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The day's doings at Dolphins camp

I've had several readers and twitter followers ask me about the Dolphins lack of tackling acumen in the preseason opener and, as they saw the Bengals run an Oklahoma drill on the premier episode of Hard Knocks, they asked me why the Dolphins aren't doing that.

It's a fair question because the Dolphins know they struggled tackling the ballcarrier in the preseason opener.

"I thought the tackling was poor, very bad," defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle said Wednesday. "But it's not atypical of a lot of preseason games that I've been involved in for many, many years. I seem to recall many games where we've come right back and talked aobut how poor the tackling was."

The tackling was so bad against Dallas, the Dolphins yielded 170 rushing yards and five yards per carry. According to Coyle, 93 of those rushing yards came after a first opportunity to make a tackle failed.

"If we had made the tackle after the initial contact, we would have had a heck of a game," Coyle said. "But we didn't so I'm not making excuses."

Coyle believes the tackling issue are understandable early in the preseason.

"We've only had one true tackling experience and that was in the scrimmage the week before," he said. "So all of a sudden the speed of the game increases, the angles change a little bit and the backs are running harder than they do in practice when you're tagging them off. So we've got to be better and worked hard this week both days in practice, I don't know if you guys noticed, at doing a number of tackling drills. So during the course of the preseason I think you'll see the tackling improve. I do believe that's something we need to improve and hopefully we'll be much better at it this week."

As to the Oklahoma drill that the Bengals and other teams use, Coyle is familiar with it because he came from Cincy before joining the Dolphins.

"The Oklahoma drill is a one-shot deal," he said. "I was somewhere where it was a one-shot deal. We did it the first day of camp and everybody got one shot at it and we didn't do it again until the next training camp. There's not many teams that are going to feature that kind of contact at training camp.

"Now if it continues to be a problem, we're going to have to address it if it continues to be a problem but I don't believe it'll be a problem for us."

On to today's practice:

The Dolphins got great news in that WR Mike Wallace returned to full work for the first time since straining a groin nearly two weeks ago.

Wallace's presence was felt as Ryan Tannehill connected with the speedy receiver on a 40-yard bomb over the top of the defense and against Nolan Carroll's one-on-one coverage. The play was a TD.

One thing: I'm not sure I'd blame Carroll exclusively on the play. He had zero safety help over the top. Not a good look for the deep secondary.

Today was a much, much, much better day for Tannehill following his four-INT day on Tuesday. He only threw one interception -- to Dimitri Patterson -- and had three TD passes. So good recovery by the starting QB.

TE Michael Egnew had a very good practice. He caught three TD passes from various QBs and didn't have a drop. All his TDs were from inside the 10-yard line, suggesting a little toughness in a tight area.

Carroll, who was beaten for the deep TD, recovered with an interception of QB Pat Devlin. It was Devlin's first full practice since being knocked out of Sunday preseason opener. It wasn't necessarily a good day for him because he threw two interceptions -- to Carroll and Chris Clemons.

Practice was punctuated by a minor skirmish between the starting OL and second-team DL. Richie Incongnito and Mike Pouncey obviously had a disagreement with defensive tackle Tracy Roberts and although punches were thrown, no one seemed to be the worse for wear after the 30-second scrum.

Other highlights, lowlights, observations:

***Brian Hartline dropped two passes.

***Jared Odrick and Olivier Vernon, held out against Dallas, practiced and seemed to have no issues. They should play vs. Jacksonville on Friday.

***Lamar Miller, who left practice with an ankle injury of some sort, was back today with his right ankle heavily taped. He started working and stopped midway through and was limping noticeably. Then he returned to practice for a couple of periods and left again near the end.

When it came time for the final team drill period, Daniel Thomas took the work in Miller's place.

***Rookie Dallas Thomas, who played at left tackle in the preseason opener, is over at right tackle now. And he's still struggling. Cameron Wake abused him on one pass rush situation that made it seem as if no one was blocking Wake. Coach Joe Philbin said Thomas's problem versus the Cowboys is that the opposing DE continually got better hand position on him and thus had better leverage against Thomas. That usually translates to a lineman getting knocked back on his posterior as Thomas was.

***Jorvorskie Lane, fighting for a roster spot, did not practice today with an unreported leg injury. It doesn't seem serious but he's looked in a tight competition for a roster spot so he really cannot afford to miss much time  ... John Jerry continues to rehab his knee on the side. He's in the third week of what is expected to be a four-week issue. One thing I'll say, he looks big.  

