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The day's doings at Dolphins camp

I've had several readers and twitter followers ask me about the Dolphins lack of tackling acumen in the preseason opener and, as they saw the Bengals run an Oklahoma drill on the premier episode of Hard Knocks, they asked me why the Dolphins aren't doing that.

It's a fair question because the Dolphins know they struggled tackling the ballcarrier in the preseason opener.

"I thought the tackling was poor, very bad," defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle said Wednesday. "But it's not atypical of a lot of preseason games that I've been involved in for many, many years. I seem to recall many games where we've come right back and talked aobut how poor the tackling was."

The tackling was so bad against Dallas, the Dolphins yielded 170 rushing yards and five yards per carry. According to Coyle, 93 of those rushing yards came after a first opportunity to make a tackle failed.

"If we had made the tackle after the initial contact, we would have had a heck of a game," Coyle said. "But we didn't so I'm not making excuses."

Coyle believes the tackling issue are understandable early in the preseason.

"We've only had one true tackling experience and that was in the scrimmage the week before," he said. "So all of a sudden the speed of the game increases, the angles change a little bit and the backs are running harder than they do in practice when you're tagging them off. So we've got to be better and worked hard this week both days in practice, I don't know if you guys noticed, at doing a number of tackling drills. So during the course of the preseason I think you'll see the tackling improve. I do believe that's something we need to improve and hopefully we'll be much better at it this week."

As to the Oklahoma drill that the Bengals and other teams use, Coyle is familiar with it because he came from Cincy before joining the Dolphins.

"The Oklahoma drill is a one-shot deal," he said. "I was somewhere where it was a one-shot deal. We did it the first day of camp and everybody got one shot at it and we didn't do it again until the next training camp. There's not many teams that are going to feature that kind of contact at training camp.

"Now if it continues to be a problem, we're going to have to address it if it continues to be a problem but I don't believe it'll be a problem for us."

On to today's practice:

The Dolphins got great news in that WR Mike Wallace returned to full work for the first time since straining a groin nearly two weeks ago.

Wallace's presence was felt as Ryan Tannehill connected with the speedy receiver on a 40-yard bomb over the top of the defense and against Nolan Carroll's one-on-one coverage. The play was a TD.

One thing: I'm not sure I'd blame Carroll exclusively on the play. He had zero safety help over the top. Not a good look for the deep secondary.

Today was a much, much, much better day for Tannehill following his four-INT day on Tuesday. He only threw one interception -- to Dimitri Patterson -- and had three TD passes. So good recovery by the starting QB.

TE Michael Egnew had a very good practice. He caught three TD passes from various QBs and didn't have a drop. All his TDs were from inside the 10-yard line, suggesting a little toughness in a tight area.

Carroll, who was beaten for the deep TD, recovered with an interception of QB Pat Devlin. It was Devlin's first full practice since being knocked out of Sunday preseason opener. It wasn't necessarily a good day for him because he threw two interceptions -- to Carroll and Chris Clemons.

Practice was punctuated by a minor skirmish between the starting OL and second-team DL. Richie Incongnito and Mike Pouncey obviously had a disagreement with defensive tackle Tracy Roberts and although punches were thrown, no one seemed to be the worse for wear after the 30-second scrum.

Other highlights, lowlights, observations:

***Brian Hartline dropped two passes.

***Jared Odrick and Olivier Vernon, held out against Dallas, practiced and seemed to have no issues. They should play vs. Jacksonville on Friday.

***Lamar Miller, who left practice with an ankle injury of some sort, was back today with his right ankle heavily taped. He started working and stopped midway through and was limping noticeably. Then he returned to practice for a couple of periods and left again near the end.

When it came time for the final team drill period, Daniel Thomas took the work in Miller's place.

***Rookie Dallas Thomas, who played at left tackle in the preseason opener, is over at right tackle now. And he's still struggling. Cameron Wake abused him on one pass rush situation that made it seem as if no one was blocking Wake. Coach Joe Philbin said Thomas's problem versus the Cowboys is that the opposing DE continually got better hand position on him and thus had better leverage against Thomas. That usually translates to a lineman getting knocked back on his posterior as Thomas was.

***Jorvorskie Lane, fighting for a roster spot, did not practice today with an unreported leg injury. It doesn't seem serious but he's looked in a tight competition for a roster spot so he really cannot afford to miss much time  ... John Jerry continues to rehab his knee on the side. He's in the third week of what is expected to be a four-week issue. One thing I'll say, he looks big.  

[Update: TE Kyle Miller, who caught a TD pass vs. Dallas Sunday night, was not at practice today because he has an ankle injury. It is not considered serious but he isn't playing at Jacksonville.]


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"Today was a much, much, much better day for Tannehill following his four-INT day on Tuesday. He only threw one interception -- to Dimitri Patterson -- and had three TD passes. So good recovery by the starting QB."

