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The lesser known DE is having a big camp

You know Cameron Wake. He's one of the NFL's top 100 players as selected by his peers.

You know Dion Jordan. He was the player the Dolphins boldly moved up in the draft to take at No. 3 overall and has already been likened to Jason Taylor and Aldon Smith.

You know Olivier Vernon. Much has been written about his fine start to this training camp and his potential to be a starter this season.

You should know Derrick Shelby.

He's having a fine camp. He had a sack in the scrimmage. He had a sack in the preseason-opener against Dallas. Coaches love him.

“Derrick is a very sound football player," coach Joe Philbin said. "He is going to do it exactly the way [assistants] Kacy Rodgers, Charlie Bullen and Kevin Coyle want it done. I love him because he keeps his shoulder pads square. He gives effort. He is in the right spots when he is supposed to be. He knows what gap he has. He’s not jumping around things. He plays through people. He’s doing a nice job."

Shelby made the team last season as a rookie that took well to coaching and rarely made mistakes. This camp, he's trying to make the jump to actually making plays.

And so far, so good.

"I see more production out of Derrick, stating the other night," defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle said. " He’s always a guy that you can count on the be in the right place, he’s very dependable, yet we saw that playmaking ability the other night and we’ve seen it throughout training camp.  He’s been difficult to block, he’s gotten more pressure on the quarterback, he’s been the guy that we feel very pleased with at this point in camp and he’s made a lot of progress."

As the Dolphins added talent at defensive end in the draft -- obviously with Jordan -- the idea of keeping Shelby seemed like something of a luxury. But Shelby so far has earned his spot. He is so far entrenched on the second team defense.

And because he's 280 pounds, he seems more able to hold the point on early run downs aside from his growing pass rush skills.

In other words, Shelby is finding a good niche on the team. And his prospects of staying on the team seem very, very good.

[Injury update: FB Jorvorskie Lane, who missed practice Wednesday with an unkown injury, is expected to play against the Jaguars Friday. The Dolphins are still finalizing decisions on playing Lamar Miller (ankle) and Mike Wallace (groin). Jared Odrick (groin), Brian Hartline (calf) and Olivier Vernon (groin), all of whom missed the preseason-opener, are expected to play. Dannell Ellerbe, who missed the preseason opener, is expected to play. Randy Starks (knee) and John Jerry (knee) are definitely out.]

[Update: Miller, who has been nursing the tender ankle the last two practices, is expected to play barring a last minute complication ... CB Jamar Taylor (hernia recovery) is not expected to play.]

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You're killing me with that stuff today.....LOL.

Ghey ?

Jags reporting

Gabbert will start tomorrow; Henne will start against the Jets next week.
That means Henne will throwing against our number 2's.

re: Shelby......maybe we should trade all of our draft picks for a stud player or two......and just focus on signing UFAs......seem to have plenty of success there, maybe as much as in the draft (kidding.....or maybe not)--Wake, Bess, Carpenter......Samuda and Shelby look to have potential, contributing......Devlin hanging around


I'd love it if you'd just bury all this stuff but you never do. It just keep flaring up again. You don't seem to be able to keep it on a level keel, bud. This blog would be a much happier place if you only talked football and you did it under one name, and you stopped attacking people. You continue to refuse to do it, so honestly, it's all just a waste of time and effort on my part.

If you were a chick I would have broken up with you a LONG time ago.

If we judge our qb on wins and performances than we cannot label Tannehill a bust. Here's a rookie last year with very few starts in college, a terrible receiving corp to throw to but yet had Carpenter done his damn job the fins win 10 games last year. We would be judging Tannehill differently had that happen. With that said we can now judge him fairly this year because of his experience, his better receivers, and by how many games he wins. Barring injuries the talent is there to win 10 plus games so if Tannehill is the answer(I think he is) than a 10 win season should be expected and accomplished. GO Fins!!

YG, the difference is that I make a jab about an honest spelling mistake. You go on about someone's mother for three pages.

See, one is friendly banter, the other is just stupid and cruel depending on one's personal circumstances.

And the word is struck ... not stricken @ 3:25.

chad ryan.


Craig, lots of time for trips in the future. And be careful about wishing for trips together. The wife and I never find because both of us are very chill people and secure in each other and selves but man, irritability was on all time highs after red eye flights and her monthly cycle and dealing with cultural differences with the people on the other side of the pond at times ...