[Update: TE Kyle Miller, who caught a TD pass vs. Dallas Sunday night, was not at practice today because he has an ankle injury. It is not considered serious but he isn't playing at Jacksonville.]


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dont be so sure that Lane Johnson will be some type of lock stud LT--dude was probably the fastest draft riser (often not a good thing) and is pretty inexperienced.....might be good, but I think that was one of the riskiest early picks---Dallas Thomas will be a guard, which is not a terrible thing.....preseason is the time to experiment, which is what they're doing, but he'll be a guard......3rd rd pick, so no issue there--and I've said many, many times that its way too early to give up on Egnew, that he obviously needs time to develop.....dont know if he'll stick but he's talented.....and he was just a 3rd pick after all--somewhat valuable pick but hard to consider any 3rd pick a "bust" if he doesnt work out--bunch of clowns here need to get a clue.

I think the Dolphins loss to the Cowboys was on the coaching staff. We have the most talented team as a whole that I can remember post Marino era. It's the coaching staff that is responsible for preparing these guy's for battle. Turn overs and poor tackling are the reflection of piss poor coaching. It doesn't matter whose fault it was for the Tannehill/Miller fumble. What matters is that it happened and that it gets corrected. I like Philbin as our coach but if he is sore about the way his team played in the first preseason game of the year he only has himself to be sore at.


A post ago you made some of the dumbest comments on Scoutng QB's i've ever witnessed.

FIRST you tell us how much skill you have to have to scout QB's. Telling us that Armando knows because he watched Marino and attended many camps, practices, etc, etc.

So of course, by your standards that makes 212 sports writers in 32 cities the next Great NFL GM's. Don't hold your breath Goofy. How many NFL Owners are beating Mando's door down?

Then, on **THE SAME PAGE** you tell Craig M how easy it is to spot the next Great QB's.

Truth, it was easy for me too see who you REALLY were and what your(MOST)normal, regular posting name is. Regarding your posts refered to above, ONCE AGAIN, you're trying to "Go Both Ways".

Silly, silly posts regarding Mando being an NFL Talent Scout-ROTFLMAO!

They no let you answer me.


The only thing that really mattered was what Philbin thought of Bush and it was clear he wasn't a fan. It's his team. He can do with it what he wants. If that means making mistakes and ultimately costing him his job, then so be it but the coach should be allowed to keep the players he wants. It's clear that Bush didn't fit into that category.

Im done with the limited number of college starts being used as an excuse for Tannehill. If Jeff Ireland thought that would be a great issue, then he shouldn't have used 9th overall pick on him.

Upcoming will be Tannehill's 2nd full season as a starter on "the professional level". Time to throw away the training wheels and excuses, either he rides the bike or he doesn't. Point blank...

Posted by: LOVE FAKING 17-0-IN-YUR-ASS! | | August 07, 2013 at 09:29 PM

People quickly forget how long it took many star QBs to finally look like keepers. Brees, Griese, Gannon, Plunkett.

Me drinking pretty good Chilean wine. Probably more coming after Friday's Game.

Tannehills greatest misfortune was being drafted the same year as Luck, Wilson and RG3. Add to that 2nd year Kaep and never were there 4 young QB's to shine so fast.

Any normal season and Tannehill would have been looked upon more favorably. 3000+ yards ain't nothing to sneeze at for a rookie.

Tannehill back to his usual form today. 3 TD's 1 Int. So far he's had how many bad days compared to his good days? Think hard now...and let me ask this? How many TD's has he had in camp compared to INT's? Anyone?

What a ridiculous couple of days. It's so funny. I never saw so many tantrums, unrealistic expectations and negative press from a 2-5 preseason game and one bad day at practice.

Agree that Tanny's limited college experience cannot be used as an excuse. Let's face it, drafting an inxperienced QB that high highlighted just how desperate the Fins were for a francise QB.

Tanny came with a list of questionmarks but Ireland bought into the upside.. and needed the guy in the worst way after they whiffed in free agency.

I am pulling for Tanny to be that franchise guy and can't fault Ireland for taking the chance.

But probaby no way he goes in the top 10 in most drafts. Ireland needed a guy to save the franchise and his job, plain and simple. So live and die with him is what he will do.


Fair enough on that Craig. If Miller succeeds all is well. If he flops or can't stay on the field.. oh well, looks like Philbin was wrong. That's how it works. But you can't argue with what he produced on a crappy offense. And he was a vocal leader and hard worker, AND shook the injury bug reputation in Miami. Those are facts that can't be argued.