Okay guys we give Armando a lot of crap for negative slants on players and coaches. This was a nice positive he mentioned so I for one wanted to point it out.

Not a koolaid drinker, what flavor are they serving because no one has offered me any?

Seriously though, who's serving koolaid? I haven't heard one person saying this is a super bowl team or is a lock for the playoffs. And that leads me to believe you may not understand the phrase and how to use it.

Not a bust but that's what it looks like. Now if you were having a debate with someone and that name was born in lieu of what was said then I get it. But if you're suggesting someone is trying to get us to "drink the koolaid" then I'm afraid you are referring to the wrong season. No one has faith in this team and the coach even downplayed a sweet 40 yard td from tanny to wallace today. It's a good thing you're not a koolaid drinker because no one is serving it this year! ;)

Sounds like a good practice, how did Daniel Thomas look at 1st team reps with the O?

Apparently and in spite of all, they seem to like me here. They advised me of this new Entry.

Phin78, Just tired of a lot of posters saying the Fins are going 10 and 6 or 12 and 4, There the ones drinking the Kool-Aid, If you see the blemishes on this team you sir are NOT a drinker of said Kool-Aid..

So, Tanny had a good day, where will yesterdays whiners be??
Not to concerned about Lamar. If he wasn't at practice or was wearing anything but tape then I would think differently.
Dolphins would be better off to stop experimenting with Thomas and keep him at Guard right now, he is way overmatched and would hate to see his confidence hurt.
Glad to see Egnew progressing, he will make this roster and all you people who said he was a bust can eat crow.
Tyms can't catch the ball and may not be here much longer.
We will have time to get this OL settled if both Louis and Jerry get healthy.

Grow up, f4l, nobody should have known of that trip to visit Harbaugh.

Good night all, talk to ya's tomorrow.

Not resigning Long is starting to look more & more like a mistake. I hope Martin gets it together b/c there is no depth behind him -

Dion Jordan better be as good as billed b/c Lane Johnson would be looking pretty good right now

Not a koolaid drinker, what flavor are they serving because no one has offered me any?

Seriously though, who's serving koolaid? I haven't heard one person saying this is a super bowl team or is a lock for the playoffs.

Posted by: Phins78 | August 07, 2013 at 05:26 PM

You know the funny thing is the term "Drinking the Kool-Aid" is commonly attributed to a reference Bill Parcells made a few Yrs. ago regarding his then O.C. in Dallas Sean Peyton's love of airing it out every down but it's actually a very dark euphemism to use in Sports related analogy for those that remember were the term was coined by the press regarding the Jonestown Massacre in Guayana were close to 1,000 people were forced at gun point to "Drink the cyanide laced Kool-Aid" If people actually knew what the term actually reffered to they wouldn't be so quick to make a stupid joke out of it.

Re-signing Long would have gotten us a very expensive part-time LT. Martin may not be the answer, but Long is history.

... Didn't Bumphis make the Twitter feed today? Who was that undrafted, short receiver we passed on a few years ago? Had a funny name too, Belker or something ... ;)

Grow up, f4l, nobody should have known of that trip to visit Harbaugh.

Posted by: oscar canosa | August 07, 2013 at 05:57 PM

You really think that in todays virtual ERA were any idiot with a cel. phone is a potentila PAPARAZZI that Ross and Ireland were going to board Ross's private jet together out of Ft. Lauderdale Int. during an Off-Season were the team H.C. was in deep s-hit to fly about 30 Miles outside S.F. (were Stanford is located and why Harbaugh NEVER took them seriously) and NOBODY AT ALL was going to keep tabs on there movements, REALLY??

Your the one that needs to wake up oscar!!

Tannehilll holds two Dolphin rookie QB records.

1. Most yards thrown
2. Most completetions.

This on a team with very little talent and a brand new coaching staff.

Let's cut him some slack. If you can't see the kid has upside then you don't want to see it. The question to be answered is how mucn.

Bodine | August 07, 2013 at 06:22 PM

Agreed 110% !!!

Where's all then morons who told us DAILY that Egnew was a bust. Stand up fleas, so you can be counted. You knows the guys....' Great trade by Ireland....Marshall for Egnew'.....blah, blah, blah....


Glad to see Egnew progressing, he will make this roster and all you people who said he was a bust can eat crow.

Posted by: Bobbyd12 | August 07, 2013 at 05:57 PM

sorry but, i laughed hysterically at this. He made the team last year & didn't sniff the field. even when injuries forced him out there, he played 6 snaps LOL

making the roster doesn't make you not a bust. Sometimes making the team means you don't have to admit drafting him was a mistake.

Egnew stinks. He can catch practice td's against scrubs who will be flippin burgers at the local burger joint all he wants. He's too dumb & soft to be an nfl player.

