use some more time together but that's precisely the reason you don't play any of them.

The truth is even a minor injury to one of the receivers, such as a groin pull or tweaking the hamstring or a calf injury, could set the program back as it will certainly cost practice snaps and possibly affect availability for the opener. Why risk that?

And if Tannehill gets injured, how would that feel? The fact is every other AFC East team has had quarterback injuries or at least a quarterback injury scare this preseason. The Dolphins are the only team immune so far.

The Jets had Geno Smith injure his ankle and Mark Sanchez is still day-to-day with a bruised shoulder. The Bills lost Kevin Kolb to a concussion and E.J. Manuel had to have minor knee surgery. Even all of New England held its collective breath for one evening this preseason when Tom Brady got his knee rolled into during a dual practice with Tampa Bay.

So it makes zero sense for the Dolphins to risk adding Tannehill to that list for the mere benefit of playing, at most, a series against New Orleans. The risk far outweighs the reward.

Now, those rules don't apply to other starters, in my opinion.

I would, for example, play the starting offensive line as a unit. They need the work together as John Jerry has been there only two weeks and one preseason series. It would be good to get him another series or two with his starting mates.

It also is necessary because if you're not playing Tannehill, you're going with Matt Moore and I wouldn't want to increase Moore's chances of getting injured in the meaningless preseason finale while playing behind reserve linemen.

The fact is Moore is also very valuable (I refer you to the 2012 game at New York) and I want him whole for the start of the season. Moore has taken enough punishment already behind mostly reserve linemen, taking some vicious hits and getting sacked a team-high six times this preseason. I'd start him and play him behind the starting offensive line.

By the way, Moore hasn't had a good preseason. He's only completed 55 percent of his passes, has thrown more interceptions (2) than TDs (1) and his passer rating is 64.2. So he could use the work and the confidence boost against the Saints' turnstile defense.

So starting Moore behind the staring offensive line makes sense on every level.

It also makes sense for Moore to throw to the young corps of tight ends, who need work very badly, and the reserve receivers, who are playing for a roster spot.

I also do not use either Lamar Miller or Daniel Thomas. Yes, it can be argued both need more work. But if that's the argument, I would say that reflects on the coaching because the Dolphins have already played four preseason games and you shouldn't be still searching for answers to a starting running back competition in the fifth preseason game only 10 days before the regular season.

If Miller and Thomas need more work, they should have gotten more carries earlier in the preseason.

Meanwhile, the Dolphins are looking for a No. 3 running back. Both Mike Gillislee and Jonas Gray are still on the team. Have at it, boys.

On defense, I don't play my starters. I sit all of them. I'm good.

Night off.

Everyone knows the Dolphins defense has been good for years under multiple defensive coordinators and this year should be no different. The unit has had a very good preseason. There is nothing to prove.

Let the backups who are still fighting for roster spots get their fill of snaps this game. It would give the coaching staff more evidence on which to make their final roster decisions. And if an unfortunate injury happens, you are dealing with a reserve player instead of a key starter.

Another reason it makes no sense to use the starting defense? They wouldn't be much tested anyway. You see, quarterback Drew Brees is not going to play for the Saints Thursday night.

Coach Sean Payton, who led the team to the Super Bowl XLIV championship, made that announcement days ago.




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When some people have the unfortunate heart attack it's at times fatal. The line could be described as consistant. The hope is that's T-hill's next step.

At least your name matches your intellect.

Rush @ 10:13 PM,

Get back with me while you're doing your 2014 mock draft the 1st week of December 2013. Capiche?

YG, Tanny also has way too many tipped passes.

I realize that but I couldn't help taking a shot at someone in NJ taking QB's.


That straight ekg line is called "flatline". Equaling a thing called "death", not consistency.

If this is how you describe Tannehill, then death to the franchise it is.

Imagine the 6 days following the Cle game if we lose.

Here we have bloggers conversing with someone who calls himself an act of sodomy.

I wonder if at Thanksgiving dinner you tell your loved ones you blog with a guy named Sodomy.

Politicians LOVE people like you.