Absence does make a heart grow fonder ..

I'll judge THill by passer rating. He was at about 76 last year and with a year's experience and better weapons I expect an 83 or better which I think would put the Fins in playoff contention.


That's called MARRIAGE. Take it from me....I've been there. I was you luck my friend but there's nothing easy about it.

It's like the old joke:

Why was the bridge smiling as you walked down the aisle. Because she knew she'd never have to give another BJ again....

Craig, I'm 38 and married for the first time this summer. I still can't beleive I actually did it .. but what the heck .. let's give this thing a whirl..

The chick in the photo?

Just noticed that you put up a new photo.
That chick is Hispanic, no offense but I do not believe that you are married to her (or the one on the boat).

ETF, Thats not Mark wife dummy


I don't even know you and I can't believe you did it....LOL.

New girl is 37, so it's good for my ego. I'm 45 now and not getting any younger.....LOL.

ETF, I've said many times that I'm not married to either of these two girls. The two girls who's pics i posted are fun time girls from the area. God help me if I was married to either - I'd be sharing them with half the city.

And the girl in the pic is not Hispanic, she's French Canadian with an Italian background.

Mark was sup with her d i c k sucking lips?

Looking forward to the game tomorrow versus the Jags. It should be a good chance to shine even with a short week. If this defense struggles against that offense I would be very surprised (of course I didn't think they would play 2 hand touch last week either). On paper we have far superior talent on both sides of the ball. A lot of their guys will sit this one out. Another week of that I guess...

Nice scoop Craig, younger chick!!

..I offered up some similar points last night regarding how I think quarterbacks are developed, and judged in todays game.

This is just how I see it. I'm not claiming it is the right way to develop a guy. But in my eyes, the days of a guy getting the benefit of the doubt for his first 2-3 years are gone. Now this goes especially for the guys that get throw into the fire right away. If teams have the luxury of developing a guy behind a competent starter..Well that a plus for that team.

Tannehill is a doppleganger to me at this point. I don't know who he is as a QB. This has nothing to do with last week, or the training camp news that is reported. He is still too raw for me to believe he is going to be a guy we will put our offense around the shoulders of. Can he be a game manager at this point? Can he be better then last year, and an he put to rest the questions that will be asked if he digresses this year?

The rumblings will start quickly this year should he struggle. Defenders of the belief young qb's can't be judged in 2 seasons will respond with the ol' Give him time..We don't know yet, look at these guys who struggled early. These are all respectable points. But to me. In this NFL. If you are a quarterback and by the second year you haven't shown promise, or at least signs you can lead a team.. Your fate may be sealed.

BG, those lips are injected almost as much as her hoo-hoo. She was a great looking girl when i first met here. Then she started with the cosmetic surgeries and couldn't stop. Only 22 years old too - what goes through some people's heads??

Wives come, and wives go. But your love of the Miami Dolphins is forever (don't forget that Mark).

Dolphin game on NFL network.

Kyle Orton was starting for the Cowboys. It wasn't like they had a bunch of scrubs throwing.

Death Taxes and the Miami Dolphins - only things you can bank on in life - DC.

DD, nice post. I am one of Tannehill's biggest supporters. however, saying that I want to see him play the whole year no matter what. Even if he stinks up the joint and we are 0-8 halfway through the year. I want either Tannehill to succeed or stink so bad that we get a top pick and grab another QB. The last thing I want to see is 2011 reedux where we were headed straight for RG3 until Matt Moore beat some crapass teams in glorified pre-season scrimages and knocked us all the way down to 8 to the point where we had to take a risk on RT.

Boom or Bust and no in betweens !! Either way I want a definitive answer on RT and to me being around 15th in the league for Tannehill is the minimum for him keeping his job.

Has Ireland been fired yet?

Ryan Tannehill wouldn't have lasted til the 2nd round.

The Eagles, the Seahawks, and Browns would've picked him in the 1st. That was a well known fact predraft.

People forget the Jags owner and the Browns wanting to trade picks. Even the Cowboys wanted to trade up at one point to pick T-Hill.

