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The day's doings at Dolphins camp

I've had several readers and twitter followers ask me about the Dolphins lack of tackling acumen in the preseason opener and, as they saw the Bengals run an Oklahoma drill on the premier episode of Hard Knocks, they asked me why the Dolphins aren't doing that.

It's a fair question because the Dolphins know they struggled tackling the ballcarrier in the preseason opener.

"I thought the tackling was poor, very bad," defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle said Wednesday. "But it's not atypical of a lot of preseason games that I've been involved in for many, many years. I seem to recall many games where we've come right back and talked aobut how poor the tackling was."

The tackling was so bad against Dallas, the Dolphins yielded 170 rushing yards and five yards per carry. According to Coyle, 93 of those rushing yards came after a first opportunity to make a tackle failed.

"If we had made the tackle after the initial contact, we would have had a heck of a game," Coyle said. "But we didn't so I'm not making excuses."

Coyle believes the tackling issue are understandable early in the preseason.

"We've only had one true tackling experience and that was in the scrimmage the week before," he said. "So all of a sudden the speed of the game increases, the angles change a little bit and the backs are running harder than they do in practice when you're tagging them off. So we've got to be better and worked hard this week both days in practice, I don't know if you guys noticed, at doing a number of tackling drills. So during the course of the preseason I think you'll see the tackling improve. I do believe that's something we need to improve and hopefully we'll be much better at it this week."

As to the Oklahoma drill that the Bengals and other teams use, Coyle is familiar with it because he came from Cincy before joining the Dolphins.

"The Oklahoma drill is a one-shot deal," he said. "I was somewhere where it was a one-shot deal. We did it the first day of camp and everybody got one shot at it and we didn't do it again until the next training camp. There's not many teams that are going to feature that kind of contact at training camp.

"Now if it continues to be a problem, we're going to have to address it if it continues to be a problem but I don't believe it'll be a problem for us."

On to today's practice:

The Dolphins got great news in that WR Mike Wallace returned to full work for the first time since straining a groin nearly two weeks ago.

Wallace's presence was felt as Ryan Tannehill connected with the speedy receiver on a 40-yard bomb over the top of the defense and against Nolan Carroll's one-on-one coverage. The play was a TD.

One thing: I'm not sure I'd blame Carroll exclusively on the play. He had zero safety help over the top. Not a good look for the deep secondary.

Today was a much, much, much better day for Tannehill following his four-INT day on Tuesday. He only threw one interception -- to Dimitri Patterson -- and had three TD passes. So good recovery by the starting QB.

TE Michael Egnew had a very good practice. He caught three TD passes from various QBs and didn't have a drop. All his TDs were from inside the 10-yard line, suggesting a little toughness in a tight area.

Carroll, who was beaten for the deep TD, recovered with an interception of QB Pat Devlin. It was Devlin's first full practice since being knocked out of Sunday preseason opener. It wasn't necessarily a good day for him because he threw two interceptions -- to Carroll and Chris Clemons.

Practice was punctuated by a minor skirmish between the starting OL and second-team DL. Richie Incongnito and Mike Pouncey obviously had a disagreement with defensive tackle Tracy Roberts and although punches were thrown, no one seemed to be the worse for wear after the 30-second scrum.

Other highlights, lowlights, observations:

***Brian Hartline dropped two passes.

***Jared Odrick and Olivier Vernon, held out against Dallas, practiced and seemed to have no issues. They should play vs. Jacksonville on Friday.

***Lamar Miller, who left practice with an ankle injury of some sort, was back today with his right ankle heavily taped. He started working and stopped midway through and was limping noticeably. Then he returned to practice for a couple of periods and left again near the end.

When it came time for the final team drill period, Daniel Thomas took the work in Miller's place.

***Rookie Dallas Thomas, who played at left tackle in the preseason opener, is over at right tackle now. And he's still struggling. Cameron Wake abused him on one pass rush situation that made it seem as if no one was blocking Wake. Coach Joe Philbin said Thomas's problem versus the Cowboys is that the opposing DE continually got better hand position on him and thus had better leverage against Thomas. That usually translates to a lineman getting knocked back on his posterior as Thomas was.

***Jorvorskie Lane, fighting for a roster spot, did not practice today with an unreported leg injury. It doesn't seem serious but he's looked in a tight competition for a roster spot so he really cannot afford to miss much time  ... John Jerry continues to rehab his knee on the side. He's in the third week of what is expected to be a four-week issue. One thing I'll say, he looks big.  

[Update: TE Kyle Miller, who caught a TD pass vs. Dallas Sunday night, was not at practice today because he has an ankle injury. It is not considered serious but he isn't playing at Jacksonville.]