Bodine +1.


Thanks for your input. I think we know where you send on the issue. You're right, the guy's 24, so must mean he will NEVER figure it out. great point!

My guess is you are OLDER than 24 and it think its very clear to everyone here that you've figured nothing out. We should take you out to the woodshed and put you out of your misery.

It is the glass half empty gang!!! No one on this blog gives any player a chance to develop!

After week 8, we can all weigh in on the job Jeff did on free agency and the draft. I'm going to judge anything yet.


Totally right. Good points.

You are right, f4l. Still it was a lesson(and an embarrassment) to both Ireland and Ross and I'm sure they are taking more precautions now.

Get off Egnews sac. Dude hasn't proven any thing. He still struggles to get open and for a seam te isn't sudden or fluid. Catch a couple short passes in practices and a few outs in a game your suddenly making huge strides?

Tanne doesn't read coverage well...his ball handling is not very good(play action etc) and his footwork the pocket isn't a crisp as his counterparts(Wilson..Luck..RG3)

Team still has many holes. Backup rb is underwhelming..Gillislie is even slower than I thought he was. Had space to make things happen in the Hall of Fame game and barely made it thru holes. In space he can't elude or break a tackle. Not impressed.

Wr's are average. Gibson looks slow...all the acorns on the roster look bad except bumphis who is small and slow. Reminds me of a worse route running version of devon bess. Never liked Hartline and Mathews is.......where...invisible.

yeah if egnew makes team doesnt mean hes not a bust. but im with ya still hoping for best on him

Numbers don't lie.

Javorski Lane has twelve kids. One year in the NFL ain't gonna pay for all of that. Why have twelve kids if you can't afford it ? Seems a logical question to me ?

Hell, I remember years ago they were filming Fidel Castro when suddenly he had to answer his cell phone and almost immediately he stood up and turned his back to the camera. hehehe Not that it gets that bad here but you'll never know.

Daniel Thomas needs to be an Arena league backup.

Egnew is a huge bust whatever he makes.

Very good to read that Egnew is progressed But still I prefer Keller - Clay - Sims

".Gillislie is even slower than I thought he was. Had space to make things happen in the Hall of Fame game and barely made it thru holes"

Yes, in his FIRST EVER encounter with PRO opponents, we can judge whether he's any good or not.


Good that way we have you on record as saying that. I'm looking forward to hammering ou over the head every time he has a good game. Count on it brother.

How the full can a third round pick be considered a bust when less than half of them make it? Honest to God, some o you guys say the dumbest stuff!

Johnny Manziel

To this point I have been silent, now I will correct everybody.
When the whole truth is revealed we will find out that there were other parties involved.
Memorabilia dealers don't hang around airports waiting for celebrities to magically appear and then when they do appear just walk up to them and offer them money for services.
That is preposterous.

The truth will be exposed: I promise.

You can't buy love. You can't buy an AFC East title either. Shula tried to buy a team in 95'. It got him fired. The Redskins have been trying to buy a team for years...hasn't happened. But now, lo and behold, master talent evaluator and draft guru Jeff Ireland has assembled the finest group of men ever to take the football field. Wearing Lingerie League uniforms, these gladiators in neon baby blue would dominate the NFL for many years to come. Recapturing the franchises ever fading glory. Silencing the uniform and logo critics. The team that was met with a chorus of laughter every time they took the field because of their girly uniforms and logo (even at home). The team that was considered too gay even for gay people. This team would take on the world and win. A new dynasty would be born...and neon baby blue would replace black as the color of choice among real men.

Luv Ya Blue Returns

This blog will never improve until the regular bloggers stop being clueless idiots by repeatedly responding to and feed ingthe so terribly obvious trolls.

I don't hold out much hope really.

Hey! Dallas! You sucked at LT, now will put you against the best in the league. he he he he. at least he has seen the best.

manziel is dumb as they come

hey star8balla,

first of all, nice name you gansta you. go fuking play in traffic you fuking loser. i cant wait til tanne is nasty and u can go suk a dik. im sure you are a real expert unlike our qb guru coach joe philbin, all the guy does is develop hall of fame qbs. its tannes second year in the league without much overall qb experience, give him some time. this is not a make or break year for us, have some patience you idiot. you are such an ignorant idiot. go read a book genius.

After 4 consecutive losing seasons and in Steve Ross's 5th year he's asking fans to be patient?? Are you friggen kiddin me ??? What, till he moves the team?

Johnny Manziel = Aaron Rodgers

manziel is a moron who has no chance in nfl. brees hes not. sure some team will take a 6th rd flier on him and regret it. guy is smaller than brees and his arm is a noodle

So after no SB win in 41 years, no playoff win in 11 years, and 4 consecutive losing seasons, Stephen Ross says “Fans may have to be patient”. WTF? What an idiot owner. We have to be patient enough until he sells the team to SOMEONE COMPETENT!!!