Bang on Dashi. KC Chief fans to this day blame Pioli for not trading up and grabbing Tannehill from us. (well a certain # of them anyway) Cards would've been in the hunt too

..Mark. I don't want to use ranking as a baraometer of his growth. Obviously if he is bottom 5 again. It is a problem. But say he is 18th-22nd somewhere in there. And the team, the offense improves. To me this is what I want to see. Just an overall improvement. 15th would be outstanding for Tanny. But I think for this team to be successful, especially offensively. We will have to run the ball, and take the pressure off Tannehills shoulders to be the focus of the offense. Eventually if he keeps getting better, He will be able to shoulder the burden of the offense. But for now. If we get in a situation were Tannehill is constantly throwing it 35-40 times a game...We are going to be in trouble.

If Tannehill stinks it up again he'll get booed off the field just like Henne did.

Agreed DD, overall improvement, there are several markers you can use. I quoted 3,700 yds, 20 TDs, 13Int, 15th in QBR, can be others. Anyway ... jsut overall improvement and a sense that he is progressing would be enough for me this year.

Endless debate=more hits. Jeff Bezos will fix that.

Pray for new ownership.


I wasn't trying to say the Dolphins should have waited until the second round to take Tannehill. No question he would have been gone. So why take the risk that's he's not there.

The team did the right thing. Whether he pans out or not is another story. As Mark and others have said many times, at some point you need to chance on a QB first round.

I was just making the point that Tannehill shouldn't be graded on where he was drafted. It's irrelevant. What matters is what he does in the NFL.


I Tannehill improves his numbers just a bit I think this team can get to 9-7. Is that enough to make the playoffs? Going to be be close. Probably means Ireland and everybody else make it back. Next year we probably look at LT, guards, RB and a replacement for Clemmons. I don't believe this team is that far away. But that really need to come together this year.

The thing nobody is saying is that Tannehill can run as well. That is one factor that fits in today's NFL. The read option.

But can he throw the long ball. I didn't see it at all last year and on many occasions receivers had to run back to the ball on long passes.

We will see.

Tannehill is no RG3 on throwing long passes on the run(who is?) but he is very good throwing short and intermediate while running.

This blog will never improve until the regular bloggers stop being clueless idiots by repeatedly responding to and feeding the so terribly obvious trolls.

I don't hold out much hope really.


why not try and trade starks for a lt

Armando travelling now so less posts.

A trade for a LT or a CB would cause Jeff Ireland to admit that he made some mistakes and he's not man enough to do that.

you are both the troller and the responder to the troller.
Dude you need your meds reset.

Trade TanneBust for Jake Long.

2013-14, we must play "lights out defense" and have a very strong "running game". If we see these two things, we will see a very impressive Ryan Tannehill. If not, hang onto your ass, it will be a very bumpy ride.

Tannehill isn't even close to being able to put his team on his shoulders and carry them. Maybe... for 1-2 gms. But no more.

Less long posts now also.

Trade TanneBust for Jake Long.
Posted by: mike | August 08, 2013 at 05:59 PM

The Rams would never do that.

Armando, stay de viaje.

With lights out defense and very strong running game, I can easily see 10-6 t0 11-5. If not, I can easily see 7-9 to 4-12.

Tannehill is not ready to fully operate without a lights out d and very strong run game. We only finished 7-9 last season because of weak strength of schedule. Last season we beat 2 playoff team yet also lost to teams far from playoff contention. Just like us.

Tannehill is not ready for shootout games against top tier qb's. This is why it's crucial he's supported by a ights out d and very good d. If not, the season is doomed.

Heck, Tennessee blew us out on our home field in front of 10,000 fans. LMAO

Why so much endless ragging on second year Tannehill?

Jaworksi watched every throw by Tannehill last year and thinks the kid has tons of upside.

No offense fellow bloggers that never played the game, but I'll give a tad more weight to his opinion until proven otherwise.

Why so much endless ragging on second year Tannehill?
Posted by: Premature Ejaculation | August 08, 2013 at 06:23 PM

Cause he looks WORSE than Chad Henne!! YIKES!

Jaworksi watched every throw by Tannehill last year and thinks the kid has tons of upside.

Posted by: Premature Ejaculation | August 08, 2013 at 06:25 PM

Merril Hoge watched Tannehill THIS YEAR and said he's terrible. No offense fellow bloggers that never played the game, but I'll give a tad more weight to his opinion this year until proven otherwise.

Oh yes, Racism still festers here.

Whatever you do you dont want Tannehill on your fantasy team.

Armando travelling now so less posts.

Posted by: oscar canosa | August 08, 2013 at 05:46 PM

He is traveling by mule transporting bananas and coffee from his family's humble farm to the village market in the valley below.

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