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The day's doings at Dolphins camp

I've had several readers and twitter followers ask me about the Dolphins lack of tackling acumen in the preseason opener and, as they saw the Bengals run an Oklahoma drill on the premier episode of Hard Knocks, they asked me why the Dolphins aren't doing that.

It's a fair question because the Dolphins know they struggled tackling the ballcarrier in the preseason opener.

"I thought the tackling was poor, very bad," defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle said Wednesday. "But it's not atypical of a lot of preseason games that I've been involved in for many, many years. I seem to recall many games where we've come right back and talked aobut how poor the tackling was."

The tackling was so bad against Dallas, the Dolphins yielded 170 rushing yards and five yards per carry. According to Coyle, 93 of those rushing yards came after a first opportunity to make a tackle failed.

"If we had made the tackle after the initial contact, we would have had a heck of a game," Coyle said. "But we didn't so I'm not making excuses."

Coyle believes the tackling issue are understandable early in the preseason.

"We've only had one true tackling experience and that was in the scrimmage the week before," he said. "So all of a sudden the speed of the game increases, the angles change a little bit and the backs are running harder than they do in practice when you're tagging them off. So we've got to be better and worked hard this week both days in practice, I don't know if you guys noticed, at doing a number of tackling drills. So during the course of the preseason I think you'll see the tackling improve. I do believe that's something we need to improve and hopefully we'll be much better at it this week."

As to the Oklahoma drill that the Bengals and other teams use, Coyle is familiar with it because he came from Cincy before joining the Dolphins.

"The Oklahoma drill is a one-shot deal," he said. "I was somewhere where it was a one-shot deal. We did it the first day of camp and everybody got one shot at it and we didn't do it again until the next training camp. There's not many teams that are going to feature that kind of contact at training camp.

"Now if it continues to be a problem, we're going to have to address it if it continues to be a problem but I don't believe it'll be a problem for us."

On to today's practice:

The Dolphins got great news in that WR Mike Wallace returned to full work for the first time since straining a groin nearly two weeks ago.

Wallace's presence was felt as Ryan Tannehill connected with the speedy receiver on a 40-yard bomb over the top of the defense and against Nolan Carroll's one-on-one coverage. The play was a TD.

One thing: I'm not sure I'd blame Carroll exclusively on the play. He had zero safety help over the top. Not a good look for the deep secondary.

Today was a much, much, much better day for Tannehill following his four-INT day on Tuesday. He only threw one interception -- to Dimitri Patterson -- and had three TD passes. So good recovery by the starting QB.

TE Michael Egnew had a very good practice. He caught three TD passes from various QBs and didn't have a drop. All his TDs were from inside the 10-yard line, suggesting a little toughness in a tight area.

Carroll, who was beaten for the deep TD, recovered with an interception of QB Pat Devlin. It was Devlin's first full practice since being knocked out of Sunday preseason opener. It wasn't necessarily a good day for him because he threw two interceptions -- to Carroll and Chris Clemons.

Practice was punctuated by a minor skirmish between the starting OL and second-team DL. Richie Incongnito and Mike Pouncey obviously had a disagreement with defensive tackle Tracy Roberts and although punches were thrown, no one seemed to be the worse for wear after the 30-second scrum.

Other highlights, lowlights, observations:

***Brian Hartline dropped two passes.

***Jared Odrick and Olivier Vernon, held out against Dallas, practiced and seemed to have no issues. They should play vs. Jacksonville on Friday.

***Lamar Miller, who left practice with an ankle injury of some sort, was back today with his right ankle heavily taped. He started working and stopped midway through and was limping noticeably. Then he returned to practice for a couple of periods and left again near the end.

When it came time for the final team drill period, Daniel Thomas took the work in Miller's place.