Good conversation earlier which I missed.

Was going to criticize T-Hill for messing up the hand off but people were going to hate because they know I love L.Miller.

T-Hill gave the hand off wrong.

Like someone said earlier, RBs don't look down to take the hand off. They will look like Reggie right after the Hand off(Dancing). Eyes forward at all time. The hand off is a feel for RBs.

The hand off was low and T-Hill pulled out to quick. Even with a low hand off if the qb holds the ball the RB will adjust and Take it from him.

It wasn't on the switch. The fumble would've been to the side. Low handoff , bounced off thigh pads and went straight forward.

To me that Fumble was more on T-Hill and Jitters than on L.Miller. But that rarely happens. We are going to be alright.

"Fans may have to be patient".....Steve Ross

Translation; We still stink!

dashe says he does life better than others here. He says he is smarter.

He has no education.

He has no car.

He lives in a city with very poor mass transit, so no doubt he spends many hours a week waiting in the sweltering humidity for a crowded bus full of poor, smelly people to go to his job that any bongo could do.

So, um...how is this better? Smarter?

He doesn't see that he has likely accomplished less than any blogger here, yet we are supposed to value his opinion?

Curious, indeed.

I might seek dashe's opinion on things like bug spray, canned beans, and generic brand deoderants. Maybe.

Dashi @ 7:45pm,

Sorry man....total nonsense! In that situation Miller needs to secure the ball. He needs to adjust to what the QB is doing. He didn't. I know Miller is your boy but get serious on this one. That was all Miller.

And also make a friendly bet with you....that Miller doesn't start every game for us this year. I don't believe he's durable enough and I don't believe his production will be there every game. Now I'm not saying he's not the best we have. He is. I just don't believe he'll do it game in and game out. Lets see.

I'm not agree with you Dashi, I don't remember the hand off from Tannehill to Miller were too low. But I totally agree with you that rarely happens and we are going to be all right in that aspect.

Not certain about that Dashi, think the ball hit him in the numbers (worst case, the gut and not the pads) but i havent gone back to look at play again, so I could be wrong. Still think Miller time could get 8-12 td this year, and if that's correct, at least 5 of them will be 40-50 plus (lighting in a bottle, ala Ricky) type plays. Time will tell...

no rb gets 5 50 yd tds. 8-12 tds with no oline , and it gets even worse near goaline. no chance on that many tds


Sorry bud., Making a bet that Miller won't start every single game is not exactly going out on a limb. That is a bet you make so you can come back here and rub it in to everyone with your 'I told you so' nonsense,

Okay NAKD (AKA NOT A KOOL-AID DRINKER)I just read your answer to me. Understood, and no, I'm definitely not drinking what those people are selling. I'm going to have to see a lot of improvement before I move from my cap at 9 wins. I have actually started thinking 8 lately because of some issues that I thought would be cleared up by now.

And I'm not freaking about Tannehill but for the love of God is it too much to ask to have him stop staring down his receiving targets on certain plays? Patience,,,,patience. But we have to see some improvement this season in accuracy and turnover ratio or I will jump head first off the patience bus.

"So, Tanny had a good day, where will yesterdays whiners be??" Bobbyd12

Bobby it's funny because I read from a few other reporters that Tannehill had a good day as well. But I went to Omars twitter timeline and he was acting as if he had a bad day because of the one interception where his receiver fell down before the ball got there.

Man I wish I could be at the practices so I could determine these things for myself.

is it too much to ask to have him stop staring down his receiving targets on certain plays? Patience,,,,patience. But we have to see some improvement this season in accuracy and turnover ratio or I will jump head first off the patience bus.

Posted by: Phins78 | August 07, 2013 at 08:13 PM

For a QB with very limited esperience not even into his second season, yes, it takes time. It is not like he does it every play.

Ponder, Locker, Sanchez, all QB's taken well higher than they deserved don't have nearly as much promise as RT.

Many of you would be such awful GM's because you'd be so quick to dump anybody not looking like a probowler by year two, you'd never build anything.

true eli but they all did going into second season as thill is

Good that way we have you on record as saying that. I'm looking forward to hammering ou over the head every time he has a good game. Count on it brother.

Posted by: Craig M | August 07, 2013 at 07:08 PM

lol Craig he will change his name and you will never be able to tell him "I told you so". You know how this game works! There are maybe 6 to 8 of us who hold ourselves accountable for our predictions because we keep those pesky sign in names going. The others will just tuck their tails and hide like they always do. ;)

Wake, Cris Carter, just an example of many that were dumped too early by impatient GM's.

Phins78 and Craig, take a step back and look at your '
told you so' posts... You sound like little boys braggign about who has the msot chocolate chip cookies.

Both of you have not owned up to your stinky stank many times.

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