It wont be long before Tannehill gets another receiver hurt because of his lack of accuracy. The guy i want is Johnny Manziel Mr Football.

Mark in NJ,

Tannehill is the homer fan last line of hope. Exactly why they refuse to see the obvious. Oh, but they will see it in the coming season.

If Ross has half a brain, he'll pull the plug on Ireland if the team finishes 8-8 or less. 6yrs of a team going nowhere should be all of the convincing Ross needs.

Sadly, I don't think it will be enough evidence for Ross or our homer fans.


Pop quiz,

Is Phinmanski (one of many names) a serious blogger or another bored lonely wiper just looking for attention?

Let's see if you have the capacity to learn.

Imagine the 6 days following the Cle game if we lose.
Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | August 28, 2013 at 10:21 PM


What do you mean imagine? I see a very real possibility. This team is now well known for perennial slow starts to begin the season. For a little over a decade now.

Why should we expect this to all of a sudden change? Tannehill's weaknesses makes it all the more possible we lose the Cleve opener.

I have to say that on this blog I'm finding it hard to distinquish friend from foe. It seems that anyone on this blog can change in seconds just to make them feel superior. To bad your self esteem is so low that you have to do the put down act every 3rd post.

Mr. Sodomy here is the type that hopes RT does poorly so he can gloat he was right. RT will be just fine.

I'll sit with him over Matt 'I only won one playoff game with the best receiver corp in football' Ryan any day.

Just like Chad Henne, the only thing Tannehill has shown so far is how incompetent he is.

Wow... am I learning here tonight....I didn't think politicians cared one way or the other, and here I am finding out they are capable of loving....amazing


Learn to distuingish the 92% here that just post nonsense looking to provoke.It's nothing but entertainment for them. Several are here right now. You've been responding to them.

Progolf.....if there is no delineation here between friend and foe, just blame it on the creator, Mr Mando

It's fairly easy to spot the ringers. But I felt an obligation to respond to a post that had QB and NJ in the same one.

Stories need to play out. You can't write about them too soon, but you don't want to wait too long afterwards either.

I'd say preseason is a bit too soon.

Good observation Hemmingway....patience is the operative word needed here.....

Mr. Sodomy here is the type that hopes RT does poorly so he can gloat he was right. RT will be just fine.

Posted by: Rush L. | August 28, 2013 at 10:30 PM

Dolphins coach Joe Philbin, on a teleconference with fans tonight, said “you’re going to see a lot” of Jordan “in the next couple of weeks.”

Must have heard me?

Philbin said Jordan, who participated in individual drills on Tuesday, is “really catching on quickly” and that he needs experience and reps.

Hmm, OK if you say so coach

Yo Rush L....are you sure it's 92% ? Or are you avoiding the round numbered generalization just to be different?....man..politicians love people like you....

Didn't post..try again...
Dolphins coach Joe Philbin, on a teleconference with fans tonight, said “you’re going to see a lot” of Jordan “in the next couple of weeks.”

Jordan, the No. 3 overall pick in the draft, was sidelined for three weeks of training camp and the preseason as he rehabbed from offseason shoulder surgery.

Philbin said Jordan, who participated in individual drills on Tuesday, is “really catching on quickly” and that he needs experience and reps.

After the Brown's game we will have something concrete to talk about besides Mondo. After the Indy game it's going to be easier to spot the frauds.

It just seems childish what some will do for attention.

Cocojoe....did Philbin commit that way to Jordan?...for real?...wow...this kid must really be a sensation...hope he's right about him...

To the Dion Jordan's critics:

Watch this video... this is the reason we drafted him, and why true football fans were cheering for the Fins when they made the announcement... Great pick!


Yeah Buster, "he's really catching on quickly"

Well Dfins, I'm not sure what a "true football fan" is but I've been a Dolphin fan since '69. And I don't know why Ireland traded up for a hurt situational player. No, check that. I know why.


Sports Science is only promoting it's own show. They focus only on the stats that impress.

Sports Science had Pat Devlin in the top two most accurate passers of his draft class (even though he wasn't drafted)

Well Devlin hasn't cracked 3rd string with two different coaching staffs.