Knowing Ireland and Philbin a little bit more now, it seems inconceivable to me that they would let no less than the LT position hanging in the air. You more or less can take it to the Bank that J Martin will be solid this year.

..I could be wrong..But I think things have changed. 10 years ago. Quarterbacks were given time to develop. They were allowed to make mistakes, and grow within the confines of whatever system they were in. Most didn't start right away. Some, but they were the exception over the rule. What I am getting at. I think there has been a huge shift in how quarterbacks are both developed, and judged.

Now...As I said I may be wrong. And this is a trend that IMO is very new(if indeed this is how teams operate)..I don't think that teams have to have the same patience with young qb's as they did even going back 3-4 years. How may here think Blaine Gabbert can play? How about Ponder? Weeden? all have struggled, all are young. 2 are going into year 3. All have huge huge question marks hovering above their heads. Would anyone be surprised if any of those 3 lost their jobs at some point this year?

Now be objective. Could Tannehill be in the same class of questionable QB's if he has a poor year? Would it be fair to question his worth, his value, his future?

RBs are disposable these days (for the most part), and are generally shot by age 28 or so (or very diminished at least).......love Reggie Bush but think he's on borrowed time from an injury standpoint, so didnt have a big issue letting him walk.....thats not a knock but just a reality for a veteran RB, who has been injured several times already--had 2 mostly injury free years in Miami, so odds say thats unlikely to continue

oscar......what kind of chilean wine are you drinking?

Man, Reggie is a workout freak and he was really in excellent condition here in Miami. Most injuries happen because lack of conditioning.

Does anyone know how many TD's and INT's Tannehill has had in camp so far? Or simply even how many good days he's had versus bad days? No one knows? Really?

"This place is inhuman", Jim Langer referring obliquely to Don Shula, only after he had his 2 SB rings.

Yep. Hope Miller is taking notes. ANY Rb can get injured at any time. Ask Adrian Peterson. Reggie was the only threat the Fins had on offense. Now let's hope Miller is as productive. It really comes down to that, does it not?

People quickly forget how long it took many star QBs to finally look like keepers. Brees, Griese, Gannon, Plunkett.

Posted by: Blank Point | August 07, 2013 at 09:45 PM

Did you notice 2 of the 3qb's you named didn't become great until late late I their careers and virtual journey before that happened. Plunkett wasn't even a starting qb the year the Raiders won the sb. He was playing because the starter was injured. Then 3 of those 4 qb's ended up landing on different team entirely before having good or great fortune.

Rich Ganon still never won a sb ring. Griese had the privilege of playing on one of the greatest teams of all time. I haven't even mentioned totally different palying era for 3 0f the 4 qb's you named.

Puerto Viejo, $15 a bottle.

"Fatigue makes cowards of us all", by you know who.


I gotta give it up to ya Bro ! I read all the Bull Snit on here and see how you call out these pathetic cartoon characters on here day in and day out. I think you should rename the club from CJ to BJ for sure the way these morons carry on covering for each other,god it's pathetic ! You notice how a few now think there so cool cause they get the aproval of odin/dooshie. For starters one is a self proclaimed drunk junkie who you can just picture in some filthy tailor park in the boonies were the joint smells like old dude mixed with animal hair and poop.Seriously can't you just picture him.

I get the feeling dooshie is odin as well ! Guy lives on here talking about you when he's the one who lives on here. You say anything to that old hippie and his panties get all in a bunch plus the difference between the writing styles of the two use to be identical to anybody that was paying attention he just learned how to sort of change them up little. The funny thing is your the one whose been saying it and all they do is blame you for multiple personality disorder because there the same person.

You got this phag78 guy who lives to clean there arses guy can't wait to drop some moronic post were he's the one here whose sucking on junk if you know what I mean and don't forget there little zen master pin4life ! I've seen multiple posts almost daily were they read that idiots 10 paragraph drivel calling it a master piece everytime, makes me LMFAO ! Add in krissy and the idiot Canadians and you truly have the reason this blog is crap ! Canadians should stick to watching hockey seriously Bro sayin what the rest think for sure your the only one who calls it like it is !

Oscar Canosa, you'd find a lot of people willing to take that bet. Martin is a loser, same as most of Ireland's drafted players. Ireland consistently overlooks not only positions, but entire areas of a football team. Last year it was WR. Martin was abused by the better DE's and LB's last year on the right side. He's garbage...and so are the Phins. Save some of that booze for the season. You'll need to just to drown your sorrows.