***Rookie Dallas Thomas, who played at left tackle in the preseason opener, is over at right tackle now. And he's still struggling. Cameron Wake abused him on one pass rush situation that made it seem as if no one was blocking Wake. Coach Joe Philbin said Thomas's problem versus the Cowboys is that the opposing DE continually got better hand position on him and thus had better leverage against Thomas. That usually translates to a lineman getting knocked back on his posterior as Thomas was.

***Jorvorskie Lane, fighting for a roster spot, did not practice today with an unreported leg injury. It doesn't seem serious but he's looked in a tight competition for a roster spot so he really cannot afford to miss much time  ... John Jerry continues to rehab his knee on the side. He's in the third week of what is expected to be a four-week issue. One thing I'll say, he looks big.  

[Update: TE Kyle Miller, who caught a TD pass vs. Dallas Sunday night, was not at practice today because he has an ankle injury. It is not considered serious but he isn't playing at Jacksonville.]


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Posted by: fin4life | August 08, 2013 at 12:10 AM

Highly immature, but, at least youre not wishing another human being "TO DIE" over a "TRIVIAL BLOG".

Posted by: LOVE FAKING 17-0-IN-YUR-ASS! | | August 08, 2013 at

Again ZERO argument on the point-n-topic deflecting attention looking to make self into victim, classic infantile pathology!

Above comment's for pinhead4life and woodfloor trailer.....

Love Faking, you mean like Ireland wasting 3 years with Egnew?

Posted by: LOVE FAKING 17-0-IN-YUR-ASS! | | August 08, 2013 at 12:16 AM

That's a fair point. He definitely is quicker to move things around than Sparano was. How in the world did that idiot get away with sticking with Colombo for a whole season?

Jimmy Graham didn't have instant success in the NFL. He's a star now!

Posted by: Craig M | August 07, 2013 at 08:48 PM

Excuse me, Craig, but below are Graham's rookie year stats. Everyone here would have been VERY happy if Egnew had posted these:
Games recpts yds Avg yds/G long TD 20+ 40+ 1st FUM
2010 New Orleans Saints 15 31 356 11.5 23.7 52 5 3 1 21 1

The Saints had another TE starting, can't remember his name.

Posted by: fin4life | August 08, 2013 at 12:20 AM

Let me put it the way your girlfriend Odistank always puts it:

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Above comment's for pinhead4life and woodfloor trailer.....

Posted by: LOVE FAKING 17-0-IN-YUR-ASS! | | August 08, 2013 at 12:20 AM

You see there you go again. I start talking football with you,even agreeing with you but you go back to talking about homosexual acts. I think it arouses you.

Sorry for the misalignment of Graham's #'s. They didn't copy correctly.
My point is, he played only ONE YEAR of college ball, and was a 3rd round draft choice.
MUCH more should have been expected of Egnew for being as high a draft choice, and having several years of college football.

Posted by: IMAWriter | August 08, 2013 at 12:21 AM

You know how it is. Fans here like to coddle and make excuses for our young players. Then 4-5yrs down the line proclaim them bust.

Had not Henne been allowed to walk last season. Some here would still be making excuses for him.

I appreciate your confirmation of my post, but something about Philbin that we may see less of with other teams is that; he has allowed his players a chance to recover from their shortcomings.
All players, especially the young, are susceptible to failures. We got a very good evaluation of where Thomas is at LT.

You see there you go again. I start talking football with you,even agreeing with you but you go back to talking about homosexual acts. I think it arouses you.

Posted by: The Woodshed Gang | August 08, 2013 at 12:25 AM

I find it suprising you expected anything else?? Or that you humor this guy whose only good at posting his ignorance!

Goodnight Sweet cheeks........

Posted by: LOVE FAKING 17-0-IN-YUR-ASS! | | August 08, 2013 at 12:22 AM

Later he'll claim someone else started it but again his obsession with the obvious gay undertones. I don't think you get that odin only uses that zinger with you as a sort of come back to all your over the top (out and proud) posts. Own who you are man cause it's obvious to anyone who reads your crap that your an obviously repressed homosexual using this chat line as a sort of out to your fear/unwllingness to own it!