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I agree Eli and hope he can work his way out of doing that. He doesn't have a lot of experience so I'm hoping that's the main reason for the problem. And I want Tannehill to succeed so badly for two reasons. The obvious, team success. But I also want Omar Kelly to have to eat his words and start kissing Tannys a$# because I will love every minute of it!

I agree on giving Tanne sometime to develop. I think he played okay his rookie year and looks to have the tools to be a NFL QB.

I wonder if Luck, R Wilson & RGIII will have a drop off in their 2nd year. I think Wilson benefited from being on a very good team last year - Luck & RG seem to be the real deal ... here's hoping Tanne joins that club

Posted by: Huh? | August 07, 2013 at 07:54 PM

Dude who cares about other bloggers personal lives? Seriously, this is what you're thinking about? Sheesh.

You Can Call Me Rain Mancky. Way FASTER!!

Ricky was a better RB. 2nd best RB ever, next to Barry.

Miller is faster than Reggie. Probably as fast as C.Johnson. He ran a 4.3 with a Bum shoulder.

L.Miller is no Duke Johnson. But he is a Pretty Good RB. He has the Potential to gain 2,000 yds.

Not saying he will this season. This Season he will gain 1200-1500 yds easily. 10-15TD. 2-3 Receiving TD.

But with a Better line he can put up Ricky Numbers. L.Miller can Probably Average 6 yds a Carry in a Season.

Gotta be patient with Tanny. There are some that want him gone before he is getting started. This season will be a big one for him and I hope we have our man.

Worried about the running game. Miller needs to stay on the field and I don't see a proven back-up. Thomas... please!

One of the biggest mistakes could have been not bringing in a proven vet to compete. There are still some guys looking for a job but the best vets are gone.

What a usesless pathetic franchise and ownership. Its a shame how low they've sunk.

Dude who cares about other bloggers personal lives? Seriously, this is what you're thinking about? Sheesh.

Posted by: Phins78 | August 07, 2013 at 08:28 PM

Well for one, you do. How many times have you commented on who spends their whole life here and blah blah blah, followed by your LMAO?

If a blogger puts something ridiculous out there, then they are only inviting a response.


L.Miller can Probably Average 6 yds a Carry in a Season.
Posted by: You Can Call Me Rain Man

Pass the drugs.

On a positive note, nobody is talking about Egnew. He is off to a great start this camp and I was probably more critical of him than just about anybody. I really hope he proves me wrong.

Him and Keller in a two TE set could be scary

L.Miller is faster than R.Williams. Ricky was a better RB though.

L.Miller is like C.Portis. A Little Bigger.

I agree! Staring down WR's is a rookie mistake that should have already been fixed by the coaches. Tannehill needs to go back and look at tape of Manning & Brady and see that sometimes they are as much actors as anything; pump fakes, fake handoffs that look real, real handoffs that look fake, looking right and throwing left (and vice versa), etc. A QB in the NFL has to fool the LBers & Safeties with his eyes and mannerisms to help his team. Tannehill must realize that half of the opposing Defense is focused in on him and act accordingly. Much work to do before he's a good QB in this league. But, he CAN be one if he works at it. I have a lot more faith in Tannehill than I did in Henne!

Dashi!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm calling you out my man!!!HAHAHA I just watched again because you had me believing I could be wrong about the handoff and I wasn't. Go here and see for yourself.


Tannehill puts the ball right in the middle of the numbers? LOW HANDOFF?!!!!! If you watch this video and still say the same thing you obviously have some thing for Miller. If anything it was a little high. But Tanny put it right in the cradle, Lamar doesn't secure the ball because he wasn't ready. No big deal but there's NO WAY IN HELL ANYONE CAN WATCH THAT VIDEO AND BLAME THE QB! NOOOOOOO WAAYYYYYYYYYYYY. You are lying if you say different, it's right there for you on film, plain as day, slowed down so everyone can see. Ball placement perfect, Miller botched the play.

And, I'd like to give a big shout out to Tracy Roberts! We may share the name Tracy, buy that's where it ends!
Deciding to mix it up with both Incognito AND Pouncey at the same time! That took guts, kid! But, it was more stupid than brave in my opinion....

Good stuff Armando.

Thank you.

Craig M must have been in the bathroom when Lamar Miller made that pinch run to the outside. THAT WAS PRODUCTION!!!

There is only one or two running backs in the league better that fast.

What Should have happened was the Fins should've signed Henne and let go of Moore.

When Robo QB was on. He was On.

Henne is better than Sanchez. And we probably would've got a Discount from Jake.

To #1 dolphin Hater, The Misses.

Matt Moore. You really know how to pick them.

Before Matt Barkley, Before Matt Moore, you picked another QB bust what was his name? Car..something.


100% Miller fumbled.