You guys have a script to follow here?

IMO, Tannehill needs to play at least a full qtr Fridaay night. He needs all of the work he can get against another team's defense.

Imean, it's not like have Peyton Manning or Tom Brady as a hc, and you play him a series or two because you 100% know what you already have.

No one in their right mind, including our coaches, can honestly for 100% hey are sure of what we have in Ryan Tannehill. As an nfl qb, you have to earn the right to play only a series or two in preseason games. Because you've proven through great ears.

I prefer that, than 5000 post of one line garbage. You still need help.

You act like a total Buga rron sometimes.

Both of you.

I see U!,

Should be take it that you're a regular here, coming here day after day, hanging off everyone's every word and yet we've NEVER sen you post under that name EVER. Are we truly supposed to believe that you've come to YG's defence after all this time? I mean give me a funking break? Just how gullible do you take most of us to be, dude? I mean, what fantasy world are you living in? What type of narcotics are you on that you play this game, day after day, after day?


Great post to Truth@9:42pm. That was EXACTLY my point to him earlier today.

Conversely speaking, less than 1% of QB shine in the first couple of years. Forget freaks like Marino and Elway. If you remember, Bill Walsh had a hard time choosing between starting Montana or Deberg.

3000+ yards for a rookie QB on a team with a bottom ten offense ain't too shabby.

You autistic?

Tannehill is inaccurate and he will likely struggle with consistency. The Dolphins will be much better off if he just flames out and he's a complete bust. For him to have good games and bad games and never really develop into a quality quarterback would be the worst case scenario. If he were going to be special we would probably know it by now. That was the case with Dan, with Tom Brady, with Favre when he took the field in Green Bay etc... We'll certainly know by the midway point this season. Because of where he was drafted the Dolphins will give him a long look. Perhaps the best thing for the franchise would be to have the team do poorly this season so Ireland's contract wouldn't get renewed. Then a new GM could come in and be less willing to give mediocre Tannehill a long look the way Ireland certainly will, as he gave Chad Henne three years. The enemy of great is good.

Let's not forget Eli Manning wasn't impressing anybody his first few seasons. He looked extremely average...until he slayed the Dragon twice in the big show.

History shows you don't close the book on a player after 2 seasons if they are giving you signs of progress.

Someone mentioned Farve. He was so great early on his team let him go.

Those who think that Brady and Belichick are going to lay down and die have another thing coming. It's not their Time yet.

Posted by: I see U ! | August 07, 2013 at 10:14 PM

You do have a very great point. If I don't like something, I don't like it when my friends do it either. I call my friends out in real life, and they call me out too if its something they don't like.

I don't understand it either. These posters spend the entire year whining about what they don't like, but don't call their supposed buddies out on the same things.

So, this makes them either the biggest hypocrites ever, or, with their real life friends they are the biggest doormats ever. It's like saying you hate murder and then knowingly go out and marry a murderer.

I mean, what gives?

Thank you all for proving my point about knee jerk reactions. It's a shame no one here knows what T-hill has for stats this year in camp. It's kind of embarrassing actually. Maybe I should go smaller...what about the past 2 days?

Posted by: I see U ! | August 07, 2013 at 10:14 PM

Only other way to explain is none of these posters call each other out because they are all "ONE POSTER".

Why would one ever call one's self out? Capiche?

Let me get this straight because an anti social A hole like Craig Minnie me says I'm 17-0 because I choose to defend his position against his little BJ click everybody is supposed to believe it ! Listen dude I'm not 17-0 alrighty ! There are plenty of people here that can't stand any of you BJ hipsters ok ! If anybody here wants it both ways it's you and your little click who turn everything upside down to fit your argument with suck ups like phag78 ready and willing to suck junk in a hurry to defend your nonsense.

Posted by: truthhurts | August 07, 2013 at 10:32 PM


Let me get this straight because an anti social A hole like Craig Minnie me says I'm 17-0 because I choose to defend his position against his little BJ click everybody is supposed to believe it ! Listen dude I'm not 17-0 alrighty ! There are plenty of people here that can't stand any of you BJ hipsters ok ! If anybody here wants it both ways it's you and your little click who turn everything upside down to fit your argument with suck ups like phag78 ready and willing to suck junk in a hurry to defend your nonsense.

