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Tannehill, Wallace need to connect more in practice

MIke Wallace caught slant pass from Ryan Tannehill midway through practice Monday and about 40 minutes later caught a deep pass from the starting quarterback over the top of the defense for a touchdown.

That was good.

That was also it.

Tannehill targeted Wallace three times in practice and the duo connected twice. And that's fine except when you consider that Tannehill actually attempted more passes to reserve receiver Brian Tyms. And tight end Dustin Keller. And Brian Hartline. And just as many to Jeff Fuller, another reserve receiver who may or may not be on the team in three weeks.

So if you ask me are the Dolphins feeding the Tannehill-to-Wallace connection a good diet in practice, I would say absolutely not. The fact is Monday's work was pretty much typical of what has happened in all the practices I've witnessed this training camp when counting Tannehill-to-Wallace connections.

Sometimes they hook up twice in a practice. Sometimes three times. Rarely more than that. Sometimes they go an entire practice and don't connect at all. Meanwhile, Tannehill connects with Keller all the time. He has a definite chemistry with Hartline. And he seems pretty comfortable throwing to Brandon Gibson as well.

All that is good -- except that none of those other guys are the caliber of playmaker that Mike Wallace is. None are being paid what the Dolphins are paying Wallace. None are feared around the NFL as Wallace is feared.

So why is Wallace catching fewer passes in practice than his peers? And, incredibly, why on this day was he targeted fewer times than a receiver who is fighting for a No. 4 or No. 5 WR job?

Perhaps I'm making too much of this. But it has happened on a number of days that I've watched practice. And, if you believe like coach Joe Philbin does, that practice is important and eventually will reflect what we see in games, then this trend is potentially alarming.

Tannehill doesn't seem to throw nearly enough to Wallace in practice to suggest this is going to be an elite combination in the NFL this season.

(Return of the peanut gallery here: But Mando, you're just a dumb columnist who never played the game and you're making a big deal out of nothing and, after all, Allen Iverson said this is just practice.)

Fine. So I asked Wallace the simple question: Is he getting enough passes thrown to him in practice from Ryan Tannehill?

"Ahhhh, I think it's going to come," he said seemingly surprised by the question. "Obviously I didn't practice for like a week and a half so that kind of takes away shots I would have had. But I think I get enough balls. Well, I wouldn't say ... We have a lot of periods in practice so you're going to catch a lot of passes. At the same time we have so many guys and there's so much going on so fast that you're not always going to ge the ball."

Stop right there. Wallace is a professional. He's not a troublemaker. But neither is he a liar. So he's clearly hedging his answer. He obviously doesn't want to say something that could potentially make folks look bad. But neither does he want to suggest something that is so clear is not true. He also doesn't want to sound like he's complaining.

So he just talked in circles a little bit.

"You know, there are certain plays that my coach wants to see me in and for those plays I make sure I get the rep and I get extra plays as well," Wallace said. "But there are certain plays he wants to see me run a certain route and I might not get the ball but this is the look we'll look for. I understand what's going on so you're not going to see too much frustration out of me just like I need to do this or that. I feel like I'm doing a great job at doing the things I plan to work on -- just getting in my spots and learning the offense. I feel like I'm a playmaker on the field. That's what I do. I'm not really worried about that. As long as I know where I'm going and I'm able to play fast, I think I'll be fine."

So to recap, does Mike Wallace think he's seeing enough passes from Tannehill in practice?

Ahhhh, at some point that will happen. I was injured for a while. I get enough passes. Well, maybe. We've got a lot of guys on the team and they have to get there's so I'm not always going to get the ball. There are plays I'm just running to see what the defense is doing. I'm not going to get too frustrated about this. I'm not complaining. I'll be fine.


The only reason this is even a minor issue is because Wallace made his preseason debut last Friday and didn't catch a pass. Indeed, Tannehill never looked at him.

Was he open?