I find it suprising you expected anything else?? Or that you humor this guy whose only good at posting his ignorance!

Posted by: fin4life | August 08, 2013 at 12:28 AM

The truth is, his ignorance humors me. I'm surrounded by intellectual types in my normal routine. Every time I start thinking anyone can be a success story I have to remind myself that there are people like YG in the world. People that can't take criticisms without placing blame elsewhere and only feel good about themselves when putting others down.

I think YG may have been bullied in childhood, perhaps for being too effeminate.


Are you gay?

A player that I can't say I am impressed with, but I still have a feeling of promise is, Yeatman. He played against whoever, but held his own. I am interested in his seeding in the rotation after this debacle.

I think YG may have been bullied in childhood, perhaps for being too effeminate.

Posted by: The Woodshed Gang | August 08, 2013 at 12:35 AM


Are you gay?

Posted by: The Woodshed Gang | August 08, 2013 at 12:37 AM

I learned a long time ago that you get to know people by studying them, actions and words betraying any affront they may try to sell or display.

I for one am excited about this team. Tannehill showed enough last year with a limited supporting cast that I'm not going to get too worked up about 5 throws in first PRESEASON game. I think he can toss 25 tds, get accuracy up over 60%, keep turnovers to 15 or less, and throw for about 4000 yards. Of course this only happens if the O line improves. This is the only real concern I have. For some reason the line has been subpar for many years now. Hopefully D Jordan pans out so we don't look like fools for not addressing it this year. On the plus side the skill players and secondary should vastly improved this year. Bottom line if O line improves we'll give the Patsies a run for their money. Right now that's a big if.

I learned a long time ago that you get to know people by studying them, actions and words betraying any affront they may try to sell or display.

Posted by: fin4life | August 08, 2013 at 12:45 AM

I think YG suffers from what psychologist call "counter phobia". This is the act of a person seeking out that which he is most fearful of. Personally, I think he has homosexual feelings that he is uncomfortable with. It also could be the result of some childhood trauma such as molestation or bullying.

In either case, accusing others of gay behavior gives YG a sense of power over his anxieties which fits my " counter phobia " diagnoses to a tee.
This is serious stuff and often explains why molested women turn into prostitutes or physically abused women marry abusive spouses.

The Woodshed Gang | August 08, 2013 at 12:58 AM

I posted a little while ago that it's my personal opinion at this point that he's using this forum as a way of venting some deep seeded issues his fixation on certain topics and obvious anxiety when the conversations get a bit to real for him underly a personality conflict rooted deep in the subconscience that he's obviously still trying to come to grips with which are sexual in nature.

Woodshed,I can see your perception of YGs persona. However, my perception is that YG is on the payroll. He writes what will draw the most posts.
When people fertilize his adolescent seedings, it only degrades the integrity of this blog.
When we only respond to football issues, he will likewise respond in kind. This line of conversation will feed this blog, as opposed to the detrimental dribble and incessant baiting of retaliations that are so characteristic of his writings.

Android 17 , YG or ASS MAN (remember the license plate from the Seinfeld episode?)

needs to start taking Zanax. SERIOUSLY!!!

If you are going to be a troll, please be a good one.

Dolphins went 7 and 9 with 1 1/2 receivers...

And how did Tannehill beat out Matt Moore with these so called accuracy issues?

2013 Dolphins are a good football team and can compete with anyone in the League barring injury.



well some good news about Wallace what about Hartline will both play Friday Armando?

Dolphins should play their starters longer much longer and get the practice in while they can before the real season starts, injuries can happen at any time but they need the work and the schedule is tough to start the season go fins!


Better a couple of well executed series than a sloppy half.

Sooner or later you are going to hit and get hit in practice.