Posted by: Minnie | August 07, 2013 at 10:33 PM

Was me see Craigy not afraid to call you and your BJ Club out !

Only problem for Tanny is that he came out in the same class as RG III, Luck, and a much lower drafted Wilson.

Those three got off to a pretty good start, no? Nobody will want to wait a few years for Tanny


Call yourself truth Bro keep telling it like it is and there doormats for sure, LOL !

Posted by: Minnie | August 07, 2013 at 10:33 PM

Been trying to tell everyone if youre in dispute with the Circle-Jerkers, you automatically become YG. But think about it, it only means youre not jerking the guy next you's kielbasa just to remain his friend, and losing your integrity in the process.

If this what it means to be a YG, then we all should be proud.

Hey we posted at exactly the same time guess we can't be the same guy !

These are all of the names to beware of here:

Queens of the Round Table:

1. Toilet Scrubber Dashi
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4. Darkoak wants to be split
5. Mark In Toronto
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8. PHONY78
9. Woodfloor Trailer(Woodshed)
10. More To Be Named(They have other aliases too)


We better hurry soon pin will drop a 25 paragraph post and put everybody to sleep ! LMFAO !

No one in their right mind, including our coaches, can honestly for 100% hey are sure of what we have in Ryan Tannehill. As an nfl qb, you have to earn the right to play only a series or two in preseason games. Because you've proven through great ears.

Posted by: LOVE FAKING 17-0-IN-YUR-ASS! | | August 07, 2013 at 10:19 PM

I think the coaches are more sure than anyone else would be. They only watch every practice live and review all the tapes later. That means they know how many reps they have to see.

Did you all notice how Phins78 called out others for not admitting when they were wrong, but wouldn't call out dashe for insisting the fumble was not Millers fault. Look at the tape. Tannehill placed it right in his gut, bullseye.

What does phins78 do when dashe insists it wasn't Milliers fault? Say good night without calling him out. What a pansy.

Anytime any of these names show up on this blog. A dispute is soon to follow. Unless of course youre a fellow circle-jerker.

Also, they will gang up on you when there are on or more of them present. Even if they know their fellow circle jerker's in the wrong.

These are their names, the cat's out of the bag:

Queens of the Round Table:

1. Toilet Scrubber Dashi
2. GM Odistank
3. Fin4Losers
4. Darkoak wants to be split
5. Mark In Toronto
7. KRISSY Girl
8. PHONY78
9. Woodfloor Trailer
10. More To Be Named

Its gonna take years to fix Ireland's mess. When do they get started?

Woodfloor trash

No exact science there Sherlock ! Henne was looking good closing 09 and later regressed, man you morons nit pick at everything like your some pseudo GMs or something, to frakin funny !

Posted by: LOVE FAKING 17-0-IN-YUR-ASS! | | August 07, 2013 at 10:45 PM


Are you a self loathing homosexual? It sure seems like you have a lot of male intimacy issues judging by comments and your sign in name.

Im done with you guys for now I have to get some real work done at my real job something you government handout ppl would never understand , I'll be back in a few...

Posted by: Truth | August 07, 2013 at 11:06 AM

TRANSLATION: Finally collected enough empties for another Steel Reserve! No better way to end a Hard Day of "Work", Eh....?

So tell me True, Pan Handler's get good benefits? How's the Pension Plan........?

Enquiring Minds Want Too Know!!!!

OK, sorry, straight up Trolling on my part......Sue Me ;) Condescending Snobs just happen to bring it out.

Don't get your Panties in a Bunch, Just trying to be Funny ;)

Posted by: The Woodshed Gang | August 07, 2013 at 10:42 PM

Yeah right. After 12 tds, 13 ints the coaches 1005 believe we have a bonafied superstar in Ryan Tannehill.

You didn't even comprehend what was written correctly. In such a hurry to vilify my comment. You circle-jerkers are just so super insidious.


Who could miss it phag78 lives to sucky their junk !

Posted by: I see U ! | August 07, 2013 at 10:47 PM

While I certainly appreciate your counter rebuttal, let me just say your wrong. I do encourage you to keep trying to find the correct answers though!

Even Henne was better then Tannehill. So is Johnny Manziel.

Posted by: The Woodshed Gang | August 07, 2013 at 10:48 PM

Wood floor trailer trash................... Go suck your buddy Dashi's dick. Bend your buddy Odistank over and bob for dingleberries. Who the hell needs Charmin...

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