"I had a couple of shots out there we could have took," Wallace said. "But there's a lot of things that go into that. Obviously, it's not just me getting open. We have a lot going into that so everything has to flow together and I think we'll take care of it and I think we'll hit those shots I think we have."

Yes, getting the ball to Wallace deep means the offensive line has to block well and give Tannehill time. And then the QB has to feel confident about throwing it to Wallace.

Neither of those happened against Jacksonville.

"There was one where we came out and started a drive with a play," Tannehill said. "I ended up moving around and hitting Gibson over the middle, but going back and looking at it, I could have stayed in the pocked a little bit, just pushed up and kept my eyes downfield. Mike ended up winning on the outside. Other than that, that’s kind of the way the game fell."

The Dolphins studied the tape of the Jacksonville game and say they are committed to improving their ability to getting the ball downfield to Wallace.

"That’s one thing we are working on this week is using the pocket, getting a little bit better protection, but using what I have to do better, stepping up and finding a way to get the ball downfield," Tannehill said.

The irony here is that in a practice where that's a focus, Wallace only caught two passes. In a practice where the idea is to get the ball deep, Tannehill is throwing to Tyms more often. Really?

Obviously, it is still early. The Dolphins have the chance to multiply many times what we're seeing so far. But how that's going to happen in games, particularly ones that count in the regular season, if it doesn't happen in practice stumps me.

That has to change. Soon.

Because if Mike Wallace continues to catch only a couple of passes from Tannehill in practice, he's not catching two or three times that many in real games.


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C. QB Johnny Manziel

There are Jests fans infiltrating this blog and faking support for Irescum. If they are sayng good things about Irescum THEY ARE JESTS FANS!

At the end of the day, no one cares about what Vegas or your dumb asss thinks.

Posted by: Sosa | August 13, 2013 at 09:08 PM

Actually all of us here were waiting for you to come by with your astute opinion. We all care what you think. Please grace us with your wisdom and 2nd grade ghetto English.

Sosa, let me guess...the most expensive item in your kitchen is a $3 can opener. Right?

In his career Wallace has averaged less than 4 catches a game, and under 70 yards per game with Big Ben as his QB. He has now played less than a quarter of football total for the Dolphins. Perspective please. He is not going to average 8 catches and 120 yards.

Hope to see the starting O for at least an entire half vs the Texans. Hopefully the Texans accommodate by playing their starting D an entire half.

What I want to see most is how's Tannehill setting up and delivering in the pocket. He must also be decisive in either taking off and running or just throwing the ball away.

If no one's open when the 3 sec qb clock sounds the buzzer in his head he cant be caught with the ball still in his hands. This is also a reason Matt Moore gets untimely sacks or picks.

Our qb's must learn after 3 secs the play is dead. Either you run or throw the ball to where no one gets its, including your receiver...

yg your posts are really lame tonight, come back if and when you have something to say.

Frank the Tank,

A wr like Wallace only needs right at 3 catches per game on average. His overall value isn't how many recs he gets, its the threat he poses to defenses that makes the game a little easier for his teammates.

Paul Warfield avg right at 3 catches per game, but, boy were those a devastating three catches. To the tune of about 20ypc.

IMO, during that era, Warfield was probably 2nd only to Bob Hayes in terms of wr. Hayes was more trackstar, Warfield more wr.

The effect Wallace could have goes beyond mere personal stats. His effect, greatly rises the stats of those around him.

Steelers will miss Mike Wallace. His absence alone doesntr make them a non playoff team. But it does make it a little tough for them to win games on the offensive end.

17 asswipe,

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Lets hope that Tannehill is on a much shorter leash than Chad Henne was. I cant see wasting another 4 years with an inferior QB. Matt Moore is very capable of winning.

Did you fall and hurt your wee wee 17?

Wallace, and his impact on the defense, is in an evaluation process. I think this would be elementary to someone with football knowledge.