With the popularity of Soccer at least in this City Joe Robbie is looking more and more like a Genius.

scott, I disagree. One of the worst decisions of all time was Sparano playing the best player on the team (Jake Long) in a meaningless Pre-Season game, and he got injured (which ran over into subsequent years). Pure stupidity. Actually, most pro's have said you really only need 1 game to get ready for the Season, the other 3 are meaningless and pointless. Doesn't mean there's still not rust at the beginning of the Season, but there's no reason to risk injury for nothing. They can gel in practice. Anyway, the way it works is starters play a few series, then more and more until the 3rd (this year it'll be our 4th) Pre-Season game where they play a half. I think that's more than enough time to prepare.


My comment was 'even Jimmy Graham wasn't a star from day one'. You kidding me that those number were star numbers after one year? 31 catches for 356 yards. Very pedestrian! What were Fasano's numbers last year? Do you think of him as a star?

So he averages 2 catches and 23 yards a game and you have him as an instant star, in that high powered NO offence. Seriously? And never mind whet Egnew did or didn't do last year. Learn to read and stop twisting people's words.

NFL NETWORK predicts Lamar Miller to be the sleeper in this years Fantasy football.


Hey bark,

Again full head...try READING. What is it with you guys who don't actually read the words on the page but twist it to mean something completely different? What I said is, 'my money says that Miller won't be the starter all year'. He'll be inconsistent and I don't see him holding up all year. I hope I'm wrong and I eat crow at the end of the year cause I like Miller. Just a feeling.

Of course if some guy on NFL Network is giving an opinion on something I'm not surprised that a numbskull like you would take it as FACT.

Pre-Season game where they play a half. I think that's more than enough time to prepare.
Posted by: DC Dolfan | August 08, 2013 at 08:09 AM
0-2 last season 0-7 the season b4 that. prepaired my hard axx.

Craig M,

I won't argue that Miller may or may not have be consistent but what's your answer if he don't start? Daniel Thomas is terrible. He has a career average of 3.5 and doesn't present any game changing ability and he has proven to not be durable. Gillislee is not unseating Miller. That leaves us with Thigpen who isn't a feature back and Jonas Gray who probably doesn't make the final 53.

Barring injury I don't see there being any way Miller is not your starter all year. He may be inconsistent but so was Reggie but just like Reggie at least he offers game changing abilities to take it to the house. D Thomas is a slow plodding runner who isn't a brusier either. Just saying.

Dolphins are only planning on the starters playing the game a hair longer than the HOF game. That's the report I heard which sounds normal.

agree that Miller will/shoud start but not sure I'd call Daniel Thomas "terrible"--inconsistent and injury-prone, yes, but he's still a young player who can develop and improve--has had some decent games......not "terrible", at all


I don't disagree that Miller isn't our best option. It hunk that's clear. I'm actually on record as saying I think there will be games this year where the running game and OL will actually cost us games, as defences will realize we can't run and they'll tee off on Tannehill, knowing a pass is coming. I think there will be games where are our rushing numbers are embarrassing. Hope I'm wrong but let's see.

I believe if the running game goes into a slump, Philbin in an effort to shake things up will start Thomas. Just a prediction.

Henne is getting pounded in Kuharsky's blog and Tanne is getting pounded in Walker's blog.

I don't see Miller being a problem in the running game. All the evidence on tape suggests he will be very productive. I do think that some of our backs are better at pass protection and receiving.

yeah, ETF.....by all the brilliant posters there......similar to the brilliance we often see on display here

As long as we are within 1 TD of our oponent we can run the ball.
But if Grimes doesn't hold up we're going to get lit up early and fall behind. In that ase there will be no running plays called.

The Steve Ross era has been just one embarrassment after another. From trying to hire a HC before firing the incumbent, to honoring our opponent Gator Tim Tebow(on the Canes home field), to the Dez Bryant debacle, and to the stadium charity fiasco, its been hell for Fin fans. And then add in losing every year...

Well, unless you are Jim Brown you cannot gain any significant yards if there is no hole to scamper thru.