On the other hand, every single draft board out there had Dion as the #1 defensive player in the draft.

Cocoa might disagree, but I'll go with the consensus of the experts here.

To make mention of a football comment...I believe that having Jordan healthy opens up a great many possibilities for our defense. Misi's plays will be cut back and the combo of Olivier and Jordan (OLB) on the same side will turn out to be dynamite. Anyboy who can cover slot receivers in college and can still rush the passer is a DC every night dream.

DKnow...I thought the last game, Devlin looked the best I've seen him since with the Fins...looked like he melted just a little when the pressure was on in the final drive...he's still very young (25)....time will tell if he can continue to improve..


It isn't 1975. Look at how fast the good QB's are progressing now. Flacco, Ryan Dalton Stafford, Bradford Luck, Kaep,, WIlson, RG3....these guys looked like starters very quickly.

Devlin after 3 years is still 3rd string. If he ain't got it by now, I doubt it's there.

I suspect that Devlin will be put on the PS if only for insurance. Doubt if anyone would pick him off the waiver wire. It would be hard to bring in a more talented 3rd QB and have him take a roster spot. It would take more then the season to get him ready to step into the system if an emergency arose.

If we could sign a TE with some proven experience, from the pool of players cut over the next week,or by way of trade, I would feel a lot more secure going into the season with the WCO..

...so far Egnew, Clay and Rodriguez don' seem to get it....hope the light goes on soon for at least one of them...


fin4life mentioned Poole TE. Not familiar with him. Anyone know something about him?

What about my friend Tricia as TE? She has nice legs and a tight end so I think it's a good match. And she's a natural blonde.

Hey, what happened to all the posters here since 11:22PM last night? They must be preparing for the NO Game.

Tannebust will empty the stadium with his multiple pick games. Should've had three int's last week. DB's won't drop them every week.

Horse manure team 6-10.

Tannehill, Wallace and Hartline have all looked good.
Gibson has made awesome catches and terrible drops.
Clay doesn't know how to get separation and can't catch.
Miller can run, can't catch though. Thomas can catch and block, can't run though.
Oline has shown improvement as of late. J.Martin and Incognito have had good preseasons.

Our defense makes a lot more big plays, is improved against the pass. Looks like they may not be as strong vs the run though.

Overall, I think somewhere between 9-11 wins is a very achievable goal.


It's all in the hips...

10-6!!! Deal with it!!!

Just because you watched a lackluster performance in the HOF game...and got so upset you threw a temper tantrum...and have refused to see anything that has been positive...or acknowledged all indications of how well the player has performed...doesn't mean when you come here to crap on this player...that it is truth...this player is going to shut you up...guaranteed...10-6...get on board!!!

Sign me up as on board the 10-6 train Jack!

Jack!,WELCOME! to Fantasy Island.

Thanks Roarke...been here...done this...

5th consecutive losing season coming up. Count on it. The talent and experience level is still poor from the owner, GM, HC, QB, to the rest of the players. 2 good players is not nearly enough to make a good team. 5-11 or 6-10 tops.

I absolutely agree with Armando Salguero on this one. There is NO WAY I would play any of the staters this week either.

The only lingering question marks I see are at OL and TE...since Kellers out...and some depth issues...Philbin got 7 wins out of a team last year that should have been lucky to win 4!!! If anyone would have said last April that Miami would have drafted Tannehill...that they would have started him...and that he and the team would win 7 games...most of you would have laughed in their faces...but it happend...just like 10 will happen this year...

I've watched that video. It means absolutely nothing. Anyone who thinks that video translates into football skills does not understand football or sports science. And if anyone ever drafted a player No. 3 overall due to a video like that, they should be fired.
I also see statementst that Dion Jordan was No. 1 on all these draft boards. Hogwash! I could even find a draft publication with him listed in the top 15! Chrissakes, PFF had him going at 18.
Where do you all get this stuff from? The internet, where everything is true?

NFL.com 2013 mock...DiJon no lower than 9th...


Walter Football 2013 Mock... #2


Draftek... read comments...


Bleacher Report... #4...


Is this enough for you???or should I keep going...

Who is going to pay money to watch this garbage team?

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