Haven't you learned dashi is like craig m, their missions in life are let everyone know when they were right as often as possible. When they are wrong they pretend they were right and hope you are too dumb to know the difference.

I'm breaking my rule one time and responding to you.

"Well for one, you do. How many times have you commented on who spends their whole life here and blah blah blah,"

What you write in here isn't personal. Do you understand the difference?

If you write something in here it's for the public.

What you do at your home is your private/personal life.

You are talking about what he does at home when he's not in here.

I'm talking about what people are doing that ARE in here.

Oh and just for you because that little debacle of a post you made deserves it,,,,LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!


I like Dashi but Miller's his guy and he's going to stick up for him. I get that. I did the same with Henne and Long and even Sporano for a while.

And you're right about some of these other name changers. They'll go into hiding when Egnew has some success. Hilarious to hear some call a 24 year old 3rd pick a bust.....hilarious! Jimmy Graham didn't have instant success in the NFL. He's a star now!

Hey Mando,
John Jerry looked big as in fat or big as in muscle mass?

FUMBLE! Second year starter jitters. End of story

You are talking about what he does at home when he's not in here.

Posted by: Phins78 | August 07, 2013 at 08:48 PM

Not true Frankenstein. What he does when he IS here is say he is better at life, and smarter. Right here he then says he has no education or a car. Right here. He brought it all in. He opened the door. So right here he received a response.

If LMAO is all you got, well you look as dumb as heShe.

Miso I'm not going to bad mouth those guys but yeah Dashi is absolutely wrong. I think he will see it when he watches the video. He may not have seen a good highlight of it.

It's so obvious from the video that Lamar broke concentration because the ball was placed right in the middle of the numbers. I don't know who said it but they suggested the handoff was below the belt which is a flat out falsehood. Can't mistake it in the video, like I said it's plain as day.

And I don't mean Tanny. That was on Miller all the way. So let it die. It's one play in the first pre-season game for crying out loud.

I'm not worried about the running game.
If Miller earns the #1 that's fine with me.
If Thomas or Gilligan earn it I am okay with that also.

Lamar, who I like, was like a receiver over the middle with alligator arms on that first play. Tannehill couldn't have placed the ball any better. If you can't grab that, you don't belong. Lamar was as you say concentrating on his well being.

Oh, sorry HUH. I don't read all of the posts people write so I will have to concede this one to you. I guess you two must have had a conversation about Dashis life that you are now making fun of or you just read all of the posts and know what everyone in here says. But yeah, hey I'm wrong, you weren't making things up or fantasizing just repeating what you heard. My bad.

See everyone? I said something under my sign in and then admitted I was wrong instead of changing my name and hiding like a coward. I wish more people would do the same. I don't understand how someone could be so insecure that they worry about what anonymous bloggers think about them. It baffles the mind! Ha

Pray for new ownership.

Exactly tvegas. And I have no probs with Miller but I couldn't sit by and listen to this anymore. It's gone on too long and Dashi needed a smackdown. (just kidding Dash, you know that, but you were wrong mofo! ;))


We have yet to hear dashe admit he was wrong about whose fault the fumble was.

In words you can understand......LMFAO!!!!!

The First Play Fumble

It is entirely possible that either Tanne or Miller executed the incorrect footwork and so they were out of sync.

Since Tanne graduated from medical school and Miller went to the U, it is entirely possible that Miller cannot read.

Miller can't even talk, so I doubt he can read. They don't print anythng in Ebonics.


Posted by: Huh? | August 07, 2013 at 08:51 PM

Oh boy, wonder who this is. Such a sneaky devil who would ever know? Too funny, good night gentlemen.

And Huh, Dashi isn't here so exactly who are you talking to this about? My "who cares" stands. The rest of it fine. But seriously just trying to tell you that you're probably the only one who cares about this. I don't think people are taking sides in the ongoing battle that is between Dashi and the guy who calls him a girl under a hundred different sign ins. (I don't know what to call you because you never use the same name, no biggy just sayin it would be nice to have one name so I can identify you! ;)

Credit where credit is Due.

Good info what they are doing about the tackling.

How the heck was Tannehill drafted in the 1st rd? The guy has never ever looked exceptional.

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | August 07, 2013 at 09:00 PM

Before I go, the U bust was hilarious. Thanks for the laugh to send me off!

no biggy just sayin it would be nice to have one name so I can identify you! ;)

Posted by: Phins78 | August 07, 2013 at 09:05 PM

This coming from Phinss78 aka LouD aka NYScott aka 101 other names.

Why do you assume others are as dumb as you are?


I know you are slow and stupid....so FYI..dashe heShe is right here as:

You Can Call Me Rain Man

You mean you REALLY didn't know that? LMFAO!

My issue with Tannehill is consistency. He proved last season he can put together a few games in a row where he looks pretty good. He still has yet to have a "great game". Meaning 300 or better passing, 3 or more tds, and no ints.