17 assbanger,

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Too hot and too expensive to take the time to watch a consistantly losing team. No Fin tickets for me this year. I'll save the money for Heat tickets. Lots more fun.

too bad it's not a better pres tho.

Posted by: cocoajoe | August 13, 2013 at 08:28 PM

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Posted by: Vegas 7.5 | August 13, 2013 at 08:29 PM

It's a screen name much like 'Vegas' except I really live in Cocoa Beach. Not to be confused with someone who has delusions of granduer about a town in Nevada.

cocoa joe,

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Posted by: cocoa dumbo | August 13, 2013 at 08:37 PM

Didn't care much for Romney. But what makes you think he was a white supremacist? In any case he would have been beter than a spineless POS that we have now. Truth be told, we haven't had much to choose from in many years.
'cocoa dumbo'?, hardly, I have a masters and 145 IQ


Nothing's changed, the trolls are always out in full force here. They even accuse me of beng troll. They are very clever, at times they pose as reputable posters, at times they are who we know they are.

Even going to lengths to argue with their goodscreen names vs their bad. I've long given up on who is live and who is Memorex here.

Its a blog hit money making machine for the Herald. Just always expect the unexpected....

Isn't there one single quasi intelligent person here? I honestly can't believe how utterly stupid all of you are. I know you think you are smart, but seriously, you guys are a bunch of dumbo's.

Politicians LOVE people like you.

Is the 'I dream of Jeannie' insinuated setting reflected in the local habitat.

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By default, anyone that brags about their IQ is an idiot. IQ is nothing but an Illusion Quotient.

Pray for new ownership.

L like this blog better than the game because the blog entertains me every minute of every day.
The games only interest me until we are losing which is typically by the third series.

L like this blog better than the game because the blog entertains me every minute of every day.
The games only interest me until we are losing which is typically by the third series.
Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | August 13, 2013 at 10:33 PM

Me too. The blog is fun . The Dolphin games suck.

Finally - someone willing to tell the truth.

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By the third series of every game we have either turned the ball over or given up a big play on D and/or ST.

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This has all the makings of another 1-15 season. If Lamar Miller doesnt produce and Tannehill struggles again the offence will be pathetic. And that puts tremendous pressure on the D also.


As long as the games are close we can do whatever we do best on offense. If that means runs behind the right side and quick slants so be it.

We play a lot of good teams this year; as long as we are close in the 4th we can pull it out at the end.

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Marlins win 1-0 in 10 innings.

I seldom comment on politics in any parley, but in this case feel an obligation to interject a particular introspection.
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Any of you spouting left or right, republican or democrat are truly clueless. Seriously naive.

It is a one party system masked in charades. Regardless of which party has the presidency, Congress still passes what is best for big business and against the public.

Neither party represents the public, and if you think otherwise, as I said you are clueless and misinformed.

I am commenting on our economy. Your assault on the many global political anomalies is a tribute to your ability to 'fish for bottom ' feeders.
My concerns are more internally related.

It's dumbos Rush, not dumbo's. Irony

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These unscrupulous representatives are taking the lobbyists money and stashing it in Cayman Island accounts

Posted by: Good Sense | August 13, 2013 at 11:37 PM


Yeah, that sounds familiar to me.

C. QB Johnny Manziel

Posted by: Get Him | August 13, 2013 at 09:10 PM

One thing is running around ALA Flutie at the NCAA Level quite another in the NFL when your not the most physically gifted to begin with. Add his Off-field B.S. and this kid is on his way to Maurice Clarrett style FANDOME!

Don't get the HYPE really?

Some say, well he reminds of Mike Vick after his Fr. Yr. at Va. Tech and to them I say, you either never saw Vick running threw D's like they were in SLO-MO with FIRE coming off his cleats burning up a legit 4.27/40 while gunning a ball 70 Yds. on a rope all at the age of 19! Manziel isn't even close! Again more RAHH RAHH BC Flutie than NFL FREAKISHLY READY Vick!