Has anyone ever seen D Thomas break a tackle?
Me neither.

Craig M,

Why do you think the running game will be a problem with the Oline? I think the Oline's strength is run blocking as opposed to pass blocking. I see this offense having issues at times but it's the pass blocking to me.

In the wise words of Woody Page. " Weather your glass is half empty or half full, you still need the other half for it to be full". Every team has it's flaws. Name me a QB that has never thrown an interception, or a LT that has never allowed a sack, or a DB that has never allowed a TD. We are grading the Phins against our expectations not the competition. At this point every team in the NFL has issues and by the end of pre season rosters will be cut to 53 players hoping to eliminate those issues but even after the cuts, during the regular season interceptions will be thrown, assignments missed, coverages blown etc.etc.etc. Does that mean when Brady throws an interception we go back and refer to him as the reason for being a sixth round draft pick? Seriously! Are you kidding me?

Great post Mando. Nice to see a balanced analysis of practice. Please keep it up for my sanity as the last thing I want is to find a new blog. It's a bit nuts here but I've been here for years and don't want to go elsewhere.

Jonas Gray will make the final 53.

Philbin loves his work ethic and he's a special teams ace.

Miller busted off two runs of 10 yards each in HOF game...looked great.

Tomorrow night will provide many answers to all our burning questions.

Tannehill better get his accuracy under control....

Mike @ 9:11

Lmao nope

Another good post. I agree with you 100%. Every team does have issues and every team will suffer injuries over the next 4 weeks, including us.

I keep singling out Grimes because we were 27th in pass defense last season because we had 1 good CB (Smith) and a bunch of special teamers.

Had we kept Smith AND signed Grimes I would be very enthusiastic about our DBs. Instead we replaced Smith with an older CB coming off achilles surgery.

My nightmare scenario: Grimes does not break camp with the team we get lit up early and have to pass 90% of the time. In that scenario Tanne will be hospitalized.


"Fans may have to be patient".....Steve Ross
Translation; We still stink!
Posted by: Bet under 7 | August 07, 2013 at 07:48 PM

mike......not saying he's great at all but Thomas did have 2 100 yard games in 2011 (one was technically 95)......another good game against OAK and a few other solid ones that year and last year--he was definitely less aggressive in his running last year, but concussions and other injuries will do that to a guy.....more bad luck than anything, IMO--I just think he gets alot more heat than he deserves

mark u ain't goin' anywhere
so 4get it.

Johnny Manziel

Someone gave the dealer permission to talk to Johnny.

Somene gave Johnny permission to go to the dealer's room to sign the shht.

I hope Johnny sues the person that told him it was okay to sign the shht and sues that person's benefactor.

NH, I agree on Gray making the final 53. he's shown enough and will be our big back. Guy's got power - shows more than Thomas

And the o line will not be an issue in running the ball. Even martin does well when they try to run. I agree with Andy, pass protection is an uncertainty with this o line and they will need to run the ball.

ETF, I think Patterson can play as well as Sean Smith and we have keepers in Davis and Taylor. CB is done for years IMO..

"The crime appears to be gang related"- Law Enforcement

Translation: We have no clues, witnesses or evidence

Haha, ETF will be starting a new public relations and legal defense firm for beleaguered athletes. It's like a new version of the show "Leverage"


I just have question marks about the line. Too many to be honest. I just worry that we're going tone mixing and matching all year and if that's the case the uniformity won't be there. We'll see. Just seems we're running into lots of problems early. Hopefully I'm wrong but just a gut feeling.

Just last week Mando was telling us that Patterson if fighting to make the roster; not the starting lineup but the roster.

Davis & Taylor may turn into starters down the road but they went to Utah St and Boise St for a reason and they were rated as 5th rounders at best.

Frankly I expect that both of them will be our opening day starters in which case we're phucced based on our schedule.

Groms is great when he plays but I have a feeing that he is an achilles re-injury waitng to happen.

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