Many, many of his games last season were 1 or zero tds passing. Usually when throwing picks, they are multiple pick games. The rest are 1 pick games, bu, still in though games he throws 1 or zero tds.

Tannehill still has much to prove. Has fans, we shouldn't give him anything he hasn't already taken or earn, With the real evidence to prove it. We've been this road before with qb's post Marino.

How did that work out for us? I wish Tannehill the best. But in "real time" he has to earn it. Backed up by the great atats to prove it. Optimism alone isn't nearly enough.


GED (Gang of the Exceptionally Dumb):

Craig M

These people are unusually stupid and clueless.

Until I can see Tannehill has 3-4 great games(300yds+ 3 tds+ 0 ints) per season. I will never feel he has completely arrived. Great qb's usually have 3-4 of these type games per season.

So many dolfans are willing to set the bar too low for our qb's, enveloped in myriads of bs excuses. Usually when this is done, they never completely pan out anyway.

Miller wasn't charged with a Fumble. Case Closed.

Miller wasn't charged with a Fumble. Case Closed.

Posted by: You Can Call Me Rain Man | August 07, 2013 at 09:16 PM

Like OJ wasn't charged with murder.

Notice how his buddy Phins78 ridicules others for not admitting when they are wrong, but hides like a pansy and doesn't call out his own buddy daShe when heShe does it.

Verry interesting.

One has to admire the unshakable bond of the CJ club members.

I hate to say it but I cant see Lamar Miller being healthy for 16 games as the main guy. I just dont know if he can do it for the whole season.

Irrelevant because the hand off was never complete. He lost it before he even had it. The bigger question is why it's still being argued. Who gives a crap? It's what Miller does going forward that counts.

And Tanny for that matter!

Your Brady's and Mannings drop 3 tds in a single game like just another day at the office. If we truly expect Tannehill to be a great qb, we'll soon have to judge him by the same standards we judge great qb's by.

If not, we're only prolonging our own agony. Greatness bares no sympathy, excuses, nor apologies.

Miller didn't stay consistently healthy in college. It was always something.

My bad and Omar picked it up. Tannehill had only 16 Games at the QB position when he entered the NFL.

I want to see the Vegas line come week 1 of the regular season. I'll change my name accordingly, if necessary. You have to admit 7.5 in this competitive league already seems generous for this team still making many transitions.

Phins78 is probably as dumb as Dashe.

Im done with the limited number of college starts being used as an excuse for Tannehill. If Jeff Ireland thought that would be a great issue, then he shouldn't have used 9th overall pick on him.

Upcoming will be Tannehill's 2nd full season as a starter on "the professional level". Time to throw away the training wheels and excuses, either he rides the bike or he doesn't. Point blank...

Omar Kelly is a very hard worker. However, he knows little Football probably due to his bias.

I am worried about the RB situation. If Miller isn't healthy all season, I see nothing exciting on the bench. Never a fan of letting Bush walk in the first place. Not sure why so many homers couldn't wait for him to walk. He was the only dangerous weapon the Fins have had on the offensive side the past few years, but the nitpickers said he danced too much, was soft etc etc. Pretty damn good production for a player that had ZERO talent around him to keep teams from keying on him.

Do you think many defenses game planned for much else? LOL

This year's Tannehill's to prove either he's a great qb or he isn't.

Average and slightly above average is not in the vocabulary of true greatness. Nor does true greatness care for how young it is. It great under all conditions. It needs no qualifier.

Tannehill only had 1 multiple passing td(2tds) the entire 2012 season.

Great qb's fart 2 passing td games with the regularity of Exlax.

..No way was that fumble on Tannehill. Just sayin'. Anyway, good on Lamar Miller for how he responded after the fumble. That is what I'm sure the coaches took as a positive after a glaring negative.

Yg..I agree. Tannehill has a lot to prove. I may get some disagreement here. But the heat will be turned up really high on the team should Tannehill fail to take noticeable steps forward this year. I know people will start to shout...How can you define a quarterback after 2 years? Drew Brees this-Peyton Manning that. Blah blah blah.. Look no farther then Jacksonville. Tannehills stats were really pretty close to those of Gabbert in his rookie year...If Tannehill has a Gabbert type of second campaign. Then what?

I hope it doesn't come down to that. I hope that Tannehill plays well, and all the question marks that are lingering are put to rest. But he has to prove it. Just saying he will be this or he will be that are just empty words at this point.

So what's wrong with Omar reading comments here? I used to read his blog everyday and sometimes comment among that Mob. As a matter of fact, I remember I woke up one morning and there had been a tremendous fight in this Blog throughout the night between NJ and Sissy a couple of SS regulars who apparently made a mistake.

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