Others say well he's the next Brees (who he actually meassures up physically with) but Brees given his average NFL arm learned the game by being Peyton Manning like in his approach, something Manziel couldn't even do at Manning's Summer Camp were he couldn't even get up from the massive hang overs to do anything worth while.

JOHHNY FOOTBALL better BANK on the name and take the NCAA to Cout over marketing him without compensation because I don't see anything to get excited about at the next level. He will however maybe make history by finally forcing the DEATH of the Institutional Joke that is the NCAA and it's By-Laws!

Manziel is heading for the supplemental draft at the rate he's going about destroying his football reputation.

By the time the residents of Miami pay off this crooked loan (over 30 years,) they will have spent FOUR TIMES the original cost of the stadium.
By the way...the last time I checked the Marlins were 27 games back. They SUCK.

Posted by: A-ROID | August 13, 2013 at 06:12 PM

NO STADIUM is worth 2.4 Billion Dollars.

Not Now.
Not Ever.

There were several people got wealthy from this.
...and everyone else 'bent over' and paid.

It's one of the biggest public grabs in history.

There is nothing you can say that justifies
these crooked jerks.

Posted by: A-ROID | August 13, 2013 at 06:41 PM

PERFECTLY SAID (Are you Alex Rodriguez?)

Marlins Park will help ease the burden on Citizens Bank with a windfall of County funds over the next 30 Yrs.

Here's a brief breakdown for those that don't know!


The stadium-financing deal worked out between Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria and county and city officials has been one of the mostly criticized deals of its kind. It was a factor in the recall election of Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Alvarez in 2011, followed by the exit of County Manager George Burgess, who worked on the deal and resigned in the wake of the recall election.

The Marlins Park project was mostly financed through sales of county and city bonds. When fully paid off over the next three-plus decades, the total cost in tax revenue will come to more than $2 billion, with some calculations running as high as $3 billion — which would make Marlins Park the most expensive stadium ever built.

Regarding the upfront construction costs, the county's share of the bill reportedly came to $384 million, with the Marlins contributing $131 million and the city providing $127 million, mostly for the garages. Mr. Loria has maintained that the team's share of the project actually comes to more than $161 million, plus costs related to the parking garages.

Under the agreement, the county owns the stadium and leases it to the Marlins, who get to keep all stadium-related revenues.


And at the end of the day Loria still keeps 100% of Stadium revenue while Selig gets heavy handed with players over P.E.D.'s and Congress threatens others with jail over lying about P.E.D. use! They should be parading Loria, the City planners he greased and indicting whoever signed the Bank loan on the City's behalf!

Manziel is heading for the supplemental draft at the rate he's going about destroying his football reputation.

Posted by: Darkoak | August 14, 2013 at 01:18 AM

Maybe his best move and I don't believe anybody pony's up the #1 there either!

Hip Hip Hooray for Kitty Carlisle day!!

gone but never forgotten | August 14, 2013 at 01:38 AM

You don't saaay! WHOOPIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOOP!! WHOOP!!

How is Manziel allowed to profit from auto graphs and no one else?
If RG3 pulled that after he won Heisman all hail would break lose.
White people get away with everything, lol

Honor her.

Good sense, when the Lamorghini was bought in the movie Zero dark 30. Who payed
government or tax payers?
Who profited during 911 invasion?
Wars are not cheap
How much $ does the Catholic church really have?
Is Illuminati real?
Who is the real Black Pope?

Posted by: Jack Crawford | August 13, 2013 at 11:13 PM

Great questions Special Agent Crawford (FBI Behavioral Science Unit, Quantico) maybe you can get Special Agent Clarice Starling to pose the questions to Dr. Lecter in the form of a questionnaire! Although do not attempt to dissect the good Dr. with some blunt little tool, some half handed attempt at conversation while She stink of the lamb!

17 assbanger,

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How wonderful it is to be remembered even though I am fully and completely dead!!

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Kitty Carlisle parade tomorrow
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I really hate when the national media guys make fun of me.

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